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Vietnamese Straight Hair – The Most Popular In The Hair Market


Vietnamese straight hair is always the dream of many girls. Read on to discover what makes Vietnamese straight hair special and where to buy it in this article.

Long straight hair is every girl’s dream. Referring to naturally straight hair, it is impossible not to mention Vietnamese straight hair. In this post, we’ll learn about Vietnamese hair origin and marvel at the enchanting beauty of this hair item.

1. Find out the origin of Vietnamese straight hair

Most Vietnamese women have naturally straight hair, especially women in the mountains and highlands, where the climate is mild and less affected by direct sunlight. Here, Vietnamese women often have a tradition of growing long hair and taking care of their hair with natural herbs and a healthy lifestyle, so their hair is extremely beautiful and strong.

Vietnamese long hair is also the dream of many girls because it enhances the beauty of personality and tenderness for women. Referring to Vietnamese long hair, people often think of the image of a gentle, meek woman with ao dai as a symbol of Vietnamese women.

Most Vietnamese women have naturally straight hair
Most Vietnamese women have naturally straight hair

2. The outstanding beauty of Vietnamese straight hair

Vietnamese straight hair is usually naturally black, durable and strong, the dream of many women around the world:

  • Natural straight and black: Vietnam straight hair is naturally straight and black, soft and smooth thanks to the natural characteristics of the region and because Vietnamese women often wash their hair with herbs such as locust, and grapefruit peel,…
  • Can be easily styled and colored: Thanks to its natural straight texture, Vietnamese straight hair can be easily styled, from way, curly or kinky curly… Vietnamese hair can also be easily dyed and can be bleached up to the highest color tone, like 60 or 613 blonde. After dyeing and styling, Vietnamese hair still retains its strength if cared for properly. Africans, their natural hair is usually short and curly, so they love and desire Vietnam straight hair.
  • Strong and durable: Vietnam straight hair is very strong and durable, Vietnamese hair extensions made from this hair  do not need chemical treatment or very little chemical to style. If you take care of it properly, it can last up to 5 years.

Above are the outstanding features of Vietnam straight hair. It can be seen that there is no other hair type in the world that has such outstanding characteristics and quality.

Characteristics of Vietnam straight hair
Characteristics of Vietnam straight hair

3. Tips for you to buy high-quality Vietnamese straight hair

In this section, we will give you some tips to help you buy the best quality Vietnamese straight hair from the most reputable Vietnamese hair suppliers.

3.1. Some tips to check the quality of hair

You can do smell tests, shedding tests, distinguish human hair vs synthetic hair and check grades to buy high-quality Vietnam straight hair:

  • Smell test: If a product has an unpleasant smell that remains after many items of washing, it is probably processed by harmful chemicals.
  • Shedding test: While you comb hair extensions with your fingers, the hair seems smooth and separates easily with little or no shedding, it is high-quality hair. On the other hand, if your fingers get stuck in the hair and then have strands of hair on your hands, it’s a sign that the hair is of low quality.
  • Human hair vs synthetic hair: This is a perfect way to ensure that Vietnamese hair is 100% human or mixed with synthetic. You simply pull out a few long hairs and hold them over the flame. When the hair begins to burn, it’s time to watch carefully. Human hair when burned will have no black smoke, a little burning smell, and produce soft ash.
  • If you want to know the grade of Vietnam straight hair extensions, look at their thickness. The best hair extensions are uniform thicknesses from top to bottom and have no gaps in between when holding them up.

Above are some suggestions for you to buy high-quality Vietnam straight hair. It is best to buy a hair sample and check it out, or you can ask the supplier to check the quality of the hair via video using the above methods.

Burn hair extension test
Burn hair extension test

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3.2. Top recommended Vietnamese hair factories where you can buy Vietnamese straight hair

Here are some top recommendations for finding the highest-quality, most reasonably-priced Vietnamese straight hair. In addition to high quality and affordable products, they also have great customer service and fast delivery.

3.2.1. Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is one of the leading Vietnamese hair suppliers, providing high-quality hair. Vietnamese straight hair is one of the most sought-after products at this supplier.

  • Vin Hair products meet customer needs internationally while preserving the suppleness and smoothness of human Vietnamese hair. 100% of the products are high-quality human raw hair, carefully collected and processed, without any chemicals.
  • Products: bulk hair, weft hair, hair extensions, and wigs with a variety of textures such as natural straight, wavy, curly and lengths up to 38 inches.
  • Price: from 8.8 – 109.5 USD for 100g of Vietnam straight hair bundle
  • Exchanges and returns are accepted within 7 days after receiving the goods.

If you’re looking to buy high-quality Vietnamese straight hair, go no further than Vin Hair Vendor.

Some outstanding products of Vin Hair Vendor
Some outstanding products of Vin Hair Vendor

3.3.2. 5S Hair 

If you’re in the market for a trustworthy Vietnamese hair provider of premium Vietnamese hair, 5S Hair should be on your list of potential vendors.

  • Products: raw bulk hair, Vietnamese bone straight hair, wavy, curly pixie,…but no hair wigs
  • Price: Vietnamese bone straight hair starts at $14.
  • Exchanges and returns are accepted

If you’re just starting out in the hair business and searching for the best Vietnam straight hair suppliers, go to 5S Hair.

5S HAIR's product
5S HAIR’s product

3.3.3. Mic Hair

Vietnam hair factories are getting more and more attention and support from wholesalers. Founded 10 years ago, Mic Hair is one of the most reliable Vietnam hair factories offering high-quality Vietnam straight hair.

  • Products: weave hair, bulk hair, closure, frontal, hair extension, with many hair lengths and textures.
  • Price: from $7.7 for a straight hair bundle
  • Exchanges and returns are accepted

Mic Hair, with its Vietnamese hair products, is without a doubt an excellent companion and will make you satisfied.

MIC HAIR's product
MIC HAIR’s product

3.3.4. Cyhair 

Cyhair has a big and loyal customer base from all over the world and is one of the top providers of quality human hair products.

  • Products: raw hair bundles, bone straight hair, closure and frontal, tip hair, tape hair…
  • Price: from $93/kg of natural straight Remy hair weft ( 8-30 inch)
  • Exchanges and returns are accepted

Cyhair is a reliable source for Vietnam straight hair of superior quality, and is widely regarded as one of the industry’s top distributors.

CYHAIR's product
CYHAIR’s product

3.3.5. Layla Hair 

If you’re looking for a fresh and contemporary hairstyle, go for the high-quality hair extensions sold by Layla Hair, a company that offers the best hair quality at a reasonable price.

  • Products: hair bundles, hair weave, clip in hair, tape in hair, lace wigs…
  • Price: very competitive, closure & bundles start at 71 USD
  • Policy: return/exchange policy for 2 days
LAYLA HAIR's product
LAYLA HAIR’s product

Layla Hair is an excellent option for you to consider if you are looking for Vietnamese straight hair of high quality.

Vietnamese straight hair is a worthwhile investment because of its high quality and affordability. Customers who desire straight, sleek, shiny and silky hair will not be disappointed with this hair type.

Source: Vin Hair Vendor

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