Jen Hair Vietnam Reviews And The Mystery Behind Their Products

Update: 07/12/2023

This blog will be useful for those who are looking for Jen Hair Vietnam Reviews because it contains the most honest ones from experts and customers.

Jen hair is one of the most famous and prestigious hair suppliers in Vietnam. So are their quality and service worthy of the top spot? Let’s look at Jen hair Vietnam reviews to see if we should buy from them.

1. Jen hair Vietnam reviews: Company overview

Established in 2017, Jenhair Vietnam has grown rapidly with the mission of “bringing the best quality made in Vietnam and made by Vietnam products around the world, and at the same time becoming the leading export company in Vietnam. Male”. With thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world, Jenhair Vietnam is proud to be the market leader in the hair business in Vietnam.

  • According to Jen hair Vietnam reviews, from 2007 to 2012, the main activity was to buy hair from retail customers, then undergo harsh treatment and provided to domestic hair manufacturing companies.
  • From 2012 to 2017, despite the fact that Jen hair has not officially established a business, several partners from all over the globe approached them as a potential and reputable source for hair.

Jen Hair is a top choice when mentioning Vietnamese hair factory

2. The most honest Jen hair Vietnam reviews about their quality, prices and services

Jen hair business has an excellent reputation. If you read reviews about this hair company, you will see that the business has expanded rapidly. But does that guarantee their product quality and customer service standards? In this section, let’s take a closer look at Jen hair Vietnam reviews, the quality of the company’s products, and the value that the company brings to customers.

2.1. Jen hair Vietnam reviews about products and quality

Jen hair is committed to getting hair only from one source. Most of their hair comes from the women of the Central Highlands, where it is a tradition for women to have long hair. Why Jen hair has to go to the Central Highlands to buy hair and not go to the city is probably a common question.

Because highland people often have very long and smooth hair. Most of them use herbs to wash their hair for shiny, strong hair. In addition, Jen hair buys hair from teenage girls. Their hair is very shiny, healthy and silky.


Jen Hair’s products

In Jen hair Vietnam reviews, customers said that their website interface is quite simple and user-friendly.

They claim that their products are only made from Vietnamese hair and don’t mix with other hair sources or synthetic hair. However, in fact, some Vietnamese hair vendors also import hair from other neighboring countries in the same region, such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos and mix it with Vietnamese hair. These hair types also have the same quality and characteristics as Vietnamese hair.

  • Jen hair’s product line is not too diverse, they have 3 main product categories: bulk hair, weft hair, closure & frontal.
    From straight to curly, and even from natural to bleached and dyed, Jen hair has a broad variety of hairstyles. Hair colors including piano, chocolate brown, blond, and red wine, and cuts like pixie and afro kinky are all on trend.
  • In reviews of Jen hair, it can be seen that their best-selling and most popular products are curly hair products such as water curly, pixie, kinkly curly, deep wave… Customers rave about the products. their curly hair is high quality, the curls are even and the shape can hold for a long time.

When discussing Jen hair Vietnam reviews, they have received a lot of favorable comments on forums and social media. They are highly recognized for their high quality weft hair.


Jen hair Vietnam received a lot of favorable comments on forums and social media

However, there are also some customers complain about the quality of their hair. They say Jen’s hair quality is decreasing day by day.


Some customers left complain about the quality of their hair

2.2. Jen hair Vietnam reviews about prices

The price at Jen hair is in the middle segment of the hair market, on par with other big hair suppliers in Vietnam. However, the product price is not specified on the website, and customers must contact the company to inquire about the price of each type of product. This is a disadvantage that many customers find quite uncomfortable when shopping online.

Jen hair Vietnam reviews said they have many offers, special discounts during major holidays and competitive prices for wholesale orders. Customers buying from 3kg or more will have a better price. Buy more than 10 kg coal and save $5/kg and buy more than 30 kg coal and save $10/kg.


The product price is not specified on the website

When discussing Jen hair Vietnam reviews about the price, customers are quite satisfied with the price of Jen hair, and they say it matches the quality of the product.


Customers are quite satisfied with the price of Jen hair

2.3. Jen hair Vietnam reviews about their customer services

Jen hair has knowledgeable customer service teams and consultants. Every day, an expert will advise 5-10 customers for the most timely and professional care and guidance. Jen hair always aims at 100% customer satisfaction. In addition to the website, they also have other social networking platforms such as facebook, instagram, Line.. You can also contact Jen hair through these platforms.

Jen hair has an email address and a hotline for customers to contact their customer care team. They also have messenger chat on their website so customers can chat directly with them but the response time is a bit long.

Vietnam hair factories are famous for their professional customer service and so is Jen hair. Jen hair prides itself on professional customer service. In Jen hair Vietnam reviews, many customers praise their friendly and enthusiastic customer service. When a customer encounters any problem, the customer care team always tries to solve it as quickly as possible.


In testimonials, many customers praise their friendly and enthusiastic customer service

However, sometimes Jen hair cannot avoid mistakes. There are some customers in Jen hair Vietnam reviews complaining about their customer support because they try to contact them but get no resolution.


There are some customers complaining about Jen Hair customer support

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2.4. Jen hair Vietnam reviews about payment

Jen hair accepts Bank Transfer, Money Gram, Western Union, Agent and Paypal. In particular, Jen hair accepts payment via PayPal, a secure payment method with a buyer protection policy.

However, to get paid with Paypal, you also have to meet some of their terms.They will try to reduce the amount of taxes and customs fees you pay, so you can relax. Jen hair Vietnam reviews said that most of the time, their shipments don’t need paying import or customs taxes.


Jen hair accepts Bank Transfer, Money Gram, Western Union, Agent and Paypal

2.5. Jen hair Vietnam reviews about shipping

They cooperate with shipping carriers UPS, DHL, Air Way, Ocean Shipping to delivery the goods. Delivery time is usually from 5-10 days depending on the region. The hair will be delivered to consumers’ hands by the shipping agency. Jenhair will also keep a close eye on this procedure to ward against any potential hazards.


Jen Hair cooperates with shipping carriers UPS, DHL, Air Way, Ocean Shipping to deliver the goods

Most customers are satisfied with the delivery service of Jen hair. They say fast delivery time and safe delivery service.


Positive reviews on delivery service

However, there are also some customers who are disappointed with the delivery service and the delivery time is delayed without notice.


Negative reviews on delivery service

2.6. Jen hair Vietnam reviews about Returns and Exchanges

Like other the best hair factory in the world, Jen hair accepts returns and refunds because they are confident in the quality of their products. Anything sent by Jenhair Vietnam can be changed or returned within 10 days of receiving the package. According to Jen hair Vietnam reviews, to be eligible for an exchange or refund, your product must meet the following conditions:

  • Unprocessed, unused goods
  • Products have manufacturing flaws
  • Within the allowed period, goods are delivered precisely at the place specified by Jenhair Vietnam.

Return shipping costs:

  • When the products were supplied incorrectly or contain manufacturing defects, Jenhair Vietnam will cover the return shipping costs.
  • When the products were damaged or rendered faulty by the customer, the client is responsible for covering the return shipping costs.

If the returned or exchanged products meet the requirements, Jenhair Vietnam will send a refund to your Paypal or Vietnamese bank account.


Exchange and return policy of Jen Hair

3. Should you buy hair from Jen hair after reading Jen hair Vietnam reviews

In general, it can be seen that Jen hair is a reputable Vietnamese hair supplier. However nothing is perfect, they will also have disadvantages and negative comments. Depending on your specific needs and through the above Jen hair Vietnam reviews, you can decide if they are right for you.

Investing in hair extensions is a wise choice since they provide you a variety of style choices without requiring you to purchase new items often. Decide wisely and spend your money on useful projects. Have fun shopping!

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