How to cut hair extension with easy ways

Update: 01/12/2023

You want to change your hairstyle but don’t know how to do it. This blog will instruct you in detail one step at a time on how to cut hair extensions.

Although it can be challenging to make extensions look natural, they are a fun way to change up your appearance by cutting your hair extension. This blog will detailed guide you on how to cut hair extensions. Let’s check it out.

1. How To Cut Hair Extensions: Examining Your Hair

Before coming to the main point is cutting your hair extension, you need to look into your hair status and then decide to cut off the hair extension.


How to cut hair extensions step by step

1.1. Before cutting hair extensions: Remove any knots by brushing your hair

Do this step before you cut your hair to make sure that your hair will not be rumpled.

  • After wearing your extensions, gently comb through your hair with a brushing, being careful to avoid the areas where the extensions are affixed to your scalp. Once you’ve sorted out any knots and the brush is gliding through your hair without resistance, stop brushing.

-> The one step of how to cut your hair extensions is brushing should further integrate your natural hair with the extensions.


Brushing your hair extension to remove the knot

1.2. Before cutting hair extensions: Examine the overall length 

At this step, you need to check your wishful length to cut in order to move to next step.

  • Examine the back of your head in a mirror while running your hands through your hair. You’ll see that the extension layers begin to thin and separate at the bottom border. Observe the edge and pay attention to where certain extensions’ ends droop lower than the others.


Trimming your hair

1.3. Before cutting hair extensions: Choose a short length

Decide the length you want to cut at this step.

  • You must trim the ends of any extensions that dangle below your natural hair if you want your hair to seem natural. Some extensions will need to be shorter than others if your hair is layered. All of the extensions should be trimmed to the same length as your natural hair if your hair is one length.
  • Without reducing much length, you may also only clip the ends of the extensions to make them seem less blunt.


Checking how long to cut off

2. How To Cut Hair Extensions: Trimming Your Hair

Cutting hair seems difficult to each person but in this section, we would instruct you step by step on how to cut hair extensions. Then you can have amazing real hair extensions at no cost at all! 

2.1. How to cut hair extensions: Use a razor tool to remove the extended portion

Using this kind of scissors to make your hair look more gorgeous and suitable for your face.

  • Comb the portion of hair that has to be cut, and then firmly grasp it between your non-dominant hand’s index and middle fingers. Short, gentle strokes with the razor tool in your dominant hand should be used to remove any extra hair.
  • Your ends won’t appear as sharp if you use a razor tool rather than shears. To make your natural hair mix with the extensions, and with these ways of how to cut hair extensions, the look should be feathery and silky.

Sliding through your hair by razor tool

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2.2. How to cut hair extensions: Decide the length to cut off your hair extension

At this step, you would want to cut your hair with the desired length and then move to the next part.

  •  It’s recommended to start with careful trimming. You can pause and look in the mirror to review your initial effort. As needed, go back and make more trimmings to get the appearance you want.


Deciding your length cut off

2.3. How to cut hair extensions: Go over the hair you just cut with a comb

Make sure your hair is straight and not rumpled so you can have a smooth cut without disorder your hair extension.

  • Grasp the combed hair firmly between the index and middle fingers of your non-dominant hand. About 1 inch above the ends should be where you are holding the hair. Keep an eye out for any extra-long parts that deviate from the new ends’ general contour.


Brushing your hair again after cutting off

2.4. How to cut hair extensions: Point-cut the ends with your shears

Point-cut the ends of your hair extension helps its look more natural and thicker.

  • Your shears should be angled so that the points barely point towards the hairline between your fingertips. To level out the edge, cut any stray hairs that are too long perpendicular to the hairline. The intention should be to produce a smooth, soft line.


Pointing cut your hair extensions

2.5. How to cut hair extensions: Add face-framing components by blending with your razor tool

In the final step, you should cut your hair extension so it fits with your face.

  • To concentrate on these portions, clip the remainder of your hair out of the way. Slide down the length of the hair that frames the face on both sides using a gently cutting technique. If required, you can grip the ends to offer a little resistance. Connecting and blending the sides of the extensions with your polished line in the rear is the objective.

-> This should result in supple, face-framing layers.


Cutting layer how to fit in with your face

2.6. How to cut hair extensions: To get complicated cuts, see a barber

After reading all the steps above, if you still find it difficult to make an action then you should seek a barber in order to make your hair extension perfectly.

  • It might be challenging to create on oneself at home, even with extensions, a blunt or stylish haircut with severe lines, or that loses a lot of lengths. To achieve the finest results, schedule a consultation with your stylist. Only trim your extensions by yourself.
  • If you’d rather have professional assistance, your stylist may also assist you with installing your extensions.


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