How to create the 90s blowout hairstyle at home in 5 steps

Update: 01/12/2023

If you are in love with 90s blowout hairstyle and want to get this hairstyle, this blog will give you the simplest way to create this hairstyle at home.

Tube tops, skater jeans and strappy heels define the glitter era. The 90s blowout hairstyle exploded onto the scene in the ’90s and has returned to rocking the fashion community in recent years. Do you desire a 90s blowout haircut? Follow our detailed steps below.

1. What is the 90s blowout hairstyle?

So, what is the 90s blowout hairstyle? Fluffy hair was named after its star-studded history – think Claudia Schiffer in her prime – and meant soft, shiny locks with plenty of volume. It’s classy and classic, with a rich vibe that’s a welcome change from the greasy ponytails of the past year. You’re going to be unabashedly high maintenance.

The ’90s blowout hair is iconic. This hairstyle has a lot of staying power thanks to its silky smooth and fluffy volume. A ’90s blowout hair is a full, voluminous hairstyle that frames your face.

This blowout, like many ’90s and early beauty trends, is coming back and making trendy waves on TikTok.

One of the greatest things about this hairstyle is that you can achieve this look whatever your hair texture is.


What is the 90s blowout hair?

2. How to create the 90s blowout hairstyle at home in just 5 steps

You can follow the steps below for a stunning look with the 90s blowout hair. But first, you need to prepare something:

  • A Heated Roller Brush/Velcro Rollers/curling iron
  • Volumizing Spray
  • A Wide-tooth Comb
  • Hairspray

2.1. Step 1 to create 90s blowout hairstyle: Prepare the hair

First and foremost, make sure that your hair is clean and fresh, and that it has been blow-dried until about 70% dry. While the hair is still damp, use a volumizing spray. Clip up your top layer of hair and we’ll begin with the underlayer.

After finishing this process we can move to the next step on how to cut 90s blowout hair tutorial.


Step 1 to create 90s blowout hair: Prepare the hair

2.2. Step 2 to create 90s blowout hairstyle: curling time

First, with the small section, use a heat roller hairbrush or curling iron to create body loose waves of the 90s blowout haircut.

Hold the roller for a couple of seconds before releasing the curl, and remember to curl first from the bottom and outward your face!

You can use normal rollers instead of heat styling tools if you don’t want your hair to be damaged by heat – well done! – Simply spray your roller with light fix hairspray, and roll the hair from the ends to the roots.


Step 2 to create 90s blowout hair: curling time

You can refer to the hair care steps before using heat on your hair in the following articles:

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2.3. Step 3 to create 90s blowout hairstyle: continue curling

Continue curling your hair with the steps mentioned above for the bottom and top layers. If you use rollers to style 90s blowout hair, make sure to blow-dry your hair for ten minutes with high heat afterward to ensure that the curls will stay in place all day long.

When the rollers are hot, carefully remove them and flip the hair over just to shake out all the curls.


Step 3 to create 90s blowout hair: continue curling

2.4. Step 4 to create 90s blowout hairstyle: add some volume

After styling curls, backcomb the flat root to add extra volume.


Step 4 to create 90s blowout hair: add some volume

2.5. The finishing step to have a 90s blowout hairstyle

After you’ve placed your curls, flip your hair to find your parting. The center part is more 90s, but it’s completely up to you! Spritz with hairspray, and you’re done! You’ve had a 90s blowout haircut!

If your hair is bleached hair and must use heat to style 90s blowout hair, take extra care of your hair. You can find the best conditioners for bleached hair to take care of your hair.


You’ve had a 90s blowout hair

3. Celebrities with 90s blowout hairstyle

Many famous people in the world love and promote this 90s blowout hair. Let’s see how beautiful they were in the 90s blowout haircut


Laura Polko with a 90s blowout haircut.

Laura Polko looks so fashionable with a 90s blowout hairstyle.


Hailee Steinfeld with a 90s haircut

While Hailee Steinfeld looks so charming with it.


Mary Phillips with a 90s blowout haircut

Mary Phillips with her new 90s blowout haircut.

Don’t wait any longer without trying the 90s blowout hair. You will definitely look great with this hairstyle. Moreover, it has low maintenance which is very suitable for busy girls who do not have much time to take care of their hair.

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