Top Best Raw Indian Hair Vendors For High Quality Product

Update: 03/01/2024

This article will reveal the top raw Indian hair vendors for high quality products and the facts you need to know about these vendors before deciding to buy.

The most popular hair types on the global hair market today contain raw Indian hair. If you don’t know where to buy the best quality raw hair from India, this blog is all useful information about Raw Indian hair vendors and the best ones for you to consider.

1. The definition of raw Indian hair vendors

Raw hair vendors in India are businesses or companies that supply Indian raw hair to the hair market. Indian raw hair is natural Indian human hair that has not been processed or treated with heat and chemicals, which helps the hair retain its inherent cuticles. However, Indian raw hair can also be used to refer to high-quality Indian human hair that has been processed into various types of hair extensions such as weft, tape-in, tip-in, and so on (partially processed).


Facts About Raw India Hair Vendors And Top List New Updated


Indian raw hair can be processed into various types of hair extensions such as weft, tape-in, tip-in, and so on

2. Everything you need to know about raw Indian hair vendors

Let’s discover all the things that you should not miss when learning about Indian raw hair vendor including their classification, origin and quality of their hair and their production scale.

2.1. Classification of raw Indian hair vendors

There are two types of raw hair vendors in India, which are Indian raw hair manufacturers and commercial companies. The majority are commercial companies.

  • Raw Indian hair manufacturers: These raw Indian hair vendors have factories, workers, machinery and equipment, that directly produce products. If you buy from manufacturers, you will get the best price.
  • Commercial raw Indian hair company: Commercial raw hair companies import hair from raw Indian hair manufacturers, then sell it at a higher price to make a profit. Therefore, the price will be more expensive than you buy directly from the manufacturers.

Each sort of raw hair vendors in India has distinct advantages and disadvantages:

  • Because there are no middlemen involved, purchasing directly from a hair manufacturer will result in consistent hair quality and the best pricing. In addition, they can provide a great quantity of hair in a short period of time. However, hair manufacturers typically specialize in making a limited number of goods, and their customer service is inferior to that of commercial businesses.
  • In contrast, purchasing through commercial intermediaries will be more expensive due to the fact that they are middlemen, and their hair quality is inconsistent because they may buy hair from various companies. However, they will have a broader selection of products, more supportive customer service representatives, and more deals and discounts.

Depending on your requirements, you can select a reliable Raw Indian hair vendor. However, manufacturing Indian raw hair vendor remain the top option. One way for you to distinguish between a raw Indian hair manufacturer and commercial raw hair company is to request a video call with raw hair vendors in India, if they show the factory then that’s the manufacturer.


There are two types of raw hair vendors in India: Raw Indian hair manufacturers and Commercial raw Indian hair company

2.2. Raw Indian hair vendors: Source of raw materials

Raw hair vendors in India collect raw materials directly from donors or gather from temples where Indians perform their shaving rituals according to their religious customs.

An Indian raw hair product is usually made from hair taken from 2-3 donors, which are selected to have the highest uniformity in color, length and textures.

2.3. Quality of products supplied by raw Indian hair vendor

Raw hair vendors in India provide products with pretty good quality compared to the prices. Because they use high-quality hair with the cuticles still preserved, the quality and durability are relatively good. Raw Indian hair maintains the features of natural Indian hair which are curly, coarse, rough, and strong enough to bleach and dye.

However, there are some opinions pointing out that many Raw Indian hair vendors nowadays mix raw hair product with hairballs (poor quality hair collected from public places such as sewers, bathrooms,…) to sell as raw hair for profit.


Many raw hair vendors in India nowadays mix raw hair with hairballs to sell as raw hair for profit

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2.4. Production scale of raw Indian hair vendors

There are some notable points about the production scale of raw hair vendors in India from raw Indian hair reviews as follows:

  • Raw Indian hair factories are mainly small-scale as household factories or mini-workshops. Tools and machines at these factories are also very rudimentary, mainly serving simple processing stages.
  • The workers at raw Indian hair vendors are mainly women, they only do simple steps such as cleaning hair, bunching hair,… Their skills are not high enough to be able to produce beautiful and complex products.
  • Due to the large population, Indian raw hair vendor can supply raw bulk hair (unprocessed hair) in large quantities quickly. For products like weft, and tape, it takes time to produce.

Although most raw hair vendors in India operate on a small scale with rudimentary machinery and equipment, they can still supply raw hair in large quantities due to the abundant supply of raw hair materials.


The workers at raw hair vendors in India are mainly women doing simple steps

2.5. Price of products supplied by raw Indian hair vendor

According to raw Indian hair reviews, raw hair vendors in India offer prices that are relatively low in comparison to raw hair vendors from other countries, starting at 7$ for 100g 8″ raw bulk hair thanks to:

  • Abundant raw materials: India’s population is large, so the supply of raw hair is extremely abundant. In addition, people voluntarily cut their own hair without taking any money, resulting in low cost of collection.
  • Labor costs are low: Because Indian women are not permitted to work outside, their ideal workplaces are small-scale hair factories. They accept low hourly wages.
  • Investment costs for factories, machinery and equipment are low because they mainly process by hand or with rudimentary machines.

Because of the reasons stated above, raw Indian hair vendors can reduce production costs, resulting in reasonable prices.


Price of products supplied by raw hair vendors in India is cheap since labor costs are low

3. Some tips to find the best raw Indian hair vendors

We will answer the question of where to find the best raw hair vendors in India and how to choose the best raw hair companies in India.

3.1. Ways to find the best raw Indian hair vendors

How to find the best hair vendor for your business? You can find the best raw hair vendors in India through the following channels:

  • Through online: Search engines: Google, Bing, Baidu,… are powerful search engines that can help you find the best raw Indian hair vendors. Moreover, E-commerce platforms like Alibaba, AliExpress, 1688, Global sources,… are the places where you can find the best raw hair vendors in India. These sites have the policy to protect the interests of shoppers.
  • Trade fairs: You can also find the best raw hair vendors in India by attending trade fairs. Here you can directly check the quality of the products.
  • Network Recommendations: Some recommendations from your network can also assist you in locating the best wholesale hair vendors. Suppliers, friends, and business partners can help you find reliable ones. When these raw hair vendors in India are recommended, it demonstrates their excellent reputation.

You can have list of raw hair vendors in India through the channels mentioned below. And what you should do then is to filter the list with reliable raw hair vendors in India.


Search engines: Google, Bing, Baidu,… are powerful search engines that can help you find the best raw India hair vendors

3.2. What are the features of the best raw Indian hair vendors

You can determine if the raw hair vendors in India are the best raw hair vendors in India with the following tips, which are checking carefully the hair vendors’ address, photos, products, online presences and policies,…

  • Check the images of raw hair vendors in India: They should have actual images of the company, staff and products. Be careful with hair vendors that have too virtual or too excellent images.
  • Examine their brand name: The best raw hair vendors in India must have their brand name registered and appear on search results of search engines like google
  • Check customer feedback: They receive positive feedback. It may not be 100% good raw Indian hair reviews but the plural should be positive ones. You can search the name of raw India hair vendors on search engines for customers’ raw Indian hair reviews or look for what buyers say about them on eCommerce platforms on Alibaba, AliExpress
  • Check online presences: Besides the website, the best raw hair vendors in India must be the ones with whom you can connect through other methods such as Facebook, and Instagram,…Indian raw hair vendors that have too little public information about them and have no alternative contact methods can be scammers. They may block you as soon as you complete the payment step.
  • Ask for a video call: The best raw Indian hair vendors are always confident in the quality of their products and willing to video call with customers and answer all questions of customers.

With the tips above, you will find for your hair business the best and most suitable raw hair vendors in India.


Good quality raw hair products which can be shown through the hair strands floating on water

4. Some useful tips when working work raw Indian hair vendors

After you have identified the best raw India hair vendors, to work effectively with them and become their preferred partner, you can follow some tips below:

  • The promise of a larger order if the first order is of good quality. This way, the best raw hair vendors in India can give you a discount.
  • The best raw hair vendors in India are large suppliers which have a lot of sales to support customers, and they may each offer different prices. So don’t be afraid to work with different sales in the same supplier so you can choose the best offer.
  • Always pay on time to create a trust for a convenient working process.
  • Keep in regular contact with sales/representatives of Indian raw hair vendors. If you have a good relationship with them, every time there is a sale they will notify you or prioritize your order.
  • Although they are the best raw Indian hair vendors, sometimes mistakes are inevitable. So being careful is paramount. Every time you receive the goods, you should record a video as evidence if there is a complaint later.
  • For bulk orders except for bulk hair, you should calculate the time carefully because it is possible that the production time of Indian raw hair vendors will be long due to the small production scale and unadulterated equipment.

So, keep a good relationship with the hair vendor if you want the best price, deals and discounts from the hair vendor.


Every time you receive the goods, you should record a video as evidence if there is a complaint later.

5. Top the best raw Indian hair vendors

There are many hair vendors in India nowadays, which can make it difficult to choose the most trustworthy one. Look no further for the best raw hair vendors in India. The top five are as follows.

5.1. Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair is without a doubt one of the most esteemed manufacturers of hair extensions. Their superior customer service and high-quality hair extensions have earned them a solid reputation.

  • Product: Vin Hair provides an extensive selection of hair products to meet the diverse requirements of its customers, including hair bundles, wigs, closures, frontals, tip-ins, tape-ins, clip-ins, and hair clips.
  • Vin Hair guarantees that all of their hair is 100 percent natural, premium quality hair. Their quality-conscious dedication guarantees that every individual strand of hair embodies the highest standards of elegance and resilience.
  • Pricing: Vin Hair offers reasonably priced options for 8-inch hair, commencing at $8.8 per 100g bundle, while maintaining a commitment to quality.
  • Support for customers: Vin Hair exceeds expectations in providing exceptional customer service. Ensuring timely deliveries is of utmost importance to them, and they maintain effective communication to promptly attend to customer inquiries and concerns.

Vin Hair is committed to quality and customer fulfillment, given its extensive years of experience in the industry. When it comes to hair extensions, clients can rely on Vin Hair with confidence, knowing that their choices will enhance their natural attractiveness.

Vin Hair Vendor 2

Vin Hair Vendor

5.2. SGI Hair 

“Excellence personified” is what customers say about SGI Hair. It is one of the best raw hair vendors in Chennai India, and its products are sold worldwide.

  • Products: They supply premium wigs, hair extensions, and hair care products with the best seller being hair wigs.
  • Price: The price is quite expensive when compared to others, 150$ for 10 inch for Straight 3 Bundles
  • Service: Shipping may take around 5-7 working days, depending on stock availability. You’ll be charged shipping depending on the total weight of the items you purchase.
  • #2 of the best raw Indian hair vendors WhatsApp: +91 98843 33534

In the field of the hair industry, SGI Hair is one of the best raw hair vendors in Chennai from which you can choose the most suitable hair extensions.


Product of SGI Hair – One of the best raw hair vendors in India in Chennai India

5.3. Indian Mermaid 

One of the most prominent raw India hair vendors that hair salon owners and hair merchants find online while dealing in the hair business is Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions.

  • Products: The most popular product of this raw hair vendors in India is raw bulk hair with professional sewing skills. In addition, they provide a wide range of hair extensions, including full lace, closure wigs, HD lace…
  • Price: Because of the unique method, the price of products from this hair vendor in India is quite high, about 40$ for 100g 10’’ straight hair bundle
  • Feedback: Customers are generally satisfied with the quality of the products they buy. However, some people have complained about the delivery being late.
  • #3 of the best raw Indian hair vendors WhatsApp: +1 (845) 393-1711

Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions is one of the best raw hair vendors in India if you place high importance on consistency, naturalness, and attention to detail in your items. However, their products will also be quite expensive.


Indian Mermaid – Top the best raw India hair vendors in India with good reviews

5.4. Indique 

When talking about Indian hair extensions, one of the raw hair vendors in India cannot be ignored: Indique which is mentioned a lot in raw Indian hair vendor’ reviews. This raw Indian hair company has been in business for 14 years and has built a solid reputation in the industry.

  • Products: Hair transparency is a major priority for Indique. They only use hair from three temples in India that have worked with them for a long time to make their Indian hair extension products.
  • Price: The price is very expensive, but Indique makes sure that consumers get the best quality and service for their money. $299 for 12inch Pure Straight Bundle.
  • Service: They accept returns within 30 calendar days of the original purchase date. Requests for refunds or exchanges must be made within 7 calendar days of the date of the purchase.
  • #4 of the best raw India hair vendors WhatsApp: +1-877-556-4247

Indique is one of the best raw hair vendors in India if you have a large budget and a clear business strategy with high-paying customers.


Product of Indique – Top the best raw India hair vendors in India

5.5. Jaipur Hair 

With more than 20 years of expertise, Jaipur Hair is one of the country’s best raw hair vendors in India.

  • Products: premium virgin human hair extensions, lace front wigs, clip ins, I tip, U tip hair…
  • Price: While the price of their Indian human hair is lower than Indique’s, it is still prohibitively costly. $65 for 10 inches of raw Indian straight bulk hair for braiding.
  • Service: Delivery is made within 3-5 business days. Return and refund within 7 days of buying
  • #5 of the best raw Indian hair vendors WhatsApp: +91 80057 27425

If you have a high budget and want to get the greatest hair products, then Jaipur is the perfect and one of the best raw hair companies in India to buy Indian hair from because of its excellent reputation in the marketplace.


Product of Jaipur Hair – Top best raw hair vendors in India

5.6. 1 Hair Stop

1 Hair Stop, which opened its doors in 2019, is the best among the newest raw Indian hair vendors of virgin hair. Hair Stop’s mission is to provide women with access to Indian hair and beauty products that would make them feel beautiful and confident.

  • This virgin hair trader in India’s main product is raw Indian hair, among other hair varieties. Furthermore, 1 Hair Stop offers Remy human hair in a variety of hairstyles, including clip-in, tape-in,…
  • This hair merchant may provide expert advice to any consumer who purchases hair. Some policies, such as returns, exchanges, and refunds, have been set to ensure that clients have a great experience while purchasing hair from 1 Hair Stop.

Despite being a relative newcomer among wholesale hair extensions producers in India, 1 Hair Stop has developed a good name in the global hair market.

1 Hair Stop offers a variety of hair extension products

1 Hair Stop offers a variety of hair extension products

5.7. Chennai hair factory

Chennai Hair Factory, founded in 2012, is one of the greatest raw Indian hair vendors.

  • They specialize in offering high-quality, low-cost hair extensions to customers worldwide. They use a strict quality control approach to ensure that only the best hair is used in their products. As a result, their products are considered the highest quality hair extensions in India.
  • This hair supplier’s best-selling items include weft hair, hair extensions, straight hair extensions, curly hair extensions, wavy hair extensions, clip-in hair, Remy hair extensions, and so on.
  • Chennai Hair Factory’s hair extensions are reasonably priced, from $30 for a basic hair extensions product. They can offer cost-effective solutions because they work directly with clients and eliminate middlemen.

Chennai is one of the top raw Indian hair vendors to acquire high-quality hair extensions. If you want to learn more about their company, visit their website for the most up-to-date information.

5.8. Silk Strands

Silk Strands, one of India’s most notable raw Indian hair vendors, was founded in 2008 with a wealth of experience in the Indian hair manufacturing industry.

  • The main product of Silk Strands is silk-based hair extensions, which are known for their softness and natural appearance.
  • Price: While the items of Silk Strands are lovely, they are reasonably priced for the quality. A bundle of their natural hair starts at $35.
  • Customer service: Their customer service representatives are attentive and provide excellent product recommendations. Because of their flexible return policy, customers can swap or return things within 15 days of purchase.

Silk Strands is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking raw Indian hair vendors, as it provides high-quality items, knowledgeable customer service, a reasonable price, and a reasonable return policy.

5.9. Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory

Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory is an Indian manufacturer of hair extensions that supplies salon owners and hair merchants worldwide with wholesale hair products. Dhwarak is an exceptional choice when it comes to Indian tresses.

  • This vendor mainly offers virgin hair, hair extensions, closure, frontal, and clip-in hair, among other products.
  • Cost: $35 to $300 per hair extensions.
  • Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory emphasizes their dedication to customer service by including straightforward return policies, decorating recommendations, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory positions itself as a dependent hair supplier in India, presenting an optimal opportunity for collaboration through its extensive product selection and competitive pricing.

Hair extensions gallery of Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory

Hair extensions gallery of Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory

5.10. Eagle Hair Export

Eagle Hair Export, which has supplied hair in India for over two decades, is currently one of the most reputable raw Indian hair vendors.

  • Principal offering: Eagle Hair Export offers an extensive variety of synthetic and human hair extensions to accommodate a wide range of budgets. The company focuses on offering an assortment of haircuts that possess the most current aesthetic.
  • Hair price: Ranging from $25 – $200 for each product. They also regularly have incentives for customers
  • Their customer service representatives are helpful and responsive, which makes purchasing enjoyable. They offer a straightforward 30-day return policy with a guarantee.

Eagle Hair Export is an adaptable supplier renowned for its diverse range of products, friendly and timely customer support, competitive pricing, and customer-centric methodologies.

5.11. Adorable Hair 

One of the best raw hair vendors in Chennai India is Adorable Hair Suppliers, which has a specialty in mass-production of hair extensions.

  • Products: They specialize in natural, raw, virgin, full-cuticle, 100% made of real Indian human hair. Their products have a wide range of natural-looking hairstyles and hair colors.
  • Price: The price is expensive. 125$ for 10 inch straight 3 Bundles
  • Service: returns and exchanges are accepted
  • #1  of the best raw Indian hair vendors WhatsApp: +1 770-727-5578

They are well-known for exporting high-quality, reasonably priced natural human hair wigs and extensions. This is one of the top raw hair companies in Chennai India to consider.


Product of Adorable Hair – Top the best raw hair vendors in Chennai India

6. FAQs about raw Indian hair vendors

Customers and partners are usually interested in raw Indian hair vendors. The following are commonly asked questions and thorough answers about these suppliers.

6.1. Pros and cons of buying from raw Indian hair vendors?

Purchasing from raw Indian hair vendors can provide you with various benefits, including:

  • Low cost: Raw Indian hair vendors often offer extremely low prices. This is due to the lower cost of labor and materials in India compared to other regions of the world. As a result, you may obtain high-quality hair extensions for a fraction of the price you would pay if you purchased them from a retail seller.
  • Huge order fulfillment: Because of the abundant raw hair supply, raw Indian hair vendors can frequently fulfill huge orders. Based on their production skills and resources, many manufacturers have the capacity and infrastructure to fulfill large orders.

Aside from the positives, there are a few drawbacks that you should be aware of.

  • Risk of purchasing low-quality hair: raw Indian hair vendors may reduce the quality of their hair extensions by using hairballs.
  • Workers may manually produce hair extensions using traditional procedures in smaller-scale businesses or specialized production units. Sorting, washing, and manually sewing or tying individual strands of hair into wefts or other extension bases can all result in low efficiency.
  • Shipping times from India can be lengthy, especially if you order during peak season. This can be aggravating if you require hair extensions soon. There may be additional fees and logistical challenges to overcome when acquiring hair extensions from India. Import tariffs, customs clearance, transportation arrangements, and delivery periods might all vary, potentially adding additional costs or delaying the process.
  • Return policies: raw Indian hair vendors have severe return procedures, making it difficult to return hair extensions.

You must pay attention to these aspects while purchasing hair extensions in India to avoid errors or have a bad shopping experience.

6.2. What are the signs of a scam from raw Indian hair vendors?

It’s important to be cautious when dealing with hair vendors, especially when purchasing products like hair extensions from overseas suppliers. Here are some signs that could indicate a scam when dealing with raw Indian hair vendors or any other country:

  • The price is too good: If the prices offered by the vendor are significantly lower than market rates, it can be a red flag, especially with products advertised as premium quality. Scammers often lure buyers with unbelievably low prices to attract bulk orders.
  • Lack of business information: Legitimate and reputable businesses need to have a physical address, phone number, and email address. If the vendor’s contact information is vague or difficult to verify, it might be a scam.
  • Unprofessional website: A poorly designed or outdated website might indicate a scam. Legitimate businesses usually invest in professional websites with clear product information, pricing, and contact details.
  • No references or reviews: If you can’t find any reviews or references from previous customers, it’s a cause for concern. Look for customer testimonials and reviews on independent websites or forums. Vendors that receive too many negative reviews are also a huge red flag
  • Payment requests via unsecured methods: Be cautious if the vendor insists on payment through unsecured methods like money transfer services. Legitimate businesses usually offer secure payment methods like credit cards or PayPal.
  • Inconsistent product quality: If you receive products that differ significantly from what was advertised, it could be a scam. Reputable wholesalers maintain consistent product quality. If the supplier does not agree to let you buy product samples, you should consider it.
  • Unreliable communication: If the vendor is difficult to reach, doesn’t respond to emails or calls promptly, or provides vague answers to your questions, be cautious.

Be very cautious and carefully research all factors before deciding to cooperate with raw Indian hair vendors

Signs of a scam from raw Indian hair vendors

Signs of a scam from raw Indian hair vendors

6.3. Do raw Indian hair vendors offer wholesale options?

The answer is yes, raw Indian hair vendors provide wholesale alternatives for enterprises seeking to acquire hair products in large quantities. India is one of the world’s largest hair wholesale supply markets thanks to its abundant raw material resources. Typically, these purveyors offer an extensive selection of hair products, including extensions, raw hair bundles, wigs, and various hair accessories. By enabling businesses to purchase products at a reduced cost through wholesale options, they can resell the items for a profit in a cost-effective manner.

To acquire hair products in bulk from raw Indian hair vendors, it is advised to communicate with them directly or access their websites to obtain information regarding their pricing structures, wholesale policies, and product catalogs. Be mindful that supplier policies regarding wholesale may differ, therefore, conduct an adequate investigation before making a purchase.


With the rapid development of the hair extensions market and the expansion in the number of raw Indian hair vendors, choosing a suitable raw Indian hair vendor is not easy. Please consider carefully the information we have provided along with the top 10 most reputable raw Indian hair vendors today to find a reliable and perfect address for your needs.

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