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Update: 01/12/2023

If you’re considering buying KBL hair, check out this blog for the inside scoop and the most honest reviews from customers on KBL hair vendor reviews.

KBL hair, one of the leading hair producers in China, is well known for its broad selection, affordable prices, and excellent quality. Let’s explore KBL hair vendor reviews and what you must know to be sure there are no unforeseen issues before you make a purchase.

1. KBL hair vendor reviews: Company overview

KBL Hair Factory started producing hair in 1997, and they have 14 years of expertise in the industry. KBL hair vendor reviews show that they focus on all aspects of manufacturing and exporting, including R&D, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service.

Focus on quality above anything else! To ensure that every product meets the standards before it is sent, they have implemented a rigorous quality management and control system. They have a factory of about 3000 square meters with a team of skilled workers to produce and supply hair at the most competitive price.

Contact: +84356665661 (Ms. Ella)


KBL hair vendor reviews: Company overview


KBL hair vendor reviews: Company overview

2. KBL hair vendor reviews about their quality, prices and services

In this section let’s see what customers say about KBL hair’s prices, products and services when discussing KBL hair factory reviews.

2.1. KBL hair vendor reviews about hair products and quality

KBL hair is a reputable company, not a scam. However, there are differing views about their products and quality.

  • A fact about KBL hair vendor reviews, there is some incorrect information on the KBL hair website. They say their hair is 100% virgin hair but it’s not. Virgin hair is hair made by only one hair donor, very rare so their products are really hair from many donors.
  • Their product line is quite diverse, including categories: hair bundles, closures & frontals, lace wigs, lashes, customized wigs service, tape in hair. They also have a website that sells wave and straight hair products. In particular, this supplier has an additional line of lashes – products that beauty enthusiasts need. With a diverse product portfolio, customers can freely choose products that meet their needs.
  • According to KBL hair reviews, their hair is also sourced from many different countries such as Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair…
  • Because hair comes from many different origins, the quality also varies. High-quality hair is usually Vietnamese hair, Cambodian hair, or Malaysian hair…These hairs are usually strong, durable, can be styled and colored well. Lower-quality hair usually comes from India and Brazil. These hairs often have a naturally curly texture, so they need to be straightened before styling.
  • KBL hair wigs have gotten a lot of positive feedback on Trustpilot forums and on Amazon and AliExpress. According to KBL hair reviews, KBL hair wigs have a wonderful look and are durable.

However, they do not focus on producing a certain type of product so it is difficult to judge which product is the best or what type of product they specialize in.


KBL Hair product line is quite diverse

2.2. KBL hair vendor reviews about prices

Their products are very reasonably priced. Some products are cheaper than other suppliers. This is probably because they have factories and cheap labor. However, bulk hair and lace wigs are more expensive than the quality they provide.

When discussing KBL hair reviews, you will see for retail orders, the price is a bit expensive, but for larger orders, you will get a completely reasonable price. This supplier focuses on wholesale so they will prioritize large orders.

  • 4*4 Lace Closure starts at 39.1 USD while other hair suppliers start at about 50 USD.
  • KBL hair wigs seem to be quite expensive, starting at 150 USD per wig.
  • According to KBL hair vendor reviews, hair weaves range in price between $40 and $150 with the average price for 3 hair bundles being around $120.
  • Hair bundles start at 27.9 USD while other hair vendors start at around 30USD

It can be said that in general, they have quite reasonable prices and the products are clearly priced on the website.


4*4 Lace Closure starts at 39.1 USD. KBL hair wigs seem to be quite expensive, starting at 150 USD per wig


Hair weaves range in price between $40 and $150. Hair bundles start at 27.9 USD

2.3. KBL hair vendor reviews about payment

All prices will be in US dollars. They accept payment via PayPal, T/T (Bank Transfer/Bank Wire), and Western Union. In particular, this supplier accepts PayPal payments. This is a plus point to help you buy with peace of mind because PayPal supports the safest transactions for both buyers and sellers.

However, if you want the quickest and most easy transaction, Visa/Mastercard are good choices.


They accept payment via PayPal, T/T (Bank Transfer/Bank Wire), and Western Union

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2.4. KBL hair vendor reviews about Shippment & Package

KBL hair reviews show that most of the customers are satisfied with the delivery and package service of KBL hair. The delivery time is very fast, and the support staff is always updating their order status. Each package is meticulously and carefully wrapped.

The hair will be thoroughly cleaned before being packaged. Each bundle will be sealed in a PVC bag and tagged with its length before being placed in either a DHL shipping bag or a carton, depending on the amount. Customized packages are OK. According to KBL hair vendor reviews, they also provide labels, hangtags, and logo design services.

The company partners with FedEx, USPS, DHL, and TNT for shipping. Shipping to the USA usually takes 2-3 days, shipping to Canada or Europe takes 3-4 days, and shipping to Africa takes about 5-7 working days.


The company partners with FedEx, USPS, DHL, and TNT for shipping

2.5. KBL hair vendor reviews about Returns & Exchanges

Discussing KBL hair factory reviews, about their policy, for a refund or exchange, you have 7 days after you get your order to contact them and ship the item back to the return address. They won’t accept returned products if you didn’t contact the vendor and return them yourself.

When they receive the returned items, they will either replace them if the products are in stock or give you a refund.

The customer is responsible for paying the return shipping costs, and the return must be arranged through registered airmail to prevent delivery loss.

According to KBL hair vendor reviews, like other Hair Suppliers In China, to exchange or get a refund, your product must be in its original condition, unused, or undamaged. You can see their exchange and refund policies are also very clear and transparent, so you can buy with complete peace of mind.


KBL Hair exchange and refund policies are also very clear and transparent

3. The most honest reviews about KBL hair vendor reviews

Regarding quality, many customers are satisfied with the product quality. They feel the product quality and service are worth the money they spend.


Many customers are satisfied with the product quality

When searching for KBL hair vendor reviews about quality, you can see some customers complain that the wave hairstyle they bought is easy to tangle and fall out quickly. Some customers are disappointed with the hair length they received. The label says the length is 22″ but in fact, their product is only 20% is 22″


However, there are some customers complain about KBL Hair

Customers also say that they have reasonable prices for the quality. The hair quality is good but the price is not expensive.


Their customer service also receives many compliments for the enthusiasm and help of the staff. However, there are a few customers who are not satisfied with the delivery time and service.


KBL Hair reviews of customer services

3. Should you buy hair from KBL hair after reading KBL hair vendor reviews

After reading KBL hair vendor reviews, you may know if KBL hair factory is a good choice for your business. Is KBL hair a good place to shop for hair? It really depends on what you’re looking for. Do not overlook KBL Hair if you want a great number of hair extensions, speedy shipping, and a wide selection. They are the main business partner of many hair retailers and distributors around the world. Contact +84356665661 to get the best deals!

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