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A Look At Sunny Hair Reviews To Make The Right Choice


This post will provide you with all worthy information about Sunny Hair reviews to help you make an informed decision when buying hair extensions.

Sunny Hair Vietnam is widely regarded as the best Vietnamese hair factory because of its wide selection, competitive prices, and high quality. Let’s learn more about Sunny Hair reviews and what Sunny Hair offers to the community.

1. Overview of Sunny Hair

Let’s start learning about Sunny Hair review by exploring the Sunny Hair Vietnam establishment. Here you can find information on the company, Sunny Hair Vietnam, including its history, development, and offerings.

1.1. About the company

In the early years of 2010, Sunny Hair Vietnam emerged as a frontrunner in the Vietnamese market for women’s hair. Sunny Hair Vietnam engages in the sector of producing and exporting hair to all nations across the globe.

Their products include a wide variety of hair extensions, wigs, bulk hair, weft hair, etc. When searching for Sunny Hair review, you will see that Sunny Hair Vietnam has been a Vietnamese Hair Factory in business for over 10 years, and during this time they have developed the vision and objective to become the premier hair exporter in the global market.

Sunny Hair review About company
Sunny Hair review: About company

1.2. Hair products reviews

Sunny Hair Vietnam provides hair products for a wide range of hair types and textures, including Vietnamese straight hair, loose wave hair, natural wave hair, body wave hair, curly hair, deep wave hair, kinky curly hair, etc. When looking for Sunny Hair review about hair products, their main hair categories include bulk hair, hair extensions, and human hair wigs.

Discussing Sunny Hair Vietnam reviews, you can see that their catalog has a wider variety of textures than other Vietnamese hair vendors. Not only do they provide Vietnamese hair, but they also provide other hair origins such as Mongolia, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia… They offer both virgin hair and Vietnam remy hair, while some suppliers only sell remy hair.

What’s more, there are very few Vietnamese suppliers selling wigs, and at Sunny Hair you can find human hair wigs with many designs and colors for you to choose from. However, they offer quite a wide range of products, so it’s hard to judge which products they specialize in or which are the best. In addition, hair products are also supplied with many different origins, so it is possible that they are mixed together, resulting in uneven quality.

Sunny Hair reviews about hair products
Sunny Hair reviews about hair products
Vin hair vendor

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1.3. Hair price reviews

When deciding on a purchase, price is often the consumer’s first concern. Sunny Hair Vietnam reviews say that as a manufacturer, they respect all the customers, no matter the size of their order, and they always seek to provide a win-win situation and long-term collaboration by giving each customer the best competitive price.

The price will change according to factors including length, color, and grade. The price of a curly hairstyle will be more expensive than a straight one, and the price of colored hair will also be more costly than natural hair.

However, some products are priced higher than the average Vietnamese hair price, especially human hair wigs. Perhaps the higher price is because there are very few Vietnamese suppliers selling hair wigs. For small orders, you may feel the price is a bit high. But with wholesale orders, you will feel this is the most competitive price among Vietnamese hair suppliers.

  • Bulk hair: 140 – 1504 USD/kg
  • Weave hair: from 12.9 USD/ product
  • Tape-ins: start at 447 USD/kg
  • Lace closure: start at 33 USD

2. What customers say about Sunny Hair

A lot of customers are satisfied with their quality and delivery service. According to Sunny Hair review, they say that the delivery service is fast and the ordering process is simple, the customer service staff are very enthusiastic about answering their questions.

A lot of customers are satisfied with their quality and delivery service
A lot of customers are satisfied with their quality and delivery service

However, when looking for information about Sunny Hair Vietnam reviews, some customers complain about the quality of the hair. They complain that the hair they buy falls out quickly and is weak. They claim that the product they bought was mixed with synthetic hair and was sold as being 100% human hair.

Some customers complain about the quality of the hair
Some customers complain about the quality of the hair

3. Sunny Hair reviews about policy

In this part, we will discuss the payment, shipping & delivery, and policies of Sunny Hair Vietnam.

3.1. Payment

All prices are quoted in US dollars. Sunny Hair Vietnam accepts bank transfers, Western Union, Money Gram, and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). If you don’t live in Vietnam and place an order, in addition to the shipping price, you may be charged a fee of $1 – $10 by your credit card company, local bank, or intermediary bank simply because you are making a purchase from a business based in a different nation.

According to Sunny Hair reviews, this fee also makes some customers wonder and hesitate when they make small orders. You’ll need to pay the manufacturer in full before they’ll begin making your hair once you’ve placed your order and confirmed the invoice. Orders are sent to the shipping agent after payment has been completed.

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Sunny Hair reviews about payment
Sunny Hair reviews about payment

3.2. Delivery

The standard delivery period is 5-10 business days, depending on the shipping agent. All orders are shipped via UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Before shipping, Sunny Hair will show customers videos of their orders. Sunny Hair Vietnam reviews on social platforms show most customers are satisfied with Sunny Hair’s delivery service because of the fast delivery time

Sunny Hair reviews about delivery
Sunny Hair reviews about delivery

3.3. Return & exchange policy

Sunny Hair Vietnam shows you videos of your order in advance of delivery to ensure that you are satisfied with the order or want to make adjustments (an extra fee can be included). NO RETURN once the customer’s purchase is successfully delivered and only regular wholesale customers are allowed for returns. You have 60 days to return your purchase as long as it is unopened.

They will refund only the product’s purchase price. The cost of shipping and any other expenses won’t be refunded. Within 14 days after purchase, Sunny Hair Vietnam accepts returns only on products that have not been used, unwashed, or undamaged in any way (if any). The cost of return shipping is the customer’s responsibility.

Sunny Hair Vietnam reviews say that the return and refund policy is also very clear and transparent. However, for small orders, there are no refunds or exchanges, so you need to carefully check the goods before buying.

Sunny Hair review about return & exchange policy
Sunny Hair review about return & exchange policy

4. Should you buy hair from Sunny Hair Vietnam?

If you need bulk products, hair wigs, fast delivery, and good service, Sunny Hair is a great choice. However, if you are a person who prioritizes quality first, and product quality is uniform, then you can consider other reputable suppliers.

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