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Clip in remy hair extensions and the truth you never knew before


This article will provide all the information you need to know about Clip in Remy hair extensions and explore the appeal of this hair item on the market.

Clip in Remy hair extensions are becoming more popular with customers who want their hair to be more bouncy and silky, which gives them more self-assurance while they’re out and about. Let’s take a look at Clip in Remy hair extension in this article to learn more.

1. Overview of Clip in Remy hair extensions

Remy hair clip ins are a fantastic product that is designed to be one of the best choices for enhancing natural hair thickness and length. Let’s take a closer look at what Remy hair extension clips are and the features of them.

Remy hair clip ins: The Truth You Never Knew Before

1.1. What are Clip in Remy hair extensions

Clip in Remy hair extension is made from Remy hair (hair originating from 2 or more people) that is sewn onto a cloth with about 7 clips attached to the natural hair. Remy hair is gathered from many hair donors with the root and tip going in the same direction to ensure that the cuticle of the hair is still intact.

Remy hair clip ins

1.2. Features of Clip in Remy hair extensions

The following are some of the most critical features of Remy hair extension clips that you should be aware of:

  • Durability: If you use Remy hair clip ins often, it can last about one year, but how long it lasts also depends on how well you take care of it. If you take appropriate care of it, it can last up to one and a half years, but if you ignore it, it may only be 4-6 months.
  • Natural and smooth: Since it is made of human hair, it is shiny, strong and natural. Remy hair clip ins give a seamless look as the extensions are natural and mix in flawlessly with your real hair. Additionally, Remy hair extension clips are a great option for those who have thin hair or are suffering from hair loss and want their hair to have thicker and longer.
  • Threads in tiny and gentle waves: The weaves used in clip in Remy hair extensions are typically light and tiny and regularly woven with threads in various sizes, giving the extensions a natural feel that does not give users discomfort or headaches.
Remy hair clip ins is natural and smooth

2. Factors affecting the price of Clip in Remy hair extensions

The price of Remy hair clip ins is based on a number of criteria, including the following:

2.1. Source of Clip in Remy hair extensions

The price of Remy hair extension clips is also affected by where the hair comes from. Currently, there are four main markets supplying Remy hair clip ins, including Vietnam, China, India, and Cambodia.

  • Vietnam is famous for its high-quality hair, so the price of Remy hair extension clips is also a bit higher than in other countries. But the price goes hand in hand with the quality.
  • With an abundance of hair resources available, China is known for its cheap prices and abundant supply of hair.
  • Cambodia hair quality is not excellent as Vietnamese hair, but the quality is stable and quite good with the price is reasonable.
    Indian clip in Remy hair extensions have the lowest price. However, you must choose carefully when buying hair from this country as the quality may not be uniform.
Vietnamese hair

2.2. Thickness and length of set in Clip in Remy hair extensions

There are a wide variety of Remy hair clip ins sets available, ranging in thickness from ultra-thin to ultra-thick (more wefts and more hair attached to each weft). Thinner sets are naturally cheaper; thicker sets are naturally more expensive.
One set of Remy hair clip ins also has many different lengths for you to choose from, usually from 8-30 inches. Different lengths have different prices.

2.3. Style of Clip in Remy hair extensions

Classic Remy hair clip ins contain a fabric-stitched weft that is somewhat fuller at the base for added volume at the roots. On the other hand, seamless hair extensions feature a silicone weft and are finer at the base. You will notice that this design costs a little bit more than the classic variation due to the extra processing and labor involved in producing seamless hair extensions.

2.4. Color of Remy hair clip ins

Clip in Remy hair extensions come in a wide variety of color options, ranging from basic tones to trendy highlights, balayage, and ombre. Based on the hair color and hairstyle, you may see that the price of extensions fluctuates due to the extra manufacturing and dyeing needed at the factory level.

Something You Must Know

Best knowledge about clip in hair extension

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3. How to take care of Clip in Remy hair extensions

To keep your Remy hair clip ins beautiful and durable, you need to take care of them carefully. Here we will give you some tips about how to take care of Remy hair clip ins.

  • Washing: The first and foremost thing you need to do is wash them correctly.
    • It’s important to wash Remy hair clip ins carefully and soak them in lukewarm water. For best results, use pea-sized quantities of shampoo in the sink or basin and stir it in.
    • Unlike your natural hair, Remy hair extension clips can’t create natural oil to keep the hair moisturized or hydrated.

*Our tip is to select a shampoo that is mild, clarifying, and free of a lot of additives (like sulfates or alcohol). Use a leave-in conditioner and a high-quality conditioner for the next step to moisturize your hair.

  • Brush clip in Remy hair extensions gently: Before you put on your hair extensions, make sure to brush them.

*Use a wide brush with soft bristles to brush your hair. Human remy hair extensions are delicate and easily damaged. Try to avoid pulling on them while brushing!

*Please keep in mind that, unlike your real hair, these lovely locks will not regrow!

  • Gently dry: The heat is a big enemy of Remy hair clip ins. It is best to allow the hair to dry naturally and avoid excessive use of dryers, curling irons, and straightening irons.
  • Protect Remy hair clip ins from outside factors: Don’t forget to protect your hair extensions from the sun, pool chlorine, and the sea. To safeguard your Remy hair extension clips, use anti-chlorine products or sunscreen.
How to wash Remy hair clip ins
How to take care of Remy hair clip ins

4. Where you can buy Clip in Remy hair extensions

If you’re looking for the best Remy hair clip ins, we’ll list some of the most well-known wholesale hair factories that offer a wide variety of Remy hair extensions.

4.1. Vietnamese Clip in Remy hair extensions

Vietnam is known for its high-quality hair products as well as excellent customer service.

  • Source: 100% human hair, no mixed hair
  • Features: In Vietnam, hair quality is known for its lustrous shine because of the use of natural treatments like coconut oil, grapefruit oil, and aloe vera.
  • Price: Prices for clip in Remy hair extensions from hair suppliers in Vietnam are considered to be reasonable for such high-quality hair.

As a reliable source of high-quality hair extensions at suitable prices, Vietnam is a great choice for those who want to buy Remy hair clip ins.

Vietnamese remy hair clip ins

If you haven’t found a reputable supplier of Vietnamese Clip in Remy hair extensions, please refer to Vin Hair Vendor – the leading supplier in Vietnam.

  • High quality hair is Vin Hair’s top advantage. Their hair is soft, smooth, has natural shine and impressive durability. The production and quality inspection departments at Vin Hair ensure that standards of excellence are consistently maintained.
  • Weaves, bulk hair, hair extensions (including tip-ins, tape-ins, clip-ins), wigs, closures, and frontal are the primary products. They also offer hair in a variety of colors, styles, and lengths up to 38 inches.
  • Vin Hair Vendor offering 8-inch natural straight, natural color hair at a wholesale price of $88 per kilogram. Besides extremely affordable prices, this supplier also regularly has many great incentives and promotions for customers,
  • Customer service: The sales staff at Vin Hair Vendor is highly proficient in multiple languages and operates with the utmost professionalism. So that they may be available to assist consumers around the clock.

This is truly the top reputable address to buy high quality Clip in Remy hair extensions at reasonable prices.

Vin Hair Vendor
Vin Hair Vendor


4.2. Chinese Clip in Remy hair extensions

Remy hair extension clips from hair vendors in China are famous for their cheap prices because of the low cost of their labor and the growing use of technology.

  • Source: hair is mixed, usually with Indian and Brazilian hair
  • Features: Chinese hair extensions are tough to evaluate since they come from a variety of sources. However, thanks to excellent chemical technology, remy hair clip ins look very smooth and shiny but are tough to use for a long period of time.
  • Price: Despite there being so many hierarchies of products (due to various sources and levels of quality), it can be said that the prices are very competitive.

Many people choose to Remy hair clip ins in China because of the cheap prices. However, it is also critical to keep in mind that price and quality go hand-in-hand.

Chinese remy hair clip ins

4.3. Indian Clip in Remy hair extensions

India is also one of the largest suppliers of remy hair clip ins in the world with cheap prices.

  • Source: Indian virgin hair and Indian Remy hair both originated from Indian hair temple. Temple hair is gathered from hair donors in temples. In India, it is customary for worshipers to shave their heads in temples to express their reverence for God. Afterward, the hair from one or more donors is gathered and used to produce extensions.
  • Features: Indian hair is naturally curly, coarse, and thin but strong. You can also color or bleach this hair type but it is difficult to style since it is inherently curly and thin.
  • Price: This hair product from India are the cheapest since they are a blend of many different types of hair.

India is another choice if you want to buy remy hair clip ins at the cheapest price.

Indian remy hair clip ins

4.4. Cambodian Clip in Remy hair extensions

The thickness of Cambodian hair extensions has made them a popular choice.

  • Origin: Cambodian hair is sourced from Cambodian women
  • Features: The volume of Cambodian hair is what makes it so appealing. However, Cambodian hair is often hard and dry as a result of the climate effect.
  • Price: If you compare it to other nations, the price of remy hair clip ins is really reasonable. From only $6 -$7, ladies may get 8-inch weft straight hair without hesitation.

If you want to buy Remy hair clip ins, Cambodia is a great place to get relatively good quality at a cheap price.

Cambodian remy hair clip ins
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