How to take care of virgin hair surprising facts and useful tips

Update: 01/12/2023

Every detailed and clear guide on how to take care of virgin hair will be revealed in this article to help you easily take the best care of your hair.

Do you worry that pre-processed hair extensions won’t satisfy your requirements but your real hair is too short to style? Virgin hair is a fantastic option for you. Any fashionable hairstyle is possible. But first, you should understand how to take care of virgin hair

1. How to take care of virgin hair: Benefits of using them

Virgin hair can be considered the rarest and most expensive hair type today, but there are still many customers looking to buy it. So what is the reason? Let’s take a look at some outstanding features of virgin hair compared to other hair extension products.

    • Given that it was plucked from a single person, virgin hair is uniform in both color and quality. This facilitates styling and coloring, and the hair will be perfectly uniform. To keep this uniform, you need to know how to take care of virgin hair.
  • Virgin hair from wholesale virgin hair factory has never been treated with chemicals or heat, so the hair is still very healthy. You can create any hairstyle on this hair, even light colors that require a high level of bleaching, this is something only virgin hair does well. To achieve this, you need to be aware of caring for virgin hair.
  • When you wear virgin hair, it feels like your natural hair and nobody can tell it’s an extension.
  • Taking care of virgin hair is also quite simple because it is natural hair, without too many specialized hair products.

These are the main features that make virgin hair superior to other types of hair extensions. So why do you hesitate to buy yourself virgin hair and learn how to maintain virgin hair?


How to care for virgin hair surprising facts and useful tips


Virgin hair is used for bleaching because of its uniform

2. How to take care of virgin hair

The 3 basic ways below will help you answer the question of how to care for virgin hair.

2.1. How to take care of virgin hair: How to comb them

This is the simplest but essential step in maintaining virgin hair cycle.

  • You prepare a large-toothed comb or a high-quality electric comb in the direction of the keratin of the hair. Divide your hair into small sections to make combing easier. You should also brush at the bottom and then up
  • If your hair is too frizzy, making it difficult to comb your hair, you can apply a little conditioner to your hair and then comb it in small intervals. This is the most effective way for those who are looking for how to take care of virgin hair.
  • When your hair is wet, you shouldn’t brush it because this is when the hair is most fragile and can easily break.

Here are some tips on combing virgin hair for those who are wondering how to care for virgin hair.


Combing hair with large-toothed comb is essential

2.2. How to take care of virgin hair: How to wash virgin hair

In their quest to learn how to take care of virgin hair, people are constantly curious about how to wash virgin hair. Customers are often concerned about damage while still wanting clean hair. The best solution will be provided by following these procedures.

  • Although it is real hair, it is still hair extensions so the hair is not oily or dirty due to the amount of oil in the hair roots. As a result, it is possible to avoid washing your hair too frequently, leading to dryness of hair. You should only wash hair when it is too dirty. Learning how to wash virgin hair is one of the most vital aspects of taking care of them.
  • You should also only wash your hair with conditioner, avoid using shampoo to keep your hair smooth and healthy. This is one important note on how to take care of virgin hair correctly.
  • You should only wash your hair with cold or warm water, avoid using too hot water, because temperature is the leading cause of damage and dryness, split ends of the hair. This is the most popular error made when learning how to wash virgin hair.

The notes above will help you understand the right way how to care for virgin hair.


Washing with warm water is good for virgin hair

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2.3. How to take care of virgin hair: How to style them

The adaptability of virgin hair is arguably the main factor driving the popularity of this hair among consumers. On this hair, you can wear any hairdo. How to care for virgin hair so you can style it will be discussed now. Here are some ways you can do it at home. Before styling your hair, you need to remove virgin hair extensions from your real hair for easier manipulation.

Curling virgin hair: you can do any style from wavy, curly, as long as you know how to take care of virgin hair.
+ Before curling, you need to apply a layer of protective oil to the entire hair to reduce the possibility of hair damage and increase the curling effect.
+ You should choose a good quality hair curler. With virgin hair, a machine with a ceramic shaft is the best choice. This is one thing you must know in learning to maintain virgin hair.

+ Divide your hair into small curls and start curling each curl from the inside out
+ You should not curl 1 curl too many times, 2-3 times is a reasonable frequency. This helps to avoid dryness and even burning of hair. To answer the question of caring for virgin hair, this is one of the most crucial tips to get healthy hair.
+ After curling, you spray hold gel. This hairstyle can be kept for 3-5 days if you don’t wash your hair


Curling virgin hair is simple

Straightening virgin hair: To straighten your hair most effectively, you should use virgin hair with natural straight properties such as Chinese hair or Southeast Asian hair.
+ Just like curling your hair, you also need to condition and apply a protective oil to your hair before straightening it.


Straightening virgin hair by straightener

+ Do not ever straighten wet hair; instead, let it air dry fully. Due to the intense heat applied to the hair during the straightening process, wet hair will be harmed from the inside out. This is the mistake many people make when learning how to take care of virgin hair.
+ The steps you do are similar to curling hair, only different in the manipulation of curling and straightening.
+ Your hair can stay straight and shiny for a week if you don’t wash it.

Dyeing hair: with virgin hair, you can dye any fashionable hair color, as long as you know how to take care of virgin hair. This is the most important part because virgin hair is often bought for bleaching because of its high uniformity.
+ With mild colors, you only need to apply the dye to your hair and wash it with fresh water. No need to bleach your hair.

+ With colors that need strong bleaching, you need to let your hair rest after bleaching for about 2, 3 days, and do not dye immediately.
+ After dyeing, you should avoid washing your hair with shampoo or conditioner with bleach, which fades hair color quickly
+ Depending on your hair color, your hair can stay color for 3-6 months.


It is easy to dye virgin hair with any color

The above 3 ways are the most effective ways for you to refresh your hair. Do you already know how to take care of virgin hair if you’ve read this far?

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