Everything you need to know about raw Indian hair

Update: 01/12/2023

Is raw Indian hair worth it and what are the reasons. Keep reading this article to find out all the things about raw Indian hair to give your own answers.

Raw Indian hair, together with Chinese and Vietnamese raw hair are the most sought after hair types on the world hair market today. This blog contains everything about raw hair from India including its origin, hair quality, price and the best places supplying high quality hair.

1. The definition of raw Indian hair

Raw Indian hair is natural hair (that has not gone through any process or treatment) sourced directly from Indian hair donors. raw India hair, on the other hand, has been used to refer to high-quality unprocessed human hair that can be made into hair weft, clip-in, tip, tape-in hair, or other products which are partially processed.


Facts About raw India hair And Top 5 Best raw India hair Vendors

2. Origin of materials for raw Indian hair

It’s an intriguing topic when it comes to the origins of materials for raw hair from India. When researching it, you will undoubtedly come across Indian hair sourced from temple hair, which is gathered from Indian temples or directly sourced from donors. In fact, raw Indian hair can be mixed with hairballs for profits.

  • Indian raw hair are Indian temple hair (actually harvested from temple donors where Indian people do their shaving rituals) and hair cut directly from donors. The hair from one or more donors is then collected and used to make hair extensions.
  • Indian hairballs: Hairballs are non-remy hair, collected from public places such as bathrooms and sewers, which results in cheap prices and low quality. ​​In fact, there are companies that mix non-remy to reduce costs, and it’s not unprocessed because it has to go through a process to turn out remy hair.

So, you should be carefully when buying raw India hair because the hair you buy can be mixed it Indian hairballs for profit purpose.


Indian raw hair are Indian temple hair and hair cut directly from donors

3. The features of raw Indian hair

To begin with, dive into some useful information about the quality of raw hair from India and then its price and sale volume.

3.1. The quality of raw Indian hair

The quality of raw hair from India is controversial in the international market. Someone say that it is of high quality while others complain about its quality:

  • Raw India hair is of good quality only if it’s made of high-quality temple hair (taken from 2-3 donors with the highest similarity). For this type of hair, the similarity is high, so it is easy to bleach and dye. Moreover, the quality and durability are relatively good because the cuticles are still preserved.
    However, there are some opinions that raw Indian hair is mixed between virgin hair and hairballs for profit purposes. These hairballs after the process to turn out Indian remy hair will lose the cuticles, making the hair very weak.
  • The quality of raw India hair is not good as raw Vietnamese hair or Malaysian hair because processing techniques are not modern enough to make beautiful and superior quality products. In addition to large-scale and modern factories, many raw India hair factories exist in the form of a family-sized craft workshop, so there are many limitations in technique and machinery, resulting in quality not as good as large-scale factories.

Raw hair from India receives a lot of controversy about quality, so you need to find a reputable hair supplier.


There are some opinions that raw India hair is mixed between virgin hair and hairballs

3.2. The price of raw Indian hair belongs to the low segment of the world hair market

Raw India hair prices are relatively cheap compared to other countries around the world, only from 12$/ 100g 8’’ bundle thanks to:

  • Cheap materials: The cost of raw materials to produce raw Indian hair is cheaper in comparison with other hair raw hairs on the international hair market. This is because the hair collection process is so easy, donors voluntarily donate their hair which reduces cost.
  • Low labor cost: Indian women are not allowed to work outdoors, so their ideal places to work are household-scale hair workshops. Their wages are hourly and very low.
  • Household hair factories in India do not invest much in machinery but mainly in rudimentary processing stages, so investment costs in machinery and equipment do not take much.

With the reasons above, raw India hair vendors can reduce production cost resulting in reasonable and low prices.


The price of raw hair from India belongs to the low segment of the world hair market for low labor cost

3.3. Sales volume of raw Indian hair to the world market

Every year, Indian hair factories supply the world market with a large amount of raw Indian hair, of which the major consumption markets are China and the US.
Because hair processing is mainly rudimentary, Indian hair products exported to these markets are simply-styled hair extensions such as bulk hair bundles and hair weft.

4. Raw Indian hair extensions – the most popular types

As mentioned above, the most popular types of raw India hair extensions are bulk hair and hair weft in the form of hair bundles.

4.1. Hair bulk – the best popular form raw Indian hair

Indian hair bulk is so sought after in the world hair market thanks to its nature and low price from which resellers can make huge profits.

  • Raw Indian hair hair bulk is raw India hair that has not undergone any process or treatment and sold in bundles.
  • The quality of this type of raw hair from India is quite good compared to the price unless the materials are mixed hairballs.
  • Raw India hair bulk from India cost from12.5$/100g 10 inches length.
  • The Chinese hair vendors annually import large quantities of bulk hair (unstyled and unprocessed raw India hair) to style themselves then supply their market and make huge profits.

If you have tight budget but still want to buy raw hair, raw hair from India can be one of your best choices.


Hair bulk – the best popular form of raw India hair

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4.2. Indian hair weft – another popular type of raw Indian hair

Indian hair weft is also a sought-after product of Indian raw hair vendors. Many customers all over the world choose it to start their hair business.

  • Raw Indian hair can also be referred to as weft hair extensions or sew-in hair extensions. The hair can be sewn into users’ natural hair with frontals or closures to make a complete wig.
  • The quality of this hair may not be the same as the quality of bulk hair because it has been processed, but due to its reasonable price and convenience, it is very popular with consumers.
  • Raw India hair weft from India cost from14.5$/100g 10 inches length
  • This type of raw India hair is very popular in the African market due to inherent light curls, reasonable price and convenient use.

The price of Indian hair weft is higher than hair bulk but still low in the world hair market so it is also suitable for those with low budget.


Indian hair weft – another popular type of raw hair from India

5. Compare raw Indian hair vs Chinese and Vietnamese raw hair

Let’s make a comparison between Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese raw hair – some top wholesale raw hair vendors to find out the outstanding features of raw hair from India and who should buy it:

raw India hair raw Chinese hair raw Vietnamese hair
Features light curly, thick and coarse
medium length
sparkling and silky appearance
medium length
thick, silky, strong and smooth
significant length up to 36 inches
Quality authentic raw hair from India can be of good quality and can be bleached or dyed unless it is mixed with hairballs uneven quality and short life span due to the multiple-sourced materials
should not be bleached or dyed
good quality with long life span because it is not exposed to chemicals and heat
Price about 40$ for closure 4×4 16 inches around 40$ – 60$ for 4×4 16 inches depends on materials about $50 for closure 4×4 16 inches

Thereby, it can be seen that raw Indian hair is quite cheap compared to the other 2 hair types and the quality compared to the price is quite reasonable. If you do not require excellent quality and your budget is limited, raw hair from India can be a suitable choice.
However, that is only if you buy authentic raw hair from India, and if you unfortunately buy mixed hairballs, the quality will not be guaranteed. Therefore, choosing a reputable raw India hair vendor is very important. Besides, a trust-worthy raw Vietnamese hair vendor is more easily to find out but it’s harder to find a trust-worthy a vendor in India which produces high-quality raw hair.

6. Some tips to check the quality of raw Indian hair

It would be best if you could go directly to the raw India hair factory to test the quality. And in case you are too far away, you should ask them to send sample products. You can check the quality of hair through sample products in the following ways:

  • Checking through smell: A strong, pungent odor is a sign that the product has been treated with chemicals. Especially if that unpleasant smell does not go away after many washes, it is most likely a toxic chemical.
  • Shedding test: By stroking top to down or banging hard on the hair, you can determine if the hair is prone to falling or breaking.
  • For colored hair, you should stroke your hair to see if the hair color is tied to your hands, if so, the dye may not be of good quality and can fade quickly.
  • Drop a few strands of hair into the water. If they sink, that hair is of poor quality and vice versa. The reason is because high-quality hair will not absorb water
  • Grasp the hair and move it from the top down to determine if the hair is shriveled. Many raw hair factories often cheat the length of the hair by placing short hairs in the middle or alternating hairs of all lengths.

With these tips, you can determine the quality of raw Indian hair. However, if you do not have time, the list of recommended raw India hair suppliers below will be useful for you.


Shedding test by stroking the hair top to down

7. Top recommended raw Indian hair suppliers

There are numerous raw hair suppliers in India today, making it difficult to select the most reliable one. Look no further for the greatest suppliers of raw hair from India. The leading five are listed below.

7.1. Adorable Hair – Leading suppliers of raw Indian hair based in Chennai, India

Adorable Hair, which specializes in hair extensions mass production, is among the best suppliers of raw hair in Chennai, India.

  • They specialize in natural, full-cuticle, raw, and virgin Indian human hair products. Their goods feature a variety of hair colors and styles that appear natural.
  • The pricing is unreasonable. $125 for 3 Bundles of straight hair 10′
  • Service: they accept exchanges and returns as the top raw hair supplier in India. The WhatsApp number is +1-770-727-5578.

They are famous for exporting hair wigs and hair extensions from human hair of good quality and reasonable cost. This is among the best raw hair suppliers in Chennai, India.


Product of Adorable Hair – Leading suppliers of raw India hair based in Chennai, India

7.2. SGI Hair – the best supplier of raw Indian hair

Customers refer to SGI Hair as “the embodiment of excellence.” It is among the best suppliers of raw hair from India based in Chennai, India, and their products are supplied internationally.

  • They offer premium wigs, and hair extensions with hair wigs being the most popular.
  • Compared to other products, the pricing is extremely high: $150 for 10 inches of Straight 3 Bundles.
  • Shipping takes between 5 and 7 business days, depending on the availability of stock. You will be charged shipping fees based on the total weight of your order.

In the world hair industry, SGI Hair is among the leading suppliers of raw Indian hair, from which you may select the most suitable Raw India hair products.


Product of SGI Hair – the best supplier of raw hair from India

7.3. Indian Mermaid – Top-rated raw Indian hair suppliers in India according to customer reviews

Indian Mermaid Hair is among the most renowned raw hair suppliers in India that customers can locate online when conducting business in the hair industry.

  • Products: the most popular product of this hair supplier is raw bulk hair sewn by professionals. In addition, they offer an extensive selection of hair extensions, such as full lace, HD lace, and closure wigs…
  • Price: Due to the unique procedure, this hair supplier in India charges approximately $40 bundle of straight hair 10′
  • Customers are generally pleased with the quality of the things they purchase, according to feedback. However, several customers have complained about the late delivery.

Indian Mermaid Hair is one of the greatest suppliers of raw Indian hair if you place a premium on uniformity, naturalness, and attention to detail. Nevertheless, their items will be rather costly.


Raw hair of Indian Mermaid – Top-rated raw hair suppliers in India according to customer reviews

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