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How To Import Hair From Vietnam With Detail Direction


Vietnam is one of the biggest exporters of human hair and Vietnamese hair is so popular worldwide. Click for the guide on how to import hair from Vietnam.

Vietnamese hair is becoming more and more popular in the world market. The export volume of Vietnamese human hair is increasing continuously every year. In 2022, Vietnam exported nearly $1M in human hair to the world market.

There are many hair wholesalers from all over the world choosing Vietnamese hair because of its quality and affordability. If you are hair wholesalers and looking for a reliable hair source, do not overlook Vietnamese hair. Keep reading below for the detailed instruction on how to import hair from Vietnam.

1. Why you should buy hair from Vietnam

In the hair market today, there are many suppliers all over the world but Vietnam hair suppliers are outstanding because importing hair from Vietnamese has many advantages.

1.1. The top-quality hair market in the world

Vietnamese hair is very naturally straight, black, and strong since it is bought directly from ethnic minority females who only use natural hair products and avoid using chemicals on their hair. Additionally, Vietnamese people have silky, lustrous hair because of their natural traits and diets high in vitamins and green vegetables.

As a result, wholesale hair companies in Vietnam provide gorgeous, long-lasting hair products that work with most global hairstyles. Thus, know how to import hair from Vietnam is more profitable than buying hair from a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria or in anywhere else in the world.

1.2. The most affordable pricing

You may obtain hair at the most affordable pricing by importing it from Vietnam thanks to cheap labor cost, abundant raw hair material and export-promoting policies of Vietnam.

  • Vietnamese hair factories are located in the area with abundant raw materials, raw hair is taken directly from Vietnamese women, so it reduces transportation and storage costs.
  • Because the quality of Vietnam’s raw hair is so high by nature, processing it doesn’t cost a lot of money. For instance, India’s hair is naturally curly; in order to style it, you must first straighten it, but Vietnamese hair is straight and can be done immediately.
  • Cheap labor source, 2-3 times lower than Chinese labor. This is the third reason you should know how to import hair from Vietnam to get the best price. To see more details in comparing Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair you can read at our blog.
  • Vietnam has laws that encourage international trade. Vietnam is also working to integrate with the rest of the globe, as seen most recently by the EVFTA agreement, which keeps it out of the grip of tax regulations. This is encouraging for everyone who has concerns about how to buy hair from Vietnam.
  • Vietnam is a country that shares a border with China which has the world’s most advanced logistics sector. Therefore, hairs may be transported from Vietnam to other nations via China, cutting down on shipping time and expenses.
Vienamese hair has afforable prices
Vienamese hair has afforable prices

The reasons mentioned above are the most important reasons for questioning why you should import hair from Vietnam. Before you consider how to import hair from Vietnam, you must first understand more about some secrets that wholesale hair vendors may not reveal to you.

2. How to import hair from Vietnam step by step

If you have any queries regarding how to import hair from Vietnam, the full instructions provided below will assist you in finding comprehensive answers.

2.1. Steps on how to import hair from Vietnam

Here are the detailed steps to guide you on how to import hair from Vietnam from start to finish

  • Select, search for product information: If you already know the product you want to purchase, then browse customer reviews to help you decide. Additionally, the wholesale vendor’s safe, best-selling models are a wise alternative if you want to purchase things without placing an order.
  • Choose the most reliable hair vendor: Some tips below will help you find a reputable supplier
  • Deal: You may work with a variety of wholesalers to assess the cost and quality of the same product before making a choice. You also should deal with various sales since occasionally they may provide different pricing inside the same wholesale.
  • Order: Make order => Make invoice => Make deposit => Waiting for the order => Check products => Full payment and Ship

Some notes you should pay attention to when learning how to import hair from Vietnam:

  • Check invoice carefully
  • Deposits vary by company but are often between 30 and 70 percent of the total amount due.
  • You need to set a time to make products with the factory
  • Call video to check products, if you can get someone to check it directly, that would be great + If you are concerned about the problem of hair shedding, you should ask the wholesale hair vendor to stroke the hair bundle vigorously. + With dyed hair, you can stroke hair to see if the color will stick to your hand. + As for curly hair, request that the hair vendor wholesale give it a wide comb test.

If you are already familiar with the procedure, place your order right away.

Steps on how to import hair from Vietnam
Steps on how to import hair from Vietnam

2.2. Tips to choose a reliable hair vendor

It might be difficult to choose which hair vendor is best for your hair company because there are so many of them on the market. Each one of them claims to lead to paradise, but how can you tell whether they will actually serve your company’s needs? Find out by reading on!

  • You should look for a hair factory in Vietnam instead of a commercial factory. However, this is quite difficult because not only in Vietnam, other countries are also more commercial companies, but I will recommend a few trustful factories that can answer your question about how to buy hair from Vietnam below.
  • When learning how to import hair from Vietnam, you should first find search engines like Google because they contain nearly all of the hair supplier Vietnam and get their products there. You take note of some Vietnamese hair vendor names. Spend time to ensure that this Vietnam hair factory’s social media presence is robust by checking its website, Instagram, and client feedback videos. To gain feedback from other hair sellers who purchased from these wholesale hair vendor, you can also participate in hair reviews in Facebook groups and create your own review subject. It is important to think about the best Vietnamese hair manufacturer with positive reviews.
  • Call the video to check their manufacturers to buy human hair from Vietnam. A reliable hair factory in Vietnam will be happy to show you their professional production line as well as the legal documents related to the factory.
  • Ask them to show you samples and pricing lists so you can compare them to those of other hair merchants after you are confident that these Vietnamese hair factory sellers are genuine.

The aforementioned advice is one of the best strategies to select a reliable manufacturer to buy human hair from Vietnam; you can take that into account depending on your requirements.

Tips to choose reliable hair vendor
Tips to choose a reliable hair vendor

3. Secrets about Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors

Here are some secrets you should know before thinking about how to buy hair from Vietnam:

  • Finding a manufacturer is difficult (because of challenges with shipment and payment, tax, etc.), thus you might have to settle with trading firms. Trading firms, on the other hand, must import their raw materials, so the quality might occasionally vary depending on the time. Manufacturing companies, however, often have more consistent quality.
  • The majority of firms typically provide promotions for large orders, which you may combine for a good price.
  • When learning how to import hair from Vietnam, you should check many offers within the same firm because each sale may present you with a different offer.
  • Vietnam factories may run 1–5 days behind schedule, so make sure to prepare ahead to avoid missing work.

How to buy hair from Vietnam is one of the questions that many people are interested in, but surely the above secrets are not known to everyone. Please consider them carefully because they will definitely benefit your business in how to import hair from Vietnam.

Secrets about Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors
Secrets about Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors

4. Top reliable Vietnamese hair suppliers

So where to buy human hair in Vietnam? Here are the top 3 reputable factories in Vietnam to help you get the answer for how to import hair from Vietnam and buy human hair from Vietnam.

4.1. Vin hair vendor

Vin hair vendor is one of the biggest and most reputable Vietnamese hair factory can meet all your needs.

  • Hair products: Hair bulk, hair weft, hair extensions, hair wigs…. with a variety of colors, textures, and lengths. They also provide customized products according to customer requirements.
  • Lengths: 6-38 inches
  • Price: from $8.8 for a bundle of raw hair 8 inches 100g
  • Policies: Vin Hair accepts exchanges and returns within 7 days, their policies are also very clear and provide maximum support to customers.
  • WhatsApp: (+83)362123222.
Vin Hair Vendor
Vin Hair Vendor – The best Vietnamese hair factory
Vin Hair products
Vin Hair products

They always try their best to bring the highest quality hair at the most reasonable prices for customers. Come to Vin hair vendor, they will satisfy you.

4.2. Jen Hair

To be one of the earliest hair vendors in Vietnam with 27 years of expertise, Jen Hair has grown during its history from a tiny hair-buying store to one of the largest hair suppliers in Vietnam.

  • Products: a variety of products in colors and styles, including bulk hair, weft hair, closures and frontal. Offering the greatest user experience, the hair extensions are made entirely of human hair and do not include any synthetic materials.
  • Price: About 190-210 USD/ 1kg of Human hair Vietnam color bundle regarding color. This price is quite reasonable for one top-quality product compared to other products at the same level in other countries.
  • Review: Customers were so complimentary of Jen Hair’s service. They have an extremely dedicated customer service team. Customer inquiries are always responded to quickly. After-sales service is likewise highly regarded. The warranty insurance and return policy are also made public on the internet to protect the rights of customers.

Jen Hair is unquestionably the best option if you’re looking for a hair provider with a wealth of experience and high quality to address the issue of how to import hair from Vietnam.

Interesting Facts You Must Know

Jen Hair
Jen Hair: The reliable supplier of Vietnamese hair

4.3. Layla Hair

Layla Hair is a women-owned hair company that focuses on offering remedies for hair loss and thinning. They produce and offer all types of hairpieces available on the market, including weaves, extensions, wigs, replacement systems, and similar items, using the most recent information in this sector. Layla promises to be an appropriate answer to the question how to import hair from Vietnam.

  • Product: Like other hair vendors, Layla’s products are diverse in color, type, and size. But the most outstanding product is the Full Lace Wigs color. It is made from High-quality Remy Vietnamese human hair.
  • Price: 389-481 USD for 1 Full Lace Wig depending on length and color. Although the pricing first appears to be fairly exorbitant, it is actually pretty affordable when compared to the quality of the product.
  • Review: The first benefit of Layla is its high caliber items. In addition, buyers appreciate the hair vendor’s return policy and quick, easy payment process. The long shipping and handling process, which takes roughly 2-3 days, is a drawback

In contrast to other hair sellers, Layla offers customers relevant hair information in addition to hair products. As a result, this is undeniably the best option for individuals who are concerned with more than just looks and want to pinpoint their particular issue.

Layla Hair
Layla Hair: Doctor of thinning hair

4.4. Mic Hair

Since 2007, Mic Hair is proud to be the best hair vendor offering only natural hair that is gathered from young, healthy Vietnamese and Cambodian women without chemical re-treating.

  • Product: The latest and most outstanding product of Mic Hair is  Vietnamese Human curly hair. This item comes in a range of colors and lengths (from 6 inches to 30 inches).
  • Price: Any woman who wants hair for beauty purposes will be happy with this pricing as it is only 19.4 – 47 USD for 0.1 kilogram of  Vietnamese Human curly hair depending on length and color.
  • Review: Customers of Mic Hair are pleased with the product’s quality and affordability. In addition, Mic Hair benefits from a responsive customer service team, round-the-clock assistance, and quick shipment.

If you’re wondering how to import hair from Vietnam, Mic Hair will undoubtedly be your first pick if you’re seeking for a hair supplier with the greatest customer service.

Mic Hair
Mic Hair: Reliable wholesale hair vendor from Vietnam

In conclusion, importing hair from Vietnam can be a lucrative business opportunity for those interested in the beauty industry. By following the detailed steps outlined in this article, individuals can navigate the process of sourcing high-quality Vietnamese hair with confidence.

Source: vinhairvendor.com

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