Real hair extensions will add brilliance to your look

Update: 01/12/2023

Real hair extensions are a wonderful product every girl should have. Let’s dive into all the information about real hair extensions in this article.

Hair extensions, especially real hair extensions, are growing in popularity thanks to women’s increasing demands for beauty. However, many people are still unsure of the features of real hair and how to identify them. So this article will clear everything up for you.

1. Overview of real hair extensions

Where does the definition “real hair extensions” come from? What are the features of real hair for extensions? The section below will answer all your questions.


Real human hair extensions will add brilliance to your look

1.1. Definition of real hair extensions

Real hair extension is made totally from human hair, collected from hair donors. Using real hair for extensions is a way to add volume and length to someone’s natural hair that allows them to easily create their look to their desire.


Definition of real human hair extensions

1.2. Why you should use real hair extensions

The following are some benefits of using real hair for extensions that you should know:

  • Smooth and Soft: Because this product is made entirely of human hair, its silkiness and softness are identical to those of natural hair, making it a perfect match for natural hair.
  • Can be dyed and styled: real hair can be styled and colored at will. This hair is adaptable to a variety of colored dyes. However, if you want to do this, you should be aware of the quality of the real hair for extensions you’re using and seek expert advice beforehand.
  • Durable: The lifespan of real hair extensions, depending on how well they are taken care of, can last from 5-10 years.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your appearance, real hair for extensions is an excellent choice.


Real hair is smooth and soft

2. Top countries supply real hair extensions

If we’re talking about real hair extension products, we can’t leave out Asian wholesale hair merchants. And Vietnam, India, and China are the three major hair-producing nations we must know.

2.1. Vietnamese real hair extensions

Real hair extension products come from Vietnam, which is well-known for its constant quality, reasonable prices, and low risk.

  • Source: 100% Vietnamese hair, no mixed hair
  • Features: Hair is strong and lustrous because of the use of natural products.
  • Price: high quality hair at reasonable prices. From 8$/weft bundles, 11$/100g bundles of Tape ins…

Real hair extensions in Vietnam have been a popular choice for hair salons and merchants throughout the world because of their excellent quality and reasonable pricing.


Vietnamese natural hair is strong and lustrous

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2.2. Chinese real hair extensions

Chinese real hair extension products are famous for their low-cost items due to the low labor costs and advancements in technology.

  • Source: Chinese hair is regularly mixed with hair from a variety of sources, including hair from India and Cambodia.
  • Features: Hair is blended from many sources, so it is not consistent in color or texture.
  • Price: The price is very competitive. From 7/weft bundles, 10$/100g bundles of Tape ins…

Customers seeking low-cost hair with an abundant supply can choose Chinese real hair extensions.

If you are wondering whether to choose Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair, you must have read this far, you already have the answer, right?


Chinese real hair extension products

2.3. Indian real hair extensions

India has one of the biggest hair markets in the world. Indian real hair extension products are very popular because of their low cost.

  • Source: In India, there are many hair sources. Most Indian real hair extension products are donated to temples regularly so it is known as “temple hair.”
  • Features: coarse, dry and naturally curly.
  • Price: cheapest price when compared to other countries. From 6-7$/weft bundles, 9$/100g bundle of Tape in hair…

If you want to buy real hair extensions at a cheap price, Indian hair is a good choice.


Indian real hair extension products

2.4. Other countries in Asia

In addition to the three Asian countries previously listed, Cambodia and Indonesia are also options to buy real hair extension products.

  • Source: hair from local people. Sometimes hair is mixed with hair from other countries
  • Features: The features are similar to Vietnamese hair, but in these countries, the most prominent is still Vietnamese hair
  • Price: not cheap, a bit more expensive than the other countries stated above owing to limited supply.

These countries are also a good choice if you want to buy real hair extension products.

3. The difference between real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions

Real hair extension products and synthetic hair may be distinguished by appearance, touching, and smell. But modern synthetic hair extensions are expertly made and look just like real hair extension products. You can distinguish between real human hair and synthetic hair by looking at the following signals.

Real human hair extensions Synthetic hair extensions
Source 100% human hair made from artificial fibers
Look and feel Real human hair is smooth and supple. Their natural luster gives them a healthy appearance.

Once they’ve been put to use, they’ll be smooth and flexible.

The texture of synthetic hair is significantly coarser than real hair. They are often unimpressive and unnatural-looking.

When worn or handled, they may seem stiff since they are less flexible than human hair.

Touch Smooth and moderately bright.

When you pull real hair extensions down, it is a bit of a hindrance.

Smooth and straight hair.

Chemicals used to soften hair make it simple to pull back down.

Bleach Rinse your hair after 30 minutes of working with bleach powder.
The hair will become a golden yellow color after it’s dried.
The heat of hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons cannot be used to style synthetic hair
Heat resistant real hair extension products can endure higher temperatures and can be heated up in the same way as your own hair. The heat of hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons cannot be used to style synthetic hair
Burning test No black smoke, less burning smell and soft ash There is black smoke and the smell of burning plastic
Does not produce ash when burned

Real hair is an excellent alternative to synthetic hair. Although the cost of owning human hair is higher, it is well worth it. Great quality comes at a high cost. In comparison to synthetic hair, real human hair may endure for up to three years. In terms of cost and longevity, real hair for extensions are the best option for beautiful appearances and memorable experiences.

4. How to take care of real hair extensions

It’s not enough to know about real hair for extensions. Real hair for extensions needs to be cared for properly to maintain its shine and smoothness. A tangled, matted hair extension is the pits. Proper hair care may also help you get more use out of your real hair by extending their lifetime. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best advice for maintaining healthy real human hair.

What not to do:

  • Avoid using heat tools: real human hair extensions might get dry and frizzy if you use heat tools like hair dryers and hair styling appliances. Try to select a hairstyle that doesn’t need the use of hot tools or condition it once a month to keep them soft and moisturized instead!
  • Never go to bed with wet real hair extensions:
    • Because real hair extension products are most fragile when wet. So if you toss and turn while you sleep, it will be damaged and will not be silky and smooth when you get up.
    • Imagine having to spend a lot of time in the morning combing and brushing out knots that are straining at your scalp and maybe shedding and knotted hair. Nothing could be worse than this!

What to do:

  • Choose the right hair care products:
    • Sulfates and alcohol should be avoided when it comes to your hair care. Otherwise, your hair’s natural oil would be stripped away, resulting in tangled, rough real hair extensions.
    • We advise you to look into hair care products that are made from natural materials. They’re gentle on your hair and include just the right amount of moisturizing ingredients to keep it soft and silky.
  • Wash your real hair extension products properly:
    • In most cases, washing your hair in the sink saves time and effort. However, real human hair is prone to tangling. When you can, try to wash your hair in the shower. By doing this, you’re allowing water to trickle down your hair, which aids in the removal of any extra shampoo or conditioner.
    • Please keep in mind that using hair conditioner at the roots of your hair might cause your hair extension to slide down, making your human hair extension less durable.

Use the steps listed above to keep your real human hair in good condition and looking their best.


What not to do when caring for real hair


What to do when caring for real hair extension products

5. Recommendation for trustworthy real hair extension suppliers in the world

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 hair extension suppliers so you can buy real hair extension products with confidence.

5.1. Ted Hair – one of the best real hair extension brands in China

In the industry of real human hair extensions all around the world, Ted Hair is a well-known and highly regarded brand name. TedHair was founded in 2008 and has been operating the hair factory for 14 years.

  • Source: Chinese hair mixed with many hair sources, mainly with Malaysian and Brazilian hair.
  • Product: a wide variety of products, some of which are hair extensions made from Malaysian and Brazilian hair…
  • Quality: They provide high-quality real hair extensions and professional services to hair stylists, salon owners, shop owners, and online sellers worldwide.
  • Price: When compared to the prices offered by other suppliers of hair extensions in China, Ted Hair’s real hair extension products are quite expensive.
  • Shipping: Extremely quick shipping and delivery times thanks to the availability of the factory and the technology of mass production in large quantities. Products are always in stock.

We suggest this real human hair extensions brand if you want convenience and speedy shipping and can be ready to pay a higher price.


Ted Hair in China

5.2. 5S Hair Factory – the best real hair extensions in Vietnam

5S Hair – Vietnamese Hair Factory is a well-known brand in the world of hair extensions.

  • Source: 100% Vietnamese human hair
  • Product: There are many products including weft hair, clip ins, tip hair…And you can dye or style hair extensions as you like
  • Quality: The real hair extension products are made completely from Vietnamese hair and manufactured utilizing new technology, guaranteeing that the quality is excellent when it reaches customers.
  • Price: As compared to the global prices, it’s the best value in Vietnam and is the best choice.
  • Feedback: Clients appreciate and trust 5S Hair Factory because of the high quality of its real hair extension products and the exceptional customer service it provides.

When it comes to real hair for extensions, 5S Hair is the ideal hair supplier for hair sellers who are worried about the quality and want to expand their product options with extra real hair extensions.


5S Hair Factory

5.3. Slavic Hair –  the best real hair extensions supplier in EU

Slavic Hair Company was founded in 1999 with the goal of supplying virgin Slavic hair to countries throughout the world. They established their own manufacturing of high-quality real hair extension products from real Slavic and Caucasian hair after seeing remarkable success in this industry

  • Source: Source: 90% of this hair was given by CIS women, so it is referred to it as “Slavic Gold.”
  • Quality: It is well known that Slavic hair is regarded as having the highest quality worldwide. It is prized for real hair extensions’ suppleness, natural luster, and soft, silky texture.
  • They now successfully manage a large hair factory with a monthly production capacity of over 400 kg of hair and sell their products throughout the CIS, Europe, and the United States.
  • Price: very expensive. From 50$/weft bundle

Slavic Hair is also a great supplier of real hair extension products you should not miss.


Slavic Hair – the best real human hair extensions supplier in EU

5.4. Indian Mermaid Hair Extension – the best real hair extensions supplier in India

When consumers started buying online, Indian Mermaid Hair Extension was one of the first hair extension manufacturers to react to this new trend. Moreover, their website has been attentively and rationally designed to make consumers’ purchases easier and easier.

  • Product: The most common real hair extension product is raw bulk hair sewn together by a professional. In addition, a wide range of wigs is available, including full lace, HD lace, closure wigs…
  • Quality: Thanks to a unique triple wefting procedure, they are of exceptional quality.
  • Price: It’s a little pricey to get real hair extensions from this company because of the unique method they use.
  • Feedback: Customers are generally satisfied with the quality of the products they get. Many people are pleased with the service, but a few others aren’t satisfied with the delivery time.

Real hair extension products from Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions are ideal if you are looking for a product that is both natural and flawless in every way.


Indian Mermaid Hair Extension- the best hair supplier in India

5.5. Apsara Cambodian Hair – the best Cambodian real hair extensions provider

Cambodian hair is a good option if you want a wide range of real hair extension products. And a fantastic option for you is Apsara Cambodian Hair.

  • Products: There are many different kinds of products.
  • Quality: 100% hair from Cambodia. However, the maximum length of the hair extension is just 28 inches.
  • Price: The price of real hair extensions is quite expensive.
  • Reviews: There have been several concerns about poor customer service but also positive feedback about the quality of the hair.

Apsara Cambodian Hair is another option you can choose if you want to buy real human hair extensions made from Cambodian hair.


Apsara Cambodian Hair- the best Cambodian hair  provider

We hope that you have found this information to be helpful in your search for the best real hair extension products for yourself.

Source: V Hair Vendor

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