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Discover The Top Heart Shaped Face Curly Hairstyles

heart shaped face curly hairstyles

If you are confused when looking for heart shaped face curly hairstyles, this article will provide the most suitable options and hairstyles you should avoid.

Whether you have short or long locks, curly hair offers a plethora of styling options that complement the contours of a heart-shaped face. In this guide, we’ll explore the top heart-shaped face curly hairstyles that are tailored to flatter and accentuate the beauty of these faces.

1. Characteristics to recognize heart-shaped faces

Heart-shaped faces have distinct characteristics that set them apart, making them easily recognizable. Here are key features to help identify a heart-shaped face:

  • Wide forehead: Heart-shaped faces typically have a wide forehead that is wider than the cheekbones.
  • Narrow and pointed chin: The face narrows down to a pointed, sometimes pronounced chin, resembling the shape of a heart.
  • Prominent cheekbones: High and well-defined cheekbones are a common trait of heart-shaped faces.
  • Widow’s peak: Some individuals with heart-shaped faces may have a widow’s peak, which is a V-shaped point in the center of the hairline.
  • Tapered jawline: The jawline of a heart-shaped face is usually more tapered and less angular compared to other face shapes.
  • Fuller cheeks: The cheek area below the eyes tends to be fuller, contributing to the overall heart shape.
  • Elongated face: Heart-shaped faces are often longer than they are wide, creating an elongated appearance.

If you have these features in your face, you most certainly have a heart-shaped face. However, for a more specific assessment and style help, it is always recommended to visit with a hairstylist or makeup artist. Before selecting heart-shaped face curly hairstyles, it is critical to determine the suitable facial shape.

Characteristics to recognize heart-shaped faces
Characteristics to recognize heart-shaped faces

2. Top 5 best heart-shaped face curly hairstyles

Here are the top 5 best curly hairstyles heart shaped face that will complement your facial structure and showcase your curls in all their glory.

2.1. Bouncy Curls with Layers

For those who are looking for what hairstyle suits heart-shaped face, Bouncy Curls with Layers is always one of the top choices. For a playful and romantic look, opt for bouncy curls with layers. Layers add volume and movement to your curls, framing your face elegantly.

This hairstyle softens the angles of a heart-shaped face, accentuating your eyes and cheekbones. This hairstyle not only complements the distinct contours of a heart-shaped face but also adds life and refinement to it.

Bouncy Curls with Layers
Bouncy Curls with Layers

2.2. Shoulder-Length Ringlets

For those who are pursuing a charming and individual style, Shoulder-length ringlets are one of the heart shaped face curly hairstyles not to be missed. Choose a shoulder-length hairstyle with well-defined ringlets. The length and defined curls create a harmonious balance, highlighting the eyes and cheekbones while softening the overall appearance.

However, to maintain the look of this hairstyle, you need to use a curl-enhancing product to maintain the integrity of your curls.

Shoulder-Length Ringlets
Shoulder-Length Ringlets

2.3. Curly Ponytail with Face-Framing Pieces

A curly ponytail with face-framing pieces is a practical yet stunning choice for heart-shaped faces. Pull your curls into a high or low ponytail and let a few strands frame your face. This style draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones, enhancing your facial features while keeping your curls neat and controlled.

This hairstyle also takes very little time to style and care for. If you like neat and dynamic hairstyles but still want to highlight your facial features, this is really one of the hairstyles that you shouldn’t miss.

Curly Ponytail with Face-Framing Pieces
Curly Ponytail with Face-Framing Pieces

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2.4. Half-Up, Half-Down Curly Hairstyle

Strike the perfect balance between casual and elegant with a half-up, half-down curly hairstyle. Gather the top part of your curls into a loose bun or twist, leaving the rest to flow freely. This style beautifully complements the contours of a heart-shaped face, emphasizing your cheekbones and narrowing your forehead. This is also one of the very popular hairstyles thanks to its gentle, natural, and extremely elegant appearance.

Half-Up, Half-Down Curly Hairstyle
Half-Up, Half-Down Curly Hairstyle

2.5. Curly Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

A curly bob with side-swept bangs is a chic and trendy option for heart-shaped faces. The bob’s length is perfect for highlighting your jawline, while the side-swept bangs balance the width of your forehead. The curls add a touch of glamour, and the overall style is both modern and flattering. This is also a very worthy choice for those with dynamic and personality styles who are looking for the most suitable heart shaped face curly hairstyles.

Keep in mind the maintenance tip of regular trims to help keep your bob in shape and prevent curls from becoming too overwhelming.

Curly Bob with Side-Swept Bangs
Curly Bob with Side-Swept Bangs


3. Heart shaped face curly hairstyles should avoid

While heart-shaped faces offer a versatile canvas for various hairstyles, there are certain curly styles that may not be as flattering for this face shape. Below are curly hairstyles for heart shaped face that should be avoided.

3.1. Excessive Volume at the Crown

Overemphasizing volume at the crown can make the forehead appear wider, leading to an imbalance in the face’s proportions. This may draw attention away from the natural elegance of the heart shape so this is not one of the recommended heart shaped face curly hairstyles. Choose styles with a more distributed volume, such as layered curls that frame the face gently. This maintains balance and prevents an exaggerated focus on the forehead.

3.2. Center-Parted Curls

A center part can elongate the face, emphasizing the width of the forehead. For heart-shaped faces, this might disrupt the desired balance and symmetry. The solution is to choose a side or slightly off-center part to create a more flattering frame for the face. This softens the angles and draws attention away from the forehead.

Heart shaped face curly hairstyles should avoid
Heart shaped face curly hairstyles should avoid

3.3. Ultra-Short Curls

Another hairstyle that those looking for suitable hairstyles should avoid is Ultra-short curls. Extremely short curls may create an unbalanced effect by emphasizing the width of the forehead without providing sufficient length to complement the face shape. The solution for this hair is to choose slightly longer curly styles that fall around the jawline or shoulders. This length adds a harmonious frame to the face, enhancing its natural beauty.

3.4. Heavy bangs

While bangs may be a lovely accent to many hairstyles, heart-shaped faces should exercise caution when wearing thick or blunt bangs, especially with curly hair. Thick, straight-across bangs can emphasize the width of the forehead, breaking the delicate balance that distinguishes heart-shaped faces. If you’re seeking what hairstyle suits heart shaped face with bangs to cover a broad forehead, softer, side-swept bangs can provide a more harmonious overall appearance and readily enhance facial proportions.

Curly hairstyles for heart shaped face should avoid
Curly hairstyles for heart shaped face should avoid

4. Hair extensions – Best solution for heart shaped face curly hairstyles

Many people with heart-shaped faces are still perplexed when it comes to finding the best curly hairstyles for heart shaped face. Because everyone’s lines and angles are distinct, some people feel unsatisfied or even regretful after cutting or styling their hair. If you find yourself in this predicament, don’t be too concerned because there is an extremely easy and effective solution: hair extensions.

  • Hair extensions are a well-liked and popular aesthetic trend. Hair extensions allow people to modify their hairstyles quickly and easily. It only takes a few minutes to install and use, and you can even do it yourself at home.
  • Hair extensions are available in a range of colors, textures, and styles, allowing you to obtain the look you choose. Experiment with different hair extensions until you find the greatest hairstyles.
  • High-quality hair extensions have a silky, glossy, and natural texture that blends easily with your hair to form a harmonious whole. Furthermore, using hair extensions eliminates the need to apply heat or chemicals on your natural hair.

However, keep in mind that you should select high-quality hair products that are both naturally gorgeous and comfortable to wear. You should only acquire 100% human hair from reputable vendors.

Hair extensions are the best solution for heart shaped face curly hairstyles
Hair extensions are the best solution for heart shaped face curly hairstyles

If you are seeking a location that offers premium hair extensions, try Vin Hair Vendor – the best hair supplier in Vietnam. Vin Hair Vendor has over ten years of expertise in manufacturing and exporting hair and a global customer base.

  • Hair extensions are created from 100% human raw hair, the hair has softness, shine, and does not dry out at all.
  • This supplier offers a wide choice of hair products in a variety of colors, lengths, textures, and so on, ensuring that you discover the best heart shaped face hairstyles curly.
  • The pricing is very reasonable, starting at $8.8 for a basic natural color natural raw hair bundle. Vin Hair frequently provides numerous incentives to customers, allowing you to feel certain about your expenditures.

Call Vin Hair Vendor (Whatsapp: (+84)362123222)) if you’re having problems deciding on hairstyles. Their customer service group is energetic and passionate, always ready to advise, answer questions, and aid you in choosing the ideal heart shaped face curly hairstyle.

In conclusion, discovering the best heart shaped face curly hairstyles involves thoughtful consideration of both the unique face shape and the desired curly aesthetic. If you are too confused about choosing the right hairstyle, please refer to the curly hairstyles heart shaped face we have suggested, and don’t forget to consider using hair extensions to have the most satisfactory choice.

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