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Ivirgo Hair Reviews – Things Must Read About Them


This article will reveal you all the important information you need to know about Ivirgo Hair reviews so you can decide whether or not to purchase from them.

Ivirgo Hair is one of the most famous and prestigious hair suppliers in Vietnam. Ivirgo Hair reviews have many positive and negative reviews both in terms of quality and service. This article will provide you with the most honest reviews about this factory to find out the truth behind their products.

1. Company overview

Ivirgo Investment And Commerce Joint Stock Company is a Vietnamese company. The organization is among the top Vietnamese businesses that distribute wholesale hair extensions from Vietnamese and Cambodian people to many nations across the globe.

With many years of expertise in the hair industry, they have a full understanding of the diverse client expectations in every nation. They have a lot of loyal customers in markets like Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, Israel, Ukraine, the UK, Italy, Argentina, France, and the US. The company is always looking for and working with new clients throughout the globe. They promise not to let you down when you choose Ivirgo hair!

Some Ivirgo Hair reviews said that their website is still quite simple and not professional like other big hair suppliers in Vietnam such as Vin Hair, Mic Hair, 5S Hair, etc. However, the website is also user-friendly and easy to use.

Ivirgo Hair is one of the most popular hair companies in Vietnam
Ivirgo Hair is one of the most popular hair companies in Vietnam

2. The most honest Ivirgo Hair reviews

Reviews show a rapidly growing business with increasing popularity. But does that guarantee that their items are of high quality and that they provide excellent customer service? We’ll be taking a look at some of the most honest Ivirgo Hair Vietnam reviews to see what customers are saying about the quality, pricing, and service of this company.

2.1. Products and quality

Ivirgo Hair Vietnam is committed to providing products made from Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair that have not been processed, or exposed to chemicals. But in fact, hair products, in one way or another, have to go through processing stages to become more uniform.

  • Their main product categories include color hair, human hair extensions, lace closure and frontals, raw Cambodian hair, Vietnamese hair.
  • They offer products in different colors and designs in lengths from 6-32 inches. Colors include: black, blonde, dark brown, red, blue… Styles include: straight, bone straight hair, deep wavy, deep curly…
  • According to Ivirgo Hair reviews, Ivirgo hair is one of the Vietnamese hair suppliers that import hair from Cambodia and provide hair for its customers. Cambodia and Vietnam hair also have many similarities because these two countries are geographically close to each other. Ivirgo hair Vietnam also offers a wide range of Cambodian hair products including Cambodian hair bundles, straight hair and curly virgin hair.
  • Other Vietnamese hair suppliers usually require a minimum order quantity from 500grams but Ivirgo hair only require minimum order from 200grams (2 hair bundles).
Ivirgo Hair's products
Ivirgo Hair’s products
Closure and frontal at Ivirgo Hair
Closure and frontal at Ivirgo Hair

If you have read Ivirgo Hair Vietnam reviews, you may have seen various images where past clients have left them wonderful comments. This suggests that they are somewhat persuaded by the Ivirgo hair products’ quality.

Positive reviews on product' quality
Positive reviews on product’ quality

According to testimonials about Ivirgo Hair, there are also many customers who complain about the quality, they say that the hair falls out quickly and is not as advertised.

Negative reviews on product' quality
Negative reviews on product’ quality

2.2. Ivirgo Hair reviews about prices

According to Ivirgo Hair Vietnam reviews, the company’s hair prices are on par with those of other major hair brands in Vietnam and belong to the average segment of the hair market. But customers have to contact the business to find out how much each item costs since the prices aren’t listed on the website.

This is a drawback that many internet shoppers find quite annoying. Ivirgo Hair reviews show that most customers said the price matches the quality, and they have many discounts and promotions.

Prices of Ivirgo Hair
Prices of Ivirgo Hair

Ivirgo hair reviews show that most customers said the price matches the quality, and they have many discounts and promotions.

Reviews about Ivirgo's prices
Reviews about Ivirgo’s prices

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2.3. Customer services

Customers can contact Ivirgo Hair’s customer support staff via email or WhatsApp. In addition, you can also contact them via their Facebook fan page, but the response time is a bit slow. Ivirgo Hair Vietnam has an enthusiastic and professional customer care team and consultants.

They always answer questions and support the fastest and most effective customers. In Ivirgo hair reviews, many customers praise this supplier’s customer service, the customer care team is always on hand and ready to answer their questions. However, some customers also complain about Ivirgo Hair’s customer service.

2.4. Payment

Bank transfers, MoneyGram, Western Union, Agent, and PayPal are all accepted by Ivirgo Hair Vietnam. Ivirgo Hair Vietnam accepts payments made using PayPal, a secure payment option with guaranteed buyer protection.

However, you must meet certain order requirements to be able to pay via Paypal They’ll make an effort to lower the taxes and customs costs you have to pay so you can unwind. According to Ivirgo hair reviews, their shipments often don’t need to pay import or customs duties. If you have trouble paying, don’t worry. The sales staff will help you as much as they can and keep your information safe.

Payment methods accepted by Ivirgo Hair
Payment methods accepted by Ivirgo Hair

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2.5. Shipping

For delivery, they cooperate with shipping companies like UPS, DHL, Fedex, EMS, etc. Usually, delivery takes 5 to 10 days, depending on the location. The goods will be delivered directly to the consumer. Ivirgo Hair Vietnam always keeps a close eye on the delivery process to make sure it goes quickly and safely.

Shipping costs are determined by the amount of hair you purchase. Shipping costs will increase if the goods are heavier, but you will save money if you buy more. When buying internationally, that’s normal.

Reviews on the shipping of Ivirgo Hair
Reviews on the shipping of Ivirgo Hair

2.6. Returns and exchanges

Ivirgo Hair Vietnam, like other reputable hair manufacturers, accepts returns and refunds if customers are not satisfied with their purchase. If you buy something from Ivirgo Hair Vietnam and aren’t satisfied with it, you have 7 days to return or exchange it. However, you must meet the following criteria for a return or exchange to be considered:

  • Unused, unprocessed products
  • Products have production faults
  • Items are shipped exactly to the location specified by Ivirgo Hair within the specified time.

Return shipping cost

  • Ivirgo Hair will pay for return shipping if the item is sent wrong or has a manufacturing defect.
  • Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer if the customer’s actions result in damaged or defective items.
  • Ivirgo Hair will put the money back into your PayPal or Vietnamese bank account if the goods you sent back or exchanged meet the requirements.
Reviews on exchanges and returns of Ivirgo
Reviews on exchanges and returns of Ivirgo

3. Should you buy hair from Ivirgo Hair Vietnam?

Ivirgo Hair is a reliable Vietnamese hair vendor, as seen in Ivirgo Hair Reviews. They will, however, also have drawbacks and unfavorable comments since nothing is flawless. Based on your own needs and the reviews above, you can decide if Ivirgo hair Vietnam is the best choice for you.

Getting hair extensions is a smart move because they give you a lot of styling options without requiring you to buy new products all the time. Spend your money wisely and on worthwhile endeavors. Happy shopping! For more information: vinhairvendor.com

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