Hot Trend Hair Styles (Updated)


Top 10 trendy Chinese short hairstyles for women ideas

Are you seeking for designs and haircuts appropriate for short hair This comprehensive guide to brief hairstyles provides a wealth of ideas Following are the top 10 Chinese short hairstyles for a stunning look 1 Top 10 Chinese short hairstyles for... Read more


Top 10 most trendy Chinese hairstyles for a stunning look

China is a nation of fine arts and craftsmanship; as a result, Chinese hairstyles feature the blissful art of origami They innovate and reconstruct everything they believe they can improvise Here are some hairstyles that were given a modern twist by... Read more


Top best hair extensions for thick hair for dynamic beauty

Many people think that hair extension are only for those with thin or fine hair, but there are also many choices for those with thick hair as well Let's find out the top 5 best hair extensions for thick hair below 1 What to consider when choosing... Read more


Easy Tricks On How To Braid Short Hair For Beginners Beautifully

Braids hair can quickly turn you into a muse Nevertheless, some short-hair girls may be afraid that they cannot braid Don’t worry since short hair can also go beautifully with braids, and here we tell you ways on how to braid short hair for... Read more


Reverse balayage the best way to keep hair color low maintenance

With the new season not far behind, we're all searching for ways to change our look If your normal highlights aren't cutting it this year and you want to try something new, we highly recommend reverse balayage! Let’s learn about this coloring... Read more


The simplest steps on how to do cornrows braid by yourself at home

Cornrows is a styling technique giving you a unique look without using heat For basic cornrows like the front-to-back cornrow, we will give you easy ways to get excellent braids If you know the fundamentals of braiding before, you're already halfway... Read more


Change your look with top 10 trendy Vietnamese hairstyles

For those who are looking for a new hairstyle to have a more gorgeous look, we understand how important and difficult it is to choose the perfect hairstyle; thus, in this blog, we will give you 10 flattering Vietnamese hairstyles which are trendy in... Read more


How to create the 90s blowout hairstyle at home in 5 steps

Tube tops, skater jeans and strappy heels define the glitter era The 90s blowout hairstyle exploded onto the scene in the '90s and has returned to rocking the fashion community in recent years Do you desire a 90s blowout haircut Follow our detailed... Read more


What are the most suitable and trendy haircut for square faces

It appears that finding a hairstyle that flatters a square face is not easy If you have a square face or are still unsure, follow the must-know things when choosing the suitable haircut for square face and get the best ideas we have listed below 1... Read more


Top the most popular diamond face shape hairstyles new updated

It seems to be difficult to find a flattering hairstyle for a diamond-shaped face If you have a diamond-shaped face or are still unsure about it, determine according to the instructions and get the most suitable diamond face shape hairstyles we... Read more


How to style curtain bangs with rollers simple but effective

Having bouncy hair with natural curtain bangs is not easy when you wake up with messy bangs every morning However, we will help you solve this problem quickly with how to style curtain bangs with rollers guidelines introduced below 1 Choose... Read more


How to style curtain bangs with flat iron to get a stunning look

Whether you're trying out a curtain bang hairstyle or want to take the style of your bang to the next level, learning how to style curtain bangs with flat iron is so quick and simple We will show you all of our insider secrets 1 How to style... Read more