How to curl hair extensions crucial rules and detailed methods

Update: 01/12/2023

The query on how to curl hair extensions will be revealed in detail in this blog including some important rules you need to know and the simplest methods.

This post is for you if you are tired of your old hair extensions but still feel guilty discarding them. Here, we’ll provide you with the most important information, including guidelines and instructions, regarding how to curl hair extensions.

1. How to curl hair extensions: Somethings you should know before curling them

Many people are bored with their hair extensions and want to refresh it, and curling hair extensions is a great solution.


How to curl hair extension: Somethings you should know before curling them

1.1. How to curl hair extensions: Can I curl them

The answer is yes, but you must choose the appropriate method based on your hair’s quality and style in how to curl hair extension. For your convenience, we’ll outline the two most straightforward techniques below.

However, we only advise using them only on human hair extensions; synthetic hair, as the latter’s major component is plastic, which is difficult to style and combustible when heated. With synthetic hair, we think you should buy the pre-curled type, which is also quite affordable. This is something you should take into account before thinking about how to curl hair extension.


You can curl hair extensions at home

1.2. Important rules in how to curl hair extensions

Each hairdressing method has its own rules to optimize the effect. Curling hair extensions are the same, these rules are somewhat more stringent because hair extensions may have been chemically processed, so they are more vulnerable. Let’s see the rules on how to curl hair extensions.

  • Remove hair extensions from real hair for easy manipulation and do not affect real hair
  • Do not curl when the hair is wet, must let the hair dry completely for heat curling, because otherwise it will make the hair hot from the inside out, causing severe damage; and let the hair almost dry with the non-heat method. Remember that in how to curl your hair extensions routine.
  • Do not do it too often because the hair needs time to recover and rest. This is the popular mistake in how to curl hair extension.
  • Taking care of your hair after and before curling is extremely important, helping your hair stay healthy to curl easily and keep it for a long time.
  • Choosing a curling iron is also very important. You should care about the quality of the curling iron, buy prestigious products recommended by professionals. It must be the most crucial rule in how to curl hair extensions.

You should strictly adhere to the above principles to achieve the best results in how to curl hair extension.


You should take care of hair extensions before and after curling

2. How to curl hair extensions: Detail Steps

If you already know the above rules, now we will go through the steps in detail in how to curl hair extensions. Remember that 2 method below is just applied in human hair extensions. Vietnamese hair extensions will be the best fit to hold the style long, and still strong after curling.

2.1. How to curl hair extensions by curling iron (using heat)

This is suitable for processed hair extensions, which are harder to style than unprocessed hair

  • Spray oil protection layer to prevent hair from heat that causes damage and dryness to hair, even split ends
  • Divide your hair into small sections and determine the direction of curls you want, then curl each strand from the inside out until all the hair is gone. This is a vital step in how to curl hair extension by curling iron.
    Note: You should only hold the device on 1 strand of hair for 20-30 seconds and do not keep curling 1 curl too many times to cause hair loss.
  • Hair spray to reduce heat, make hair shiny and healthy. You should not skip this step in how to curl your hair extensions.
  • Spray hold gel. This step is necessary in how to curl hair extensions.
  • You can gently stroke the curls with your hands to make them look more natural

This way keeps the style for about 5 days if you don’t wash it. Moreover, the effect on how to curl hair extension that this method brings will surprise you. it works effectively on all hair substances.


You can curl hair extensions by curling iron

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2.2. How to curl hair extensions without heat (using hair roller)

This is suitable for hair that is still healthy and beautiful, not chemical or heat, is virgin or raw hair, customers do not want to damage their hair, even a little.

  • You wash your hair with conditioner and let it dry naturally or blow dry on the wind (not hot) to avoid heat damage, let it dry about 80% then stop.
  • In turn, roll the roller into each thick – thin strand of hair as you like, leaving about 2 inches at the hairline of the part connected to the joint to avoid hair loss due to being too heavy. Damp hair will increase the ability to curl and hold. This is the most careful step in how to curl hair extension without heat.
    Note: The thicker the curl, the looser the curl
  • You can leave your hair in place until it’s completely dry, or blow-dry it if you’re in a hurry. You should only gently blow dry to avoid making the hair rollers skewed. The steps of how to curl your hair extensions are almost done.
  • You remove each roller from the curls after the hair is completely dry. This is definitely the most awaited step in how to curl hair extensions without heat.
  • Then, use your fingers to loosen the curls to make them look more natural, bouncy and full of life
  • Spray hold gel to keep the results longer. If you skip this step, your efforts in how to curl hair extension without heat will be wasted.

Hair looks more natural with hair rollers

Because no heat is applied to the hair, it will not keep the style as long as the 1st method, only about 2-3 if not washed, but it brings more naturalness and does not damage the hair in how to curl hair extension without heat.

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