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Reading Buw Hair Factory Reviews Before Ordering Hair


This article will discover all the comprehensive information about Buw Hair Factory reviews to help you decide whether this is a trustworthy vendor or not.

Buw Hair Factory is one of the biggest hair factories in the US. To answer the question: “Is Buw Hair trustworthy?”, we will check Buw Hair factory reviews in this article.

1. Overview of Buw Hair Factory

With 10 years of establishment and extensive experience in the hair market, Buw Hair Factory is one of the leading hair wholesalers in the US in producing high-quality hair extensions. With 7 physical stores located all over the US like Chicago, New York, and Houston, and a dedicated staff who are willing to help customers, it is not surprising that it is among the best hair wholesalers in the US.

Buw Hair’s mission is “To enhance the beauty of our valuable customers by providing different hair extensions to suit each one of their preference and taste.” so they focus on product quality, reasonable price, and providing great customer service. We will go into more detail about Buw Hair factory reviews in the next sections.

Something you need to know about Buw Hair
Something you need to know about Buw Hair

2. Hair factory reviews on their hair products

In this part, we will consider the hair products following 3 main factors: product range, hair quality, and hair price

2.1. Reviews of product range

According to Buw Human Hair Factory, they are renowned for offering a wide variety of hair products. While specific details about their product range are not available, being famous for their diverse selection suggests that they likely offer a comprehensive range of hair extensions and related items.

  • Hair source: According to Buw Hair Factory reviews, they import a large amount of hair from Southeast Asian countries and produce hair extensions. Although they import from many different sources, they still put quality first and want customers to have the best products.
  • Hair products: Include human hair extensions, wigs, closures, frontals, clip-in extensions, and more.
  • Hair texture: These products may come in various textures (straight, wavy, curly), lengths, colors, and attachment methods to cater to different customer preferences and styles.

Especially whether you are a retail customer or wholesaler, Buw Hair Factory also provides hair products with a variety of styles and designs. Buw Hair Factory’s reputation for offering a variety of hair products suggests that they strive to meet the needs of a diverse customer base and provide options for various hairstyles and looks.

Buw Hair provides hair from Asia countries
Buw Hair provides hair from Asia countries

2.2. Reviews of hair quality

Buw Hair Factory is known for offering high-quality hair sourced from various countries in Southeast Asia, which is recognized for its abundant supply of excellent hair materials. Asian hair is typically characterized by its straight to slightly wavy natural texture. It tends to have a smooth and sleek appearance. The hair is obtained in its raw, unprocessed form without undergoing steam or heat treatment, ensuring its high quality.

Buw Hair import high quality hair from Asia countries
Buw Hair imports high-quality hair from Asia countries

Buw Hair Factory receives positive evaluations from many customers who appreciate the quality of their hair products. Due to the high-quality sourcing and minimal processing, the hair can exhibit exceptional durability, lasting up to 2-3 years with proper care.

Positive feedback from clients
Positive feedback from clients

However, it’s important to note that due to Buw hair factory reviews, there have been some negative reviews regarding hair quality, with clients expressing concerns about the quality of the hair. These issues could be attributed to inconsistencies in the sourcing of hair materials, as ensuring 100% quality control from the suppliers can be challenging.

Some negative feedback from customers
Some negative feedback from customers

2.3. Reviews of hair prices

Hair prices from Buw Hair Factory may be higher compared to hair factories in the United States and globally. This higher price point is often accompanied by a commitment to hair quality and customer satisfaction. Buw Hair Factory focuses on providing high-quality hair products, which can justify the higher pricing. Here are the main hair prices due to Buw human hair factory reviews:

  • Sew in 9A bundles 10-34”: $18
  • Natural color body wave 4×4 3pcs: $84
  • 13×4 Frontal wig blonde color: $132

Buw Hair Factory aims to provide top-notch hair quality. So this is a good choice if you are considering buying hair from Buw Hair after reading Buw Hair factory reviews. Especially, there are 7 physical stores scattered in the US, customers can go to the store to check and purchase directly. However, if you want to get hair products at a more affordable price, you can look for hair factories in Asia. They have an abundant and cheap source of hair materials.

Some of the main hair products from Buw hair
Some of the main hair products from Buw hair

3. Buw Hair Factory reviews of policy and service

If you are considering buying hair from Buw Hair, read some Buw human hair factory reviews on policy and service to learn how to order hair from this manufacturer.

3.1. Reviews of customer service

Buw Hair Factory is known for providing excellent customer service to its clients. They have a professional sales team that offers expert advice and guidance to customers, helping them make informed choices and select the best options for their needs. Whether it’s pre-sales inquiries or post-sales support, Buw Hair Factory strives to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the entire purchasing process.

  • Website: Their website is designed to provide a user-friendly experience, allowing customers to easily access information about their products and services. This helps customers get a comprehensive understanding of the products and make informed decisions.
  • Sales team: Buw Hair Factory’s sales team is readily available to assist customers with any questions, concerns, or inquiries they may have. Following Buw Hair Factory reviews, they provide prompt and helpful responses, addressing customer needs and providing personalized support. Whether it’s via email, live chat, or phone, the sales team is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service.
  • After-sales: They aim to ensure customer satisfaction even after the purchase has been made. This includes addressing any issues, concerns, or inquiries that customers may have regarding their products or orders.

Overall, Buw Hair Factory prioritizes customer service by providing a professional sales team, an easy-to-access website with clear information and visuals, and comprehensive support throughout the entire customer journey.

Customers review about Buw Hair service
Customers review about Buw Hair service

Buw Hair Factory also received negative feedback because it did not meet the needs of customers by replying to messages and responding slowly.

Negative feedback about responding the mail
Negative feedback about responding the mail

3.2. Reviews of payment method

If you are in the US, you can go directly to the store, experience the products on sale, and buy directly. Or you can buy online through the Buw Hair website. According to Buw Hair factory reviews, customers can choose to pay cash or bank accounts for customers living in the US. As for foreign customers, Buw accepts payment via Paypal and Visa, Mastercard

3.3. Reviews of shipping

Buw Hair uses 2 USPS or DHL shipping units for orders. Mostly for domestic orders, they use USPS for shipping and DHL for overseas orders. For every bill over $90, according to Buw Hair factory reviews, they will subsidize and freeship the item for the customer.

For hair products with a value of less than $90, depending on the location, there will be different shipping prices. You should consider your 2 order options and it will take 3-7 days to receive your goods if you are a foreign customer who wants to buy online from Buw Hair factory.

3.4. Reviews of exchange and return

Buw Hair Factory has a return and exchange policy allowing customers to return or exchange eligible items within 14 days of purchase. Defective or incorrect items can be reported via email with supporting details. Return items must be unused and undamaged, and customers are responsible for prepaid shipping costs.

Refunds are processed within 24 hours of receiving and inspecting the returned package. Canceling or changing orders is possible before packing. Contacting customer service via email is recommended for assistance, with responses expected within one business day.

Buw Hair provides return or exchange eligible items within 14 days of purchase.
Buw Hair provides return or exchange eligible items within 14 days of purchase.

4. Should you buy hair from Buw Hair?

According to Buw Human Hair Factory reviews, if you consider whether or not you should buy hair from them depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you live in the US, you have the option to visit their physical stores to personally check the quality and products before making a purchase. They have seven direct stores in the US, which can provide a convenient way to assess hair quality.

However, if you have concerns about the quality or the origin of the hair, or if you are looking for more affordable options, it may be advisable to consider purchasing hair from factories in Southeast Asia. These factories are known for their abundant supply of hair and often offer more competitive pricing. Conducting thorough research, reading customer reviews, and comparing different suppliers can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your specific requirements.

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