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CurlyMe Hair Reviews And The Secret Behind Them


This blog will reveal all the information about CurlyMe Hair reviews to help you decide whether or not to buy hair extensions products from this hair vendor.

CurlyMe Hair is one of the most common hair vendors in China. Let’s look at Curly Me reviews in this article to consider if you want to buy hair products from this place.

1. Overview of CurlyMe Hair

CurlyMe Hair company stands as a dynamic and vibrant online hair mall based in China, dedicated to serving those who embrace the beauty of individuality and freedom. With a steadfast commitment to quality and affordability, they bring forth a range of exquisite hair products that empower individuals to express their unique style. As a leader in the realm of human hair, CurlyMe Hair takes pride in being the premier destination for high-quality hair essentials.

For over a decade, due to CurlyMe Hair reviews, they have been at the forefront of human hair production, offering a diverse array of offerings that include premium human hair bundles, top-tier lace closures, lace frontals, and an impressive assortment of human hair wigs with varying textures. In the next section, we will go into detail about hair products and their customer service to help you decide whether or not to buy hair from this hair vendor.

CurlyMe Hair vendor is one of the leaders Chinese hair vendors
CurlyMe Hair vendor is one of the leaders Chinese hair vendors

2. The most trustworthy CurlyMe Hair reviews

CurlyMe Hair has a fantastic background. If you read evaluations about this hair vendor, you will see that CurlyMe has grown significantly. Is this, however, a guarantee of their product range, quality and customer service standards? Let’s take a deeper look at CurlyMe Hair reviews, the quality of the business’s goods, and the worth that the business provides to clients in this part.

2.1. Reviews of product range

CurlyMe Hair is dedicated to offering a premium selection of affordable virgin human hair wigs, designed to enhance our customers’ beauty and confidence. Hair origin: Compared to other hair vendors in China that import hair from Southeast Asian countries, CurlyMe Hair vendor chooses Mongolia as the main place to import hair.

  • Main product: They offer a large number of products such as frontal & closure, hair wigs but special in hair wigs with curly textures
  • Hair textures: include loose wave hair, deep wave hair, body wave hair, kinky curly hair, water wave hair, straight hair, and more.
  • Hair color: in many colors from natural to 613 colors

At CurlyMe Hair, they believe that every strand contributes to a person’s story, and they are committed to being a part of that narrative. Their journey is one of continuous exploration, innovation, and above all, a celebration of individuality.

CurlyMe Hair provides a wide range or curly wigs
CurlyMe Hair provides a wide range or curly wigs

2.2. Reviews of hair quality

The quality of hair from CurlyMe Hair is exceptional and tailored to enhance the beauty and confidence of their customers. Their dedication to quality is evident in their selection of Mongolian hair, which is known to be the ideal choice for curly hair textures.

  • Mongolian hair is inherently strong, which allows it to hold curls exceptionally well. This means that even if you straighten or use heat on the hair, it will naturally return to its original curls when wet, providing a consistent and beautiful look.
  • Mongolian hair’s thickness plays a significant role in reducing tangling. While curly hair is prone to tangling, the thicker nature of Mongolian hair makes detangling easier and less time-consuming compared to other hair types.
CurlyMe Hair mostly imports hair from Mongolia
CurlyMe Hair mostly imports hair from Mongolia

CurlyMe Hair’s emphasis on Mongolian hair underscores their commitment to providing superior quality hair that not only enhances your style but also offers practical benefits, making it an excellent choice for those seeking premium curly hair products.

Positive reviews by customers from CurlyMe Hair
Positive reviews by customers from CurlyMe Hair

However, despite being advertised as 100% human hair, CurlyMe Hair also received a lot of criticism from international customers for its terrible hair loss. They responded that the hair wigs they received were completely different from the pictures posted on the company’s website. Not only that, based on CurlyMe Hair reviews, customers say that buying from this hair vendor is like throwing money out the window.

2.3. Reviews of hair price

Considered as one of the reputable hair vendors in China, price is also one of the factors that you need to consider when considering buying here. Here are the prices of some featured items based on CurlyMe Hair reviews:

  • Straight wigs: starting from $93-$232/per product
  • Deep wave wigs: from $93-$193/ per product
  • Kinky curly wigs: from $93-$210/ per product

It can be said that, compared to other hair vendors, CurlyMe Hair offers wigs at a more affordable price because China is famous for producing hair in large quantities thanks to modern machinery and equipment. However, the price goes hand in hand with the quality, you should also consider carefully when buying from this hair vendor.

Hair prices from CurlyMe Hair are reasonable than other hair vendors
Hair prices from CurlyMe Hair are reasonable than other hair vendors

2.4. Reviews of customer service

CurlyMe Hair takes immense pride in its customer service, which is characterized by a holistic and customer-centric approach.

  • User-friendly website: They prioritize an intuitive and seamless online experience. Their commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the point of sale, encompassing both pre-sale and after-sale interactions.
  • Pre-sale: CurlyMe Hair goes above and beyond to assist customers in making informed decisions. According to CurlyMe Hair reviews, their knowledgeable and attentive team is readily available to address any inquiries, guide customers through product options, and provide personalized recommendations.
  • After-sale: CurlyMe Hair remains engaged and accessible, ready to provide assistance, answer questions, and address any concerns that may arise post-purchase. Whether it’s clarifying product usage, troubleshooting, or ensuring overall customer satisfaction, their support is ongoing and comprehensive.

By fostering a friendly and supportive environment, offering transparent communication, and maintaining a strong commitment to customer well-being, they create a lasting relationship that transcends individual transactions.

Although customers appreciate the excellent customer service, they also receive a lot of bad feedback from difficult customers when they can’t meet customer needs and respond slowly.

Customers review based on their customer services
Customers review based on their customer services

2.5. Reviews of shipment and payment

When it comes to shipping, CurlyMe Hair partners with renowned carriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others. This strategic collaboration guarantees reliable and efficient delivery services to customers worldwide. With a range of shipping options, customers can select the method that aligns best with their needs, whether it’s expedited shipping for quick delivery or standard shipping for a more budget-friendly choice.

Furthermore, CurlyMe Hair’s commitment to timely delivery is matched by their careful packaging. Each product is thoughtfully packaged to ensure its safe arrival, protecting the high-quality hair products customers have come to expect. According to CurlyMe Hair reviews, a range of convenient payment options cater to diverse customer preferences.

Clients can securely complete their transactions using widely recognized methods such as PayPal, and major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy checkout process. This payment flexibility underscores CurlyMe Hair’s commitment to providing an accessible and user-friendly shopping experience for all customers.

Shipping and payment methods from CurlyMe Hair
Shipping and payment methods from CurlyMe Hair

2.6. Reviews of return and exchange policy

They offer a 30-day no-reason return and replacement policy. Contact them before returning any product. Return or exchange must be authorized with photo or video evidence. No refunds for used or damaged hair. Return postage is dependent on circumstances.

For style, color, and size changes, due to CurlyMe Hair reviews, they accept returns and replacements but at your postage cost. Notify them and follow their address before returning. Wrong packages will be addressed with free return and replacement. For claims, email photos or videos within 48 hours to service@curlyme.com.

Claims and refunds are processed within 24 hours post-review. Notify them for non-order refunds. For eligible returns, send products to their address and share the Express receipt. Upon receipt, they’ll inspect. Satisfactory hair returns lead to refund processing within 24 hours, funds are returned in 3 working days. Inform them for non-order refunds.

3. Should I buy hair from CurlyMe Hair?

Although there are still some customer complaints about hair quality, in general, CurlyMe Hair is still one of the leading major hair suppliers in China. If you prioritize product diversity, affordable prices, and good service, CurlyMe Hair is the right choice.

Each person’s purchasing experience is different, so do not hesitate to contact CurlyMe Hair for the most detailed advice. In addition, please research carefully and check the product quality before buying to avoid buying poor quality products.

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