Top 10 Best Wholesale Hair Vendors In Atlanta Latest Updated

Update: 01/12/2023

This article will update the latest top 10 best wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta for those who are interested in finding a top reputable hair supplier address.

In the United States, wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta are becoming more and more popular and profitable thanks to the high beauty demand of the people here. This article will give you who are the top wholesale hair vendors Atlanta GA and explain why are they so popular.

1. The opportunities for wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

The growth of Atlanta has fueled the growth of businesses and hair wholesalers in Atlanta are emerging as an attractive and lucrative industry. Atlanta is a potential city, once considered the best place in America to do business the top Mid-sized City for young entrepreneurs. This is a land with many development opportunities for all areas including the hair sector.

  • With a population of more than 6 million people, Atlanta is the capital and most populous city of the state of Georgia, and is the 9th largest metropolitan area in the United States, so the demand and diversity of hair products from the people here are very big.
  • Atlanta works as a distribution hub for goods not only for Georgia but also for other states such as Texas and California. People here have hairstyles here that change every month and the demand for beauty is very high. Therefore, the potential and profit for wholesale hair vendors in USA and wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta are huge.

Thanks to the fertile land and the high demand for hair from the people here, hair suppliers wholesale in Atlanta are increasingly expanding and contributing a lot to the hair industry.


Atlanta is the capital and most populous city of the state of Georgia

2. Find out about wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

Many people think that the hair extensions that wholesale hair vendors Atlanta GA sell are locally sourced hair. However, the fact that Atlantans don’t sell their hair. Hair suppliers wholesale in Atlanta are mainly trading companies, they have no factories, and no source of raw materials, they import hair from other countries, mostly from Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and import from China, India, Brazil.. and then resell to domestic customers.

  • According to the requirements of each consumer group, wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta provide a broad selection of items. The preferred hairstyles of African Americans are curly wavy or black bone straight. Meanwhile, the white community has shown a marked preference for the virgin blond hair extensions and blond bone straight hair sold by hair wholesalers in Atlanta. And the majority of the market is interested in premium goods, such as Vietnamese hair, Burmese hair, etc.
  • Since hair suppliers wholesale in Atlanta are commercial companies, they are less subject to government regulations on issues such as labor protection, environmental taxes, and more. As a result, they can cut input costs and increase profits.
  • Due to insufficient supply, some wholesale hair vendors in Georgia mix human hair with synthetic hair to sell to customers.
  • Most of the customers of hair wholesalers in Atlanta are high-end customer segments, so they care a lot about product quality and design, and the price does not affect their purchasing decisions too much.

Above are some important things you need to know about wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta before working with them to see if they are a good fit for your business.


The preferred hairstyles of African Americans are curly wavy or black bone straigh


Some wholesale hair vendors in Georgia mix human hair with synthetic hair to sell to customers

3. The price of hair from wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

The price of hair from hair wholesalers in Atlanta GA is high because they are trading companies, and as intermediaries, they have to import hair from other countries. Compared to the price of hair bought from hair factories in the raw material area, their hair can be twice as expensive.

  • When importing hair from abroad, hair suppliers wholesale in Atlanta have to bear the import costs, taxes and related costs. These costs in the US are not cheap.
  • Labor and labor costs here are also expensive, much more expensive than in Southeast Asian countries, China or India.
  • Wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta often import goods in large quantities, so it takes time and costs to store goods.

For the above reasons, hair wholesalers in Atlanta have to sell hair at a higher price to cover the cost.


The price of hair from wholesale hair in Atlanta

4. Pros and cons of working with wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

This part will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of working with hair wholesalers in Atlanta GA. Buying hair from wholesale hair suppliers in Atlanta gives you a wide choice of products and fast delivery. However, their hair prices are very high and the quality depends on imports so it’s not stable.


  • They provide a variety of lines of products and many different types of hair from many different places of origin to fulfill the needs of each customer.
  • Orders are handled fast thanks to a modern shipping system and excellent customer service support.
  • The shipping fee is also cheaper than in other states thanks to the modern logistics system and cheaper warehousing costs.
  • Less scam: There is no need to be concerned about fraud because Atlanta law is very transparent about dispute resolution.


  • The price is rather expensive because wholesale hair vendors in Georgia have to depend on raw materials and pay taxes and import fees, and the labor cost in this country is also more than in other nations.
  • Unstable quality: Some wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta will buy hair in bulk to sell gradually. Long-term hair will also be affected somewhat in terms of quality.
  • Sometimes when buying from wholesale hair suppliers in Atlanta, you will have to wait a long time due to supply disruptions.

Knowing the pros and cons of buying hair from hair suppliers wholesale in Atlanta will help you decide whether to buy from them or not.


Pros of working with hair wholesalers in Atlanta


5. Tips to get the best price from Atlanta wholesale hair supplier

Some tips for bargaining with wholesale hair vendors in Georgia to get the best deal are to contact many sales at the same company, ask about wholesale rates, show goodwill and negotiate with them:

  • Contact many sales representatives from the same wholesale hair provider, since each may offer different incentives. So you will pick the best bargain.
  • Ask about wholesale hair rates and see how they react. Wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta will provide you the optimum price even if you do not purchase in quantity for the first time.
  • If you tell wholesale hair vendors in Georgia that their wholesale hair prices are higher than their competitors’ prices, they won’t lower the price. Show goodwill and say will buy again if they agree to the discount.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for a discount. The top wholesale hair vendors have flexible policies that allow their sales staff or management to negotiate with customers for individual products or services. However, there is one prerequisite: you must be the one to initiate the conversation.
  • Do not rush to place an order with them immediately after negotiating the price. Tell them you need to consult the market price or talk to the manager.

Follow the tips above, you will get the best price on your purchase and hair wholesalers in Atlanta will give you more deals later on.


Contact many sales representatives from the same wholesale hair provider


Don’t hesitate to ask for a discount

6. Some recommendations for those who want to find wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

Nowadays there are so many hair wholesalers in Atlanta that make you confused to choose the most suitable one for your business. You don’t need to waste time searching because below we have compiled for you a list of the most reputable wholesale hair vendors that you can refer to. The most reputable wholesale hair vendors in this list are famous for offering high quality hair at reasonable prices and great customer service.


Some recommendations for those who want to find hair suppliers wholesale in Atlanta

Here is a list of reputable wholesale hair vendors Atlanta GA. They are famous for their stable supply and affordable price.

6.1.1. Hair Inc Atlanta 

As one of the most well-known wholesale hair vendors in Georgia, Hair Inc Atlanta is your best choice for high-quality, beautiful hair extensions.

  • Products: Straight Hair Extensions, Wave Hair Extensions, Wigs, Deep Wave Extensions, 613 Blonde Closures, Blonde Wigs mainly made from Brazilian hair
  • Price: The price is expensive, but the hair quality is good
  • All orders are processed and sent within 1–5 business days
  • No refunds but they accept exchanges

Hair Inc Atlanta is a good choice if you are looking for reliable wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta.


Hair Inc Atlanta

6.1.2. Hair Fleek

In the world of high-end salons, USA Hair is a name that needs no introduction. All purchases are processed and sent from the United States, so consumers can easily keep track of their packages and stay in the loop.

  • Main products: hair wigs, bundles, closures and frontals, lashes, ponytails, accessories…
  • Price: They offer extremely reasonable costs in comparison to other Atlanta wholesale hair suppliers.
  • Return / Exchange: They accept returns within 30 days

Hair Fleek is one of the most reliable wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta and provides a reliable hair source.


Hair Fleek

As the largest hair supplier in Atlanta, their goal is to provide clients and consumers with high-quality hair & hair-related items while keeping costs reasonable and competitive.

  • Products: weaves, lace wigs, eyelashes, accessories, hair extensions
  • Price: very competitive, from 12 USD/ hair bundle
  • Requests for returns or exchanges must be made no later than two days after delivery. Not applicable to wigs. Shipping costs for returns are covered by the customer.

At eHair Outlet, you may shop for hair of the highest quality with complete peace of mind.


eHair Outlet – the most popular hair wholesalers in Atlanta

6.1.4. Private label extensions 

Private label extensions is a famous hair company operating since 2014.

  • Products: wigs, weave, lashes, I tips, Clip ins, Tape ins, hot tools…
  • Price: quite reasonable, from 26USD/ vigirn hair bundle
  • Returns within up to 30 days. They don’t refund shipping charges
  • On purchases of $200 or more, shipping is free

Beauty Hair World is the place to go if you want to buy wholesale hair at a reasonable price from the top suppliers in the United States.


Private label extensions  – one of the best wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

6.1.5. Atlanta Bundle Boutique 

The Bundle Boutique is family-owned and operated company in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 2012, they have been providing high-quality hair extensions at a reasonable price.

  • Products: hair bundles, hair extensions, closure and frontal with many lengths and colors sourced manly from Cambodian, and Indian hair
  • Policy: They accept returns and exchange
  • They can ship internationally for an extra $29.99.

Atlanta Bundle Boutique is one of the most trustworthy wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta you can work with.


Atlanta Bundle Boutique – one of the best wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

Here are some reliable wholesale hair factories to consider if you’re looking for a steady supply of hair and prefer to deal directly with the source.

6.2.1. Vin hair vendor – The best Vietnamese wholesale hair factory

Go to Vin Hair Vendor if you’re a business owner in need of reliable hair wholesalers in Atlanta.

  • Vin hair vendor offers a wide variety of hair goods, including bundles, wefts, clips, tapes, and tips, and their bone-straight hair wefts are where they really make their name.
  • Each and every Vin hair product is made entirely from premium Vietnamese human hair. The hair from this reliable wholesale hair factory is taken from northern mountainous women who lead healthy lifestyles and care for their hair with natural herbs.
  • Expert employees choose each strand of hair to ensure that it is healthy, lustrous, strong, and long-lasting.
  • Vin hair vendor does have its own facility where it produces its products, enabling it to provide the most affordable pricing on the market today. When you buy from Vin hair, you’re getting a wonderful deal. Also, they provide hair to wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta.
  • Very few raw Vietnamese hair vendors have their own hair factories, and Vin hair is one of them. Cooperating with the Vin hair vendor is a wise move for your company.

Vin hair vendor is a wise option for your company if you are a distributor or reseller in the hair industry wanting to buy high-quality Vietnamese hair at an affordable price.


Vin hair vendor – The best Vietnamese hair factory

6.2.2. Ted Hair

With competitive pricing and extensive product offering, Ted is considered to be among the most successful and well-known hair brands in the world.

  • Main products: weaves, closures and frontals, hair wigs… with many different origins such as Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, and Peruvian hair.
  • Price range: very competitive, from 23.5 USSD/ hair bundle
  • Exchange/Refund Policy: Within 7 days, a request must be submitted.

With Ted Hair, you can shop with confidence for a wide selection of wholesale hair products.


Ted Hair – The best wholesale hair vendor for anyone looking to wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

Angkor Cambodia Hair is a Cambodian hair vendor, hair manufacturing, and hair collection business located in Phnom Penh. They provide boutique hair salons and wholesalers with premium Cambodian hair.

  • For over ten years, Angkor Hair has been a leading provider of wholesale hair in Cambodia.
  • Products: Angkor Cambodian Hair comes with 5 different patterns: straight, deep wave, body wave, loose wave, and slightly curled. You may also have closures, clip-in extensions, and both grey and white hair. When needed, they will offer wigs and frontals.
  • Prices: These wholesale hair suppliers base their prices on double-drawn straight weft. Natural/loose curls cost an extra $10/kg, medium waves cost $20/kg, and deep curls cost $30/kg.

If you are looking for wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta, another option for wholesale hair is Angkor Cambodia Hair, which offers high-quality hair at a reasonable cost.


Angkor Cambodian Hair – one of the most popular wholesale hair vendors in Cambodia

6.2.4. UNice

Because of its low costs and extensive product line, UNice is usually considered as one of the world’s largest wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta.

  • Hair weaves, lace closures, wigs, and hair accessories made from hair from many origins, including Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian hair.
  • Product prices range from $70 to $320.
  • Returns and exchanges are permitted within 30 days. Refunds will be issued within 24 hours of receiving and verifying your returned product.

UNice Hair is a fantastic wholesale hair seller with whom you can buy a wide range of hair products with trust.

6.2.5. Apsara Cambodian Hair

Apsara Cambodian Hair is a reputable natural hair company in Cambodia that you should visit.

  • Principal products include closures, large waves, natural waves, deep waves, and straight hairstyles. Their hair has received numerous compliments. However, some users have also expressed dissatisfaction with the hair, stating that it becomes brittle and quickly dries after use.
  • Very reasonable pricing, with 1 kilogram of Cambodian straight hair starting at 450 USD.
  • This hair vendor accepts returns and exchanges within 10 days. They have fast and dedicated customer service

Apsara Cambodian Hair is always a great partner for wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta.

7. FAQs about wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

When discussing hair vendors on the international market, forums frequently draw attention to wholesale hair vendors based in Atlanta. Please consult our comprehensive responses to frequently inquired questions regarding these suppliers.

7.1. Should I buy Atlanta hair or import hair from Vietnam?

After knowing about the exceptional quality and reliable supply of Vietnamese hair, many consumers ask this question when considering the two leading potential hair markets, Atlanta and Vietnam. The answer will depend on your purchasing goals. If you want to buy hair in bulk for your business, you should import it from Vietnam because the quality is excellent and the price is not as high as it is from intermediary providers. However, if you have no experience acquiring hair or just need to buy a small quantity, you can start by purchasing from wholesale hair suppliers in Atlanta.

7.2. Why are product prices of Atlanta wholesale hair suppliers quite high?

Products provided by wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta are often considered by customers to have quite high prices compared to the general market. This is due to a few reasons: because they cannot produce their hair, most hair companies here have to import hair, so they will pay additional charges such as import taxes and international transportation costs… In addition, Atlanta Wholesale hair vendors often import large quantities, so it often costs extra to preserve and store hair in warehouses to ensure hair quality.

This is why their hair pricing, as well as the prices of the majority of US hair suppliers, are so high. This is the most important feature that reduces the attractiveness of hair extensions from Atlanta wholesale hair suppliers. If you are still concerned about this high price, you can consider buying hair directly from markets where wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta have imported hair such as Vietnam, China, and India. You can still be guaranteed premium quality at a much better price.

7.3. What are some things to keep in mind when choosing an Atlanta wholesale hair supplier?

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a wholesale hair vendor in Atlanta:

  • Reputation: It is important to choose a vendor with a good reputation. You can do this by reading online reviews and asking other hair professionals for recommendations. You can also check to see if the vendor is accredited by any trade associations, such as the American Hairdresser Cosmetologist Association (AHCA).
  • Product quality: Another important factor to consider is the quality of the hair extensions. Make sure the vendor sells 100% human hair extensions that are free of chemicals and processing. You can ask the vendor for samples of their hair extensions before you place an order, so that you can inspect the quality for yourself.
  • Price: Hair extensions can vary in price depending on the quality of the hair, the type of hair extension, and the length and thickness of the hair. It is important to compare prices from different vendors to find the best deal. However, keep in mind that cheaper hair extensions may not be as high quality.
  • Shipping policy: Before you place an order, make sure to read the vendor’s shipping policy carefully. Find out how long it takes for the vendor to ship orders and how much shipping costs. You may also want to ask the vendor if they offer expedited shipping, in case you need the hair extensions quickly.
  • Return policy: It is also important to choose a vendor with a generous return policy. This will protect you in case you are not satisfied with the hair extensions you receive. Make sure to find out how long you have to return the hair extensions and whether there is a restocking fee.

These are the basic factors you need to consider carefully before deciding to cooperate with wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta or any other hair supplier.

Things to keep in mind when choosing an Atlanta wholesale hair supplier

Things to keep in mind when choosing an Atlanta wholesale hair supplier


In general, Atlanta wholesale hair vendors are always an attractive address in the international hair market thanks to providing high-quality hair extensions. However, before choosing a hair supplier, don’t forget to carefully research the information in this article about the market and refer to the Top 10 wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta that we have updated to make the most ideal decision.

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