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How To Fix Uneven Bleached Hair Easily At Home


If you just bleached your hair and are wondering how to fix uneven bleached hair, this post will reveal all the most useful secrets for you to apply.

Girls no longer have to visit salons to bleach hair, they can do this at home with guidelines on the Internet. However, there are potential dangers to bleaching hair at home, the most prevalent is uneven bleaching. So let’s find out how to fix uneven bleached hair in this post.

1. What to know before find out how to fix uneven bleached hair

Finding out the reason for bleaching failure is essential before understanding how to fix uneven bleached hair. Let’s find out the reasons below, and we will give you the best time and best ways on how to fix uneven bleached hair.

What to know before find out how to fix uneven bleach hair
What to know before find out how to fix uneven bleach hair

1.1. Why is the bleaching of your hair uneven

There are some factors that lead to uneven bleached hair, but the two most frequent errors and their effects are listed here. Knowing these reasons will help you with how to fix uneven bleached hair.

  • Unevenly mixed hair bleach: For even bleaching results, be careful to thoroughly mix the hair bleach, conditioner, and any other ingredients. However, it might be difficult to tell whether the ingredients are mixed well if they are all the same color (often white). The only way to fix it is to mix them and keep them for a long time until you think it’s enough. If not, your hair will be stained and uneven when you apply the bleach and then you have to learn ways to fix inappropriate bleached hair.
  • Apply bleach unevenly: It’s difficult to observe all parts of your hair when you bleach it by yourself. Therefore, you may apply bleach unevenly in several areas, notably the inner layer of your hair, the side ones, and the rear ones, resulting in a less-than-uniform color after you bleach it. Therefore, there will be sections of hair that are not bleached or just a little bleached, resulting in unevenness.
Why is the bleaching of your hair uneven
Why is the bleaching of your hair uneven

1.2. What is the best time to fix uneven bleached hair

After you’re done bleaching and see the unevenness in your hair, you might be worried and wonder how long you must wait until you can fix it. It relies on the ways you select to fix your hair and the approaches you choose to restore uneven hair color after bleaching; there isn’t a set period of time or strategy on how to fix uneven bleached hair. For those wondering what the best time is for fixing uneven bleached hair at home, the answer is that you can choose one of three timeframes. You can fix it that same day, in a few days, or in a few weeks, depending on the therapy you take to recover. And let’s check for more details in the next part.

2. The best ways on how to fix uneven bleached hair

In this section, you’ll learn simple at-home tips for fixing uneven bleached hair. It’s important to know when you may fix your hair and how to fix uneven bleached hair, and this part will tell you both!

2.1. Dye the hair to something darker

The first way we’ll discuss how to fix uneven bleached hair is to go for darker hair color. You can dye your hair darker the day after you bleach your hair to fix the uneven bleaching of your hair.

  • Choose a color that is much darker than your hair now, such as dark brown, chocolate, or black. Split your hair up into parts and dye each one thoroughly. Apply the dye from the roots to the ends of the hair for fixing uneven bleached hair.
  • Wait 30-40 minutes after applying color correctly before washing with a good shampoo. In case you want the old color back? You may give hair bleaching again a few weeks later. In such a scenario, this color will serve as the base color for your bleaching.
  • In figuring out how to fix uneven bleached hair at home, it’s crucial to take into account your hair problem while deciding on a hue. Brown is sometimes a fantastic option, but sometimes all you need to correct uneven hair color after bleaching is just light chocolate or a grey tint.
Dye the hair to something darker
Dye the hair to something darker

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2.2. Re-bleach all of your hair

If your bleached hair is uneven, you may simply bleach your hair again to get a more uniform result. Because bleaching can be so damaging to the hair and the scalp, you shouldn’t bleach it again too soon. Bleaching your hair might cause it to become weaker and drier, so it’s best to wait at least a month to bleach your hair again.

  • Make sure you follow the right procedure this time on the way to fix inappropriate bleached hair. A second botched attempt is a worst-case scenario since it might cause irreversible harm to your hair. Using bleach properly is as follows:
  • To get the best results on how to fix uneven bleached hair, you must first ensure that the scalp is clean. It’s important to wash your hair well before using bleach.
  • Get out the hair dryer and get it really dry.
  • Divide your hair into sections, use a comb, and apply bleach to each section. Starting from the tips of the hair to the roots. When fixing uneven bleached hair, you shouldn’t rush this procedure to avoid uneven results. Make sure every hair is fully covered when applying bleach.
  • Finally, wash your hair with shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.
Re-bleach all of your hair
Re-bleach all of your hair

2.3. Partially re-bleach your hair

If you’ve bleached your hair and noticed that some areas are uneven due to the uneven bleaching process or you’ve missed, partially re-bleaching is a good option when finding out how to fix uneven bleached hair.

  • It’s not necessary to wait for a long time to bleach again since you just have to re-bleach the areas of your hair that were not or only partially bleached. You may re-bleach them after waiting for the color on your hair to become clear, which just takes a few hours or a day.
  • Mix the bleach well and apply it to the hair sections that need to be bleached. Even though it sounds like a simple process on how to correct inappropriate bleached hair, you should be careful with the quantity of bleach that has to be used since you probably need less bleach at this time.
Partially re-bleach your hair
Partially re-bleach your hair

To refresh and enhance the color of their dyed hair, many people use toner. It’s great for giving colored hair a silky feel and a lustrous sheen. However, removing toner from hair might be tough. To solve this issue, you can learn how to remove toner from hair on our blog.

2.4. Using hair extensions

The last but extremely effective and quick solution is to use hair extensions. This method is loved by many people because of its convenience, ease of use and change. Hair extensions can be added to your natural hair to make it look more balanced and even, it also helps you minimize damage to your natural hair. Hair extension products today are also very diverse, you can freely choose the hair that best suits your needs. But please note that you should use high quality hair extensions to feel most comfortable when using as well as achieve the best durability. If you are still wondering about the quality or cost of hair extensions, consider purchasing from Vin Hair Vendor, a leading supplier from Vietnam.

  • Vin Hair Vendor has ten years of experience manufacturing and selling high-quality Vietnamese human hair products to customers worldwide, particularly in Nigeria and the United States.
  • They provide a huge selection of premium wigs and hair extensions from Vietnam, a country known for extraordinarily producing high-quality hair from raw Vietnamese human hair. Vin Hair offers a variety of choices, including sew-in, tape-in, and clip-in extensions, depending on your demands.
  • With Vin Hair extensions, you can experiment with a variety of hair lengths, hues, and styles without permanently altering your natural hair. Vin Hair commits that clients will enjoy their purchasing experience.

Visit their website to learn more about the services Vin Hair provides and to browse their hair extensions options. They will provide you with full instructions to assist you in selecting the ideal extensions for your desired style.

Vin Hair Vendor's website
Vin Hair Vendor’s website

By following the methods and steps outlined in this article, such as color-correcting treatments, and seeking quality hair extensions, you can effectively fix and balance out your hair color. Remember to prioritize hair health throughout the process by using nourishing hair masks and minimizing heat styling. Thank you for reading, and we hope this article has provided you with valuable insights and guidance on to fix uneven bleached hair.

Source: https://vinhairvendor.com/

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