2V Hair Factory Reviews: A Comprehensive Opinion

Update: 26/01/2024

This blog will provide all 2V Hair Factory reviews pertaining to their hair product, policy and customer service to help you make the best decision.

2V Hair is one of the prominent businesses in Vietnam that specializes in exporting human hair to numerous countries worldwide. In this comprehensive 2V Hair Factory Reviews, we will examine their product, policies, and customer service, among other aspects. These comprehensive and objective evaluations will help you determine whether this hair vendor meets your needs and preferences.

1. Overview of 2V Hair Factory

2V Hair Factory is one of the best Vietnamese hair factories and has more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying tons of hair to the global hair market. By providing high-quality products at reasonable prices, 2V Hair Factory has established a solid reputation among the different hair brands available, gained a large customer base, and received many positive 2V Hair Factory reviews. Their main partners are African hair vendors from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, Sudan, Zambia, and others.

They are proud of their factory, which spans up to 10,000m2 with a team of more than 500 skilled artisans. 2V Hair Factory is one of the best choices for wholesalers due to its monthly manufacturing capacity of tonnes. When you buy from 2V Hair Factory, you can work directly with the manufacturer, cutting out the middlemen and getting the best wholesale factory pricing.

2V Hair Factory is one of the best Vietnamese hair factories

2V Hair Factory is one of the best Vietnamese hair factories

2. 2V Hair Factory reviews on hair product

One of the most important considerations when purchasing hair from 2V Hair is the product. In this section, we will review the product range, hair quality and price of 2V Hair through customer and expert reviews.

2.1. The product range of 2V Hair

2V Hair Factory offers an extensive variety of hair extensions, concentrated mainly on bulk hair, hair weave, clip-ins, tip-ins, tape-ins, closure&frontal and wigs. Because 2V Hair’s main market is Africa, the hair colors they provide are quite diverse, from natural colors such as black, brown, and caramel to outstanding colors such as yellow, red, blue, and orange. Complex color mixing techniques such as ombre, balayage, piano,… are also available at 2V Hair, ensuring to meet all customer needs. This supplier also impresses by providing a variety of hair textures such as bone straight, body wavy, deep wavy, funmi curly, twist curly, burmese curly, kinky curly, yaki curly, etc.

Furthermore, 2V Hair Company offers customized product services to meet the individual needs of customers. All requirements for style, texture, color, size and length are confidently met by 2V Hair. This excellent service has received many positive 2V Hair Factory reviews, however, some customers feel that production time is still a bit long.

Some outstanding products of 2V Hair

Some outstanding products of 2V Hair

Besides positive compliments, some customers still complain that 2V Hair Factory does not have many offline outlets where they can personally experience and choose the products they want. You may be certain, however, because 2V Hair is prepared to provide product samples so that you can check the quality before purchasing.

2.2. Customers and experts evaluate the quality of 2V Hair products

One of the most important factors to consider while researching 2V Hair Factory reviews is product quality. 2V Hair ensures that all of their hair is 100% human raw hair and has never been processed or chemically treated.

Some reviews from experts about the hair quality of 2V Hair Factory:

  • Texture: Because it is 100% high quality raw hair, the hair has a texture that is silky and tender to the touch, the hair also has a perfect shine, absolutely not dry or frayed.
  • Hairline: Their hairline is very natural, and available in many basic colors to match the user’s real skin color.
  • Cap construction: The hair cap is well-made, particularly along the side hairline. The hat material is light and breathable, and it does not cause the user to feel stuffy or uncomfortable.

2V Hair Factory also provides full certification of hair origin and hair quality tests, so customers can be completely assured that their hair is 100% Vietnamese human raw hair of high quality

Some certifications about hair origin and hair quality testing of 2V Hair

Some certifications about hair origin and hair quality testing of 2V Hair

Aside from expert reviews, customers frequently remark on 2V Hair Factory review articles regarding product quality, as follows:

  • 2V Hair’s hair is considered soft, smooth, and bouncy. Customers also mentioned that the hair has a consistent color and a very natural-looking texture that blends well with their natural hair.
  • Curly or wavy folds are also very attractive and hold their curls very well. They have been used for a long time but do not straighten the curls or lose their waves.
  • Hair has a gentle and natural fragrance, with no chemical smell even when washed. The glue and thread layers are also highly durable, and not easily damaged even when exposed to water.

Overall, experts and customers rate 2V Hair’s product quality as pretty good, but regular and proper care is essential to ensure the hair lasts as long as possible.

The hair quality of 2V Hair Factory receives many compliments from customers

The hair quality of 2V Hair Factory receives many compliments from customers

2.3. 2V Hair Factory reviews about hair prices

Despite having high quality hair, the price that 2V Hair offers is extremely competitive in the market. Below are the prices of some basic hair extensions products of this supplier:

  • Bulk Hair: From $8.8/per piece
  • Closure&frontal: From $15/per piece
  • Weft Hair: From $12.4/per piece
  • Tip In Extensions: From $18/per piece
  • Tape In Extensions: From $24/per piece
  • Clip In Extensions: From $22/per piece

Prices can vary depending on product type, length, texture, and customization options. Longer hair lengths, higher-quality hair, and more sophisticated customization possibilities are typically more expensive. They also regularly offer many promotions, discounts, flash sales, and exclusive offers, follow their Instagram or website not to miss the best deals.

According to 2V Hair Factory Reviews, this is also an outstanding hair vendor with preferential pricing policies for wholesale customers. The more customers buy, the cheaper the price and the more incentives they have. This is a huge advantage for individuals looking for high quality hair suppliers at reasonable costs.

3. 2V Hair Factory reviews on customer service and policy

In this section, we will learn about 2V Hair Factory reviews through what customers have said about this hair vendor’s customer services and policies.

3.1. What customer’s feedback about 2V Hair customer service

When considering 2V Hair Factory reviews, customer service is a factor that cannot be ignored. They operate across several platforms and are dedicated to offering 24-hour customer service seven days a week. You can contact 2V Hair via Email, website, social networks and WhatsApp. 2V Hair extra gives feedback forms on a regular basis to accept consumer comments following their shopping experience in order to improve their service and quality.

Customers give high ratings about 2V Hair’s customer service thanks to its extremely enthusiastic consulting staff, deep knowledge, and quick response time. This supplier always ships with detailed instructions on how to use the product, how to clean it, or how to properly preserve your hair. 2V Hair is ready to support customers at all times, even after purchase, to ensure you have the best hair usage experience.

Many customers have good experiences with 2V Hair Factory's customer service

Many customers have good experiences with 2V Hair Factory’s customer service

3.2. Payment methods accepted by 2V Hair Factory

2V Hair Factory has quite a variety of payment methods for international customers. Below are more details about payment methods applied for customers from different regions and countries.

  • Nigeria: Customers here are encouraged to use agent service for payment. You will pay the agent in Naira and they will pay 2V Hair in VND. USD is not recommended because it is quite complicated.
  • Ghana & Cameroon: Using agent service, Western Union, Remitly and RIA or Bank transfer with a transfer time of about 2-3 days.
  • Other countries: Bank transfer, Western Union, Remitly and RIA are popular payment methods.
Payment methods accepted by 2V Hair Factory

Payment methods accepted by 2V Hair Factory

2V Hair Factory reviews from customers about payment methods mostly feel that their payment methods are quite popular, simple to use, quick transaction time and quite secure. Furthermore, 2V Hair helps clients feel secure by always making video chats with customers to verify orders before the buyer makes payment. You will only pay when you are completely happy with your orders.

3.3. 2V Hair Factory reviews on shipping and delivery policies

This hair vendor delivers to the majority of nations worldwide, below is key information about this supplier’s shipping and delivery policies:

  • 2V Hair’s main carriers are UPS, DHL, FEDEX and AGENT. Note that shipping through agents such as Gabriel agents is recommended for Nigerian, Cameroon and Ghana customers.
  • Shipping times may vary depending on your location, but the average is approximately 7-10 days.
  • Shipping fees are computed based on the weight of the merchandise and the location. The entire shipping cost for your order will be displayed at the checkout stage before you finalize your transaction.
  • 2V Hair Factory will take all responsibility if the goods are lost or damaged.
  • You can track your order on 2V Hair’s system or the information will be updated via email, ensuring customers have complete peace of mind about the shipping process.

2V Hair Factory reviews from customers about shipping and delivery policies, most feel satisfied and satisfied with this supplier’s fairly fast delivery time. Shipping methods are also very popular and reputable, orders are rarely delayed.

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3.4. 2V Hair Factory reviews on returns and exchanges policies

This hair supplier is willing to provide free returns and exchanges within 7 days on all sets that have not been installed, worn, or tampered with in any way. However, one thing you need to note is that exchanges and returns are not applied for closures and frontals, tape-ins, nano-rings, micro-ring hair extensions, ponytails, and wigs. They also require customers to have video evidence of defective products before requesting an exchange or return for consideration and acceptance.

In general, customers rate that 2V Hair Factory’s returns and exchanges policy is quite demanding and a bit complicated, however, they are also very dedicated to answering questions and willing to provide maximum support to customers. The time to exchange or refund is also very quick and convenient.

Good customer experience regarding 2V Hair's returns and exchanges policies

Good customer experience regarding 2V Hair’s returns and exchanges policies

5. Conclusions – Is purchasing a 2V Hair product recommended?

After considering the above honest 2V Hair Factory reviews, it can be seen that 2V Hair Factory may be the best option if you are looking for the perfect combination of high quality and affordable price.

Although there are still some disadvantages, with many years of experience in the industry, 2V Hair ensures that it will strive to bring a satisfactory buying experience for customers. And don’t forget before making a final decision, conduct extensive research based on your most important criteria, which may include product quality, customer service, and your budget.

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