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Read Indique Hair Reviews Before Making A Purchase From Them


If you want to learn more about Indique Hair to decide whether to purchase from them, this blog will provide the most honest Indique Hair Reviews.

Indique Hair Reviews is among the most frequently searched terms pertaining to hair vendors supplying Indian hair. Undoubtedly, many clients are eager to learn more about this seller prior to making a purchasing decision. Continue reading for more information.

1. Business overview

Start with some information about the business including their foundation, goal, and development. Indique Hair is a widely recognized brand of hair extensions with retailers and distributors around the USA, Europe, Central America, Africa, and Asia. Their goal is to deliver 100% human hair of the finest quality and naturalness. Their mission is to give customers constant access to a wide choice of flexible and long-lasting hair products.

Indique was founded in 2007 selling Indian hair and after several years of adversity, they gradually amassed a small but extremely loyal customer base. In 2009, Indique had two Boutiques: one in SoHo and another in Boston, Massachusetts. Since then, Indique has steadily developed by opening Boutiques in a number of major cities throughout the USA and South Africa.

Indique Has a warehouse in Boston, MA
Indique Has a warehouse in Boston, MA

Over the past several years, Indique has developed dramatically into a thriving organization of highly motivated and incredibly talented employees. Currently, Indique employs over thirty individuals between its Boutiques and headquarters in Boston and New York City.

With a solid revenue base and triple-digit year-over-year growth, Indique Hair is swiftly becoming one of the biggest wholesale hair vendors and the industry leader in human hair. You can buy Indique’s hair products from their website, Instagram and can find them on Amazon also. Currently, Indique Hair has not had stores online on Alibaba and AliExpress.

2. Indique Hair reviews about hair products and services

Below are the reviews we’ve compiled from both customers and hair experts about the products and services of Indique Hair so that you can have a comprehensive view of Indique Hair:

2.1. About their range of products

Which products does Indique Hair sell, and which are the most well-liked? Indique Hair primarily serves the American and African markets with the following specialized products made from Indian hair: Closures & frontals, wigs, machine weft hair, clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, braiding hair, ponytails, and keratin tip hair in numerous choices of textures, lengths, and colors.

In addition, they provide customized products per customer requirements. In Indique Hair reviews, customers praise that Indique Hair offers numerous choices of products. Their products come in a wide variety of textures like straight, relaxed straight, beach wave, blow-out hair, coil curly, deep wave, body wave,… and lengths from 10” to 30”. The products listed on the website are mainly black, if you want other colors, you need to pre-order.

Indique Hair offers numerous choices of products
Indique Hair offers numerous choices of products

Hair products of Indique hair are divided into collections: Pure, Bounce, SEA, Hysteria, Remix, Studio, and Keratique collections. Each collection is divided into many types, for example, the SEA collection is divided into SEA Bali, SEA SUMATRA, SEAZen and SEA Tahitian,… Indique Hair’s most popular products are Pure Straight Hair, Remix Hair, and Pure Curly Hair.

2.2. About the quality of their products

When it comes to Indique Hair reviews, hair quality is an important thing. Let’s see what experts and international customers say about the quality of hair supplied by Indique: Indique Hair reviews from hair experts:

  • Indique Hair’s hair is generally very soft, smooth and shiny at first, but after a period of use, it becomes dry, easily shed and tangled.
  • Regarding the wigs and closures & frontals, the lace is of good quality, the hair is firmly attached to the lace and the lines are clear.
  • Hair extensions are of good quality but have a slightly unpleasant smell.
  • Indique remix hair reviews: This is Indique Hair’s cheapest hair and it’s made from non-remy hair. Although the seller promises no shed, no tangle hair, the hair is made from non-remy hair, so the hair quality is not appreciated by experts.
  • Indique pure curly hair reviews: This is also part of the premium product line of Indique Hair. Although the manufacturer says you can use flat irons with them, you shouldn’t apply heat to this type of hair.
  • Indique pure straight hair reviews: The hair is made from Indian temple hair so the quality is fine, silky and lustrous. Hair can be styled with heat.
Indique remix hair is made of Indian non-remy hair
Indique remix hair is made of Indian non-remy hair

Customers who have bought from Indique Hair also left numerous Indique Hair reviews about hair quality:

  • Customers rave about the texture and length of the hair. They say that Indique hair is soft and smooth and has the perfect length. The customer was very pleased when it was delivered in good condition. Besides, Indique Hair also receives a lot of compliments on colored hair, customers can get hair color that completely matches their hair color from Indique hair.
  • Indique remix hair reviews: There are mixed opinions about this hair type of Indique Hair.
    • There are many customers giving compliments in Indian hair reviews.
    • However, there are many customers leaving complaints about the quality of this product.
Bad reviews
Bad reviews

2.3. Indique Hair reviews about pricing

Indique Hair’s products are more expensive than the average price on the world hair market, especially when comparing to prices of Indian hair manufacturers and other Asian hair manufacturers, according to Indique Hair reviews. To provide a thorough and objective perspective, we will compare the price of the company’s popular products to the global market.

  • Indique Hair’s remix hair costs from $34.5 per bundle 10″ and from $109 per closure 4×4 14″
  • Their wigs cost from $449 to $559 per wig, from 14″ – 18″
  • Machine hair weft – premium hair – pure collection costs from $159-$179 per bundle of about 105g – 110g, varying to the textures.
Price of some products from Indique

Meanwhile, if you buy directly from hair manufacturers in India or other regions like China, Vietnam, the price will be much cheaper, as Indique hair reviews:

  • Remix hair (non-remy hair) is only $4-$5 per bundle of 100g 8 inches.
  • Wigs range from $100 to $300 in lengths up to 38 inches
  • Premium hair only starts at $20 per 100g 8″ bundle.

Consequently, it is evident that Indique Hair’s pricing fits into the market segment of expensive products. Their prices are much higher than those of other hair vendors from other countries as well as higher than average prices in the world hair market.

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2.4. About customer services

In addition to products, prices, and quality, reviews about customer service are a crucial determinant of whether or not to make a purchase from them. According to Indique Hair reviews, the staff at Indique Hair is exceptionally helpful. Throughout the order fulfillment procedure, the customers were kept updated at all times. When customers posed queries in the chat window, they responded immediately. Those who cannot locate the desired information on the internet will find this useful.

They work from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm. They have an email and phone number to the website for customers to contact if they have questions. You can also leave your phone number and questions on the website, the customer service department will contact you soon. Numerous Indique Hair reviews emphasize the great customer service of Indique Hair:

Customers left positive feedback about Indique Hair
Customers left positive feedback about Indique Hair

I don’t see too many complaints about Indique Hair’s customer service, but most of the bad Indique hair reviews are complaints about their degraded hair quality.

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2.5. About payment

Indique Hair accepts a variety of payment methods, such as AMEX, Apple Pay, Discover, JCB, Visa and Mastercard etc. Unfortunately, PayPal, among the safest methods of payment for buyers, is not one of the accepted payment methods.

Indique Hair accepts a variety of payment methods, such as AMEX, Apple Pay, Discover, JCB, Visa and Mastercard, etc
Indique Hair accepts a variety of payment methods, such as AMEX, Apple Pay, Discover, JCB, Visa and Mastercard, etc

Payment terms are always 100 percent upfront. Once submitted, your order and payment cannot be modified for any reason without canceling the order. Your bank will normally keep the permitted monies for between 3 and 5 working days if your order is canceled.

2.6. About shipping

There is something to be noted about the shipping of Indique Hair:

  • If an express shipping order is ordered Monday through Friday before 1 p.m., it will be shipped the same day (EST).
  • Any express orders placed after 1 PM EST will not be delivered until the next working day. Over the weekend, orders with express shipping will be dispatched the next working day.
  • UPS is experiencing service disruptions that can cause shipping delays. They will not reimburse delivery costs incurred due to UPS delays. If you pick Ground Shipping or Free Ground shipping, your product will be dispatched within 1 to 2 business days.
  • During periods of high volume (sales and large promotions), processing and fulfillment will take longer.
  • Costs of Shipping (through UPS):
    • Ground: 5-7 Business Days $15.00
    • Third Day: Three Business Days (Ground Shipping) $20.00
    • Second Day: Two Business Days (Air Service) Cost: $30.00
    • Next Day: Weekday Delivery by Air: $45.00
    • Saturday delivery the next day (air service) for $55.00

In addition, a small number of customers have reported that the delivery of their products was delayed by a few days compared to the anticipated date. This led them to believe, incorrectly, that the company tricked them and did not ship the items, so they were quite unhappy.

A small number of customers have reported that the delivery of their products was delayed by a few days
A small number of customers have reported that the delivery of their products was delayed by a few days

2.7. About return and exchange policy

Within 30 days of receipt, exchanges and returns are allowed as Indique Hair’s exchange and return policy. Remember to notify the company before returning items, or they won’t accept the packages.

Customers complain about return policy of Indique Hair
Customers complain about return policy of Indique Hair

30 days is considerably longer than the 14-day return policy usually offered by other hair vendors in the hair market. Nonetheless, several consumers claim that Lady Hair ignored their return requests.

3. Should you buy hair from Indique

Through Indique Hair reviews, it can be seen that although the service is good, the quality of Indique Hair has decreased significantly over time. Loyal customers also complain about this and don’t want to buy from them anymore. Moreover, compared to the general price in the market, the price of Indique hair is really expensive. You can get better quality hair at a much cheaper price from hair manufacturers in other countries like India, Vietnam, or China.

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