How to wash bone straight hair important rules and guideline

Update: 01/12/2023

The question of how to wash bone straight hair will be answered thoroughly in this post contains vital rules and steps to wash them in most detail.

Do you have dirty hair extensions but don’t know how to wash bone-straight hair to get them clean and lustrous while preserving the style? This post was created to give you detailed instructions to assist you respond to the aforementioned inquiry. Let’s explore!

1. Things to take into account before learning how to wash bone straight hair

Although many individuals have come to learn how to clean bone-straight hair, not everyone is aware of what to do in order to have the best hair. You can better understand how to wash bone straight hair by reading the notes that follow.


How to wash bone straight hair important rules and guideline

1.1. When you should think about how to wash bone straight hair

You can’t always think of how to cleanse bone-straight hair. When should you wash your hair? Let’s find out.

  • When you feel your hair is too dirty, the hairs are tangled together, no longer shiny: Washing your hair at this time will help you get clean and shiny hair instantly. It is the right time to think about how to make your hair item clean and how to make hair extensions soft again at home to make your hair always soft and shiny.
  • When the hair is dry, lack of water due to just finished styling: Washing at this time will help your hair be instantly moisturized, nourish and restore hair to avoid prolonged damage. This is the ideal time for you to learn about way to clean your hair item.

When you should think about how to wash bone straight hair

  • After conditioning, incubate with oils and creams: After these processes, bone straight hair needs to be cleaned to be able to continue using. Applying how to wash bone-straight hair at that time is necessary.
  • After dyeing: Obviously, after each cycle of hair dyeing, extra hair color needs to be removed from the hair. This is the time when you need to know the ways to make the hair clean.

The periods mentioned above are ideal for practicing how to wash straight hair.

1.2. Important rules in how to wash bone-straight hair

However, there are some rules in ways to clean bone-straight hair that you need to know to keep your hair alive and in shape.

    • Remove the hair extension from your real hair before washing them: This will prevent joint injury, make it simpler to manipulate, and have no negative effects on the genuine hair. Additionally, actual hair and bone-straight hair extensions require distinct maintenance, making this step vital for how to wash bone-straight hair.

Remove the hair extension from your real hair before washing them

    • Avoid washing your bone-straight hair too frequently: When you wash your hair too frequently, the natural oils that give it its shine and maintain its straightness are removed, leaving your hair dry and unmanageable. If you have concern about how to clean it properly, you should take it into account.
  • Do not wash your hair with hot water; instead, use warm or cool water: The number one enemy of bone-straight hair is high heat. They will get frizzy and lose their shape if you wash them in hot water. Therefore, avoiding that is a crucial principle in the washing process.

Do not wash your hair with hot water; instead, use warm or cool water

  • Only use conditioner to clean and nourish bone-straight hair: Conditioner not only cleans but also nourishes your hair, making them shiny and in place.

The above basic principles will help you get straight and beautiful hair as long as you follow in learning how to wash bone-straight hair.

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2. How to wash bone straight hair: Steps by Steps

It might seem easy in ways to wash bone-straight hair, but it’s not, in fact. What are step-by-step instructions? Let’s investigate together.

  • Remove the hair extensions from the head and immerse it all in clean water: make sure it’s not hot water and all your hair is wet. You should remember it well in the process of how to make bone-straight hair clean.
  • Take the conditioner in your hands and rub it to create a lather, then apply it all over your hair to avoid too much friction on the hair causing dryness. At this point, use your hands or use a silicone comb (don’t use a thick tooth comb because it will cause hair to fall out) gently rake the conditioner to spread evenly and smooth your hair. This is a vital step in the washing process.

Cleanse bone-straight hair with conditioner

  • Let hair rest for about 15 minutes and then rinse with clean water: This will help your bone-straight hair absorb the nutrients from the conditioner, nourish the hair from deep inside, and bring vitality to the hair. If you have question about how to wash straight hair, it will be helpful for you.
  • If you are in a hurry, you can dry it, but do not leave it on the hot setting because this will make your hair lose its form and dry. You should always remember that high temperature is a bone-straight hair’s enemy.

You should always remember that high temperature is a bone-straight hair’s enemy

  • When the hair is 80% dry, spray the hair conditioner to keep the hair smooth and straight. Are you sure about how to make straight hair clean?

You can apply the steps above in the bone-straight hair cleaning process to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. To know more about bone-straight hair maintenance, you could learn How To Maintain Bone Straight Hair to keep your hair last longer. It only takes a little time and effort, but the results will surely surprise you.


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