Is Burmese Raw Hair Worth The Investment And Where To Buy It

Update: 01/12/2023

Find out all the important information in this article whether buying Burmese raw hair is worthwhile and where to get the best raw Cambodian hair.

If you work in the hair business, you have likely heard the term “Burmese raw hair,” but you may be unsure of what it really means. This post will give you provides in-depth details on raw Burmese hair and some reliable places to buy it.


Is Burma Raw Hair Worth The Investment And Where To Buy It

1. Things must know about Burmese raw hair

The Hindu temples in Burma are the source of Burma Raw Hair. As a form of worship, the women of the country have often given their hair to the temple. In addition, Burmese raw hair is also collected from poor women in small villages. They sell their hair and consider this as part of their income to pay for their education or health.


Burma raw hair collected from the Hindu temples

Compared with Vietnamese raw hair – one of the most premium and popular hair types on the market today, raw Burma hair from Burma also has many similarities with Vietnamese raw hair because this is a country that has a lot of similarities with Vietnam from lifestyle to climate and human race, which are the factors that determine the quality of hair.

2. The quality of Burmese raw hair

These days, raw Burmese hair from Burma is one of the most sought-after hair types offered due to beautiful texture and high quality:

  • Burmese raw hair has versatile texture: it is not as smooth as Vietnamese hair, nor coarse like Indian or Chinese hair, it has elasticity and flexibility to hold curls well. It has a blend of Vietnamese and Chinese hair and has the perfect character of both sides.

Burm raw hair’s features

  • Raw hair from Burma has natural black and smooth: Raw Burmese hair from Burma is natural black and smooth hair, with less grey hair. This is because Burmese women often use natural products to wash and condition their hair. To prevent grey hair, repair the balance of PH, and maintain long, healthy hair, they often wash and rinse their hair with rice water.
  • Raw Burma hair is strong and durable: Burmese raw hair is in its healthiest original situation because no chemicals or other processes have been used on it. The hair cuticles are all intact, indicating that the hair is both healthy and durable. Thanks to strong cuticles, Burma raw hair can adsorb molecules of dye well. You can dye your hair as you like, from the darkest to the lightest.

Raw hair from Burma is generally of high quality, making it ideal for dying and styling. Raw Burmese hair from Burma is a worthwhile investment if you’re in the hair business because it gives you variety in its characteristics.

3. The price of Burmese raw hair

Due to the low standard of living in Burma, the source of raw Burma hair materials is also cheap. However, the prices of raw Burmese hair bundles and extensions from Burmese hair manufacturers and Burmese hair dealers can vary a lot because each supplier has different handling and collection. Moreover, with finished products, the price will usually be higher.
Because the technology in this country is still backward, most Burma raw hair will be sold as bundles. From 20 USD/ hair weft bundle 10” straight.


The price of Burma raw hair

An interesting fact you need to know: Chinese hair factories often mix Burma raw hair with Indian raw hair to ensure a balance between price and quality. This is an important source of supply, but the Covid 19 epidemic and especially the civil war in 2020 that occurred in Burma greatly affected the supply chain and collection capacity of raw Burmese hair, making the price and quality of hair worse and affected quite a lot.

4. The supply of Burmese raw hair to the world market

The supply of Burmese raw hair in Burma is higher than in Vietnam because it is not divided into two regions, South and North, like in Vietnam, but is spread throughout the country. Moreover, Myanmar people are kind and a bit backward (the population is mostly Buddhist), share a border with China and are being invested in a lot by China (to influence the political economy), so this is an ideal place for hair supplier in China to manage the collection of goods back to China.


Burma raw hair is primarily purchased and supplied by Chinese hair market traders

Burma does not directly supply much raw hair to the hair market, but it is primarily purchased and supplied by Chinese hair market traders and offered to the hair market.

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5. Some tips to check the quality of Burmese raw hair

You can’t always trust the quality of the hair from certain raw hair from Burma as they can get it from many locations. You can ask relatives or friends who are located near the hair factory in Burma so they may check the raw hair’s quality for you. You may also order a sample to check the quality of the hair if the manufacturer offers it. If you want to get the best raw hair from Burma, consider the following advice:

  • Check Burmese raw hair by eyes:
    • Carefully check the hair bundle to ensure that it is the required and uniform length.
    • Check the hair’s ends to check whether they are frizzy or ruffled. In this case, if it is, the cuticle may have been damaged during processing, so the hair is not really raw and will rapidly become brittle and break.

Check for shedding by stroking the bundle with the fingers several times and seeing whether the hair feels smooth

  • Check Burma raw hair by hand: Check for shedding by stroking the bundle with the fingers several times and seeing whether the hair feels smooth.
  • Sink test: Take a few hairs and put them in a water glass. The hair is of good quality if it is floating, and of bad quality, if it is submerged. Because chemically treated hair of poor quality may absorb water.
  • Smell test: Burma raw hair will have a clean natural smell because it has not undergone any chemical treatment. If the hair has an unusual smell or a chemical smell, it is not high-quality hair.

6. Compare Burmese raw hair with raw hair in other countries

Burma raw hair, Vietnamese raw hair, Chinese raw hair, and Indian raw hair are the most popular raw human hair types on the market today. Let’s see how they are different through the comparison table below.

Burmese raw hair Vietnamese raw hair Chinese raw hair Indian raw hair
Origin hair from women and young girls hair of women in the northern mountains mix from many sources, mainly Indian and Brazil hair Temple hair
Quality variety of quality, flexible structure, quite durable and strong high quality, durable and strong hair variety of quality, hard to judge, has both low and high-quality hair but mostly average quality is average, not very durable, hair has to be straightened before styling
Price prices are usually higher than raw Vietnamese hair because of the limited supply hair is in the high-end segment because of its good quality the prices are also varied, but mostly cheap hair types the cheapest hair on the hair market
Supply limited supply The supply is quite abundant abundant supply abundant supply

As you can see, the quality of raw hair from Burma is higher than that of Chinese and raw Indian hair, just a little behind Vietnam. Moreover, Burma raw hair also has a clear origin, but the price is high because of the limited supply. If you can find a source of high-quality raw hair from Burma, it is definitely worth the investment.

7. Where you can buy high-quality Burmese raw hair

We have compiled a list of reputable sources from which you may get Burma raw hair to save you time and energy.

7.1. Efficient Hair Company – One of the best Burmese raw hair factories with reasonable prices

Efficient Hair Company is a thriving business that is in the center of Natmauk, Magwe, Myanmar.

  • Hair origin: They gathered hair in Myanmar from young girls, healthy females, and hair donors. They only sell high-quality Burmese raw hair.

Product of Efficient Hair Company – One of the best Burma raw hair factories with reasonable prices

  • Main products: hair bundles with many length and styles
  • Price: The price is a bit high but the quality is great

If you’re looking for a trustworthy source to buy raw hair from Burma, go to Efficient Hair Business.

7.2. Naing Myanmar Hair Company – One of the most popular Burmese raw hair suppliers

With more than a decade of experience in the field, Naing Myanmar Hair Company is thought to be one of the best places to buy Burmese raw hair.

  • Main products: hair bundles, closures and frontals

Product of Naing Myanmar Hair Company – One of the most popular Burma raw hair suppliers

  • Prices: very reasonable with high quality

If you’re looking for high-quality raw hair from Burma, Naing Myanmar Hair Company is a good choice for your business.

7.3. Tet Nay Lin Co., Ltd- A reliable Burmese raw hair supplier offer the best quality hair

Tet Nay Lin Co., Ltd has been in the hair business for 10 years and is well-known for high quality Burma raw hair at reasonable prices.
Products: hair weft, tip ins, clip ins, closures and frontals


Product of Tet Nay Lin Co., Ltd- A reliable Burmese raw hair supplier offer the best quality hair

  • Price: quite reasonable, 20 USD/ hair weft 10” straight
  • Free Delivery: From 59.8 USD
  • Policy: they accept returns and exchange

If you’re looking for a company that will go above and beyond to meet your demands, go to Tet Nay Lin Co., Ltd.

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