Raw hair extensions are a must have product for every hair trader

Update: 01/12/2023

You may be wondering why raw hair extensions are so popular, and why they are sought after by so many customers. Read this article to learn about it.

The market for raw hair extensions is growing more profitable. If you are concerned about this hair type to run a hair business or just for personal use, do not skip this blog which will reveal the best types of raw hair extensions worldwide and top places to buy it.


Raw Hair Is A Must Have Product For Every Hair Trader

1. The definition of raw hair extensions

Raw hair extensions are hair extensions made of raw hair – hair is of the purest and most natural human hair, not chemically treated, and the cuticle aligned. These extensions are often offered on the market as weft hair products, clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, tip hair…


Extensions are made of raw hair

2. The reasons why raw hair extensions are so sought after in the world hair market

Raw hair extensions are so sought after in the world hair market because it is of high quality which meets customer’ needs and brings a huge profit for the traders.

  • Raw hair is appealing to customers because it meets the requirements of customers of high quality. It is pure and unprocessed hair so the cuticles remain intact and aligned. Therefore, the hair is not prone to shed and tangle, is durable, and is strong to bleach and dye as customers desire.
  • Moreover, raw hair extensions can bring huge profits for hair traders. The market for raw hair s is booming day by day around the world, especially in African countries, Europe and America. The women here are very focused on their hair. As long as the hair quality is good, they are willing to pay that amount no matter how high the price is. Hair traders here can make millions of dollars every year.

Because there is always a great demand for raw hair, as long as you have a good supply of raw extensions, your consumers will gladly pay for your services.


Raw hair brings lots of profits

3. Top the most popular types of raw hair extensions worldwide

Basically, raw hair suppliers are found all over the world but not all of them are manufacturers because raw hair supply is concentrated in a few regions. The most popular types of raw hair in the world market mainly come from China, Vietnam, and India.

3.1. Vietnamese raw hair extensions – High-quality products at a reasonable price

Raw hair extensions and other hair products from Vietnam are well-known for their outstanding characteristics including clear hair origin, high quality, and affordable prices.

  • Clear origin of raw materials: Vietnamese raw extensions are derived from raw hair which is obtained from healthy women in the northern mountains. Women hair care for their hair with natural substances, live a healthy lifestyle, and donate their healthy hair.
  • High-quality hair: raw hair from Vietnamese stand out because it is naturally black, smooth, silky, strong and durable. Hair can be colored and styled in any color and hairstyle as the customers’ desire and can last up to 5 years with proper maintenance.
  • Reasonable price: Vietnamese raw hair extensions are not cheap, you may find it a bit expensive. But compared to the excellent quality it offers, you will feel like you got a bargain.
  • Reviews from customers: The majority of the world’s markets are pleased with the quality and price of these extensions. Customers say that the hair is the highest quality available, far superior to other countries, durable, colorable, and styleable without damage. However, some buyers are unhappy with the delivery times, manufacturing delays, and small quantities available by the hair extensions manufacturers here. Sometimes, they have to wait a quite long time for an order when they want to buy in bulk.

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” If you’re looking for a trustworthy raw hair manufacturer where you can get raw hair at a reasonable price, Vietnamese raw hair manufacturer is a fantastic option.


Vietnamese raw hair items stands out with two main features: natural black and smooth straight hair

3.2. Chinese raw hair extensions – Low-cost hair with abundant supply

China is the first and biggest hair market in the world and is famous for producing large quantities of raw extensions at a low cost. However, there are many controversies surrounding the origin of raw materials of Chinese raw hair and their quality.

  • Mixed hair source: Raw materials to make raw Chinese hair are from different sources: Chinese hair companies buy raw hair from many different countries, including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Burma.. most of which are hair from India and Brazil.
  • Unstable quality: With so many different hair sources being collected, it is difficult to assess the quality of raw hair extensions and other products. But in general, it will have most of the characteristics of Indian and Brazilian hair. Hair is black, dry, and slightly frizzy and can be colored and styled but then weakens and becomes brittle.
  • Price: Thanks to the economies of scale production with advanced technology and equipment and cheap raw materials, they can provide cheap and competitive pricing for customers.
  • Reviews: The majority of customers are happy with the delivery and customer service offered by China raw hair providers. Each supplier will have a different assessment of quality and service. But overall the price is quite reasonable for the quality. However, some buyers feel dissatisfied with raw hair items they received, claiming it is of poor quality or even contain synthetic fibers, while others claim they were scammed by fraudulent hair distributors.

Because it’s easy to find and cheap, Chinese raw hair is a great choice for people who want to buy raw extensions on a budget.


Raw Chinese hair extensions are mixed from many sources

3.3. Indian raw hair extensions  – The lowest price in the market

India is one of the largest hair supply markets in the world, making it the ideal shopping destination for anyone interested in raw Indian hair extensions.

  • Origin of hair: Indian raw hair extensions are derived mainly from Temple hair. In India, there is a ritual to shave the head at temples to pay respect to the gods, and the hair from these temples is called Temple hair.
  • Quality: Quality raw Indian hair is rated as average. Raw Indian hair is naturally black, coarse, and a bit frizzy so it works best with curly hairstyles. Because hair is naturally dry, it is not durable and needs proper care. Raw Indian hair extensions can last about 8-12 months.
  • Price: Raw Indian hair is much cheaper than raw hair from the above nations, however it is important to keep in mind that “price goes hand in hand with quality.”
  • Raw hair extensions reviews: Customers highly compliment the shipping and customer service provided by Indian raw hair vendors. There are usually many special deals, quick preparation and delivery times, and huge quantities are in stock.
    Regarding the quality of raw Indian hair extensions, there are also mixed opinions. Some say it’s good value for money, some say it’s not worth it. But in general, customers say that Indian hair is difficult to style, color and has a short lifespan.

Indian hair is a good choice for people who want cheap raw hair, as long as they can find items that meet their needs.


Quality raw Indian hair is rated as average

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4. Top raw hair extensions distributors in the world

Besides hair manufacturers in China, Southeast Asia, and India, hair distributors are often concentrated in places where is not located in raw materials or production techniques are poor.

4.1. Raw hair extensions distributors in Europe

Because European countries are developed nations with high standards of living and strict business rules, hair distributors here can be considered the most costly wholesale hair suppliers in the world supplying premium hair.

  • Type of hair supplied: Raw hair extension distributors in Europe often sell Slavic hair, which is Russian and Slavic hair. Slavic hair is glossy, thin, light, and smooth. For ladies who want to lengthen and add volume to their real hair, and want a texture similar to this, Slavic hair is the greatest choice. The majority of their customers are normally European because Slavic hair is light brown or golden.
  • Hair quality: Raw hair extensions can be styled and dyed well. It’s versatile to be permed, colored, curled, or styled straight. You won’t have to worry about your Slavic hair being dry and brittle. Slavic hair can last about 1-3 years.
  • Price: This is the most expensive hair type on the market today due to its limited supply, excellent quality, and natural color that many people desire this color requires bleaching to achieve.

In general, raw hair distributors in Europe supply high-quality hair at high price segment. Today, in order to maintain supply, European wholesale hair dealers themselves must import a significant amount of raw hair product from Asian hair manufacturers.


Raw hair distributors in Europe often sell Slavic hair, which is Russian and Slavic hair

4.2. Raw hair extensions distributors in America

Raw hair distributors in America include hair distributors in both South and North America. In the past, a lot of people thought that Latin and South American distributors of hair created their own hair for trade, but this is not the truth. the origin and quality of hair supplied by hair distributors in America remain controversial issues:

  • Hair origin: Asian nations sell hundreds of tons of raw hair extensions to Latin American nations each year. It’s interesting to see that Chinese raw wholesale hair sellers top the search results when you type in “Latin raw wholesale hair suppliers.”
  • Hair quality: It is difficult to judge the quality of raw hair of American hair wholesalers because their hair is imported from other sources, mostly China.
  • Price: their selling price will be considerably higher than buying from raw hair factories because the hair is imported, which means that American wholesale hair vendors will have to pay a lot in shipping and taxes, along with high labor costs and equipment.

Consequently, it may be said that: American wholesale hair sellers are unable to supply their own hair and must import it from other wholesale hair vendors, making it difficult to assure good quality and reasonable prices. Therefore, if you want to launch a hair company, this is not the best option.


Raw hair products in America is mainly imported from China

4.3. Raw hair extensions distributors in Africa

Africa is one of the largest and most potential raw extensions markets for the hair industry today. Hair distributors here import hair from differents sources so the hair quality and price vary.

  • Hair origin: Africa is not located in the raw material area, they often import hair from hair manufacturers in Vietnam, China, and India.
  • Hair quality: Due to the mixed source of origin, the hair quality is also varied and difficult to evaluate. Hair from Vietnam is of better quality and durability than hair from others.
  • Price: The price is reasonable because the shipping fees for domestic customers of hair wholesalers in Africa are cheap. This is also because African raw hair extensions suppliers have their own inventory and save money on logistical costs by buying in bulk from suppliers in other countries.

However, in terms of overall prices, hair wholesalers in Africa sell raw hair at a much higher price than hair factories. Not to mention the problem of many scammers here, making customers feel scared when buying.


Africa is not located in the raw material area, they often import hair from Vietnam, China and India.

5. The raw hair extensions products that bring the most economic profit

Let’s check out some of the most well-liked raw extensions products on the market today including hair bundles, weft hair and hair extensions like tip-ins, tape-ins, and clip-ins,…

5.1. Hair bundles – The most popular raw hair extensions product with many hair distributors

The raw hair will be collected, and then it will be bundled as hair bundles. Hair bundles typically weigh 3.5 ounces (100 grams) and lengths range from 8 – 32 inches.

Most hair companies in the world regularly buy this raw hair extensions product. Hair distributors and agents can save the cost of paying import duties and other fees when importing these hair bundles. When importing raw hair bundles, they only need to add some processing steps to create raw hair products and sell them to customers for double or triple the price.


The raw hair will be collected, and then it will be bundled as hair bundles

5.2. Weft hair – The popular raw hair extensions product in African market

A hair weft is simply a bundle of hair that has been sewn onto a thin fabric strip, ready to be applied by your hairdresser. Weft hair is a popular choice among those with thin or sparse hair because it is versatile and has no damage to get the appearance of fullness and bouncy without damaging your natural hair.

In Africa, this raw hair extension product is a best-selling product. The short, thin, and curly hair of African people makes it challenging for them to make hairstyles. Weft hair is thus the most often used and efficient option for them to get thick, long, or fashionable hair.


A hair weft is simply a bundle of hair that has been sewn onto a thin fabric strip, ready to be applied by your hairdresser

4.3. Tape in hair, clip in hair, tip hair – The popular raw hair extensions products in the European market

The market for such raw hair extensions products are very popular in Europe. Clip-in hair, tape-in hair, and tip-in produced from raw hair are popular options among Europeans looking to add thickness and volume to their hair.

Customers in the European hair market are mostly high-end customers who are ready to spend on their hair products. If you operate a hair business here, you may make ten times the profit each year from these raw extensions products.


Clip-in hair, tape-in hair, and tip-in produced from raw hair are popular options among Europeans

5. Top best hair factories supply high-quality raw hair extensions

So you don’t have to spend time looking, we’ve put together a list of reputable raw hair suppliers that you can refer to.

5.1. UNice Hair – Top best raw hair extensions company in the world

Thanks to its affordable pricing and broad product line, UNice is considered one of the largest raw hair manufacturers in the world.

  • Main products: hair weaves, hair wigs, lace closures, and hair accessories with hair from many sources, including Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, and Peruvian hair.
  • Price: very competitive, 70 – 320 USD/ product.
  • Policy: Within 30 days you may return or exchange your purchase. Your refund will be processed within 24 hours of receiving and confirming the return request.

If you’re looking for a reliable source for raw hair extensions, go to UNice Hair, where you can confidently buy a wide range of products.


Products of UNice Hair – Top best raw hair company in the world

5.2. Nadula Hair – One of the best raw hair extensions companies in the world

One of the leading raw hair companies, Nadula is a worldwide beauty queen. Nadula hair products are committed to luxurious, durable and all-natural beauty.

  • Main products: lace wigs, hair bundles, V-part wigs, and closures made of Remy hair.
  • Price range: very reasonable, 44 – 347 USD/ product
  • Policy: All exchanges and returns are within 30 days

If you’re looking for the best raw hair extensions business in China, Nadula Hair should be at the top of your list.


Products of Nadula Hair – One of the best raw hair companies in the world

5.3. Mic Hair – One of the most popular raw hair extensions suppliers in Vietnam

Mic Hair is well known as the best wholesale distributor of Asian human raw hair and the best Vietnamese hair supplier.

  • Products: raw human hair bundles, hair bulk, weave hair, closures, frontals, and hair extensions…
  • Price: cheaper than above suppliers, starting at about 8 USD/ raw hair bundle
  • Policy: return within 30 days
  • Raw hair extensions reviews: Most customers are satisfied with the product quality, however the waiting time for large orders is quite long

Mic Hair is the best Vietnamese hair factory, offering the best quality raw hair and the most exceptional service.


Products of Mic Hair – One of the most popular raw hair suppliers in Vietnam

5.4. Apsara Cambodian Hair- the best raw hair extensions provider in Cambodia

Cambodian hair is a great option if you’re searching for a wide range of raw hair products.

  • Products: There are a wide variety of raw hair types and styles available made from 100% raw Cambodian hair but the maximum length is just 28 inches.
  • Price: somewhat expensive, but the quality is really good
  • Reviews: There have been a few complaints regarding the customer service, but many compliments on the quality of the hair.

Apsara Cambodian Hair is an excellent choice if you want to buy raw hair extensions from Cambodia.


Products of Apsara Cambodian Hair- the best raw hair provider in Cambodia

5.5. Indian Mermaid Hair Extension – the best raw hair supplier in India

Indian Mermaid Hair Extension was one of the first hair suppliers in India to provide its items on the internet when online shopping is more popular. In addition, a lot of time and effort was put into making their website user-friendly so that customers can complete their transactions quickly and easily.

  • Product: raw bulk hair, hair weft, HD lace, closure wigs…
  • Price: Due to their unique processing method, this company’s raw hair extensions is a bit more expensive than the industry average.
  • Raw hair reviews: The majority of customers are happy with the quality of the items they get and also the service. A a small number of people aren’t happy with the delivery time.

Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions is the best option if you’re looking for a seamless and natural raw hair extension.


Products of Indian Mermaid Hair Extension – the best raw hair supplier in India

5.6. Tsa Hair – Top best raw hair extensions brands in Nigeria

Tsa Hair is well-known in Nigeria for distributing both processed and raw human donor hair from Cambodia, India, and Vietnam.

  • Products: Their products come in a broad range of designs and colors made from virgin hair and raw hair
  • Price: The price of raw hair extensions products is quite expensive, but they guarantee that the customer will be satisfied with the best quality and service.
  • It takes just three to five days to prepare and ship internationally, and if you’re a client in Nigeria, you might have it in your hands the same day.

If you’re looking to buy raw hair in Nigeria, Tsa Hair is a great option among Nigerian hair wholesalers.

We hope that you have found this information to be helpful in your search for the best raw hair for yourself.


Products of Tsa Hair – Top best raw hair brands in Nigeria

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