Find out why Vietnamese hair wigs are trending in the hair market

Update: 07/12/2023

Vietnamese hair wigs are very popular with young people because of their convenience and natural beauty. Let’s find out all the information about them.

Vietnam is a leading exporter of wigs and hair extensions across the globe, especially Vietnamese hair wig are highly appreciated in the world market. Find out the outstanding features of Vietnamese hair wigs and where to buy high quality hair items in this blog.

1. Outstanding features of Vietnamese hair wigs

The outstanding features of Vietnamese hair wig come from the features of raw materials, which are gorgeous texture, durable and affordable.

  • Vietnam hair wig are so soft, smooth, and silky in texture because they are made from Vietnamese hair which is very beautiful in texture so it inherits all the beauty of Vietnamese hair.
  • Vietnamese hair wigs are so strong and durable because they are made of Vietnamese hair. Vietnamese people take good care of their hair with natural ingredients, do not let their hair be exposed to chemicals, and live a healthy lifestyle so their hair is healthy and strong. The hair cuticles are still intact and aligned.
  • Vietnam hair wig are so affordable compared to the world hair market because the raw hair supply is abundant. When comparing Vietnam hair wigs with other hair wigs at the same price, Vietnamese ones are better in quality.

Beautiful textures, exceptional durability and affordable price are outstanding features that make Vietnam hair wigs stand out among numerous types of hair wigs around the world.


Vietnam hair wigs

2. The markets where Vietnamese hair wigs are popular

Vietnam hair wigs are so sought after in many markets in around the world, but the major markets are African, European, and Latin American markets. It is because Vietnam hair wigs can meet different requirements of customers in each market.

  • Vietnam hair wigs are so popular in the African market because there are numerous choices of textures (like straight, body wavy, deep wavy, kinky curly, pixie curly, etc.) and colors (which are trendy in the African countries like burgundy, ombre, piano, etc.) for the customers to choose from. Moreover, the quality is superior which is commensurate with the price. However, African customers usually buy bundles with closures or frontals from Vietnamese hair factories and then make wigs in their countries because making wigs in their countries is cheaper.
  • European customers like Vietnamese hair wigs because of the high-quality hair and affordable price. Moreover, Vietnamese hair factories can supply hair in the lightest tones like 613 color which is a popular color in European markets.
  • Customers in Latin America are very fond of Vietnam hair wigs because the wavy and curly products are very soft, and smooth, hold the styles for a long time, and fit their natural hair.

Thanks to diverse designs, high quality, and reasonable prices, Vietnam hair wigs have won the hearts of customers from many parts of the world, including African, European, and Latin American countries.

3. Some tips to check the quality of Vietnamese hair wigs

Vietnamese wigs are renowned for their exceptional quality. However, not everyone can purchase high-quality Vietnamese hair wigs. We’ll provide you with some advice on how to choose the best Vietnamese wigs down below, which are tips to check shedding, color, lace and length:

  • To see whether the Vietnam hair wigs are going to fall out easily: Ask the salesperson to stroke or brush the hair from top to bottom with light to strong pressure to see whether any strands of hair fall out.
  • For the hair color of Vietnamese wigs: Ask them to use their fingers to stroke the hair bundle to see if there is any color left on their hand. If there is color on the hand, the hair color may fade quickly.
  • Check the lace of Vietnam hair wig: You need to check carefully to see if the lace is punctured or torn.
  • Check hair length: Carefully check the length of the wigs. See if the longest part is the right length that you require.
  • With curly wigs: Check the curly hair to see if it is easy to comb and if it has a lot of glue or not. If the hair has a lot of glue, it is necessary to wash the hair with conditioner, brush it gently, and then use a roller to keep the hair from losing its style. Comb your hair with stronger pressure to see if any hair strand falls out, and if is it quickly straightened.

These above tips are useful to check the quality of Vietnamese hair wigs initially, but quality can only be evaluated most accurately after a period of use. Therefore, you need to combine it with choosing a reputable factory. Move to the next part for reliable Vietnamese hair factories.


Stroke the hair to check if the hair is prone to tangle or fall out

4. Vietnamese hair bundles: An economical alternative to Vietnamese hair wigs

If you want to buy Vietnamese hair wigs but hesitate about the cost, then hair weft bundles with closures and frontal are the perfect alternative.

To make a full wig for one head, you need 3-5 bundles of hair with a closure or a frontal. The number of bundles and the size of closure/frontal depends on the thickness of the bundles and needs of customers. If the customers like thick hair, they will need 2-3 bundles with a large size closure/frontal if the bundles are short and 3-4 bunldes with small size closure/frontal for long bundles.

One bundle of Vietnamese hair only starts at 8 USD. You can buy hair bundles and ask for a place to make wigs. The cost of making a wig starts at about 50 USD while a complete set of Vietnamese hair wigs starts at about 120 USD. This will save you more money when buying a complete set of Vietnamese wigs.


Vietnamese hair bundles

5. Recommended hair suppliers to buy superior Vietnamese hair wigs

Most Vietnamese hair suppliers sell raw Vietnamese hair bundles, there are very few suppliers selling Vietnamese hair wigs. For your convenience, we’ve assembled a list of the industry’s most trustworthy Vietnamese hair distributors supplying both raw Vietnamese hair bundles and Vietnam hair wigs.

5.1. Mic Hair – Where you can buy Vietnamese hair wigs with confidence

Mic Hair is a leading Vietnamese hair wig manufacturer and one of the top Vietnamese hair wholesalers. This is the place to go for if you are seeking high quality wholesale human hair wigs.

  • Products: There are a variety of options available for hair extensions, including Vietnamese human hair wigs, bulk hair, weave hair, closures, frontals, and more.
  • Price: It’s not cheap, but it’s well worth it. From $7.7/ hair bundle, and from $12.9/100gr other types
  • Service: They accept returns within 30 days

Mic Hair is one of the top companies to deal with if you have high expectations for the quality of your hair and the service you get. They will also provide valuable advice to anyone considering starting their own hair business.


Mic hair

4.2. Cyhair – Where you can buy Vietnamese hair wigs with high quality

Cyhair is one of the top providers of quality human hair products and has a huge and loyal customer base from all over the world.

  • Products: bone straight hair, closures, frontals, raw hair, bulk hair, tape hair, tip hair
  • Price: The wholesale price of virgin hair for bleaching is 561.75-1123.5 USD/kg ( length from 16-32inch)
  • Policy: return and refund within 15 days

Cyhair is a reliable source of premium hair and they are among the top Vietnamese hair wholesalers.



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4.3. 5S Hair – Top Vietnamese hair factories provide Vietnamese hair wigs

If you are looking for Vietnamese hair, 5S Hair is your ideal option, and they are able to fulfill all of your requirements.

  • Products: bone straight hair, clip-ins, hair weft, blonde hair extensions… are made of 100% Vietnamese human hair
  • Price: 5S Hair has a very competitive price, starting at $9/bundle of raw Vietnamese Remy hair
  • Service: return and exchange within 2 days

With 5S Hair, you can get Vietnamese hair with complete trust in their excellent quality and reasonable pricing.


5S Hair

4.4. MCSARA – Where you can buy Vietnamese hair wigs with confidence

MCSARA, which has been in business since the 1990s, is now recognized as a top provider of high-quality, affordably priced Vietnamese hair.

  • Main products: tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tip in hair, weft hair, Vietnam hair wigs.
  • Price: reasonable, starting at $9.8/bundle of 8-inch natural straight hair
  • Policy: Products can be returned or exchanged for free within 7 days of delivery.

MCSARA is a wonderful choice to consider when shopping for Vietnamese hair wigs of the highest quality.



4.5. AZ Hair – Top best Vietnamese hair vendors supplying Vietnamese hair wigs

AZ Hair is among the most reputable and experienced Vietnamese hair suppliers involved in the production and export of Asian human hair.

  • Products: bulk hair, weave hair, tape hair, clip-in hair, closure, and frontal…
  • Price: from 11.4 USD/ bundle bulk straight hair
  • Policy: claims for return and exchange must be made within 72 hours after delivery.

With their high-quality products and affordable costs, AZ Hair is a great option for anybody looking for Vietnamese hair wigs.


AZ Hair

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