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Find Out Where Do Nigerian Hair Sellers Buy From


If you are wondering where Nigerian hair sellers buy from or other common questions related to them, this article will clear everything up for you.

Nigeria is now the biggest consumer of hair extensions, accounting for over half of the world market. So “Where do Nigerian hair sellers buy from?” If you want to know the answers to these questions, this post reveals all the secrets for you.

1. Where do Nigerian hair sellers buy from

Nigeria is a potential market for international hair distributors. Discuss where do Nigerian hair sellers buy from, there are some main distributors that cannot be overlooked. First off, practically all of Nigeria’s top hair sellers import hair from other nations, including Southeast Asian countries, China, and India. In the first part, we will go into greater detail about these vendors.

1.1. Hair suppliers in Asian countries

Suppliers in Asian countries are renowned for producing human hair of the highest quality and durability. Despite having a later start than other nations, their market has grown dramatically and left a mark on customers all over the world.

  • Origin: Most Southeast Asian countries are located in the raw material area, so the hair comes from local sources. If you are wondering “where do Nigerian hair sellers buy from”, Southeast Asian countries is the first answer for you.
  • Features: The hair supply in this area mainly comes from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Their hair is naturally black, strong, straight, and silky because women have healthy lifestyles and take good care of their hair. The hair can be easily colored and styled, and the hair still retains its original strength. It can last up to 3-5 years.
  • Production: In the past, these countries’ production technology was not as modern, but now they have improved their machinery technology, so productivity and quality are superior. When to export, produce there so hair is always fresh and shiny.
  • Price: With great quality, the prices of hair are not the cheapest in the world, but they can be the most competitive and affordable.
Vietnamese hair
Vietnamese hair

1.2. Chinese hair suppliers

It is not surprising that China has one of the largest wholesale hair factories in the world thanks to the most advanced technology and a huge population.

  • Origin: In the past, women in rural areas of China were the primary suppliers of hair. Due to the process of urbanization, very few Chinese women currently sell their hair, so wholesale hair factories here must import supplies from other countries such as India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar… Almost all Chinese hair is Remy hair.
  • Features: When mentioning “where do Nigerian hair sellers buy from”, Chinese hair is not overlooked. Here are some main features of Chinese hair that you need to consider.
    • Chinese hair is difficult to evaluate for quality because so many hair supplies are being collected. It follows that Chinese hair extensions are unlikely to satisfy the standards of foreign customers.
    • Chinese hair at first looks very eye-catching, shiny, and soft. But later on, the hair is easy to fall out due to the use of many chemicals in the production process. When dyeing, the hair is also difficult to color evenly because it is mixed from many sources.
  • Production: Chinese hair factories use cutting-edge machinery and high technology. They use a lot of chemicals in the hair production process. Accordingly, they can transform a supply of low-quality hair into a beautiful, highly glossy, smooth, and shining hair extension product but the life span will be short.
  • Price: Thanks to mass production and cheap labor, Chinese hair is considered very competitive in price, starting at $7 for a 6-inch weft bundle.
Chinese hair
Chinese hair

1.3. Indian suppliers

India has one of the biggest hair markets in the world. Indian hair is very popular because of its low prices and large supply.

  • Origin: Indian hair comes mainly from Temple hair, where ceremonial shaving is performed. This is often virgin or Remy Indian hair. Another hair type is hairballs (non-Remy Indian hair) that come from a hair salon’s floor, public washrooms, or even plumbing lines. It’s low-quality waste hair collected from a large number of people.
  • Features: Generally, Indian hair is naturally curly, dry, and coarse due to the hot weather in India. Indian virgin hair is better quality and can be styled and colored as desired, but due to the naturally curly hair, the hair must be straightened before styling. Hairballs of a lower quality are often exported to China to produce more eye-catching styling and coloring. And the lifespan of this hair type is very short, only 4-6 months.
  • Production: India is far behind the rest of the world in terms of technology, and thus, the methods and equipment used to manufacture hair are outdated and inefficient. In Indian hair manufacturers, the majority of the work is done by hand. Both productivity and quality are not effective. So Indian hair is often exported to China and other Asian nations to be processed.
  • Price: Indian hair extensions are one of the cheapest hair types on the market because of their huge supply and low labor costs. Compared to other global providers, Indian hair vendors have competitive pricing. Human hair weft bundles start at $6.
Indian hair
Indian hair

2. Where do Nigerian hair sellers buy from – Popular concerns

If you are wondering “where do Nigerian hair sellers buy from” or “how to become a hair seller in Nigeria”, this part will clear things up for you.

2.1. Can you trade hair in Nigeria when living outside of Nigeria

Some people wonder whether it’s possible to sell hair in Nigeria if you don’t live there, or can Nigerian hair sellers sell their hair outside of Nigeria?

The answer is YES. Actually, the number of hair wholesalers outside Nigeria supplying hair to the Nigerian market is huge. Thanks to the process of economic integration between countries and the large consumption of hair in Nigeria, Nigeria is the main hair market for many hair vendors in other countries such as the UK and USA.

Many countries have their own shipping systems to Nigeria and payment methods for customers in Nigeria. And vice versa, hair sellers in Nigeria can also easily ship their goods to other countries.

Can you trade hair in Nigeria when living outside of Nigeria
Can you trade hair in Nigeria when living outside of Nigeria

2.2. How to become a hair seller in Nigeria

The increasing need for hair extensions in Nigeria has made this business very profitable. You should have a detailed plan to launch the best hair vendor in Nigeria:

  • If you sell retail or start a small business, you just need to find a reputable hair supplier and attract customers (you don’t need a lot of capital because customers will pay first and then you will order from the factory)
  • If you want a bigger business, you need more capital, need to research carefully to choose a reliable supplier, have a store in a good location, and import hot trend hair types for each occasion and season.
Vin Hair black bouncy hair
Vin Hair black bouncy hair

2.3. How to import hair from other countries to Nigeria

Is it difficult for Nigerian hair sellers to import hair from other countries?

The answer is “NO,” because today’s international shipping system is very modern and convenient. Some countries like Vietnam and China also have many business relationships and are familiar with Nigerians.

And here are key steps on how to import hair from other countries into Nigeria:

  1. Choose potential hair manufacturers: First, make a list of potential manufacturers by using the internet or your personal connection. China has Chinese wholesale platforms like Alibaba.com, 1688.com, and Aliexpress.com that support Chinese hair companies. You can search for reputable suppliers on these platforms.
  2. Negotiate to get a good deal: The next step is to negotiate prices with the hair vendor’s representative to get the best price.
  3. Making an order:
    • Choose the products you want to buy and send full details to the sales representative
    • Confirming your invoice
    • Making a deposit or payment
  4. Waiting for orders to produce
  5. Verify orders before shipping
  6. Shipping
How to import hair from other countries to Nigeria
How to import hair from other countries to Nigeria

Check out the following topics for more information:

3. Vin Hair Vendor – The potential Vietnamese hair factory for hair distributors in Nigeria

Vin hair vendor is the best Vietnamese hair manufacturer that can meet all your requirements and is much superior to any other hair business.

3.1. About Vin Hair Vendor

Vin hair vendor is one of the most well-known Vietnamese hair manufacturers, having been in business for over a decade. Their mission is to bring the best hair for customers, fulfilling orders of any size from retail orders to bulk orders.

Vin hair vendor has a hair factory located in Bac Ninh and a head office in Hanoi. They are a potential partner of many hair distributors and retailers all over the world, especially in Nigeria

Vin Hair Vendor – The potential Vietnamese hair factory for hair distributors in Nigeria
Vin Hair Vendor – The potential Vietnamese hair factory for hair distributors in Nigeria

3.2. Vin Hair Vendor is a reliable source of excellent products and services

If you’re looking for a Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria, Vin Hair Vendor is an excellent option.

  • All products provided by Vin hair are manufactured with 100% raw Vietnamese hair materials, ensuring the highest quality. Hair is taken from healthy women in the mountains, they often take care of their hair with natural herbs, so the hair is very strong and smooth.
  • Products include weft hair, tip hair, clip-ins, closures, and frontals.. and are available in a broad range of colors and styles. Products can be customized to specific needs, and that’s something the company excels at doing. The company’s best-selling product is its natural weft hair, which is both of excellent quality and very affordable.
Weft hair from Vin hair vendor
Weft hair from Vin hair vendor

Here are best selling hair products from Vin hair vendor.

Best selling hair products from Vin hair vendor
Best selling hair products from Vin hair vendor

Bone straight hair of Vin hair vendor is smooth, silky and shiny.

Bone straight hair from Vin hair vendor
Bone straight hair from Vin hair vendor
  • Vin Hair is able to provide its customers with the lowest possible pricing while maintaining a consistently high standard of quality because of having the factory and cheap raw materials along with cheap labor.
  • For the ease of its Nigerian customers, the company offers Naira accounts at competitive exchange rates. When it comes to finding the greatest offers for their clients, they are always studying and seeking potential exclusive agents.

Vin hair vendor, the leading Vietnamese hair factory, is committed to giving customers the greatest shopping experience possible by delivering high-quality products, outstanding service, and affordable prices.

3.3. Special offer on Christmas from Vin Hair Vendor


Only at Vin hair vendor!

Vin hair vendor is celebrating the Christmas season by offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT to all customers. Orders of 5 kg or more get a discount of $20/kg, and orders of 10 kg or more receive a discount of $50/kg, from October 24 through November 7. Hurry up and choose your favorite product right now!

The special Christmas promotion from Vin Hair Vendor
The special Christmas promotion from Vin Hair Vendor

During the past 10 years, Vin hair vendor has hundreds of thousands of people known, and THOUSANDS of people have used and sent a lot of good feedback about the product to the website. For more information about products and promotions, you can contact Vin hair vendor via Whatsapp: +84362123222 (Ms Ella – sales manager)

4. Where do Nigerian hair sellers buy from – Top hair factories worldwide

In this section, we will give a list of the most popular hair manufacturers in the world.

4.1. Mic Hair

Mic Hair is one of the biggest Vietnamese hair distributors and they are very popular with Nigerian hair sellers.

  • Products: hair bulk, hair weave, closures, and frontals in a wide range of colors and lengths.
  • Price: The price is quite competitive. From $7.7 /100gram of bulk hair and from $12.9/100gram other hair types.
  • Policy: The return period is 30 days after delivery. Customized items cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Feedback: Many positive reviews of Mic Hair. Most customers are pleased with Mic Hair’s hair extensions, and they believe the prices are reasonable considering the high quality.
Mic Hair
Mic hair

4.2. AZ Hair

AZ Hair is one of the most reliable Vietnamese hair suppliers, having been in business for more than 15 years and having a great reputation in the hair extensions sector.

  • Products: bulk hair, weft hair, tip in, tape in, closure, and frontal…
  • Price: very competitive, from $11.8 for a 100gram 8’’ weft bundle
  • Policy: Except in cases of wrongly selected products, sizes, addresses, patterns, etc., we accept returns and exchanges within 3 days of delivery.
  • Feedback: Customers love AZ Hair for its outstanding quality and top-notch customer service. However, some customers aren’t happy with the color of AZ Hair’s colored hair.
AZ Hair
AZ Hair

4.3. Unice Hair

If you are wondering “where do Nigerian hair sellers buy from“, Unice must be mentioned. Unice is a famous Chinese hair supplier with distribution centers in large cities.

  • Products: Unice is well-known in the Chinese hair industry as one of the best suppliers of 100% human hair products. They have a broad range of lengths, hues, and textures in their lace, wigs, hair weaves, and accessories.
  • Price: quite expensive. $71.70 for 8-inch Hair Bundles Human Weaves Virgin Straight Brazilian Hair 3 Bundles
  • Service: Free shipping. Return within 30 day
  • Feedback: Lots of positive feedback, but some customers complain that the hair has a bad smell.
Unice Hair
Unice Hair

4.4. Kabeilu hair factory

Discuss where do Nigerian hair sellers buy from, we cannot miss Kabeilu hair. Kabeilu Hair Factory – one of China’s largest hair suppliers, is well-known for its high-quality hair products.

  • Products: Their hair originated from Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian hair. Popular items are wigs, frontals, closures, and hair bundles.
  • Price: very reasonable. $37.90 for 10 inches of Brazilian Silky Straight Hair Weaving.
  • Service: Return and refund within 7 days
  • Feedback: many positive comments
Kabeilu hair
Kabeilu hair

4.5. Adorable Hair Suppliers

Adorable Hair Suppliers is one of the largest Indian hair distributors, and they focus on manufacturing hair extensions in bulk.

  • Products: They provide 100% Indian human hair that is raw, virgin, full-cuticle, and natural. Many hair products: weft hair, tape hair, clip-ins, wigs…
  • Price: quite expensive. $35.00 for 10-inch Raw Straight Hair Extensions (100gram)
  • Policy: Customized items are not acceptable for a return or refund. Unless the goods are defective or otherwise wrong, the return or refund will be accepted.
  • Feedback: many reviews, but there are some customers who are not satisfied with their customer service

They are well-known for exporting high-quality, reasonably priced natural human hair wigs and extensions. This is one of the top Indian hair vendors to consider.

In conclusion, hair sellers in Nigeria do not buy hair domestically but import hair abroad to get the best price. If you want to buy hair wholesale, consider importing from Vietnam for high quality hair and affordability.

Source: V Hair Vendor

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