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Update: 03/01/2024

This article will update the list of the top 10 most reputable hair factories around the world, these are famous addresses providing top high-quality hair.

If you want to import hair, you must first choose the most suitable hair factory for your business because they provide a stable supply at an affordable price. This post will reveal the secret in the industry and recommend you the top hair factories.

1. Basic information about the hair factory you need to know

A hair factory is a hair production facility, they have equipment, machines and workers to serve hair production and provide hair products to commercial companies.


A hair factory is a hair production facility

2. The features of hair factory

Hair factories are direct factories that produces hair, they buy raw materials directly from local people, then produce and supply to customers without any intermediaries:

  • As hair factories have production facilities, they often produce in large quantities, so they will focus and serve wholesale orders, there are very few factories that accept small orders, except in the case of especially.
  • Hair manufacturer is often concentrated in raw materials or high-tech regions, mostly in Southeast Asia ( typically Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia…), China and India.
  • Because the hair factories focuses on production, they can control the input supply so the product quality of the hair factory is relatively stable, depending on the supply of materials and workmanship there.
  • Hair factories can specialize in only a few types of products: They can specialize in curling, coloring or producing printed tape-ins, clip-ins.
  • Each hair factory will be large enough to be able to respond to large orders promptly, and technology and machinery are not too outdated to improve labor efficiency.
  • Since hair is a product of the highest quality when meticulously done by hand, the workers in hair factories are well-trained and professional to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Above are the characteristics of hair factories you need to know to find good hair factories and see if they are right for your business.


Each hair factory will be large enough to be able to respond to large orders promptly




Vin Hair beautiful bone straight in different trending colors

3. Pros and cons of buying from a hair factory

Buying from hair factories will have advantages and disadvantages. They can provide you with a steady supply at an affordable price, however, they will require minimum orders and unprofessional customer service.


Standard shiny and silky bone straight in Vin Hair factory

Pros of buying from hair factories:

  • Clear hair source: You can be assured of the origin when buying at the factories because the factories will have a clear hair origin, you can know where the hair products you buy come from.
  • Stable quality: Hair quality from the hair factory will be more stable than trading companies because they have stable raw materials.
  • Hair prices from hair factories are also cheaper than commercial establishments because they do not have to go through any middlemen.

Cons of buying from hair factories:

  • Hair factories often do not have a variety of product lines, only specializing in producing certain types of products.
  • Since each hair factory usually focuses only on production, they do not have professional customer care staff like trading companies, and the steps involved in pre-sales and after-sales service will not be meticulous.
  • Hair factories have large production scales, and focus on production, so they will require more minimum order quantity than trading companies. The minimum order from factories is usually 5kg/order.


Vin Hair no tangle, no shedding, 100% human hair

From the above advantages and disadvantages, it can be seen that hair factories are suitable for those who have knowledge in the hair industry or have been in the hair business for a while, want to find a long-term stable source of goods with competitive prices.


Hair quality from the hair factory will be more stable than trading companies


Hair factories only specializing in producing certain types of products

4. Where can you find the best hair factory

Although there are many locations for hair factories around the world, the biggest and most famous ones are focused in Southeast Asian countries, China, and India. These are countries with abundant raw materials, modern technology and machinery to produce high quality hair products.

4.1. Southeast Asian countries – the top hair factory offers high quality at reasonable prices

These hair factories are known for providing real human hair extensions of the highest quality at affordable prices. They have an abundant source of hair materials and skilled workers to produce the hair.


Vietnamese hair is known to be perfect for sleek look

4.1.1. Features of hair factory in Southeast Asian countries

Hair factories in Southeast Asian countries source hair materials directly from local girls, and do not mix with other sources, so the hair is very soft, strong and durable:

  • These wholesale hair factories get their main supply from the hair of women living in the northern highlands, who often keep their hair long and take care of their hair with natural herbs. The wholesale hair factory here mainly provides Remy hair (hair from 2-3 donors and has high similarity)
  • Because hair factories here have high-quality raw materials so the hair is naturally straight, usually jet black and smooth. The hair can be styled, dyed, and yet maintain its strength. It can also be bleached up to 613 blonde color. The hair products when buying from these hair factories can last up to five years with appropriate care.
  • Hair production: These hair factory is now putting more of a focus on investing in equipment and technology to boost quality and production efficiency so that they can provide clients with the highest quality hair extension goods. The technology is not as advanced as it is in China right now, the majority of the manufacturing is still done by hand. But the hair’s quality in wholesale virgin hair factory here is better assured, the production process is more thorough, and the hair is always uniform and fresh.
  • Price: The price of buying hair from hair factories depends on the quality, style and length. Although it is not cheap, the price of hair extensions from these hair factories can be competitive and affordable.

Hair retailers and salons all over the world recommend hair factory in these countries especially in Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma because of their high quality and reasonable prices.


The hair is naturally straight, usually jet black and smooth

4.1.2. Pros of buying hair from hair factory in Southeast Asian countries

Buying hair from hair factories in Southeast Asian countries brings you a stable supply of high quality at the most competitive price:

  • Hair factories in these countries have an abundant supply in the country, they do not have to import hair from other countries, so the quality of the hair and the supply is stable.
  • The hair of these hair factories here is not cheap but it is the most competitive for high-quality products. Same price, buy from these hair factory you will get much better quality than elsewhere.
  • Because the political situation in these nations is mostly stable, shipping goods is also made simpler. You won’t have delivery issues, customs holdups, or shipment delays when buying from hair factories in this area.

Piano curly hair from Vin Hair

With the aforementioned advantages, hair factory in Southeast Asian nations are unquestionably a smart and viable option for your company. The bulk of the world’s markets, even picky markets like Europe, is dominated by wholesale hair suppliers in this area. Large orders, however, take a bit longer to fulfil than in China and India owing to the rigorous and cautious manufacturing procedure and the limited number of items in stock.



Bone straight bundles and closure/frontal can be bought in set to make wig

4.2. China – where the biggest and most modern hair factory is located

China is the country with the most modern and advanced hair factories in the world. Hair factories in China are famous for their abundant supply, wide range of products and cheap prices.



Shiny wavy hair made from 100% human hair

4.2.1. Features of hair factory in China

Hair factories in China import hair from many sources, so they have a variety of product lines, they have modern and large-scale production lines, so they can meet orders in a short time:

  • In the past, hair factory in China collected hair from rural areas where women used to have long hair. However, due to increasing urbanization in China, the number of women selling hair for money has decreased. Therefore, hair factory in China now has to source hair from Southeast Asian countries, Brazil and India…
  • Chinese hair factories import their hair from a variety of sources, so the qualities and features of their hair are also diversified. However, as hair factory in China import hair mostly from Brazil and India, the hair generally has many characteristics of hair from these two nations. It is possible to style and color hair, however, it might be challenging to get a uniform color when dying hair. After styling and coloring, the hair quickly dries out and falls out. The hair is not durable because so many chemicals are used during production, it only lasts 12 to 18 months with careful care or otherwise 8-10 months.
  • Hair production: Chinese hair factory use cutting-edge equipment and technology. Therefore, even when starting with a large quantity of low-quality hair, Chinese hair factories are still able to produce gorgeous, high-gloss, smooth, and stunning final goods.
  • Price: China hair factories wholesale offer very competitive prices compared to other hair manufacturers, with a starting price of about $7.9 for 6 inches hair weft.

Chinese hair factory are becoming more powerful and helping the hair industry expand by offering a wide range of hair items at cheap prices.


Chinese hair factories import their hair from a variety of sources


Chinese hair factories use cutting-edge equipment and technology

4.2.2. Pros of buying hair from hair factory in China

When buying hair from hair factory in China, you can have a wide product selection and cheap prices at wholesale orders:

  • Because of their access to a cutting-edge machinery and hair-handling technologies, hair factories in China provide a wide range of goods in eye-catching hues and patterns.
  • Chinese hair factories’s hair price is very competitive and has many segments suitable for many customers, you can buy a bundle of Chinese hair for as little as 7 USD.
  • Because of China’s advanced logistics and transportation infrastructure, hair factory there can fulfil orders without delay. They can also quickly make huge orders thanks to current equipment technologies and their high production volume.



Vin Hair body wave hair bundles in different colors

If you want beautiful hair at a low cost, a Chinese wholesale hair factory can meet your needs. But since so many chemicals are used in the procedure, the hair is fragile and breaks easily. Additionally, because Chinese hair factories import hair from several sources, the quality is unstable.

4.3. India hair factory – which has the cheapest price

Besides hair factories in Southeast Asia countries and China, India’s hair factories are well-known for providing a plentiful supply of hair at a low cost.


Unlike Vietnamese hair, Indian hair is cheaper but weaker and have to be processed a lot before being styled

4.3.1. Features of hair factory in India

Hair factories in India are becoming more and more popular and famous for their abundant local supply and wide range of cheap hair products.

  • Origin of hair: hair factories in India get hair from 2 main sources: Temple hair and hair balls. Temple hair is hair that has been donated by people visiting Indian temples, where it is customary for worshippers to shave their heads as a sign of reverence for the gods. Hairball, often known as “non-Remy hair,” is hair collected at homes, public spaces, or sewers. This kind of hair is imported to China and then reprocessed many times in Chinese hair factory to produce Remy hair at the hair factories
  • Hair features and quality: Indian hair factory sources hair from Temple hair that is strong enough to dye or bleach but is inherently coarse, thin and naturally curly so it needs to be straightened before styling. Hairballs are of lower quality. Hairballs have to go through many processes to form remy hair, which makes hair less elastic over time, difficult to style and easily damaged.
  • Hair processing technique: India’s current hair processing techniques are quite outdated. The hair factory here mainly collects hair trash to form hairballs, then process it into non-Remy hair, and exports non-Remy hair to China.
  • Price: Indian hair factories have the cheapest price in the hair market, a 6-inch bundle of non-Remy Indian hair may be bought for around $5 to $6.

The features of Indian hair factories listed above will help you decide whether they are a good fit for your company.

4.3.2. Pros of buying hair from hair factory in India

Buying from hair factories in China provides you with ample supply at cheap price. No other country can compete with the low prices of Indian hair:

  • India is among the world’s leading producers of hair, so it comes as no surprise that the country’s hair factory can quickly fill large orders.
  • As a result of low production costs and an abundance of raw materials, the Indian hair factory offers the industry’s lowest prices. Non-Remy hair bundles are available for just $5 or $6.

The clear advantage when buying from Indian hair factories is their low price. Therefore, for resellers who prioritize pricing, Indian hair factory wholesale is the best option. For those who prioritize top quality, perhaps Indian hair hair factories are not the right choice.


Temple hair is one of the two major supplies for India’s hair factories


Temple hair is strong enough to dye or bleach but is inherently coarse, thin and naturally curly

5. Top list of the best hair factory in the world

If you are still having trouble finding a reputable factory to buy high-quality hair, below we have suggested some best hair factory in the world for your reference.

  1. Vin Hair
  2. Qingdao Haiyi
  3. UNice Hair
  4. SGI Hair
  5. Angkor Hair
  6. 5S Hair
  7. Lydia Hairbar
  8. The Elect Cambodian Hair
  9. Big Love
  10. Ted Hair

Top list of the best hair factories in the world

5.1. Vin Hair

With more than 10 years of experience and a deep understanding of the hair business, Vin Hair Vendor has quickly become the best human hair factories in Vietnam and is making waves in the international hair market.

All hair products from the best human hair factory in Vietnam have a clear origin and are sourced from women in the northern region – where the climate is mild, and the women have healthy diets and lifestyles so the hair is very durable and strong.


Vin hair vendor – the top hair factory in Vietnam


Vin hair products

If you are a wholesaler in the hair market and are looking to buy high-quality Vietnamese hair at a competitive price, then do not hesitate to contact the Vin hair vendor manager to get the best deal.

5.2. Qingdao Haiyi Hair Factory

Qingdao Haiyi, one of the best Chinese hair manufacturers, has been in business for 20 years and is known for its high-quality hair extensions.

  • Main products: hair wigs, hair extensions made from Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian and Indonesian hair. This hair factory is famous for its wavy human hair extensions that are often exported to the European market. Their wavy human hair extensions are made from high quality hair resulting in beautiful and durable hair products.
  • Price: 22USD – 389USD/ product
  • Policy: accept exchanges and returns

Qingdao is a good option if you are looking for the most trustworthy hair factories in China providing stunning hair products.


Qingdao Haiyi Hair Factory – Top best hair factory in the world

5.3. Unice Hair 

Unice is a Chinese hair factory that has warehouses located all around the world, serving a wide range of customers.

  • Products: Among the greatest hair factories in China, Unice is known for offering 100% human hair products. They offer a wide variety of lengths, colors, and textures of handcrafted lace and hair to guarantee that we can satisfy the needs of different customers. Unice hair is famous for hair wigs with a natural look in many colors and lengths.
  • Price: This hair factory in China has a price that is a bit expensive, but the quality is great. 94.1$ for 10 inch Hair Bundles Human Weaves Virgin Straight Brazilian Hair 3 Bundles.
  • Service: Free delivery on all products in-store (all countries). Free 30-day return policy (only for the US)

With excellent quality and customer service, Unice is one of the best hair factories in the world in China that you should not miss.


Unice Hair – Top the best hair factories in China

5.4. SGI Hair

“Excellence personified” is how customers describe SGI Hair. It is one of the best-known Indian hair vendors, and its products are sold worldwide.

  • Products: They supply premium wigs, hair extensions, and hair care products. They are most famous for their high-quality lace wigs.
  • Quality: For the last 12 years, this hair vendor in India has been a consistent provider of high-quality hair, making it one of the world’s most-known brands.
  • Price: The price is quite expensive when compared to others.
  • Service: Shipping may take around 5-7 working days, depending on stock availability. You’ll be charged shipping depending on the total weight of the items you purchase.

In the field of the hair industry, SGI Hair is one of the best hair factory in the world from which you can choose.


SGI Hair – Top best Indian hair factories

5.5. Angkor Hair – one of the best hair factory in Cambodia

Angkor Hair was founded five years ago and quickly became one of Cambodia’s best hair factories.

  • Products: They sell straight, natural/very/deep wavy, and loose curly hair in a variety of lengths. They are famous for their curly and wavy hair products with high durability and even color.
  • Price: Reasonable, starting at $425/1kg of natural straight double drawn hair.
  • Policy: They accept exchanges and returns

If you’re looking for high-quality hair extensions at a reasonable price, Angkor Hair is an excellent hair factory to consider.


Angkor Hair – one of the best hair factories in Cambodia

5.6. 5S Hair

5S Hair is one of the greatest Vietnam hair manufacturers, capable of meeting the most stringent wholesale hair seller criteria in Nigeria.

  • Weft hair (natural straight, bone straight, curly, wavy) and raw hair are the primary products.
  • Price: 5S hair is reasonably priced, starting as 88$ per kilogram of 8-inch natural straight hair.
  • Returns and exchanges are accepted.

5S hair is one of the most popular Vietnamese partners with wholesale hair merchants in Nigeria due to the high quality and excellent service they provide.

5.7. Lydia Hairbar

Lydia Hairbar is a well-known Abuja hair factory that specializes in supplying high-quality hair to customers mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom.

  • This hair trader gets its hair from Vietnam, which is known for providing high-quality hair. They are committed to using 100% remy hair.
  • Lydia sells hair extensions such as wigs, raw hair bundles, hair braids, wefts, closures, and frontals. They also offer a number of services, such as custom hair styling.
  • You may be confident that you are getting high-quality hair extensions because they offer a satisfaction guarantee on every product.

By increasing customer service and delivering a varied selection of things at reasonable costs, this Abuja hair provider hopes to establish a substantial market position among hair extensions factories.

5.8. The Elect Cambodian Hair

Elect Cambodian Hair is well acknowledged and esteemed as a top Cambodian hair dealer.

  • The company focuses on quality 100% remy hair that is responsibly obtained. Their major goods are hair wigs, and they offer customization services to satisfy all of their customers’ requests.
  • While their Cambodian natural hair products are quite expensive, the exceptional quality more than justifies the extra cost. Prices range from $50 to $380
  • This hair factory has earned a reputation for individualized customer care, as seen by quick response times and thorough support.

This Cambodian hair supplier has built a reputation for excellence and elegance over many years of industry experience.

5.9. Big Love Indian Hair

This Indian hair provider has over 20 years of experience in the hair industry. Big Love Indian Hair offers a wide variety of hair extensions at reasonable prices.

  • Big Love Indian Hair is a company that collects high-quality human hair extensions from Indian donors. The production line at this hair extensions factory is fairly modern and professional.
  • Despite its high-end products, Big Love Indian Hair has competitive prices. A bundle of raw hair starts at $50.
  • Customer service: They provide personalized consultations and have a solid reputation for offering outstanding customer service.

This hair factory has customers all over the world due to its high-quality products and reasonable prices.

Some outstanding hair extensions products of Big Love Indian Hair

Some outstanding hair extensions products of Big Love Indian Hair

5.10. Ted Hair

Since its foundation, Ted Hair has quickly established itself as one of China’s most respected hair producers, suppliers, and exporters.

  • Ted Hair provides a diverse range of hair extension items, most notably hair wigs, to customers all over the world.
  • Their pricing are relatively reasonable when compared to other market vendors, starting at $30 for a bundle of untreated hair.
  • Ted Hair distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive customer care, with a customer service staff that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you’re looking for a reputable hair factory, you can’t go past the Ted Hair.

6. Some questions people often ask about hair factory

Before dealing with a hair factory, there will be a lot of questions that need to be answered. If you wait until you make a transaction to ask and find out, it will take a lot of time while there is a lot of information you can find out on your own. And here are the most common problems you can refer to.

6.1. What is the minimum order from hair factory?

The minimum order quantity at each hair factory is usually 5kg. Few factories accept smaller quantities. If you want to buy a smaller order, you can look to the trading companies, their minimum order quantity is usually only 500 grams. In case you’re still unclear, each bundle of hair weighs 100 grams, making 5 bundles out of 500 grams. To place an order without misunderstanding, you’d best be aware of this information beforehand.


What is the minimum order from hair factories


With Vin Hair, customers can pick different types of hair in an order

6.2. What is the process and how long does it take to complete an order at the hair factory?

In general, most hair factories offer the same hair-buying process. The steps are as follows:

  • Check the pricing and place your order.
  • Check the sample invoice
  • Confirm the order and make the payment
  • Check the hair prior to confirming the shipment.
  • Waiting for delivery

You might think it’s very simple. However, those are just very general steps for ordering from hair factory. With different hair factories, there will be different requirements and notes.

Depending on the number of orders, the completion time also varies. For hair factory in Southeast Asia, the average time takes about 8-14 days, while for Chinese hair factories it usually takes only 5-7 days.


What is the process and how long does it take to complete an order at hair factories

6.3. Where to find more information about hair factory?

You can learn more about hair factory by using the B2B platforms available today such as Alibaba, Aliexpress… The key is that you need to understand how to use these informational resources!

For instance, what should you look for, while visiting a website in order to get relevant details about a hair factory? Keep in mind that although all hair manufacturers have a website, not all wholesale hair factories are able to create one that is legitimate and professional. A reputable website will have all the details about the hair factories, like their address, phone number, email, introduction, products, policies, a blog (only reputable factories have blogs), and a section called “Frequently Asked Questions.”(FAQs)

In a similar way, make sure to use all the information you can find on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., especially the system of reviews, feedback, and testimonials that only a reputable hair factory has.


Where to find more information about hair factory


With the continuous development of the hair extensions industry and the increase of hair factories around the world, finding a suitable and reputable hair factory is not easy. Carefully consider your top criteria and refer to the list of top 10 hair suppliers we mentioned to find the most ideal address.

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