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China wholesale hair how you can buy the best quality one


Read this article to find out important information about the Chinese hair market, whether China wholesale hair is suitable for you and where to buy it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying China wholesale hair? Does it fit your current needs? All the information we give below will answer those questions. Along with that will be the tips and reliable places so that you can buy the best quality Chinese wholesale hair.

1. Advantages and disadvantages when buying China wholesale hair

Let’s begin with the pros and cons of Chinese wholesale hair:

Advantages and disadvantages when buying Chinese wholesale hair

1.1. Advantages of buying China wholesale hair

China has long been home to the world’s biggest hair vendors, so the benefits of buying Chinese wholesale hair from these hair vendors are indisputable.

  • You can buy China wholesale hair at reasonable prices: Because of cheap input materials (from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,…), high production techniques with modern machinery and equipment, Chinese wholesale hair vendors can provide the world hair market with hair products that are generally in the low-priced segment of the world.
  • Wholesale hair in China is in various styles: China’s hair processing and styling techniques are the most developed in the world, so you can freely choose among numerous styles from a wholesale Chinese hair supplier. In addition, you can also order custom products at these wholesale hair vendors in China.
  • You can order large quantities of wholesale Chinese hair in a short time: Many Chinese wholesale hair vendors own factories with extremely large scale, so you will spend less time waiting for large orders compared to buying Vietnamese hair wholesale with the same quantity. What’s more, many items are available in bulk stock so you won’t waste time waiting when ordering these items.
  • Instant shipping is also a significant benefit when buying wholesale Chinese hair: Currently, many wholesale hair vendors in China have their own shipping lines to many countries, which are their major hair markets in the world, so the shipping is very convenient and fast.
Many Chinese wholesale hair vendors own factories with extremely large scales

1.2. Disadvantages of buying China wholesale hair

Besides the benefits Chinese wholesale hair bring mentioned above, there are many disadvantages you should take into account:

  • You will have to face risks when buying wholesale Chinese hair : The large number of Chinese wholesale hair manufacturers comes with the fact that you have to be very careful in choosing reputable hair vendors when buying wholesale Chinese hair.
    If not, you will have to face many risks such as being sent low-quality goods, batch and switch, or even receiving your payment but not shipping and purchasing mixed synthetic hair. These risks will cause quite a lot of economic loss if you buy wholesale.
  • Hair quality is uneven and the durability is low due to the fact that raw materials for the production of wholesale hair in China are imported from many different sources, from different countries.
  • V wholesale hair can be exposed to chemicals: Because of the poor quality of the raw materials, many China wholesale hair vendors will have to use a variety of chemicals when processing the raw hair bundles into shiny, smooth hair extensions which can be harmful to users.
Disadvantages of buying wholesale hair from China

2. China wholesale hair prices are diverse depending on materials

Thanks to the large scale of production and cheap raw materials, the price of Chinese wholesale hair extensions belongs to the cheap segment in the world hair market.

With only from 4.9$, you can buy a bundle of wholesale Chinese hair with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 2 pieces. Meanwhile, with the same type of hair bundle, you can buy it from another company at a higher price but with better quality.

Chinese wholesale hair prices are diverse and vary in materials and quality. The average wholesale price for a good quality 10” 100gr hair bundle at wholesale hair vendors in China is 20$ (MOQ: 5 bundles), and 10” wig costs around 70$ (MOQ: 3 wigs).

However, if you want to buy China wholesale hair of extremely excellent quality with both beautiful appearance and high durability, the price you have to pay is not cheap. While with that quality you can be offered a better price if you buy at hair factories in Southeast Asia – The famous area for the best quality hair extensions in the world.

Wholesale Chinese hair prices are diverse depending on materials

3. How to buy high quality China wholesale hair

In order not to waste time and money on poor quality Chinese wholesale hair, it is best to be very careful in choosing reliable hair vendors before starting to work with them. So, how can you tell if a wholesale Chinese hair vendor is trustworthy or a scammer? Keep reading!

Be careful not to get scammed

3.1. How to avoid being scammed by unreliable China wholesale hair vendors

There is a fear about wholesale hair vendor in China. The Wholesale Hair Vendors In Nigeria who bought from China always be carefull with a new factory. They are afraid of scammers in China. Below are some notes for you to avoid being scammed by unreliable China hair factory wholesale:

  • Beware of fake images: A Chinese wholesale hair vendor could be a scam if their photos of products and company appear to be too excellent. Look for hair vendors who have authentic photos of their factory and staff photos.
  • Beware of surprisingly low prices: If a China hair factory wholesale offers unattainable discounts or extremely low prices can be a scammer. So, you should learn about market prices carefully so that no one can scam you.
    The best wholesale Chinese hair vendors will never give you prices that are too low in comparison to the market because quality often goes hand in hand with price.
  • wholesale Chinese hair vendors without a brand should be avoided:
    These companies may not be dependable. A trustworthy Chinese wholesale hair vendor will, at the very least, register their business and have a brand name.
  • Search for Buyers’ Feedback: Reliable China wholesale hair vendors must be those who receive numerous positive reviews from both international and domestic customers.

If the China hair factory wholesale is too fraudulent, obtaining positive feedback from satisfied customers will be difficult. Trustworthy Legitimate hair vendors, if not all, should have gotten some positive feedback from customers.

  • Look for other contact information: You should not work with Chinese wholesale hair vendors who don’t have websites, social networks, or other ways to contact them.
    After you finish payments, a scammer might block you. It is preferable to seek out a wholesale Chinese hair vendor who has supplementary online presences.
  • Be wary of wholesale Chinese hair vendors who lack policies to protect customers’ benefits such as returns and exchanges policies. If the China hair factory wholesale is dependable, they will gladly accept returns or refunds in case their goods are defective.
  • Furthermore, you should choose wholesale hair vendors who accept PayPal payments or have online stores on Alibaba or AliExpress. Because Paypal and these Ecommerce platforms have buyer protection policies to help you buy and pay with confidence.
Reliable Chinese wholesale hair vendors must receive numerous positive reviews
Choose wholesale Chinese hair vendors who accept PayPal payments

3.2. How to check quality of China wholesale hair

After you have ruled out Chinese wholesale hair vendors with signs of scam, you should find a way to check the hair quality to eliminate the risk of being cheated as much as possible.

The best way to determine hair quality is through sample products. If you are living far from the wholesale Chinese hair vendors, you should ask them to send you a sample product.

There are different methods for evaluating the quality of China wholesale hair. Here are some examples:

  • Drop a few hair strands into the water, if they sink, the hair is of poor quality, and if it floats, the hair is of good quality. This is derived from the fact that poor quality hair will absorb water so it will sink
  • Pull the hair samples from both ends. These hair products are of good quality if they bounce back and stretch.
  • Take a strand of hair and run it through your fingers. If it is rough and uneven, it is of poor quality.
  • If the dye remains on your hands when you stroke your colored hair, the dye quality is poor and the hair color will fade quickly.
  • The smell of the product is also an important factor in determining hair quality. Chinese wholesale hair products with a strong & unpleasant odor can be treated with chemicals which are harmful to your health.
  • Shedding test by stroking or banging the hair hard, If it falls out, the China hair factory wholesale products are of not good quality.

In case you are not able to test the hair quality yourself, you can video call with factory sales/representatives and ask them to perform actions like stroking, banging or pulling the hair as above to see if the hair falls out and colors remain on their hands or not, thereby determining the quality of the hair.

How to check quality of wholesale Chinese hair
Shedding test by stroking or banging the hair hard

4. Top the best China wholesale hair vendors

Below are some recommendations for you to save your time searching for the best Chinese wholesale hair vendors.

4.1. Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is a well-known company in the wholesale hair extensions sector, with a varied product line and top quality hair.

  • Main products: bulk hair, weft hair, tape-ins, tip-ins, clip-ins and hair wigs with a variety of colors, lengths and textures.
  • Quality: All products are 100% carefully selected raw hair, without chemical treatment.
  • Price range: from $8 to $150.
  • Policy: Accept returns and exchanges within 7 days.

This hair supplier has a large global customer base and is consistently considered one of the most trusted wholesale hair extension suppliers. Because of their competent sales staff, they are confident in their ability to provide excellent service to all customers.

Some outstanding products of Vin Hair Vendor
Some outstanding products of Vin Hair Vendor

4.2. Ted Hair 

With a focus on mass production and slashing hair processing methods, Ted Hair is one of the best Chinesewholesale hair factories which offers a wide selection of hair extension products to the international market at affordable costs.

  • Main products: closure & frontal, tape, tip, wigs…in a variety of lengths, styles and colors. Lace closures and wigs are the best sellers of Ted hair
  • Price range: $23.5 – $329 with $23.5-33$ for hair 1 hair bundle black color 100g (10’’-14’’) and $175-$220 for 16’’-24’’ lace front wigs. This is also the average price on the Chinese market.
  • Policy: Returns and exchanges are accepted

Ted Hair offers a significant selection of hair products on an annual basis for international markets. Ted Hair is the greatest China wholesale hair factory if you are in need of a large quantity of hair extensions rapidly, and they can meet all of your requirements.

Ted Hair – the most reliable among numerous Chinese wholesale hair vendors

4.3. Qingdao Haiyi 

With 20 years of experience and an outstanding reputation among consumers, Qingdao Haiyi, one of the top China wholesale hair vendors on Alibaba, offers a wide variety of hair extensions.

  • Main products: hair extensions pre-bonded, full hair wigs with raw materials are Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian and Indonesian hair
  • Price: 22$ – 389$ with $22 – 30$ for hair 1 hair bundle black color 100g (10’’-14’’) and $160 – $210 for 16’’-24’’ lace front wigs. Their prices are relatively the same as Ted Hair
  • Store score on Alibaba: 4.8/5
  • Policy: allow exchanges and returns

Qingdao is the greatest option if you’re looking for the most reliable wholesale Chinese hair factory on Alibaba who can provide you with stunning wigs.

Qingdao Haiyi – A place where you can buy high quality wholesale Chinese hair

4.4. Guangzhou Leshine 

Due to its numerous attractive and high-quality goods, Guangzhou Kabeilu, one of the best China wholesale hair factories with over 11 years of experience, attracts interest from hair enthusiasts all around the world.

  • Products: Raw Hair, Tape, Lace Closure, Hair Wig
  • Price: from $20 to $208, quite cheap compared to the above hair vendors
  • Store score on Alibaba: 4.6/5
  • Policy: allow exchanges and returns

Due to its high-quality, attractive items and reasonable prices, Kabeilu is regarded by clients as the greatest China hair factory wholesaler.

Guangzhou Leshine – A trustworthy hair vendor supplying good quality Chinese wholesale hair

4.5. Juancheng Leshine

LeShine is regarded as the leading of the greatest hair factories in China because of its exceptional quality and remarkable price.

  • Main products: clip in, tape in, pre-bonded hair, hair weft.
  • Price range: from $3 to $190. This factory’s hair bundle price is the cheapest compared to other factories mentioned here
  • Store score on Alibaba: 4.8/5
  • Policy: Accept returns and exchanges

LeShine is a great option for anyone searching for a trusted, top-tier wholesale Chinese hair vendor that offers a variety of tape in and clip in products.

Juancheng Leshine – one of the most dependable Chinese wholesale hair vendors

4.2. UNice

Since its inception, UNice Hair has earned a reputation as one of Best Wholesale Hair Vendors In China. Each UNice product reflects the individual’s sense of style and personality, not just their beautiful hair.

  • Weft, closure, and wigs are their main products. UNice Hair’s wigs are so sought after and receive many positive reviews from international customers.
  • Price range: $70 to $320. UNice Hair’s prices are quite expensive compared to other wholesale hair vendors in China
  • Policy: UNice hair accepts free returns within 30 days and refunds within 7 days

UNice Hair is the best China wholesale hair factory where you can buy a variety of hair extension products with confidence.

UNice – one of the best wholesale Chinese hair vendors
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