Top 10 Best Cambodian Raw Hair Vendors New Updated

Update: 01/12/2023

This article will update the latest information about the top 10 best Cambodian raw hair vendors specializing in providing quality products on the market.

Cambodian raw hair is one of the most popular hair types on the market. If you love this hair type and want to know more about Cambodian raw hair vendors, keep reading for some facts behind them and top the best ones for the time being.

1. The definition of a Cambodian raw hair vendor

Cambodian raw hair vendor is a business, company, or factory that supplies Cambodian raw hair which is the purest, natural hair that is obtained from hair donors and has not through any chemical process. This is also the highest quality raw material of raw Cambodian hair vendors for producing hair extensions such as hair weft, tip hair, clip hair, or tape in…


Must Know Facts About Cambodian Raw Hair Vendors And Top Picks


Cambodian raw hair vendor is a business, company, or factory that supplies Cambodian raw hair

2. Some facts about Cambodian raw hair vendors

In this part, we will go through some facts about raw hair vendors in Cambodia in terms of classification, hair quality, scale production and price of Cambodian raw hair vendor.

2.1. Classification of Cambodian raw hair vendors

There are 2 types of Cambodian raw hair vendors: hair factories and commercial companies. Each has different features and bring customers different benefits.

  • A hair factory is a place that directly produces hair, they have factories, machines, equipment and skilled workers to serve the production process. They buy hair directly from hair donors so they will provide the most competitive and stable quality raw hair to their customers.
  • A commercial company is a business that buys hair from a factory and then sells it to customers. They don’t have a factory but have a warehouse to store their products. Their customers are usually hair retailers or smaller distributors or final consumers.

Customers who purchase from each form of Raw Cambodian hair vendor will have distinct advantages. One type’s benefits are the other’s drawbacks, and vice versa.

  • Due to the absence of middlemen, purchasing hair directly from a hair manufacturer will result in constant hair quality and the lowest prices. Additionally, they can produce a large amount of hair in a short amount of time. However, hair manufacturers concentrate on the production of a restricted number of products, and their customer service is not good as that of commercial companies.
  • In contrast, buying hair from commercial companies will cost more than buying from hair manufacturers because they are middlemen, and the quality of their hair will vary because they may purchase it from different sources. However, they will have a greater variety of products, greater customer service, and more discounts.

Each type of raw hair vendor will give you different advantages and disadvantages. If the hair factory can give you more consistent quality with certain products at competitive prices, the trading company can be more inclusive, offering a wider range of items and can give you better preferential policies and services.


Raw hair vendors in Cambodia include hair factories and commercial companies

2.2. Quality of hair supplied by Cambodian raw hair vendors

Here are some key characteristics of raw hair from a Cambodian raw hair vendor which make it outstanding among numerous hair types in the world hair market.

  • The hair cuticle remains intact and aligned because the hair has not gone through chemicals. All hairs go in one direction, so hair doesn’t tangle or fall out.
  • The hair is quite thick, strong, and naturally black. Hair can be dyed, bleached, and then colored very evenly. This is because Cambodian women often take care of their hair with natural ingredients, avoid chemical products and wash their hair with cold water.
  • Cambodian hair is a bit wavy and ruffled so it will work best with curly or wave hairstyles. When making these hairstyles, it will keep the shape for a long time.

However, nowadays, life is becoming more and more developed, very few women sell their hair, so high-quality Cambodian raw hair is rare. Some Cambodian raw hair vendors even buy hair from another source and mix it with Cambodian raw hair. So if you want to buy high-quality hair you need to research and find out carefully before ordering


Key characteristics of raw hair from a Cambodian raw hair vendor

2.3. Scale production of Cambodian raw hair vendors

The following are a few interesting facts about the scale production of raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendors. The scale production of Cambodia is almost the same as those in other Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Malaysia,…

  • The number of raw hair vendors in Cambodia: is a small number, about 30-40 factories scattered throughout the country. But most of them are small-scale like household factories or mini-workshops.
  • Processing technique: Raw Cambodian hair vendors process the hair in the traditional way, mainly by hand. Their technology and machines are still underdeveloped, so manual labor is the main thing.
  • Labor: Cambodian workers are famous for their hard work, and meticulous attention to detail, so hair products from Cambodian raw hair vendors are cherished and carefully selected to bring the best quality to customers.
  • Production capacity: Due to raw Cambodian hair vendors having limited supply and not mass production, large orders need to wait a long time, especially for products such as weft. hair, tape hair, or clip-ins. However, the hair will always be fresh and guaranteed in both quality and quantity for customers.

It can be seen that though the raw Cambodian hair is of high quality, sales volume of raw Cambodian hair vendor to the world market is not much due to the small scale of hair factories here and limited domestic raw hair supply.


Facts about the scale production of raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendors

2.4. The price of hair from Cambodian raw hair vendors

Cambodian hair prices are not cheap, in the mid-range segment of the hair market, starting at 12$ for 100gr 8″ raw bulk hair. But with high-quality hair sources, it’s really good value for the money. Raw materials supply, cheap labor and processing technique are some factors that influence hair suppliers’ decisions to set market prices:

  • High-quality raw materials from Cambodian raw hair vendors: Because fewer women are selling hair in Cambodia as a result of the country’s more modern economy, hair collectors must now pay more money than in the past to get high-quality hair from these women.
  • Cheap labor of raw hair vendors in Cambodia: Because Cambodia is a developing nation with low and middle-income levels, the cost of employing employees in raw hair companies there is also cheap.
  • Production in Cambodian raw hair factories: Cambodian raw hair factories still use old technology and equipment, with many operations being done out by hand. So the investment cost in machinery or equipment is not much.

From the above factors, you can see that even with a high-quality hair source, Cambodia raw hair vendors can still provide hair at the most competitive and reasonable price in the market.


Some factors that influence hair suppliers’ decisions to set market prices

3. Some tips to find the reliable Cambodian raw hair vendors

Currently, Cambodia also has a lot of raw hair companies. To help you find the most reputable Cambodian raw hair factory, we have listed some tips below:

  • Searching for information about raw hair vendors in Cambodias on the Internet, social networking platforms.
  • The websites of reliable Cambodian raw hair factory must be clear and transparent with specific information, including company information, product information, related policies, and services.
  • You can search for Cambodian raw hair factory’s name on the internet or on social media to see reviews from their customers. But you should also be careful with companies with 100% good reviews because they may hire reviewers. You can choose companies that have 70-80% good reviews.
  • Avoid any Cambodian Hair Vendors that insist on prepayment and try to avoid answering your questions.
  • Get up a list of questions to ask the salespeople about hair origin, hair process, payment method, and return policy… Reputable Cambodian raw hair vendors will be ready to answer any of your questions, even tough ones
  • Read the company’s return and refund policies carefully. It is better to choose a Cambodian raw hair vendor that accepts returns or refunds because this will help you avoid the risk of your purchase.

With the tips mentioned above, you will have the list of reliable Cambodia raw hair vendors from which you can choose the most suitable one that best fits your needs.


Searching for information about raw hair vendors in Cambodia

4. Some tips to get a good deal from Cambodian raw hair vendors

If you want your business to succeed, quality is very important, but the price is also essential. Here are a few pointers on how to get a good deal from Cambodia raw hair vendors:

  • Contact with many salespeople in the same company: A Cambodian raw hair factory has many salespeople and you can get in touch with them at the same time because each person can give you different incentives. You may then choose the best deal from there.
  • Ask prices for various order quantities: Although the first order is not a bulk order, top wholesale hair vendors will gladly give you the best price possible.
  • Once you’ve negotiated all ways about the price with a Cambodian raw hair vendor, you shouldn’t rush to place your order with the vendor. Tell them that “I need to think more about this price”, ” I need to discuss it with my boss”… and let them wait.
  • Most Cambodian raw hair vendors have special policies and many incentives for their loyal customers. So when you choose a potential and satisfactory supplier, be loyal to them.

In a nutshell, the top priorities for the success of the hair business are selecting a dependable Cambodian hair seller and negotiating a fair price. With the tips above, you will have a good relationship with the hair vendor and they will give you the best price.


How to get a good deal from raw hair vendors in Cambodia

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5. Top the best Cambodian raw hair vendors

To buy high-quality hair sources, you need to find reputable hair suppliers. Here is a list of the 5 most reputable raw hair vendors in Cambodia that we have selected based on many criteria that you can refer to.

5.1. Angkor Cambodian Hair – The top Cambodian raw hair vendors

One of the leading Cambodia raw hair vendors, Angkor Cambodian Hair offers wholesale factory-direct prices on the highest quality hair.

  • Products: Angkor Cambodian Hair comes in five different patterns: straight, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, and minor curled. They also provide clip-ins, wigs, closures, frontals, grey and white hair…
  • Scale: This Cambodian raw hair vendors concentrate on fulfilling orders for medium-sized wholesalers (1–20 kg for 1 order).
  • Prices: very reasonable. Prices are calculated based on double-drawn straight wefts. Add 10 USD/kg for loose/natural wave; 20 USD/kg for very wavy; and 30 USD/kg for deep wavy/curly.

Angkor Cambodian Hair is a fantastic Cambodian raw hair vendor if you’re looking for high-quality Cambodian raw hair.


Angkor Cambodian Hair – The top raw hair vendors in Cambodia

5.2. Cambodian Hair extensions – The popular Cambodian raw hair vendors

With over five years of experience, Cambodian Hair Extensions is a leading provider of raw Cambodian hair extensions.

  • Products: Closures and frontals, blend hair, hair weft and hair wigs with two main colors: brown and black
  • Price: quite cheap, from 102 USD for 1kg wavy hair and from 138 USD for 1kg 22 inch straight hair
  • Policy: They don’t accept return

Cambodian Hair extensions is another option you can choose for your business.


Cambodian Hair extensions – The popular Cambodian raw hair vendors

5.3. Virgin Hair Cambodia – The best Cambodian raw hair factory with the best quality hair

Virgin Hair Cambodia offers high-quality products made from unprocessed, 100% Virgin Remy Cambodian hair.

  • Products: It comes in its 3 original colors: Black, Natural Brown, and Grey and its 3 original textures: Straight, and Wavy, Curly. By carefully sewing and trimming their wefts, they are able to provide a significantly custom fit.
  • Price: The prices from this Cambodian raw hair vendor are in the high-end market, starting at $625 for 1 kilogram of natural straight virgin Remy hair, which vary according to hair length.
  • Policy: Returns are accepted within 2 weeks.

Virgin Hair Cambodia is the best company to work with, and they will put everything in their power to meet your demands.


Cambodian Hair extensions – The popular Cambodian raw hair vendors

5.4. Apsara Cambodian Hair – The top Cambodian raw hair factory with reasonable prices

Apsara Cambodian Hair is a reliable Cambodian raw hair vendor you can refer to.

  • Main products: straight, big wave, natural wavy, deep wavy curly hairstyles and closures with custom colors.
  • Price: Starting at $450.00 for 1 kg Cambodian straight hair, it is cheaper than Virgin Hair Cambodia and on par with Angkor Air Cambodia.

With high quality and reasonable price, Apsara Cambodian Hair may be a great partner for your business.


Apsara Cambodian Hair – The top Cambodian raw hair factory with reasonable prices

5.5. Cambodian Hair Freak – One of the trustworthy Cambodian raw hair vendors

The suggested Cambodian raw hair suppliers in this blog post provide quite similar quality. But Cambodian Hair Freak does have a few notable features:

  • Material: almost remy hair
  • Products: hair bundles with 3 main textures are straight, wavy and curly. Popular products are lace wigs.
  • Price: Natural straight hair costs 105 usdUSD / kilogram, with price changes depending on length.
  • Policy: There is no refund or exchange policy at this Cambodian raw hair factory. Maybe this is because they are confident about the quality of their hair.

Among the many Cambodian raw hair vendors in the market to you, Cambodian Hair Freak is an excellent option.


Cambodian Hair Freak – One of the trustworthy Cambodian raw hair vendors

5.6. Yummy Hair

With over ten years of experience in the hair extensions industry, Yummy Hair is consistently ranked among the most renowned Cambodian raw hair suppliers and the top wholesale hair supplier in the global hair market.

  • Yummy Hair is dedicated to offering hair products that contain neither synthetic fibers nor animal hair, but solely Cambodian raw hair.
  • This hair dealer charges a hefty fee for high-quality hair, but it is well worth it. Raw Cambodian hair bundles start at $115.
  • They also stand out for their quick delivery; all validated orders are sent within three business days or less.

Yummy Hair is the ideal choice for those looking for high-end product lines of the highest quality.

5.7. Esee Wigs

Esee Wigs is a raw Cambodian hair producer situated in Cambodia, with over ten years of hair business experience. They are currently one of the most prominent Cambodian raw hair vendors.

  • This hair vendor specializes in offering high-quality raw Cambodian hair bundles and wigs to both individual clients and businesses but mostly provides raw Cambodian hair wholesale.
  • One of the notable characteristics is its affordable wholesale pricing, which makes it an excellent choice for individuals wishing to buy hair in bulk for resale.
  • It’s worth mentioning that their return policy looks to be more liberal for business purchasers than for individual consumers, so make sure you read their conditions carefully.

Due to its reputable product quality and inexpensive pricing, this Cambodian raw hair vendor has gained consumers from all over the world.

Esee Wigs offers a variety of products with many promotional offers

Esee Wigs offers a variety of products with many promotional offers

5.8. The Elect Cambodian Hair

Elect Cambodian Hair has had a huge influence on the raw Cambodian hair extensions market and is widely considered as one of the most prominent and famous raw Cambodian hair suppliers.

  • Specializing in quality 100% raw Cambodian hair extensions sourced responsibly, their goods are famous for their outstanding softness, durability, and perfect blending with natural hair.
  • Although their Cambodian raw hair products are priced premium, the quality outweighs the expense.
  • The Elect Cambodian Hair is known for its individualized customer service, which includes quick response times and careful help.

With years of industry expertise, this raw Cambodian hair seller has established a reputation for prestige and quality, continuously earning a spot on the list of the most prominent Cambodian raw hair vendors.

5.9. Jorani Raw Hair

At Jorani Raw Hair, a Cambodian hair manufacturer, donors provide the best raw Cambodian hair.

  • They offer raw Cambodian curly, wavy, and straight hair to suit a variety of tastes.
  • Because Jorani Raw Hair’s products are of the highest quality, they are not cheap. From $50 for a simple hair product.
  • Customers applaud this raw Cambodian hair provider for providing excellent customer service. They responded quickly to questions and handled any concerns professionally.

Jorani Raw Hair is a solid alternative for individuals looking for diversity, offering a wide range of items at reasonable pricing.

5.10. Hair By Sisi

Hair by Sisi is a high-end online company specializing in premium Cambodian raw hair and high-quality hair care products.

  • They specialize in raw human hair weaves, hair bundles, hair wigs, tape-in hair extensions, and hair care products.
  • This raw Cambodian hair seller distinguishes itself with its competitive pricing, which starts at $40 for 100g of raw bulk hair. This low cost makes it a more affordable option than many other raw Cambodian hair dealers.
  • They actively engage with consumers, respond quickly to inquiries, and provide a flawless purchase and delivery experience, all while being supported by a responsive and devoted crew.

Hair By Sisi has a global consumer base as a result of its acclaimed product quality and affordable pricing.

Hair by Sisi is a high-end online company specializing in premium Cambodian raw hair

Hair by Sisi is a high-end online company specializing in premium Cambodian raw hair

6. FAQs about Cambodian raw hair vendors

Below are frequently asked questions related to Cambodian raw hair vendors and detailed answers.

6.1. Some useful tips when working with Cambodian raw hair vendors?

The following are some suggestions for working with the Cambodian raw hair vendor and becoming their important partner:

  • If the initial order is of high quality and satisfies you, promise a bigger order will follow. In this way, you might get a discount from a Cambodian raw hair vendor.
  • If you want to build trust and have a smooth working relationship, you should always pay Cambodian raw hair vendors on time.
  • Keep regular communication with the sales staff and/or representatives of Cambodian raw hair vendors. If you keep in good contact with them, every time there is a promotion or discount they will quickly notify you.
  • Sometimes they can make mistakes, even if they are the best raw Cambodian hair vendors. Therefore, caution is essential. Each time you receive the goods, you should record a video as evidence if there is a complaint later.
  • With large orders, you should calculate the time and ask them on time because Cambodian raw hair vendors have small production scales and limited supply, so sometimes large orders will be delayed.

Above is useful information about raw hair vendors in Cambodia. Hope it will be useful to you and you will find the best raw Cambodian hair vendor for your business.


Suggestions for working with the Cambodian raw hair vendor and becoming their important partner

6.2. What are the advantages of Cambodian hair?

Cambodian hair extensions are famous for their exceptional quality, natural beauty, and versatility, making them a popular choice among those seeking to enhance their appearance. Here are some of the key benefits of Cambodian hair extensions:

  • Natural appearance: Cambodian hair is known for its silky, smooth texture and natural shine, closely resembling Caucasian hair. This allows for a seamless blend with your own hair, creating an undetectable and aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Longevity: Properly cared-for Cambodian hair extensions can last for several years, making them a worthwhile investment. The hair’s durability stems from its unprocessed state, which preserves its strength and resilience.
  • Low maintenance: Unlike synthetic or chemically treated hair, Cambodian raw hair requires minimal maintenance. Its natural cuticles minimize tangling and shedding, and it can withstand daily styling without significant damage.
  • Versatility: Cambodian hair extensions can be styled in a wide variety of ways, from sleek and sophisticated to bouncy and voluminous. You can curl, straighten, or dye the hair to achieve different looks and match your personal preferences.
  • Ethical sourcing: Reputable Cambodian raw hair vendors ensure ethical sourcing practices, respecting hair donors and their communities. This ethical approach allows you to enjoy your beautiful hair extensions with a clear conscience.

Overall, Cambodian hair extensions offer a combination of many outstanding advantages that make them a popular choice for those who want to improve their appearance and boost their confidence.

6.3. What is the difference between Cambodian and Vietnamese raw hair?

Cambodian raw hair and Vietnamese raw hair are two of the most popular types of hair extensions in the beauty market. Both are highly valued for their quality, although there are notable distinctions:

  • Hair texture: Cambodian hair is noted for its inherent thickening and coarseness. Vietnamese hair is finer and smoother in texture than Cambodian hair. Its natural texture is straighter, making it suitable for crisp, straight haircuts.
  • Availability: Due to uncertain supply sources, Cambodian hair can be difficult to find constantly. Vietnamese hair, on the other hand, is more readily available and accessible, with a solid supply chain that provides more possibilities.
  • Price: Hair prices from Cambodian raw hair vendors are often higher than Vietnamese hair pricing, owing to lower production numbers and the specialized production technologies needed. Vietnamese hair is a more affordable option, but it is still a high-quality hair extension that is sure to please.

Please choose your top criteria when choosing raw hair to make the most suitable decision.


Cambodian raw hair is a sought-after option for people looking for high-quality, natural hair extensions. Whether you work in the beauty profession or simply want to improve your appearance, this hair offers a one-of-a-kind and amazing alternative. Please refer to the list of the top 10 best Cambodian raw hair vendors that we have provided to have a great purchasing experience with this quality hair.

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