Raw Vietnamese hair vendor is great choice for your hair business

Update: 29/05/2023

It’s no surprise that raw Vietnamese hair is the best on the market. Known for its silky and pure quality, raw Vietnamese hair is a sought-after product. This post will reveal all the secrets about this highest-quality hair and the top suggestion of raw Vietnamese hair vendors that are received many good reviews.

1. Products of raw Vietnamese hair vendors are popular

Life is becoming better and better, so there has also been an increase in the desire for hair extensions. People tend to like raw hair, hair without chemicals and customers can buy and color them and style them as they like. A lot of customers are fascinated by Vietnam raw hair due to its naturalness and high quality. Vietnam raw hair wholesale is renowned for its excellent quality, affordable cost, and flexibility in styling and coloring.

To find high quality Vietnamese raw, you should look to raw Vietnamese hair vendors in Vietnam, especially raw Vietnamese hair factories, they will provide you with high-quality products at affordable prices.



A lot of customers are fascinated by Vietnam raw hair due to its naturalness-16

With best-selling bone straight, Vin Hair can make any color our customers order

2. Things need to know about raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Having a basic understanding of Vietnam raw hair is essential before you work with raw Vietnamese hair wholesale vendors or buy Vietnamese raw hair wholesale. Let’s dive in together.


Raw Vietnamese Hair Vendor Is Great Choice For Your Hair Business

2.1. Details about raw Vietnamese hair vendor

Raw Vietnamese hair vendor (or supplier) is a business that offers raw Vietnamese hair to Vietnam and the world market, they have business license and head office.

There are 2 ways to understand what Vietnam raw hair is:

The first understanding, Raw Vietnamese hair is hair cut from Vietnamese donors, cleaned and tied, without going through any process (such as sewing or coloring, styling, …). There is another name for Vietnamese raw hair is Vietnamese bulk hair.

The second definition, Raw Vietnamese hair is all types of hair whose raw materials are cut from 100% of Vietnamese people, never going through any chemical or heat treatments, so the cuticles remain in good condition. Then, these raw hair materials can be made into weft hair, clip-ins, tips, tape hair, or other products according to the requirements of the customer. In other words, Raw Vietnamese hair simply means 100% high-quality Vietnamese human hair.


What is raw Vietnamese hair vendor




A lot of customers are fascinated by Vietnam raw hair due to its naturalness

2.1.1. Type of raw Vietnamese hair vendor

Raw Vietnamese hair vendor has 2 main types: raw hair factory and raw commercial company. Most of the raw Vietnamese hair vendors are commercial companies, there are very few factories.

  • The factory is a direct factory that produces hair. They have factories, machinery and skilled workers to produce hair. They buy hair directly from the source, produce the hair and supply it to distributors, retailers, and trade intermediaries.
  • Trading companies are businesses that buy hair from a hair factory, and then sell it back to customers. They act as an intermediary, a bridge between the factory and the customer.



Vin Hair supply 100% raw human hair, no processed, no chemical

Buying from each type of raw Vietnamese hair vendor will have its own pros and cons:

  • Buying from hair factory will give you consistent quality and the best price because they don’t go through any middlemen. Moreover, they can meet you a large quantity of hair in a short time. However, hair factories usually focus on producing only a few types of products and their customer service is not as good as commercial companies.
  • In contrast, buying from commercial intermediaries will cost more because they are middlemen, and their quality is not stable from time to time because they may import hair from different factories. But they will have a wider range of products, more professional customer service and also more promotions and discounts.

Depending on the type of business and the needs of your business, you can choose a good raw Vietnamese hair vendor for you. However, Vietnamese raw hair factory is still the best choice.


Raw hair factory and raw commercial company

2.1.2. Products of raw Vietnamese hair vendor

The popular products of Vietnamese hair factories are raw hair bundles, raw virgin hair products, clip-in, tape-in, and tip-in. These are the best-selling products and bring a lot of economic profit.


Small curly weft hair in natural black color


Vin Hair curly weft in hot color ombre

  • Raw hair bundles: This is the product that brings the biggest economic advantage to raw Vietnamese hair vendors. Hair after being collected will be bundled into bundles and called raw hair bundles. Hair traders in other countries love this product because it still retains the inherent strengths of raw Vietnamese hair. This is a very profitable product for hair traders because it is unprocessed hair, so they can buy it and then process it into other products to provide to customers.
  • Raw virgin hair products: This is a special and very rare product that only very few raw Vietnamese hair vendors can offer. Raw virgin hair is hair from one person that has not been processed, so it has the highest quality, flexibility in styling and coloring. Hair traders buy this hair to produce high-quality products that can style and color well.
  • Clip-in, tape-in, and tip-in: These are popular products of raw Vietnamese hair vendors and partially processed products made from raw Vietnamese hair and it still retains the strong point of Vietnamese hair. These hair types are loved because it is easy to use, convenient, can be installed and removed whenever you want.


Depending on the specific needs of your business, you can choose the type of product that suits your needs. You should consult raw Vietnamese hair vendors, they will give you the best advice and products with high economic efficiency.


Raw hair bundles


Products of raw Vietnamese hair vendor

2.2. Secrets about raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors are mainly commercial companies and their hair is mainly high-quality Remy hair:

  • The majority of raw Vietnamese hair vendors purchase Vietnamese raw hair mostly from the southern delta and the country’s northern mountainous areas, where hair grows strong and lustrous due to the temperate climate.
  • There are very few raw Vietnamese hair vendors that sell raw virgin hair (unprocessed human hair from one donor) because it is very rare. Therefore, raw Vietnamese hair vendors often provide Remy hair (hair from 2-3 people with high similarity in quality and carefully selected).
  • There are very few real hair manufacturers in Vietnam, and most raw Vietnamese hair vendors are commercial companies. The raw hair Vietnamese vendors will usually be especially good at certain types of products, and the quality is stable. As for commercial companies, because they use a lot of raw materials, their products will be unstable depending on the time.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair vendors provide high-quality raw Vietnamese hair that can last 5-8 years if well taken care of. Unlike Indian or Chinese hair, although it has a shiny appearance, it only lasts 6-10 months.
  • Because the history of hair in Vietnam was formed very early, around 1890, raw Vietnamese hair vendors have a lot of experience in accessing the market and bringing raw hair products to the world market with the highest quality. Many years ago, the Vietnamese raw hair vendors’ manufacturing line was still outdated when compared to the Chinese hair factory, but now Vietnam raw hair wholesale vendors have increased their manufacturing techniques on par with Chinese hair factory and Vietnamese raw hair wholesale vendors are now able to compete on an international scale, so raw Vietnamese hair wholesale vendors are willing to fulfil any request.

Above are the facts you need to know about raw Vietnamese hair vendors before working with them to avoid unnecessary risks.


Some things you must know about raw Vietnamese hair vendors

3. Compare raw Vietnamese hair vendors with hair vendors in other countries

We’ve compared Vietnam raw hair wholesale vendors with hair vendors in other countries based on the following criteria: origin, quality and price. Origin reflects quality, knowing the clear origin, buyers will be more assured. Quality is the first priority when buying, good quality will help you have customers come back to buy again and again. Price is also one of the important criteria, choose a supplier with a reasonable price to help you increase economic profit.

Origin Quality Price
Raw Vietnamese hair vendors 100% natural Vietnam raw hair, never used chemicals, collect from young women often ages 18 – 30. Highest-quality. High quality and
the cuticle is still intact. Naturally black, straight, and smooth
From 8$/ weft bundle
Hair vendors in other countries Hair is imported from many sources.
For example, Chinese hair is imported from other countries such as India, Malaysia, and Cambodia…
Loss of cuticle

At first, it seems smooth and shiny, but with time, it’s easy to shed.

Hair quickly weakens after a period of use, after styling or coloring

From 7$/ weft bundle

Natural wavy weft made form Vietnamese human hair


As you can see, the price of raw Vietnamese hair vendors is a bit more expensive than hair vendors in other countries. However, raw Vietnamese hair is incredibly strong. silky and unique. If you want to offer the highest-quality hair extensions, build a reputation for yourself in the hair extension market, and have your customers come back to you again, choosing Vietnamese raw hair vendors is clearly the best option.

4. Tips to choose the reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Raw hair is excellent, but not all raw Vietnamese hair vendors can guarantee that you’ll get a quality product. To find the top raw Vietnamese hair vendors to buy Vietnamese raw hair wholesale, below are all the factors and ideas to keep in mind.

4.1. Find reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendors through the traditional way

You can go through seminars and trade fairs to find reputable Vietnamese hair factories. Or you can also ask relatives in Vietnam to visit reputable hair factories through information from government websites, the Ministry of Industry and Trade or referrals from friends. However, this way you will need to go through an intermediary or ask for the help of relatives.

4.2. Find reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendors through the Internet

The second way you can find a reputable factory is based on the modern technology of the Internet today:

  • Make a list of all the potential Vietnamese raw hair vendors: Use the internet and your relationship to get as many recommendations for reputable wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam as possible. The trustworthy wholesale hair vendors will be clear about: the information about the business, catalogs of products, pricing lists, order and delivery policies, and customer comments and evaluations…
  • Select the most qualified raw Vietnamese hair vendors: You can contact many raw Vietnamese hair vendors at the same time, compare their prices, and choose the raw Vietnamese hair factory with the best price and best quality product. Raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers with plenty of experience will always be happy to respond to your inquiries. A dependable raw hair factory in Vietnam undoubtedly has the knowledge and responsibilities to do this.
  • Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential Vietnamese hair vendors, you can look for Vietnam raw hair wholesale reviews on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to help you make an informed decision. Please note that you need to find out which one is honest raw Vietnamese hair reviews to be not scammed.
  • Your assumptions and results regarding the raw Vietnamese hair vendor must be verified by contacting, visiting, and working with these hair wholesale providers to see if they are trustworthy or not.

Following the above ideas, you will find the best raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers for your hair business.


How to choose the reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendors

5. Some tips to get a good deal from raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Finding out hair vendors partner in the hair business is not easy, especially if the partner can supply the highest-quality hair material like Raw Vietnamese hair. Some tips for getting the best deal from raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers are to contact many raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers, compare their prices, and ask for bulk purchases:

  • Look for information and contact raw Vietnamese hair vendors: You can research to find a raw hair factory in Vietnam as well. You’ll need to know the quality of the product, the price range, the location of the factory, the origin of the hair, and the contact information of the company representatives. You can contact many raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers, and compare Vietnamese raw hair wholesale prices between companies to choose the raw Vietnamese hair factory that offers the best price and product.
  • Ask for a bulk purchase price from raw hair factory in Vietnam: Even if you don’t intend to buy in bulk at first, reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendors can still give you the best offer.
  • When raw Vietnamese hair vendor offers a price, you should not say that their wholesale virgin hair factory is charging a higher price than other wholesale hair factory, because such a deal will not work. Instead of harshly refusing to ask for a discount, you can opt for a softer approach that increases the value of the deal. And the lower price is not necessarily good, you should also pay attention to product quality.
  • When you reach a price you’re happy with, don’t forget to ask the raw hair factory in Vietnam about the timing. For example, if a raw hair Vietnamese factory says 5-7 days, make them commit and ensure on-time delivery. This will help you solve problems that may occur later if they do something wrong.
  • Loyalty to one company: Vietnamese raw hair vendors often have incentive programs for loyal customers.

Follow the tips above, you will surely buy high-quality goods at the most reasonable price.


Some must-know tips to get a good deal from raw Vietnamese hair vendors

6. Top recommended raw Vietnamese hair vendors 

After checking the raw Vietnamese hair reviews from customers carefully, we have listed some of the top raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers who sell raw hair to save you time and eliminate needless risks. Below are the top 5 trustworthy raw Vietnamese hair vendors that you can refer to. All of them are received many good reviews about their Vietnam raw hair.





Vin Hair has all trending colors available in bone straight texture


6.1. Vin Hair Vendor – the best raw Vietnamese hair vendor for your hair business

We would like to recommend Vin hair vendor – the best Vietnamese hair factory that can meet all your requirements, beating all other hair companies in all aspects.


Vin Hair Vendor is the best raw Vietnamese hair vendor


Vin Hair vendor is always trusted by customers around the world because of their superior quality


The factory of Vin hair vendor


Weft hair from Vin hair vendor

Bone straight hair of Vin hair vendor is smooth, silky and shiny.


Bone straight hair of Vin hair vendor

The curly weft hair products are especially loved by Nigerians.


Natural color small curly weft hair

Colored hair products with vivid, uniform and durable color.


Colored weft hair from Vin hair vendor

What’s more attractive? In celebration of the Christmas season, Vin hair vendor is offering an EXCLUSIVE OFFER to all of their customers. A limited-time offer from October 24th to November 7th only: Save $20/kg on purchases of 5+ kg, and $50/kg on orders of 10+ kg. The discount applies to all products in the store. The likes of this incredible bargain can’t be found anywhere else.


Hot deal on Christmas from Vin Hair Vendor

Are you attracted by this attractive promotional offer? Hurry up to choose a beautiful hairstyle for yourself this Christmas season. Contact Vin hair vendor via Whatsapp at +8435 6665661 (Ms Ella) to get the best offer now.

6.2. Jen Hair – A vendor that received most good Raw Vietnamese hair reviews about curly hair

Since 1995, Jenhair has been one of Vietnam’s first raw Vietnamese hair vendors. During the course of its development, Jen Hair has developed from a small hair buying shop to the biggest hair supplier in Vietnam.

  • Products: a variety of products in colors and styles, including bulk hair, weft hair, closures, and frontal…But according half of Raw Vietnamese hair reviews, Jen Hair supplies the best curly and wavy hair in Vietnam. They guess that it comes from the high-quality Vietnamese raw hair which is suitable for curly hair they have.
  • Price: As one of the best human hair factory in Vietnam. Their price is very reasonable with high-quality products.
  • Policy: Flexible exchange and return policies.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair reviews about Jen Hair from clients: In Jen Vietnam reviews, this human hair factory in Vietnam is praised for its shiny, stable quality. Many retailers say their customers are very satisfied with Vietnam raw hair of Jen Hair and they will return with bulk orders. A small amount of Raw Vietnamese hair reviews said that Jen hair is of good quality but has a very unpleasant smell. Customers of Jen Hair complain that they have to wash several times to get rid of the smell of their hair.

Jen Hair is one of the best raw hair factory in Vietnam, where you can buy Vietnamese raw hair wholesale with confidence.


Hair products of Jen Hair

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6.3. Layla Hair – A raw Vietnamese hair vendor with good Raw hair Vietnam review on social media

Layla Hair – A raw Vietnamese hair factory established by women with the aim of not only getting a profit but also serving the community.

Here are the most unbiased Raw Vietnamese hair reviews about this factory

  • Reviews about their Vietnam raw hair products: Clients agreed that each hair wigs and hair extensions from Layla Hair that are made of high-quality Vietnamese raw hair is silky, and shiny. Even after long time, they still keep in good condition.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair reviews about price: The price of this raw Vietnamese hair is very competitive.
  • Policy: Policy for two-day returns and exchanges

Layla Hair is also a good raw Vietnamese hair vendor if you want to buy Vietnamese raw hair wholesale.


Layla Hair’s hair products

6.4. Mic hair – One of the best-reviewed raw Vietnamese hair vendors

For the last 10 years, Mic Hair has been one of the best-reviewed Vietnamese raw hair wholesale vendors.

  • Products: The product is offered in a wide range of colors, including red and black: many thicknesses, including single drawn, double drawn, and more…
  • Price: a bit more expensive, but quite reasonable with good quality like Raw Vietnamese Hair.
  • Policy: Returns are allowed for up to 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair reviews from Clients of Mic Hair: This Vietnamese hair supplier receives many good raw hair Vietnam reviews from customers. Most of them are satisfied with Vietnamese raw hair from Mic Hair and prices are considered to be commensurate with the high quality. With these excellent reviews, this Vietnamese hair supplier always stays among the top raw Vietnamese hair vendors. Raw Vietnamese hair from Mic hair receives so many compliments on its beautiful appearance and keeping the style and color even been washed many times. However, there are some reviews that when receiving the goods, due to the thick layer of hair conditioner, these customers have to wash the hair many times to run out of that glue.

Base on honest raw Vietnamese hair reviews we collected, Mic Hair is an excellent raw hair factory in Vietnam if you’re looking to establish a hair business.


Mic hair – One of the best-reviewed raw Vietnamese hair vendors

6.5. 5S Hair Factory – The hair vendor has the best raw Vietnamese hair reviews in price

Having been in business for more than 30 years, 5S Hair Vietnam is a top-tier raw Vietnamese hair manufacturer with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the hair industry.

  • Products: This raw hair Vietnamese factory offers a wide range selection of hair extensions including weft hair, clip ins, tape ins, tip hair… This raw Vietnamese hair manufacturer is famous for its straight hair products with natural color.
  • Price: It’s the most affordable raw hair factory in Vietnam and also the most cost-effective choice when compared to other nations.
  • Policy: Consumers of 5S Hair Vietnam are covered by the public guarantee policy. In other words, if they make a mistake, you’ll receive a full refund.
  • The most honest raw Vietnamese hair reviews from clients of 5S Hair Vietnam: As mentioned by raw Vietnamese hair reviews, 5S Hair is a raw Vietnamese hair vendor supplying raw hair of good quality at cheap prices. In almost raw hair Vietnam reviews about 5S Hair, customers say that their Vietnamese raw hair is soft, relatively strong and when bleached and dyed in light colors, it is in quite a good appearance. The thing that makes customers dissatisfied the most about 5S Hair’s raw hair is the smell of the hair. The conditioner that coats the hair has an odor that, to some people, is horrible. Besides, the long shipping time, even if it is raw hair, this raw Vietnamese hair vendor does not take much processing time, which also causes many customers to complain.

For those just starting out in the hair industry and looking for top Vietnamese raw hair vendors, 5S Hair is an excellent choice because of its high-quality products and reasonable prices.


Product of 5S Hair Factory

6.6. K-Hair – A popular raw Vietnamese hair vendor with good reviews

K-Hair Vietnam – a commercial company and is one of the most reputed raw Vietnamese hair vendors in the Vietnamese hair market. You can read many Raw Vietnamese hair reviews about K-Hair in Google Maps, Instagram,…And this information below is some conclusion to save your time in checking.

  • Products: You can choose from a variety of hairstyles and textures from them such as color hair extensions; weft curly wavy, lace frontal closure… by Vietnam raw hair.
  • Price: As some raw Vietnamese hair reviews, K-Hair Vietnam offers the price is higher than others, but the prestige and quality are excellent. It totally can be understood cause they are one of the leading raw Vietnamese hair vendors,
  • Policy: When your production is complete, they will contact you to verify the amount of hair. They will only ship your order after you are completely satisfied with it.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair reviews about K-Hair quality: K-hair Vietnam is appreciated for its ability to provide large orders of raw Vietnamese hair at reasonable prices. Besides, they can customize almost your requirements in every material. But this big raw hair vendor in Vietnam always recommends you use the highest quality hair – Vietnam raw hair. However, after checking Raw Vietnamese hair reviews carefully, it is possible that due to large volume production, K-Hair has not carefully focused on product quality, leading to more complaints than other raw hair suppliers. Many people think that double drawn and super drawn raw hair from this raw Vietnamese hair vendor doesn’t have much difference in quality.

In conclusion, If you want to buy high-quality raw Vietnamese hair at a reasonable price, K-hair is the ideal raw Vietnamese hair vendor.


Products of K-Hair

Source: Vin Hair Vendor


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