Top 10 Best Hair Factories In China And Things Must Read

Update: 21/02/2024

This article will delve into some amazing facts about Chinese hair and the list of top 10 reliable hair factories in China to purchase these hair extensions.

If you are running a hair salon or hair business and want to know more about Chinese hair, this blog is for you. It will provide you with in-depth knowledge about hair factories in China and assist you in selecting the best hair factories in China to fit your demands.

1. Everything to know about hair factories in China

Before making a deal with someone, you need to get to know that person thoroughly. Choosing a reputable hair factory in China is the same, first you need to learn carefully about hair factories in China. Part 1 will be all the information you need to know before working with them.


The Best Hair Factories In China And Things Must Read

1.1. Are hair factories in China popular in the world

Until now, hair factory in China has always received attention and high search volume from hair lovers and hair businesses around the world thanks to a wide range of products that suit the tastes of many major hair extension markets in the world such as South Africa, the US.

So, are hair factories in China really that popular, and what is the reason behind that?

In fact, because the number of hair factories in China is increasing day by day, besides the popular and reputable China hair factory, there are also very bad quality, fraudulent China human hair factory, making customers never come back again. Here are the reasons:

  • Raw materials from various sources: China hair manufacturers often purchase hair from other countries to produce, then there are many grades of quality for clients.

Hair factories in China have to import raw hair from other countries like India, Southeast Asia, Pakistan,…

With the rapid increase of hair factories in China and the amount of hair they supply to the global market, the supply of Chinese hair raw hair is not enough. Therefore, China hair factory will have to import raw hair from other countries like India, Southeast Asia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh,…

    • China hair factories which control the quality of the input supply, import good quality raw hair from Southeast Asian countries, will produce good quality hair products and create a reputation with customers.
    • China hair factories do not control the quality of the raw hair input (for example, they import poor quality hairballs from India) and don’t classify hair by origin and quality in the production process, causing the products to be uneven in quality, easy to damage, and low in quality.
  • Risk of being scammed: Having a wide selection of hair factories in China means that customers will face a great risk of being scammed by unreputable China hair factory. They can receive payment without shipping, or bait and switch.
    Many customers have encountered such human hair manufacturers in China and are extremely indignant.

Customers will face a great risk of being scammed by unreputable hair factories in China

In short, besides human hair manufacturers in China with a high reputation and good quality products, there are many hair factories in China that make customers disgusted and disappointed. If you are looking for a hair factory in China for your hair business, be very careful in your search. How to find reliable China hair factory will be revealed in part 2.

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1.2. Origin and characteristics of hair supplied by hair factories in China

As mentioned above, the supply of raw hair for hair factories in China comes from many different countries, mainly the domestic supply, from Southeast Asian countries, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh,…

Depending on the supply, the hair supplied by China hair factory will have different characteristics:

  • Hair supplied by China hair manufacturers that import materials from Southeast Asia are usually thick, shiny and strong, easy to style due to natural human characteristics and their habit of taking care of hair with herbs. The hair imported from these countries is easy to style and the coloring is also uniform.

Southeast Asian women have the habit of taking care of hair with herbs

  • Hair supplied by human hair manufacturers in China made from hairball from India, Pakistan loses cuticles due to processing from hairball -> non-remy hair -> remy hair will be rough, tangled, broken and have a short life span.

1.3. Scale of hair factories in China

China is considered as the cradle of the world’s hair industry, so hair factories in China have the largest and most modern scale compared to other wholesale hair factory in the world.

  • Labor: Many China human hair factory have a large scale with hundreds and thousands of employees, annually supplying tons of hair to the world hair market. Besides, they are skillful workers from years. Chinese found this potential market for a long time, they made many villages to process hairs, that’s why they can do every demand from clients in the world better than other countries.
  • Materials: In the past, Hair factories in China was also a region of hair materials. Now the supply of real Chinese hair is not as much as before, so China imports hair from other countries to meet the hair consumption market. But the quality of hair imported from China is mainly average, with very few high-quality hairs so China hair manufacturers can offer the most competitive price in the market.

Many hair factories in China have a large scale with hundreds and thousands of employees

  • Equipment and technique: With modern and advanced equipment, chemicals and hair processing techniques, along with highly skilled workers, China human hair factory have reached the level of being able to turn a tangled hair bundle into a soft, smooth and shiny hair bundle.
  • Production capability: With its large scale and modern equipment, hair factories in China are capable of producing large orders in a short time or having large quantities available in stock.

A hair factory in China can be an ideal partner if and only if you know how to select a reputable hair factory whose products are of high quality.

1.4. Price ranges of hair factories in China

The prices of China hair manufacturers are judged to be reasonable, some even say very cheap. Therefore, it can be said that hair factories in China can produce hair at various prices, depending on the needs of customers. However, the price ranges of China hair manufacturers are reasonable. The reasons are below:

  • The source of hair is not fixed: human hair manufacturers in China can import cheap hair (Indian hair, ..) to reduce cost, or import higher quality hair (hair from Southeast Asian countries) to ensure quality. Besides, they also mix synthetic and human hairs to decrease the price.
  • Mass production: the hair industry in China is equipped with modern machines, minimizing human labor compared to manufacturers in other countries, high productivity makes production costs lower, so in general the price of hair products from hair factories in China is relatively reasonable.

2. Criteria of the best hair factories in China

How can you choose which of the many hair factories in China is the best one? What criteria should the best hair factory in China have?

  • Scale: The best hair factories in China on our top list all have production scales with the most advanced equipment and have adequate capacity to fulfill large orders within the specified period without delay and be able to manufacture customized orders that please consumers.
  • Material: The suppliers we consider the best have a long reputation, experience, and lots of positive feedback. Customers who buy hair from the best hair factories in China will know that they are receiving products that are either 100% human hair or mixed with synthetic hair, their products will have a clear source.


As Chinese hair is known to be mixed from many different sources, you need to know where the hair originated from when choosing the best hair factories in China.

  • Quality: The best hair factories in China provide high-quality goods that can satisfy even the pickiest of clients. It’s important for customers to have hair that doesn’t quickly fall out or fade and that maintains its excellent looks and durability. The quality of the product from the best China human hair factory in our top list is consistent and highly uniform, so you can rest assured when buying from them.
  • Quantity: Unlike hair factories in Vietnam and India – where most work is done manually, Chinese hair products are typically produced using advanced machinery. Aside from that, there are a variety of hair factories in China, each with a large staff. Because of this, the best hair factories in China never run out of stock and can turn out a massive volume of hair all at once.


  • Price: Because they have access to low price raw materials, cheap labor, and cutting-edge technology, hair suppliers in China can provide lower pricing than. The best China human hair factory that we list below all have competitive prices but still ensure the quality of their goods.
  • Service: All human hair manufacturing companies in China in this list that we consider the best have professional customer service and 24/7 support. In addition, they also have a clear return policy, so you can rest assured when dealing with them.

3. All the things you must know when working with hair factories in China

The article will first give you detailed instructions to find reliable hair factories in China, and then the steps to negotiate to get a good price from them.

3.1. Some tips to find reliable hair factories in China

The following are the characteristics that dependable hair factories should have that you need to keep in mind when choosing:

  • Trustworthy hair factories need to publicize clear information about their businesses, products and their warranty and return policies on their website or on their other channels.
  • A dependable Chinese hair factory must have a real and verifiable address on google maps
  • You can add them to the list of reputable factories if the hair factories in China have large purchases, high reviews and receive a lot of positive feedback on e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Aliexpress,…
  • Non-scam hair manufacturer in China will prove their reputation by always being ready to video call with customers to show their factories and products, without avoiding any questions related to businesses, products and customer benefits
  • A warranty and return policy should be available if you want to minimize the risk when working with hair factories in China

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Things to consider as a way to find reliable hair factory

  • Positive reviews of these China human hair factory can be easily found on the internet
  • It is obvious that a reliable hair manufacturer in China provides good quality products. There are some tips for you to check if the products of China hair factory are of good quality or not. They are:
    • You can tell if hair products supplied by hair factories in China have been subjected to toxic chemicals by their strong, unpleasant smell which does not go away after many times washing.
    • Check for hair loss by stroking down the hair bundles with your fingers from light to strong.
    • Check if the hair color fades quickly by gently stroking; If the color gets on your hands, the hair color will quickly fade away.

Please be noted: You need to distinguish between a manufacturer and an intermediary because nowadays, many intermediaries identify themselves as hair factories in China. By finding a real manufacturer, you will be able to get a better price and a more uniform quality product.


You need to distinguish between a manufacturer and an intermediary

You can verify whether they are manufacturers or commercial intermediaries by requesting a surprise video call and asking them to show the factory. If they can, they are the real Chinese hair factory.

In Vietnam, Vin Hair is so proud to be top reputable hair factory with over 10 year experience in hair supply. We offer high-quality hair at a reasonable price and always get many good reviews from clients.


Contact Vin Hair to get the best deal via Whatsapp: +84356665661


3.2. How to have a good deal from hair factories in China

After identifying the dependable hair factories in China, the next thing you need to do is choose the factory that best suits your economic conditions. Here are some tips you can follow to get the best price when buying China wholesale hair from hair factory in China:

  • Show concern about the quality of their product and say you need to try the product first, if the quality is good you will come back with large orders. You also can ask hair manufacturers in China for prices for different quantities. The hair factories in China will think that you are a wholesaler who has a big demand for hair and they will give you the best wholesale price.
  • You can ask for prices from multiple China hair manufacturers and compare them with each other. But remember, don’t say their competitors are offering a better price than them, this negotiation won’t work.
  • Work with multiple sales in the same factory. Usually, each person will give you a different offer, you can choose to work with the person who offers the best deal. And always remember, don’t just pay attention to the price of the product in the price list, ask the sale about the preferential policies for you, or the shipping price to decide which sale or which factory gives you the most optimal solution.
  • Tell the Chinese hair factory that with the price they offer you need to consider because your budget is not enough, maybe they will give you a better price that suits your budget.

However, if you are doing business and want to buy large quantities of hair at a cheap price but don’t care much about the quality. Finding a reliable hair factory in China is needed. But if you want to work with Vietnamese hair factory for a long-term business and good  hair quality, you can consider Vin Hair Vendor. We offer a lot of amazing combos and wholesale price for

Contact Vin Hair to get the best deal via Whatsapp: +84356665661


3.3. Tips when working with the best hair factories in China

When working with the best hair factory in China, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Treat the China human hair factory like an important partner: You should treat your suppliers like partners, and build your relationship with them on more than just business. Make your vendors feel like they have a part in your company’s success. A mutually beneficial partnership is essential. Inform them about your strategies (such as the rollout of new items or the introduction of a new campaign) and take their feedback into consideration.
  • Payment on time is important: Paying for the best human hair factory in China on time is a must if you don’t want to lose them. They, like your business, recognize the significance of a steady cash flow to their business. In doing so, you will demonstrate that you are a trustworthy client and a pleasure to deal with.

Tips when working with the best human hair factory in China

  • Fair and detailed agreements:
    • Having a solid contract management procedure for your factory relationship agreements is essential if you are making frequent purchases from the best human hair factory in China. The only way to ensure your protection in the event that anything goes wrong is to have a legally binding agreement in place.
    • Have a written agreement signed by both parties outlining the specifics of your business relationship, including the product description, prices, delivery terms, payment methods, and communications…
  • Maintain communication: Relationships have to be solid and deep. Be sure to keep in close, frequent contact with the best human hair factory in China. This conversation may become more organic by being communicated clearly and often.
  • Follow the best hair factory in China on social media: Maybe you’d rather use your personal social media accounts than the ones associated with your company if you were to keep your suppliers’ identities secret. Facebook or Instagram is a useful place for learning about new product releases from your suppliers and how their consumers are responding to them. Additionally, it could inspire you to work on future projects together.

4. Top 10 best hair factories in China

To save you time searching, below are top 10 hair factories in China that you can put your trust in.

  1. Vin Hair
  2. Qingdao Haiyi Hair Factory
  3. Juancheng Leshine
  4. Ted Hair
  5. Rebe Hair
  6. Baco Hair
  7. Beauty Forever Hair
  8. FirstHair
  9. Leis Hair
  10. XBL Hair

4.1. Vin Hair Vendor

An extremely reputable supplier and not to be missed is Vin Hair Vendor, the leading hair supplier from Vietnam. Vin Hair export hair to numerous countries around the world,  including China. From 2020, Vin Hair has been recognized as one of the best hair vendors wholesale in the hair market.

  • Vin Hair Vendor is famous for providing high-quality hair extensions, 100% human virgin hair with high shine and extremely durability.
  • The main products are bulk hair, weft hair, tape-ins, tip-ins, clip-ins,… and countless customized products according to customer requirements.
  • The price is extremely affordable, from only $8.8 for a bundle of natural raw hair.

With 10 years of experience in the hair manufacturing and export industry, Vin Hair is confident in satisfying all customers with a top reputation for quality and service.

Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor

4.2. Qingdao Haiyi Hair Factory

With 20 years of experience and an outstanding reputation among consumers, Qingdao Haiyi, one of the top hair factories in China on Alibaba, offers a wide variety of hair extensions.

  • Main products: hair extensions pre-bonded, full hair wigs with raw materials are Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian and Indonesian hair
  • Price: 22$ – 389$
  • Store score on Alibaba: 4.8/5
  • Policy: allow exchanges and returns

Qingdao Haiyi Hair Factory – one of the most dependable hair factories in China

Qingdao is the greatest option if you’re looking for the most reliable hair factory in China on Alibaba who can provide you with stunning wigs.

4.3. Juancheng Leshine

LeShine is regarded as the leading of the greatest hair factories in China because of its exceptional quality and remarkable price.

  • Main products: clip in, tape in, pre-bonded hair, hair weft
  • Price range: from $3 to $190
  • Store score on Alibaba: 4.8/5
  • Policy: Accept returns and exchanges

Juancheng Leshine – one of the best hair factories in China

LeShine is a great option for anyone searching for a trusted, top-tier Chinese hair factory that offers a variety of tape in and clip in products.

4.4. Ted Hair

With a focus on mass production and slashing hair processing methods, Ted Hair is one of the best hair factories in China which offers a wide selection of hair extension products to the international market at affordable costs.

  • Main products: closure & frontal, tape, tip, wigs…in a variety of lengths, styles and colors.
  • Price range: from $23.5 to $329
  • Policy: Accept returns and exchanges

Ted Hair – Top 1 of the best hair factories in China

Ted Hair offers a significant selection of hair products on an annual basis for international markets. Ted Hair is the greatest Chinese hair factory if you are in need of a large quantity of hair extensions rapidly, and they can meet all of your requirements.

4.5. Rebe Hair

After more than 10 years in the industry, Rebe Hair has mastered both production and distribution with its factory located in Juancheng, Shandong, China.

  • Products: hair weave, extensions, clip-ins, tape-ins… made from 100% Remy hair.
  • Price: very reasonable, from 18.20 – 69.80 USD for 7A Brazilian Remy Straight Bundles depending on length ( 10-30 inch)
  • Time of delivery: 2–3 days in the US/Canada, 3–4 days in European countries, and 5–6 days in Africa
  • Service: Professional e-commerce service team; no fees for package design

Rebe Hair – One of the best hair factories in China

Rebe hair – one of the best hair factories in China, will support you in reaching your full potential in the hair industry.

4.6. Baco Hair 

10 years ago, Baco Hair was established with the aim of producing hair to meet both medium and major hair sellers in China and international hair distributors.

  • Main products: hair extensions, hair bundles, lace frontals, lace closures, and lace wigs.
  • Price: In-house manufacturing helps them to provide competitive pricing on goods that are of high quality.
  • Service: small or sample hair orders are accepted, accept PayPal and allow for 30 days of returns.

Baco Hair – A big hair company in China

If you are searching for the best hair factories in China, Baco Hair is a good choice for your business.

4.7. Beauty Forever Hair

Beauty Forever is one of the best hair vendors in China that should not be ignored. The adorable pink packaging is a telltale sign of their items.

  • Products: Beautyforever has a wide range of human hair products, such as hair extensions, hair weaves, wigs, and closures, in many styles and colors.
  • Price: very competitive, from 62.73 – 287.49 USD for Virgin Straight Hair Malaysian Hair 3Bundles Weave 8″-30″
  • Policy: Return within 30 days after receiving the hair

In the hair industry, Beauty Forever Hair is one of the best options for a reliable supplier of reasonably-priced goods.


Beauty Forever Hair – famous hair factory in China

4.8. FirstHair – One of the best hair factories in China

FirstHair is a Chinese company that began producing hair in 2002 and is widely regarded as a leader among the country’s many successful hair producers.

  • Products: They have a wide range of lace wigs, lace frontals, and human hair extensions.
  • Price: very reasonable, from $47.70 – $164.10 for 3 Bundles of 6A Grade Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Straight Pattern (depending on length)
  • Shipping time: 1-2 working days to the US and Canada, 3–4 working days to the UK, and 5 days to other countries
  • Service: refund/ return within 3 days.


FirstHair is a great option for your company if you are looking for the best Chinese hair factories.

4.9. Leis Hair – One of the best human hair factory in China

Leis Hair is a household name and is regarded as one of the best human hair manufacturers in China.

  • Products: human hair weave, lace wigs, synthetic wigs, human hair extensions, and accessories.
  • Hair origin: Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysia hair, Indian hair
  • Minimum Order: 1 bundle
  • Service: Return within 7 days

Leis Hair – One of the best hair factories in China

Leis Hair is also a good option you should consider if you want to work with the best hair factories in China.

4.10. XBL Hair – One of the best hair factory in China

XBL Hair has 2 manufacturing facilities in China, and they keep a substantial stock on hand for wholesale orders.

  • Main products: hair bundles, wigs, closures and frontals
  • Price: very competitive, $84.00 – $273.00 for 9A grade 3 bundles deal Straight Hair ( length from 10-28 inch)
  • Delivery time: about 3-5 business days to USA/UK
  • Service: Return and refund are accepted within 7 days after receiving the items

If you’re looking for a high-quality hair factory in China, you shouldn’t overlook XBL. They have excellent goods and services.


XBL Hair – One of the best hair factories in China

5. FAQs about hair factories in China

Hair factories in China always attract the attention of customers around the world, so there are always many questions surrounding these suppliers. Below are outstanding questions and detailed answers.

5.1. Where do hair factories in China source their hair?

Although China has long prided itself on having a thriving hair industry, the reality is that the majority of the country’s hair is imported from India and other Asian countries. The reason behind this is that China’s hair supply is increasingly scarce. In addition, some hair factories also use synthetic hair, low-quality hair, or mixed with animal hair, so please check the quality of the hair carefully before making a purchase.

5.2. Should I buy from hair factories in China or not?

Chinese hair factories are always one of the top choices for those just starting out looking for hair suppliers. If you want to find addresses with good hair quality, affordable prices, and a large production scale, importing hair from China is a suitable choice.

However, you need to consider some of the following factors: Chinese factories often import hair from many different hair sources, so the quality of the hair may not be uniform. Many customers also report that Chinese hair is very shiny and smooth at first but quickly degrades. In addition, many customers responded that they encountered fraudulent or less reputable Chinese factories due to the large number of hair factories in China.

Please consider carefully before deciding to buy from Chinese hair factories. If you are still wondering about these things, you can refer to hair factories from Vietnam, which is one of the leading reputable markets today. With high-quality hair, stable supply, and competitive prices, this is a choice not to be missed.

5.3. How to avoid being scammed by unreliable hair factories in China?

Here are some tips to avoid getting duped by untrustworthy Chinese hair factories:

  • Be wary of phony images: A Chinese hair factory may be a fraud if its product and corporate photos do not look authentic. Look for hair sellers who have real factory and worker images.
  • Be wary of unusually cheap pricing: If a Chinese hair manufacturer offers discounts that are too good or exceptionally low rates, it may be a hoax. As a result, you should carefully study market prices so that you are not duped.
  • Avoid factories that do not have a brand: These businesses may not be dependable. A reputable Chinese hair provider will, at the very least, have their firm registered and a brand name.
  • Look for Buyer Feedback: Reliable China wholesale hair providers should have a lot of good feedback from both foreign and domestic clients.
  • Look for alternative contact information: You should not work with Chinese wholesale hair merchants who do not have websites, social media accounts, or other means of communication.
  • Be aware of wholesale Chinese hair providers who lack customer-protection policies such as return and exchange policies. If the China hair factory is trusted, they will readily accept returns or refunds if their products are faulty.
  • You should also consider wholesale hair merchants who accept PayPal or have online stores on Alibaba or AliExpress. Because PayPal and various e-commerce platforms have buyer protection rules in place to ensure that you can buy and pay with confidence.

Below are the basic things for you to consider, to avoid dealing with fraudulent or unreliable hair factories in China.


China stands out as a market that provides a wide range of hair extension items at reasonable pricing. However, in order to secure a successful purchase, it is important to investigate important market information and know reputable suppliers. You can confidently choose the most satisfactory supplier after consulting the top 10 best hair factories in China that we mentioned in this article.

Source: Vin Hair Vendor – The Best Choice For Your Hair Business

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