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Check Out Gla Hair Reviews Before Purchasing

Gla Hair Reviews

This blog will reveal all Gla Hair reviews about hair products, prices, services, and policies to help you make the best decision when choosing this supplier.

Gla Hair has always been a prominent name in the world hair extensions market thanks to providing high-quality products at reasonable prices. If you are still wondering about this hair vendor, this article will explore all Gla Hair reviews related to their products, services, and policies to help you make the right and most suitable decision.

1. Overview of Gla Hair Factory

Gla Hair Factory is a leading hair brand from Vietnam, with more than 10 years of experience in the high-end hair manufacturing and exporting industry. Their name “Gla Hair” connotes the most beautiful and premium hair. “Gla” stands for glamour, which embodies charm, attractiveness and allure. Gla Hair was founded with the ultimate goal of providing premium hair extensions to hair wholesalers and salons all over the world, particularly in the European market.

This hair supplier continuously grows the market globally, including the most demanding markets in Europe such as Russia, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and France. To date, Gla Hair has over 1500 clients worldwide, mostly from Australia, Russia, England, France, and Belgium, who have ordered a huge quantity of hair and left many positive Gla Hair reviews.

Gla Hair has a modern factory and a team of highly skilled workers
Gla Hair has a modern factory and a team of highly skilled workers

2. Gla Hair reviews on hair product

An extremely crucial factor to consider while purchasing hair from Gla Hair Company is their hair products. In this section, we’ll look at customer and expert feedback on several aspects of this supplier’s products.

2.1. The product range

Gla Hair offers an extensive variety of hair extensions, concentrated mainly on bulk hair, weft hair, clip-ins, ponytail hair, tip-ins, and tape-ins. Gla Hair focuses on the European market so the main colors they offer are black, gray, rusyi, brown, blonde, smoky, and red/auburn. This supplier also has many popular textures available such as natural straight, bone straight, natural wavy, loose wavy, natural curly,… to meet your style needs.

In addition, Gla Hair Company also provides services in designing or manufacturing products according to customers’ specific requirements. Thanks to their extremely modern factory with an area of up to 1,000 square meters, they confidently meet all the most difficult requirements of customers. This is one of the outstanding advantages that many customers appreciate in Gla Hair reviews.

Some main products of Gla Hair
Some main products of Gla Hair

Some customers complained that they felt inconvenienced because Gla Hair did not have many offline stores, so they could not directly experience and choose the products they wanted. However, you can rest assured because Gla Hair is ready to provide product samples for you to evaluate the quality before purchasing. In addition, with each order, customers can request a video call to check the quality and quantity of hair before delivery, ensuring you have the most secure purchasing experience.

2.2. Hair quality

When it comes to Gla Hair reviews, it is impossible to ignore the hair quality factor. Let’s see what experts and customers say about the quality of Gla Hair’s product. Experts laud Gla Hair’s product quality for its durability and natural appearance.

  • The hair is of excellent quality, soft and highly elastic. The longevity of hair is also quite impressive and can last from 2 to 5 years. However, to maintain this durability, you need to take regular and careful care steps.
  • Hair extensions products with tape, tip, and clip parts are also used with high-quality materials to produce, minimizing negative effects on the user’s natural hair when installed.
  • All steps of production, from gathering, combing, washing, dying, styling, quality control, and transportation packaging, are tightly regulated to ensure the best quality.

As for customer reviews, most users say that the hair has high softness and natural shine. The hair also does not have a bad or chemical smell, nor is it broken or tangled. The hair’s realistic appearance receives praise for seamlessly blending with a variety of natural hair textures and colors. This feature allows wearers to enjoy a seamless and authentic aesthetic.

Many customers feel satisfied with Gla Hair's hair quality
Many customers feel satisfied with Gla Hair’s hair quality

Gla Hair said that their hair products are meticulously manufactured by leading professionals. Intending to supply high-end markets, Gla Hair always thinks that premium product quality is the top criterion, creating the foundation for the company’s growth.

2.3. Hair prices

Product price plays an important role in the purchasing decisions of many consumers. Looking at Gla Hair reviews on hair prices, we can see that Gla Hair products have a mid-range price segment, not too high compared to the current market. This pricing structure depends on many factors, including hair type, texture, length and color. Reference prices for some current Gla Hair products:

  • Bulk Hair: From $12/per piece
  • Weft Hair: From $17/per piece
  • Tip In Extensions: From $22/per piece
  • Tape In Extensions: From $28/per piece
  • Clip In Extensions: From $26/per piece

Many customers say that the price Gla Hair offers is quite commensurate with the quality of hair they provide. In particular, their wholesale prices are also very competitive in the market, the more you buy, the better the price will be, suitable for those who are intending to find quality and affordable goods to start a hair business.

3. Gla Hair reviews on customer service and policy

Aside from product quality and price, a hair supplier’s customer service and policy are also critical considerations. Let’s look into the reviews on these aspects of the Gla Hair Factory.

3.1. Customer service

When looking into Gla Hair reviews, customer service is a very important aspect to consider. Gla Hair Company offers a variety of customer care methods, including email, phone, WhatsApp, and Inquiry Forms on their website or Instagram. This provider supports customers 24 hours and every day of the week, including holidays, emails and Inquiry Forms will be responded to within 2 hours.

Gla Hair’s customer service leaves a deep impression on customers thanks to its fast response speed. In addition, Gla Hair’s dedicated and knowledgeable team is also highly appreciated. Gla Hair’s website also includes commonly asked questions and detailed answers, which you can use to better understand this provider before calling customer service.

Gla Hair reviews on customer service received many positive feedback
Gla Hair reviews on customer service received positive feedback

3.2. Payment methods

If you are an international customer looking for Gla Hair reviews on payment methods, don’t worry because this company offers a choice of payment methods to satisfy a wide range of consumer preferences. They accept payment methods such as Western Union, Bank Transfer, MoneyGram, Agent service, RIA and Remitly. Their preferred currency is US dollars. Customers said they feel that Gla Hair’s payment methods are mostly popular, easy to make transactions, and highly secure. In addition, Gla Hair also makes customers feel secure by always being ready to make video calls to check orders before the buyer makes payment. Only when you are delighted with the product will you pay.

Payment methods accepted by Gla Hair Factory
Main payment methods accepted at Gla Hair

3.3. Shipping and delivery policies

Gla Hair provides delivery services to most countries around the world, below is specific information about the shipping and delivery policies of this supplier:

  • Order processing time: Except for special cases, orders are normally processed and dispatched within 1-2 weeks of receipt.
  • Shipping methods: Gla Hair provides a variety of delivery choices, including standard and expedited services. When you place your order, the different shipping options will be listed at the checkout stage, and the cost will vary depending on the method chosen and the destination.
  • Shipping costs: Shipping costs are calculated depending on product weight and destination. Before you complete your purchase, the total shipping cost for your order will be presented at the checkout stage.
  • Estimated delivery time: The estimated arrival time can vary depending on the shipping option chosen and the destination, but it is typically 7-10 days.

In general, Gla Hair reviews on delivery time are considered by most customers to be quite fast and on time, and the goods are carefully packaged. However, the preparation time for some types of products is quite long, which Gla Hair explains is to ensure that the products are produced and tested most thoroughly before being delivered to customers. So if you intend to order from this supplier, it is best to order early and calculate the expected delivery time.

Gla Hair is highly appreciated by most customers for its policies and delivery times

3.4. Warranty policy

Gla Hair has a straightforward warranty policy. This supplier allows goods to be exchanged within 7 days from the date of receipt, this time is considered to be relatively reasonable and beneficial to customers. However, buyers need to carefully consider the product conditions to receive the warranty.

In addition, the warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and cannot be transferred. In general, Gla Hair reviews on warranty policy are considered by customers to be not too difficult, and the return time is also quick. They also receive dedicated support for answering questions or complaints after requesting an exchange or return.

Some customer feedback about Gla Hair's warranty policy
Some customer feedback about Gla Hair’s warranty policy

4. Is purchasing a Gla Hair product recommended?

After a detailed evaluation of Gla Hair Reviews all of the above factors, it can be seen that, if you are looking for a high-quality, affordable hair supplier, Gla Hair is a suitable destination. With many years of experience in the hair manufacturing and export industry, Gla Hair is confident in bringing customers a great shopping experience.

The information in the article is for reference only, so before making a final decision, you should carefully consider your most essential criteria, including product quality, customer service, and financial viability to make the most appropriate and correct decision.

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