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Checking Pure Hair Factory Reviews Before Ordering


If you are curious whether or not you should buy hair products from Pure Hair, click here and read all the information about Pure Hair Factory reviews.

If you are in the US, it is not difficult to find a hair vendor or factory that meets your needs. However, in this article, we will learn about Pure Hair Factory and check Pure Hair Factory reviews to find the best hair products.

1. Overview of Pure Hair Factory

With many years in the field of hair production and trade, Pure Hair Factory is considered as one of the leading hair factories in the industry in importing and exporting hair products. They provide high-quality products and services tailored to each customer’s needs. Pure Hair values professionalism, and convenience and puts customers as kings.

According to Pure Hair Factory reviews, they also expanded a physical store to meet the needs of retail customers. They spend most of their time researching and producing high-quality products. If their product does not satisfy you, they are willing to return the product. In the next sections, we will go into detail about Pure Hair reviews to help you choose the most suitable product.

2. Pure Hair Factory’s hair product reviews

In this section, we will cover factors like product range, hair quality, and hair price according to Pure Hair Factory reviews:

2.1. Product range

Pure Hair factory has positive reviews and a reputation for providing a comprehensive range of hair products, it could be a good option for customers looking to buy hair extensions with various customization options and high-quality products.

  • Hair origin: Since there is no domestic hair source, due to Pure Hair reviews, they import raw hair from Asian countries like Malaysia, Cambodia or from Peru which are known for their abundant and high quality hair. Although the source of imported hair is abundant, they still put hair quality first with customer experience being the most important.
  • Hair product: Peru Hair Factory is renowned for offering a wide variety of hair products to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of customers. Their product range includes a selection of hair bulk, hair wigs, and hair extensions, such as clip-ins, tape-ins, tip-ins, and wefts.
  • Hairstyle and colors: Pure Hair Factory offers a diverse range of hair types and textures to meet the demands of customers. From straight to wavy, curly or in many colors such as black, brown, orange, and blonde, they can provide you with the best hair products.

Whether wholesalers or retailers, Pure Hair Factory is dedicated to providing the best service to its customers. Their reputation has received many positive feedbacks from clients.

Pure Hair Factory provides a wide range of product range
Pure Hair Factory provides a wide range of product range

2.2. Hair quality

Pure Hair Factory’s source of hair from Asia ensures that their customers receive the best quality hair extensions available. Authentic Asian hair, like Malaysian or from Peruvian hair, is sourced from human donors. It is unprocessed and retains its natural qualities, ensuring a more genuine and realistic appearance when used for hair extensions. Asian hair is typically known for its smooth and silky texture. It is naturally straight or slightly wavy, which makes it easy to manage and style.

They ensure that their customers receive the best quality hair
They ensure that their customers receive the best quality hair

According to Pure Hair reviews, they receive a lot of positive feedback about their high-quality hair:

Positive feedback from the client
Positive feedback from the client

However, there are many clients’ feedback about their low quality hair:

Feedback about their low quality of hair
Feedback about their low quality of hair

If you want to buy high-quality hair wholesale, you can consider purchasing from Asian hair factories to ensure that you can receive the best hair for your business.

2.3. Hair price

According to Pure Hair reviews, the hair price may be higher compared to some other hair factories. However, this premium pricing is often justified by the assurance of high-quality hair products they offer.

  • Straight tape-in 14”: $29
  • Kinky straight tape-in 14”: $31
  • Straight clip-in: 14”: $51
  • Raw straight hair: from $21 10 inches

When purchasing hair from Pure Hair Factory, customers can have confidence in the authenticity of the hair, its 100% human origin, and minimal chemical processing. Besides, you can go directly to Pure Hair Factory’s store to choose the most suitable hair for you.

Pure Hair Factory supplies hair at reasonable price
Pure Hair Factory supplies hair at reasonable price

3. Pure Hair Factory reviews: policy and customer service

Here are some common aspects of policy and service you might expect if you want to buy hair products from Pure Hair Factory:

3.1. Customer service

Pure Hair Factory typically prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides excellent customer service. The professional sales team from Pure Hair Factory can support clients through their expertise. Besides, there are some factors based on Pure Hair Factory reviews that you can learn about through customer service

  • Easily accessible website: They have a user-friendly and informative website. It contains essential details about their products, hair types, textures, lengths, prices, and contact information.
  • Pre-sale assistance: They are always available to assist potential buyers with any inquiries or questions you have before making a purchase. This can include providing product information, helping customers choose the right hair extensions for your needs, and offering customization options.
  • After-sale support: They ensure that customer support continues even after the sale. This includes assisting with order tracking, handling returns and exchanges, addressing any issues or concerns with the purchased products, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Contacting their customer support directly can also provide you with specific insights into their service quality. According to Pure Hair reviews, they receive a lot of positive feedback from customers:

Client feedback about customer service
Client feedback about customer service

3.2. Payment method

If you are living in the US again, you can go directly to the physical store to shop and choose the right hair products for you and pay cash. Besides, with the form of direct purchase, you have to order through the website. According to Pure Hair reviews, they support many forms of payment such as Master Card, Paypal or Western Union. So all forms are convenient for buying your products conveniently and quickly

3.3. Shipping

To ensure timely delivery, please ensure accurate and relevant information when placing an order. Processing time for domestic orders may take up to 2 business days. Different shipping options are available for the 48 contiguous states, with estimated delivery times.

Shipping fees are non-refundable, and if you refuse a shipment, you may be responsible for the original shipping costs and a possible restocking fee of 20%. Due to Pure Hair reviews, COVID-19 may cause delays in courier services, so it takes at least 8 days to receive hair. Comment about fast shipping:

Pure Hair Factory receives positive feedback from customer
Pure Hair Factory receives positive feedback from customer

3.4. Return and exchange

To be eligible for a return or exchange, the hair must be in its original condition and not altered in any way. It should be returned with the original packaging and product code intact. Refunds are possible within 3 days of purchase with prior notice to the store.

Chargebacks on credit/debit cards are not accepted. Due to Pure Hair reviews, after 3 days, all sales are considered final. The store is not responsible for any allergic reactions or medical conditions arising from the use of their products, and customers use them at their own risk.

4. Should you buy hair from Pure Hair Factory?

After reading Pure Hair Factory reviews, it is essential to consider both positive and negative feedback from customers. If you live in the US, you can come to the physical store and check the hair products before buying hair. However, if you want to import a large quantity, you can consider Asian hair factories for high-quality hair to ensure the quality.

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