Top 10 Most Reputable Indian Hair Vendors Latest Updated

Update: 01/12/2023

This article will explore the top 10 most reputable Indian hair vendors latest updates and the important information you need to know about these vendors.

Indian hair vendors’ reviews have been the most sought-after keywords because Indian hair is getting more popular. And there are still a lot of common misunderstandings about Indian hair vendors and their products. Let’s find out more in this article.

1. Shocking facts about Indian hair vendors

With so many hair companies to choose from, you’re having a hard time finding a reputable one in the maze of them all. In fact, Indian hair suppliers are regarded as one of the most important hair distributors in the global market today. And in first part, we will give you shocking facts about Indian hair vendors.


Shocking facts about Indian hair vendors and top picks

1.1. Origin of hair extensions comes from Indian hair vendors

When it comes to the origin of Indian hair, it’s an intriguing topic. When looking for information about it, you will definitely see the result is Indian hair sourced from temple hairs, which are gathered from Indian temples. In fact, there are two important sources of hair from Indian hair vendors to mention: Indian temple hair and Indian hairball:

  • Temple hair is the source of Indian virgin hair or Indian remy hair. And they’re mostly remy hair. Temple hair is really taken from temple donors. In India, it is customary for worshipers to shave their heads in temples to express their reverence for God. After that, the hair from one or more donors is gathered and is used to produce hair extensions.
  • Indian hairball is the origin of Indian non-remy hair. Hairball is collected from many different places, including the floor of a salon, a public restroom, or even a plumbing pipe. It is clearly waste hair from many people and the quality is very low.

Nowadays, where product traceability is becoming the norm for all commodities, particularly with special items like hair, the ethics and transparency of the source of Indian hair from Indian hair vendors is an issue that many queries.


Indian temple hair

1.2. Features of Indian hair extensions

Here are some important Indian hair features from hair vendors in India to keep in mind:

  • In general, Indian hair when buying from Indian hair vendors is difficult to dye and style:
    • The natural hair of the Indians is very coarse, rough, and especially naturally curly. So dyeing or bleaching is very difficult and easy to damage the hair. Moreover, because of natural curls, it is difficult to restyle.
    • If you want to make a hairstyle from Indian hair, you have to straighten it before you go to style it. This makes the already weak Indian hair even weaker.
  • Hair from Indian temples (temple hair) is sold to China at a high price. This type is usually compact, Indian hair vendors make them in small bundles in the form of a natural ponytail. Because cuticle alignment and uniformity are high, temple hair can be bleached and dyed, but then the hair will be very weak and fragile.

Hairball is of lower quality. Non-remy hair made from hairball will be bundled into a large bundle with many elastic bands. Even though the hair is cleaner, it still looks dirty and dusty.


The natural hair of the Indians is very coarse, rough, and especially naturally curly

2. Pros and Cons of buying hair extensions from Indian hair vendors

There are both positive and negative aspects to each hair supply. If you’re considering purchasing hair from hair vendors in India, here are some pros and cons to consider.

  • Pros of buying hair extensions from Indian hair vendor:
    • Cheap price: Indian hair is more popular because of its low price and large quantities. If you buy Indian hair from a hair vendor in India, you will be able to negotiate the price with the factory directly. Therefore, you stand to make a good profit on them.
    • Fast delivery: There is a very positive impression of hair vendors in India because they can deliver the hair fast and without any waiting. You just need a max of 3 days for preparation after placing your order. Indian hair vendors can easily supply the things you need in a short period of time because they have products available in stock. Typically, an Indian factory has a big stock that may store tons of products.
  • Cons of buying hair extensions from Indian hair vendors
    • The quality is not consistent: To be honest, the majority of Indian human hair now available on the market comes from many sources. They gather hair from various locations and process it in a factory. Because of this, it can be difficult to find single donors or high-quality hair from these Indian hair vendors. Additionally, it is easily tangled or shredded because of the overuse of chemicals during the manufacturing process.
    • Not durable: It’s obvious that the hair has a limited lifespan because of its poor quality. In most cases, extensions made using Indian hair would only last around a year, after which you would need to replace them.
    • Can be scammed: Because India has a big hair market, the place is also home to many fraudulent Indian hair vendors. Before working with hair vendors in India, you should conduct thorough research.

Pros and Cons of buying hair extensions from Indian hair vendors

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3. Why Indian hair vendors have amazing cheap prices

Why do hair vendors in India have such amazingly cheap prices? This part will clear everything up for you:

  • There is a lot of controversy about the quality of hair from Indian hair vendors:
    • Some claim that the hair originates from Indian temples and churches. Some say that hair is combined from multiple origins in different sources all throughout the nation. So what is the answer to this? Explaining this is simple since both are true. The types of hair from Indian hair manufacturers are many and diverse.
    • Indian hair from Indian hair vendors originates from many sources, including churches, temples, and other religions. Hair of lower quality is gathered from public places, including hair salons, public restrooms, and water pipelines… There are still many good-quality hair types from Indian hair vendors, but most of them are poor quality and have been processed through many stages.
  • There is an interesting fact about Indian hair exports to China:
    • These two countries often have problems with each other in terms of borders and political ideology, so it is very difficult to export products like hair from India to China.
    • Therefore, Indian hair vendors often let them go through Vietnam and then ship them back to China (called temporary import and re-export to bypass the origin). If only reading the customs report, it may be mistaken that Vietnam is a capable country of importing and producing top hair in the world.
  • In terms of production, the best Indian hair vendors in India still use outdated techniques. Almost all the processes are done by hand at Indian hair manufacturers. So both productivity and quality are not high. Hair vendors in India tend to export the best Indian raw hair to other industrial plants like Chinese factories to produce hair in more colors and styles.

In general, due to poor quality hair origins and poor production, it is typical of Indian hair extensions from Indian hair vendors with 2 main characteristics: low quality and low price. There is no factory in the world that can offer such low prices as in India. In other words, hair factories in India have a price advantage over other hair factories.


Indian hair vendors have amazing cheap prices

4. How to find reliable Indian hair vendors

The following is a list of the most important steps to finding reliable Indian hair vendors. You should find a reliable wholesale hair factory because they can help a lot in your hair business.

  • Research & Create a List:
    • Search for hair vendors in India online using search engines like Google, Facebook, or Instagram. Pay attention to the vendor’s website research is valid. If they seem knowledgeable, they’ve put in a lot of effort to learn about their field.
    • One tip for filtering out low-quality Indian hair vendors is to use specific search criteria. If you’re looking for anything specific to the field, you’ll be able to narrow down your results to a select group of qualified hair vendors in India. As a next step, you’ll need to contact each Indian hair vendor and ask questions. So, for instance, do they manufacture it themselves? Take care when they promise anything that seems too wonderful.
  • Discover more about your selected vendors:
    • Check their goods and prices, then compare the prices and quality of Indian hair vendors. It’s also a good idea to check online for consumer reviews of their company. In this way, you’ll be able to narrow down your lists.
    • Don’t take risks by working with the cheapest vendor. Instead, you should concentrate on locating the most high-quality Indian hair vendor, rather than the cheapest one. Anyone can do that, but if you want your firm to succeed, you need to rise above the majority.
  • Contact them: Ask for a video chat with the Indian hair manufacturer using their Whatsapp hotline to make sure that they are not scammers
    • Ask for Indian hair vendor samples: Do they provide samples? It is a perfectly reasonable request if you do not want to order large quantities of unseen products.
    • Samples are a great way to determine the quality of a product. Consider placing a small purchase if you’re satisfied with the sample pieces (only enough to meet the vendor’s minimum). If the quality is like the sample, when you have a large order in the future, you’ll feel more confident.
  • Choose the best Indian hair vendor: Compare samples and prices between suppliers, then choose the hair vendor in India that best suits your business.

Research & Create a List of reliable Indian hair vendors


Ask for Indian hair vendor samples

5. Top 5 reliable Indian hair vendors

Nowadays, there are many hair vendors in India that can make you confused when choosing the most reliable one. To find a hair vendor in India, look no further. The following are the top five hair vendors in India.


Top 5 reliable Indian hair vendors

5.1. Adorable Hair Suppliers

One of the greatest Indian hair vendors is Adorable Hair Suppliers, which has a specialty in mass-production of hair extensions.

  • Products: They specialize in natural, raw, virgin, full-cuticle, 100% made of real Indian human hair. Their products have a wide range of natural-looking hairstyles and hair colors.
  • Quality: For this Indian hair vendor, quality is more important than quantity. So you can rest assured of the quality when you buy their products.
  • Price: The price is expensive. 125$ for 10 inch Malaysian Straight 3 Bundles
  • Service: In order to purchase Indian hair online from this Indian hair vendor’s website, the consumer must first register their information.

They are well-known for exporting high-quality, reasonably priced natural human hair wigs and extensions. This is one of the top Indian hair vendors to consider.


Adorable Hair Suppliers

5.2. SGI Hair

“Excellence personified” is how customers describe SGI Hair. It is one of the best-known Indian hair vendors and hair vendor wholesale, and its products are sold worldwide.

  • Products: They supply premium wigs, hair extensions, and hair care products.
  • Quality: For the last 12 years, this hair vendor in India has been a consistent provider of high-quality hair, making it one of the world’s most known brands.
  • Price: The price is quite expensive when compared to others.
  • Service: Shipping may take around 5-7 working days, depending on stock availability. You’ll be charged shipping depending on the total weight of the items you purchase.

In the field of the hair industry, SGI Hair is one of the most reputable Indian hair vendors from which you can choose.


SGI Hair

5.3. Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions

One of the most prominent Indian hair vendors that hair salon owners and hair merchants find online while dealing in the hair business is Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions.

  • Products: The most popular product of this Indian hair vendor is raw Indian hair bundles with professional sewing skills. In addition, they provide a wide range of hair extensions, including full lace, closure wigs, HD lace…
  • Quality: The triple wefting method is the key to their exceptional quality. This method helps create a solid and thick appearance that is loved by many. However, as time goes on, hair products become thinner and stiffer.
  • Price: Because of the unique method, the price of products from this hair vendor in India is quite high.
  • Feedback: Customers are generally satisfied with the quality of the products they buy. However some people have complained about the delivery being late.

Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions are a great Indian hair vendor if you place high importance on consistency, naturalness, and attention to detail in your items. However, their products will also be quite expensive.


Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions

5.4. Indique

When talking about Indian hair extensions, one Indian hair vendor cannot be ignored: Indique. This Indian hair vendor has been in business for 14 years and has built a solid reputation in the industry.

  • Prodcuts: Hair transparency is a major priority for Indique. They only use hair from three temples in India that have worked with them for a long time to make their Indian hair extension products.
  • Quality: You can buy with confidence because this Indian hair vendor only sells high-quality goods.
  • Price: The price is very expensive, but Indique makes sure that consumers get the best quality and service for their money. $299 for 12inch Pure Straight Bundle.
  • Service: They accept returns within 30 calendar days of the original purchase date. Requests for refunds or exchanges must be made within 7 calendar days of the date of the purchase.

Indique is a wonderful Indian hair vendor if you have a large budget and a clear business strategy with high-paying customers.


Indique human hair

5.5. Jaipur Hair

With more than 20 years of expertise, Jaipur Hair is one of the country’s oldest Indian hair vendors.

  • Products: premium virgin human hair extensions, lace front wigs, clip ins, I tip, U tip hair…
  • Quality: This Indian hair vendor offers only good quality
  • Price: While the price of their Indian human hair is lower than Indique’s, it is still prohibitively costly. $65 for 10 inches of raw Indian straight bulk hair for braiding.
  • Service: Delivery is made within 3-5 business days. Return and refund within 7 days after buying
  • Feedback: a lot of positive feedback

If you have a high budget and want to get the greatest hair products, then Jaipur is the perfect Indian hair vendor to buy Indian hair from because of its excellent reputation in the marketplace.


Jaipur Hair

Source: V Hair Vendor – The Best Hair Vendor In The World

5.6. 1 Hair Stop

Among the most recent Indian hair vendors, 1 Hair Stop is one of the top choices that you cannot ignore.

  • This Indian virgin hair vendor mostly sells natural Indian hair, as well as other types of hair. Furthermore, 1 Hair Stop provides a wide range of raw human hairstyles, such as clip-in, tape-in, and more…Hair Stop sells unprocessed Indian hair of the highest quality, as well as tape-in and clip-in extensions.
  • The price of this supplier’s products is quite high to ensure the best hair quality. From $70 for a weft hair extensions.
  • This hair merchant provides expert advice to its clients while purchasing hair. To guarantee consumers who buy hair from 1 Hair Stop have a positive experience, regulations regarding returns, exchanges, and refunds have been put in place.

Despite not having too much operating experience like other Indian hair vendors, 1 Hair Stop has effectively built a strong international reputation in the hair market.

Some best selling hair extensions products of 1 Hair Stop

Some best-selling hair extensions products of 1 Hair Stop

5.7. Spencer Hair Bazaar

Spencer Hair Bazaar is a well-known hair supplier in the hair market, having been established in 2009 and being one of the greatest Indian hair vendors.

  • Indian hair extensions, frontals, closures, and raw Indian hair wigs are their main goods.
  • Spencer Hair Bazaar exports to over 25 countries and uses cutting-edge technology to make its products. This raises the price they give, which starts at $45 each bundle 8′ of straight raw hair, but the quality is well worth it.
  • Their skilled crew is available to answer any questions or handle any problems you may have, making the purchasing process enjoyable and smooth. Spencer Hair Bazaar is frequently complimented on its excellent customer service.

Their commitment to quality can be seen in their ethically obtained hair, which ensures that you receive extensions that are not only gorgeous but also long-lasting.

5.8. Pancha Exports

With low-priced, high-quality products, Pancha Exports is among the finest Indian hair vendors.

  • Superior natural Indian hair bundles are the most frequently purchased item from this vendor. Furthermore, they provide an extensive selection of unprocessed Indian hair extensions, including wigs, frontal, complete lace, and closure styles…
  • A consistently trustworthy supplier in the mid-price segment, 12 inch raw hair bundles start at $30.
  • They provide expeditious resolutions to any concerns and are famous for their exceptional customer service. Customers can feel confident in their purchasing experience due to the fact that their return and refund policies are particularly explicit and transparent.

With a diverse product line, superior customer service, competitive pricing, and customer-centric policies, Pancha Exports is a reputable provider of Indian hair.

5.9. Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory

Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory is one of the greatest Indian hair vendors, offering the best hair extensions in India to customers worldwide.

  • This hair provider provides Raw Indian hair extensions and wigs that are ethically sourced and unprocessed. Their main products are hair wigs, frontals and closures with a variety of styles and lengths.
  • Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory charges reasonable prices for its products, making them affordable to a wide spectrum of customers. 1 bundle of their natural hair costs from $25.
  • Customers frequently praise their customer service, praising their helpfulness and professionalism while aiding with orders and concerns. They provide a no-hassle return policy and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can be confident in your purchase.

Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory is a top choice for many clients looking for the best Indian hair vendors since it combines cost, quality, and generous policies.

Some types of hair extensions product from Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory

Some types of hair extensions product from Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory

5.10. Eagle Hair Export

Eagle Hair Export is one of the Indian hair vendors with which it has established a solid reputation, having been in business for fourteen years.

  • Their hair is renowned for its remarkable durability and lustrous sheen. Weft raw hair, bulk raw hair, and Indian hair extensions are the company’s primary offerings.
  • Pricing at Eagle Hair Export is commensurate with its superior quality, which positions it in the upscale segment of the market. However, Eagle Hair Export is consistently pleased to offer high-quality merchandise that justifies their premium pricing.
  • Although their return policy is generally equitable, it does entail certain restrictions; therefore, it is advisable to thoroughly examine it.

Indique is a distinguished supplier of natural Indian hair in India, catering to affluent clientele who possess a considerable financial investment and a clearly defined business strategy.

6. FAQs about Indian hair vendors

Customers and partners are usually interested in Indian hair extensions vendors. The following are commonly asked questions and thorough answers about these suppliers.

6.1. Should I buy Indian hair extensions?

Indian is one of the largest hair markets today with an extremely large number of Indian hair suppliers. If you are looking for hair extension products that are cheap, have an abundant supply of hair, and do not require high quality hair, then India is the right address for you.

However, be careful when choosing an Indian hair supplier because many customers have reported that many companies cheated them by using low quality hairballs to produce and then selling them at temple hair prices. In addition, some policies on exchanging and returning products of many hair companies in this country are also quite difficult and disadvantageous for customers.

If you are still wondering about Indian hair vendors, Vietnamese hair vendors is the address you should consider. The Vietnamese hair market is famous for providing the highest quality hair today but at a reasonable price due to the abundant and stable supply and most Vietnamese hair suppliers have their own factories, they do not go through any intermediaries. Determine your top criteria such as quality requirements or budget to have the most suitable choice and a great buying experience.

6.2. Tips to check the hair quality of Indian hair suppliers?

The following guidelines may assist you in determining whether the hair offered by an Indian hair vendor is of good quality or not. If this is your first time working with a Vietnamese virgin hair wholesaler, you should request a product sample or purchase a small amount to ensure quality.

  • Observing and touching the hair: By observing and touching the hair, you may determine its features and color. If the texture and color of the hair are strikingly identical, it was most likely taken from a single donor.
  • Dye the hair: To be more cautious, bleach the hair and dye it a specific color; light hues such as 613 color are recommended. If the color is uneven, having brighter and darker regions, it may not be formed from virgin hair.
  • Examine the odor of the hair: If hair products from a Vietnamese virgin hair wholesaler have been exposed to harmful chemicals, they will have a foul and pungent stench that will last even after several washings.
  • Tangling test: Running your fingers through your hair will tell whether it is prone to tangling or loss. Furthermore, if the color gets on your hands, the dyed hair will fade quickly.

The preceding stages are intended to provide a preliminary assessment of the quality of hair from vendors. However, it takes some time to accurately determine the quality of the hair. As a result, you must combine selecting a reputed factory with inspecting the quality of their hair.

Tips to check the hair quality of Indian hair vendors

Tips to check the hair quality of Indian hair vendors

6.3. What are the signs of scams from Indian hair suppliers?

It’s vital to be cautious when dealing with hair vendors, especially when purchasing products like hair extensions from overseas providers. When dealing with Indian hair vendors, keep the following red signs in mind:

  • If the vendor’s pricing is significantly cheaper than market rates, this can be a red flag, especially if the products are advertised as premium quality. In order to secure huge transactions, scammers frequently tempt buyers with unrealistically low rates.
  • Inadequate business information: A reputable hair vendor must have a physical address, a phone number, and an email address. If the vendor’s contact information is vague or difficult to verify, it could be a scam.
  • Unprofessional website: A badly designed or outdated website may indicate a hoax. Legitimate businesses often invest in professional websites with clear product descriptions, pricing, and contact information.
  • No references or reviews: If you can’t discover any reviews or references from previous customers, this is a red flag. Look for client feedback and reviews on independent websites or forums. Vendors who receive an unusually high amount of negative reviews are also a huge red flag.
  • Payment requests via unsecured methods: Be cautious if the vendor insists on payment via unsecured methods such as money transfer services. Legitimate businesses usually accept secure payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal.
  • Inconsistent product quality: It could be a scam if you receive items that differ significantly from what was advertised. Reputable suppliers maintain constant product quality. If the provider refuses to let you buy product samples, you should think about it.
  • Unreliable communication: Be suspicious if Indian hair suppliers are difficult to reach, do not respond promptly to emails or phone calls, or provide confusing answers to your questions.

Exercise extreme caution and thoroughly evaluate all variables before deciding to work with Indian hair vendors.


Because of the rapid development of the hair extensions business and the increase in the number of Indian hair merchants, selecting a suitable hair vendor in India is not easy. Please carefully examine the information we have provided, as well as consider the top ten most trustworthy Indian hair vendors latest updated, to find a reliable and perfect source for your requirements.

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