Is Cambodian raw hair worth the investment and where to buy it

Update: 01/12/2023

In this post, you will find out whether Cambodian raw hair is worth the investment and reputable addresses to get the highest quality raw Cambodian hair.

You’ve probably heard about “Cambodian raw hair” if you’re in the hair industry, but you may be wondering what it really refers to. In this article, you’ll find detailed information about raw Cambodian hair and where to buy it.


Is Raw Cambodia Hair Worth The Investment And Where To Buy It

1. The definition of Cambodian raw hair

Raw hair from Cambodia is collected directly from Cambodian hair donors and is natural hair that has not undergone any processing or chemical treatments, the cuticle is still intact. Simply put, Cambodian raw hair is the highest quality Cambodian hair, 100% pure and natural, and is the raw material for making hair extensions such as weft hair, tape-in hair, and clip-in hair…


What is raw hair from Cambodia

2. Origin of raw materials of Cambodian raw hair

Raw materials to make raw hair from Cambodia is sourced from impoverished women in the countryside. Due to difficult living conditions, they often take care of their hair and grow it long, then sell it to hair vendors. However, Cambodia’s economy is also improving, so the number of women selling hair is less, and it is more difficult to get raw Cambodia hair. Some raw hair vendors in Cambodia import hair from other countries, so the quality is difficult to guarantee.

Therefore, if you’re considering buying Cambodian raw hair, you should carefully evaluate many factors and look for raw Cambodian hair reviews. As high-quality raw hair sources are increasingly difficult to find. If you cannot find a reputable supplier, you may end up with inconsistent quality hair sources.


Raw Cambodia hair is sourced from impoverished women in the countryside

3. Something you need to know about Cambodian raw hair from Cambodian raw hair factory

In this part, we will find out something about raw hair from Cambodia in terms of quality, price and sale volume to the world market.

3.1. Quality of raw hair from Cambodia

Raw Cambodian hair, together with Vietnamese raw hair and Malaysian raw hair is the best Asian hair type in the world market today. Cambodia raw hair is considered of high-quality thanks to the following characteristics:

  • The cuticles are still intact and make sure that all hair strands go in the same direction so that the hair doesn’t shed or tangle.
  • Cambodian raw hair is very thick, silky, and strong, and can be dyed, and styled without damage if you take care of it properly. These features are similar to raw hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors. This is because the source of raw Cambodia hair is also the women in small villages, they often use herbal ingredients and cold water when washing their hair, and avoid using chemicals.
  • Raw Cambodia hair is slightly ruffled but this feature is perfect if you want to style curly or wavy hair.

In general, raw hair from Cambodia is of good quality and suitable for coloring and creating curly hairstyles. If you are in the hair business, this is also a source of hair worth investing in


Is Cambodia raw hair quality good or not

3.2. The price of Cambodian raw hair

Cambodia raw hair is not cheap, it belongs to the average segment in the current hair market. But compared to its quality, the hair price is completely reasonable, starting at 15 USD/ 100g 8’’ hair bundle. And here are some factors that affect the input price of raw hair from Cambodia:

  • Materials: Due to the increasingly modern life, the number of women selling hair in Cambodia is less, so hair collectors also need to spend a larger amount of money than before to buy hair from them.
  • Labor: Cambodia is a developing country, so people’s income is low and medium, so the cost of paying workers in Cambodian raw hair factories is also insignificant.
  • Production: Technology and machinery at Cambodia raw hair hair factories are still at a basic level, most of the processes are still done manually. Therefore, the investment cost in facilities and equipment is not much.

From the above factors, it can be seen that despite the high quality of raw materials, raw hair vendors in Cambodia can still sell at the most reasonable and competitive prices in the current hair market.


The cost of paying workers in Cambodia raw hair factories is also insignificant

3.3. Sales volume of Cambodian raw hair to the world market

Every year, raw hair vendors in Cambodia supply a large amount of raw Cambodian hair to the hair market, and the main markets are Africa, America, and China.
Because the hair process is still mainly done by hand, the Cambodia raw hair products that are mainly exported are simple products such as hair bundles and hair wefts.

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4. Cambodian raw hair products that bring the most economic profit

There are two most popular and economical raw hair products from Cambodia which are so sought after in the world hair market: hair bundles and hair weft.

4.1. Hair bundles – the best popular Cambodian raw hair product

Cambodia raw hair is collected and then packaged into bundles. Raw hair bundles in Cambodia generally come in lengths between 8 and 32 inches and weigh about 3.5 ounces (100 grams).

The majority of companies throughout the world, especially in China, US and Africa often buy this raw hair product. They will save money on import taxes and other expenses when importing hair bundles. When having Cambodia raw hair bundles, they just need to add some processing steps to create other hair extensions or make hair wigs, then they can earn 8-10 times more profit from these products.


Hair bundles – the best popular raw hair product in Cambodia

4.2. Cambodian hair weft – another popular type of Cambodian raw hair product

Hair weft is a collection of hair strands that are sewn onto a very thin fabric strip. Weft hair is a popular choice for those with fine or thin hair since it is versatile and effective for getting the look of thick, long hair without putting strain on the real hair.

In Africa, weft hair is extremely popular. Their hair is often short, thin, and frizzy so it is very difficult to make hairstyles. For this reason, many people who want thick, long, or fashionable hair choose Cambodian raw hair weft because it is the quickest and most convenient option.

African people are also ready to spend a lot of money on hair extension products because they frequently experiment with new looks. A lady often changes her hairstyle 6–8 times each year. In these nations, hair dealers and distributors can also purchase raw hair weft from Cambodia to create hair wigs and sell them to clients for a higher price. The hair weft business can bring in a profit 8–10 times annually.


Cambodian hair weft – another popular type of raw hair product from Cambodia

5. Some tips to check the quality of Cambodian raw hair

Some Cambodian hair suppliers get their hair from many different places, so it’s hard to be sure of the quality. If you have relatives or friends near the raw hair factory, you can ask them to come and check the quality of Cambodia raw hair in person. Or if the hair factory provides a hair sample, you can order a sample and check the quality. Follow some of our tips for choosing high-quality Cambodian raw hair:

  • Check by eyes: You need to carefully see if the hair bundle you buy is the correct length as required and whether the length is uniform. In addition, look closely at the ends of the hair to see if it is frizzy and ruffled. If it is, maybe this cuticle has been broken and this is not 100% raw hair, this hair will quickly become weak and break.
  • Check by hands: Use your hand to stroke the hair bundle to see whether the hair is smooth, and swipe several times to check the hair shedding.
  • Sink test: Take a few strands of hair and put them in a glass of water. If the hair is floating, the hair is of good quality, if the hair is submerged, the hair is of poor quality. This is because bad-quality, chemically treated hair can absorb water
  • Smell test: Raw hair will have a clean natural smell because it has not undergone any chemical treatment. If the hair has an unusual smell or a chemical smell, it is not high-quality hair.

With the above hair checks, combined with finding a reputable hair supplier, you can confidently buy good quality hair from raw Cambodia hair suppliers.


Use your hand to stroke the hair bundle to check the quality of raw hair from Cambodia

6. Reliable places to buy high-quality Cambodian raw hair

To save you time and effort looking for places to buy high-quality raw hair from Cambodia. We’ve put together a list of reliable raw hair sellers in Cambodia you can refer to.

6.1. Apsara Cambodian Hair – One of the best raw hair factories in Cambodia with reasonable prices

Apsara Cambodian Hair product range offers a variety of options for those who are new to hair, hair enthusiasts, hair stylists, or those who want to become wholesalers.

  • Main products: straight, naturally wavy, big wave, deep wavy curly hair and Cambodian closures.
  • Price: quite reasonable, starting at 450 USD for 1 kg Cambodian straight hair
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted

Apsara Cambodian Hair is an excellent choice if you want to buy Cambodian raw hair, and they won’t let you down.


Apsara Cambodian Hair’s product

6.2. Angkor Cambodian Hair – One of the most popular Cambodian raw hair suppliers

Angkor Cambodian Hair is one of the best places to get raw Cambodian hair because of the competitive pricing and good quality.

  • Products: Straight, loose wave, body wave, deep wave, and minor curly are the five textures provided for Angkor Cambodian Hair. Not only do they sell wigs, but also have clip-in hair extensions, frontals, closures, grey hair, and white hair.
  • Scale: This raw hair supplier focuses on fulfilling the needs of smaller and medium-sized distributors (1–20 kg for 1 order).
  • Prices: Prices are based on double-drawn straight wefts. Add 10 USD/kg for loose/natural wave; 20 USD/kg for very wavy; and 30 USD/kg for deep wavy/curly.

If you’re looking for Cambodia raw hair of the highest quality, Angkor Cambodian Hair is an excellent choice.


Angkor Cambodian Hair’s product

6.3. Virgin Hair Cambodia – A reliable Cambodian raw hair supplier that offers the best quality hair

The hair extensions and wigs sold by Virgin Hair Cambodia are made from pure, unprocessed Cambodian Remy hair.

  • Products: It is offered in its three original colors, Black, Natural Brown, and Grey, as well as its three original patterns, Straight, Wavy, and Curly. They also provide customized products with meticulously stitching and trimming wefts.
  • Price: This Cambodian raw hair dealer offers high-end products, with prices beginning at $625 for 1 kg of natural straight virgin Remy hair.
  • Policy: Returns within 2 weeks.

Virgin Hair Cambodia is the ideal business to work with and they will do everything it takes to fulfill your needs.


Virgin Hair Cambodia’s product

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