Must Read About Ted Hair Reviews To Make The Right Decision

Update: 01/12/2023

This blog will reveal the most honest and detailed reviews from customers on Ted Hair reviews before deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

As one of the best hair manufacturers in China, Ted Hair is renowned for its huge selection, competitive prices, and top-notch quality. Let’s look at Ted Hair reviews and what you need to know before you make a purchase to be sure there are no unexpected mistakes.

1. Ted Hair reviews: Company overview

TedHair, which began operations in 2008 in China, has been running the hair manufacturer for the last 14 years. They provide salon owners, shop owners, hairstylists, and online hair sellers all over the globe with premium hair wigs and a range of related business services. According to Ted Hair reviews, they have a long-standing reputation, so customers also have more confidence to buy from them.

They have 7 warehouses all over the US for convenient supply and delivery. Hair warehouses in Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York & New Orleans. Ted Hair is one of the largest factories in China and also among the top in the world in the hair industry


Company overview of Ted hair


Company overview

2. What customers say when discussing Ted Hair reviews

So what are customer reviews about Ted hair? Let’s take a look at this section to know more about Ted hair factory reviews.

2.1. What customers say about the products when discussing Ted Hair reviews

Ted Hair is very familiar with Hair Distributors In Nigeria. When you search for information about Ted hair factory reviews, you will find some information about the product that Nigerian clients bought as follows:

  • Ted Hair offers many different hair types from Chinese raw hair and other hair types like Malaysian, Indian, Brazilian, and Peruvian hair. Ted Hair reviews show that the variety of hair types in different colors and lengths is also a plus for them. But this business seems to specialize in raw hair wigs, particularly lace-based wigs. The website boasts the largest selection of lace-based wigs (at least 41) among all of its products. They also offer hair samples for customers who want to test the quality of their hair.
  • Moreover, they always have a large number of goods in stock so they can meet wholesale orders in a very fast time.
  • One thing you’ll notice is that most of their stock photographs are taken using mannequins. This makes it a bit difficult for the customers to view the whole appearance. Some customers say that the product they bought is not the same as the photo on the website.

Ted hair always have a large number of goods in stock

Ted Hair is a major player in the hair industry and serves a large customer. Also, the quality of the hair from Ted Hair has a variety of reviews.

The majority of customers are satisfied with Ted hair’s quality and service. Whether the order is large or small, Ted Hair is enthusiastic and does not disappoint customers


The majority of customers are satisfied with Ted hair’s quality and service

However, some customers complain that the hair they receive after a few washes become frizzy and quickly falls out. They contacted the company but didn’t get any response. Some customers also say that color products quickly fade after a few washes, and curly hair products also easy to fall out and tangle after a period of use.


Some customers are not satisfied with Ted hair’s quality and service

2.2. Ted Hair reviews about prices: Cheap or expensive

Price is always one of the top factors for buyers when making purchasing decisions. The prices at Ted Hair are considered to be one of the most competitive China Hair Factory because they have a factory and can cut costs through mass production on a large scale.

However, when searching for information about Ted Hair reviews, there are some products that customers consider to be more expensive than the common ground. Perhaps this disparity is due to the company’s longstanding reputation in the industry. But their hair bundles are cheaper than other Chinese hair suppliers with similar quality.


Ted Hair Factory reviews about prices: Cheap or expensive

2.3. What customers say about the policy when discussing Ted Hair reviews

Let’s take a closer look at Ted hair factory reviews across the company’s customer service, shipping, and return policies in this section.

2.3.1. Ted Hair reviews about customer service

Customer service is also a factor that many customers care about. Professional employees trained by Ted Hair are always on 24/24 whenever customers request or have any questions about their hair product or delivery.

  • Ted Hair has an enthusiastic customer service team who always prioritizes customer service. So if you have any questions about the status of your order, you can feel free to contact customer support at any time.
  • However, when discussing Ted hair factory reviews, the quality of customer service seems to vary depending on who you contact. In addition to receiving text message updates, customers can find helpful information in their support center. But some customers say that when they use their live chat, they get no response even though the customer service agents are online.

Ted Hair Factory reviews about customer service

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2.3.2. Ted Hair reviews about delivery

Each order you place with us will be fulfilled by one of their warehouses in either mainland of China or the United States. Stock products are sent out within 24 hours, but customized orders take around a week to ship. Shipping is done Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). A tracking number will be sent to you once your purchase has been shipped.

The business makes use of FedEx, USPS, DHL, and UPS services. The processing of orders takes 1-2 days, and shipment takes 3-4 days. You’ll get a tracking number once your purchase is delivered.


Ted Hair’s shipping methods

The company will try to help you if you accidentally enter the wrong address. In the event that your purchase has not been sent out, please contact the company’s support team. Products that have already been dispatched are hopefully returned to the Ted Hair warehouse so that a refund or replacement shipment may be issued.

The majority of customers are satisfied with Ted Hair’s delivery service and on-time delivery. The quality of the product they received was in line with the price and was as described. With large orders, the waiting time is also quite fast and the delivery time is fast.


The majority of customers are satisfied with Ted Hair’s delivery service and on-time delivery.

2.3.3. Ted Hair reviews about Returns & Exchanges

Ted hair accepts returns and refunds within 7 days, so you should pay attention to the time and note some of Ted hair’s regulations to be exchanged:

  • In order to avoid affecting future sales, hair CAN NOT have been installed, dyed, cut, or changed in any way.
  • Hair must be in the original bundle and not tied at the top
  • You need to keep the hair in its original package.

Custom orders cannot be exchanged or refunded. The buyer is responsible for shipping and handling costs. You’ll be responsible for paying shipping costs for both the returned item and the replacement.

It is important to keep up with an email to track the delivery process. Ted Hair always provides the most beneficial policies in the event of a problem for customers, helping to maintain the company’s reputation and the trustworthiness of the Ted Hair Reviews in the marketplace.

The return and refund policy is also very clear and transparent. You can buy with confidence at Ted Hair. However, you also need to follow some of their guidelines to be able to exchange or refund.


Ted Hair Factory reviews about Returns & Exchanges

3. Should you buy hair from Ted Hair after reading Ted Hair reviews

Should you buy hair from Ted Hair? That completely depends on your needs. If you need to buy a large number of hair extensions, fast delivery, and a wide range of products, you should not ignore Ted Hair. They are the main partner of many hair retailers and distributors around the world.
But if you put quality first and want the products you buy to be durable, have a long life, and don’t use a lot of chemicals, you can consider buying hair from Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia…

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