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Update: 01/12/2023

If you are curious whether or not to buy hair from Luvme Hair, click here to read Luvme Hair reviews to get more information about this hair supplier.

It is not difficult for you to find a hair distributor in the US if you want to buy products with great quality hair. In the article, we will delve into Luvme Hair Reviews, they are one of the famous hair vendors in the US.

1. Luvme Hair reviews: Company overview

Luvme Hair is a leading hair wholesaler in North America, dedicated to offering high-quality hair products at affordable prices. According to Luvme Hair reviews, they have been a top hair wholesaler in the USA since 2014, with a workforce of over 300 employees. With an extensive 10-year journey in the human hair wig market, their presence has redefined the wig-shopping experience for women across the U.S. They take immense pride in having catered to over 1 million satisfied customers, establishing ourselves as a trusted brand for premium wigs at affordable prices. Their unwavering mission centers around delivering genuine products and exceptional services. This dedication sets them apart and fuels their commitment to excellence.

They have established various office locations in the United States and Asia, as well as a solid infrastructure to support our operations, a worldwide supply chain to acquire top quality but ethically produced virgin hair, and a trustworthy shopping experience.


Some information you need to know about Luvme Hair


2. Luvme Hair reviews about their product

If you are considering buying hair from Luvme Hair, you should carefully consider factors such as product range, quality and hair price. In the section below, we will give the most unbiased reviews of products from this hair vendor

2.1. Luvme Hair reviews on their product range

With an impressive track record of serving over 1 million customers, Luvme Hair has earned a reputation for providing top-notch wigs at genuinely affordable prices.

  • Hair origin: They take great pride in offering authentic products, ensuring that each hairpiece is made from 100% human hair sourced from reliable suppliers in Asian countries such as China, India, Cambodia. The hair’s origin from these regions is renowned for its exceptional quality and natural appearance, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
  • Hair product: Due to Luvme Hair reviews, product range lies in their hair wigs, which take center stage with an extensive array of styles and designs. Whether it’s undetectable lace wigs, frontal lace wigs, closure lace wigs, or full lace wigs, they have thoughtfully curated their collection to cater to various preferences and individual hair needs
  • Hair texture and color: Their commitment to providing an array of hairstyles and colors is a testament to their dedication to empowering their customers to embrace their individuality. Whether someone desires a chic and sleek straight look, a luscious curly vibe, or an elegant wavy style, Luvme Hair has got them covered.

Luvme Hair continues to redefine the standards of luxury and high-quality wigs, promising a remarkable journey of self-expression, beauty, and confidence for every customer who embraces the beauty of their authentic human hair wigs.


Luvme Hair has earned a reputation for providing top-notch wigs

2.2. Luvme Hair reviews on their hair quality

Luvme Hair’s commitment to uncompromising quality shines through in their meticulously crafted wigs made from 100% virgin hair. Their dedication to detail ensures that each hair piece meets the highest standards of excellence. With a foundation deeply rooted in this ethos, Luvme Hair’s pursuit of exceptional quality remains unwavering and will continue to be a cornerstone of their business for many years to come.


Luvme Hair provides hair wigs with high-quality

If you live in the US, you can come to the physical store to check the hair quality directly from the hair vendor. Not only that, base on Luvme Hair reviews, they receive a lot of feedback from customers:


Customer feedback about high quality of hair wigs

However, they also receive a lot of negative feedback from clients about low-quality hair:


Negative feedback from client about hair wig

2.3. Luvme Hair reviews: hair price

Luvme Hair only sells one product, mainly hair wigs, so the price will have a significant difference compared to other hair vendors that sell raw hair for production. Prices for hair products can vary widely depending on factors such as the type of wig, hair length, hair texture, and any additional features or customization:

  • Straight wigs: from $99.9 – $349/ per product
  • Yaki & Kinky wigs: from &99.9 – $279.9/per product
  • Body wave wigs: from $139.9 – $439.9/ per product
  • Curly wigs: from $119.9 – $349.9/ per product

Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose suitable wigs for yourself. However, because the price according to Luveme Hair reviews is much higher than the general market, you may consider ordering in bulk from other hair vendors if you want to open your hair business.


Hair price from Luvme Hair may higher than other hair vendors

3. Luvme Hair reviews on their customer service and policy

Policy and customer service are 2 factors you should consider if you decide to buy hair wigs from Luvme Hair. We will go to find out more through Luvme Hair reviews

3.1. Luvme Hair reviews on their customer service

Luvme Hair is committed to providing excellent customer service to its customers. Here are some aspects of their customer service:

  • Friendly website: Luvme Hair’s website is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for customers to navigate, search for products, and make purchases. The website may include detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and helpful information to assist customers in making informed decisions.
  • Pre-sale support: Luvme Hair’s customer service team is available to assist customers before they make a purchase. They may answer inquiries, provide product recommendations, and address any concerns or questions customers may have about the hair products they offer.
  • After-sale support: Luvme Hair’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the point of purchase. According to Luvme Hair reviews, they may offer after-sale support, such as assisting with product care and maintenance, addressing any issues or concerns with the purchased products, and providing guidance on how to get the most out of their hair extensions and wigs.
  • Communication channels: Luvme Hair may offer various communication channels to connect with their customers, such as email, phone, live chat, or social media platforms.
    Timely responses: Luvme Hair aims to provide timely responses to customer inquiries and concerns. They understand the importance of addressing customer needs promptly and efficiently.

Luvme Hair may encourage customer feedback and reviews to continuously improve their products and services:


Luvme Hair may encourage customer feedback and reviews

However, they also receive a lot of negative feedback from customers about slow response:


Luvme Hair also receive negative feedback

3.2. Luvme Hair reviews on their shipping

Shipping from Luvme Hair is available worldwide and is carried out through reputable courier services such as UPS, DHL, USPS, FedEx, and Royal Mail.

Luvme Hair typically requires 1 business day to process and dispatch your order after receiving it. However, please be aware that the processing time may be extended in certain situations. For instance, if there are errors in your shipping information, an undeliverable address, or any unexpected issues, the processing time may be prolonged. In such cases, the customer service team will promptly contact you within 24 hours to resolve any issues.

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3.3. Luvme Hair reviews on their payment method

Luvme Hair offers various convenient and secure payment methods to accommodate customers worldwide. Major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted for online transactions. Customers can use their PayPal accounts for quick and secure payments. Due to Luvme Hair reviews, they prioritize providing a secure and hassle-free payment process to ensure a smooth shopping experience for its valued customers.

3.4. Luvme Hair reviews about return and exchange

Luvme Hair allows exchanges and returns of unused wigs within 30 days of receipt. To be eligible, the wig must be in its original condition with no cutting, bleaching, or color changes, and the lace untouched. Used wigs cannot be returned for hygiene reasons. According to Luvme Hair reviews, to initiate a return, contact customer care within 30 days, provide reasons and pictures, and follow their instructions for the return address. Refunds will be processed within 2 business days after receiving and inspecting the returned items.

However, their email response team is sometimes still slow and does not promptly respond to customer problems about the product:


Email response team is sometimes still slow and does not promptly respond

4. Should you buy hair after reading Luvme Hair reviews

After reviewing Luvme Hair reviews, we took a comprehensive look at this hair vendor through their products and customer care services. You can choose to buy hair wigs if you live in the US or North America. However, you should consider carefully if you want to buy goods at a more reasonable price.

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