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Discover Chinese Hair Extensions – Should You Buy It?


China is among the world’s largest hair suppliers with $8,9M human hair exported in 2023. Are Chinese hair extensions worth your investment? Let’s find out.

In 2023, China exported $8.68M in human hair, making it the 3rd largest human hair exporter in the world hair market. Chinese hair extensions are well-known for numerous choices of designs, colors, and textures. Moreover, the hair supply is abundant, making them ideal choices for hair wholesalers from all over the world.

However, there are also many negative opinions about the origin and quality of China hair extensions. Many people point out that this type of hair is of poor quality, full of chemicals, and affects consumers’ health.

So what is the truth and how to buy high quality hair extensions from China? Let’s find out below.

1. The position of Chinese hair extensions in the world hair market

China is one of the first and the leading countries setting foot in the world hair extensions industry. It is home to the largest and most famous hair factories throughout the world. As a result, China hair extensions attract a lot of attention from both local and international customers and have the highest sales volume in the world.

Many people decide to choose Chinese hair extensions for their business. Many people have made a profit of 3-4 times the initial costs from China hair extensions.

However, besides, hair extensions from China also received negative reviews about its quality from customers with bad experiences. Let’s learn more about the experiences of these customers in part 2 to decide if you should buy China hair extensions or not.

Chinese hair extensions are popular in the world market
Chinese hair extensions are popular in the world market

2. Should you buy Chinese hair extensions?

To decide to buy China human hair extensions or not, let’s discover the advantages and disadvantages of buying hair from China.

Should you buy China hair extensions
Should you buy China hair extensions

2.1. Advantages of buying Chinese hair extensions

The reasons why many people choose to buy hair extensions from China are: abundant supply, diversity, affordable pricing and fast and convenient shipping.

  • Abundant supply: China is home to the world’s largest hair factories with a large production scale with thousands of employees so Chinese hair can be supplied in large quantities in a short time.
  • Various choices of products: Moreover, China is also the country with the most developed technology in the world, so the China human hair factories here can produce a variety of eye-catching hair products with many different designs and colours for customers. They also quickly update current trends, so hair products are always in demand.
  • Affordable price: The price of China hair extensions is generally very reasonable compared to the world market thanks to the cheap labor costs, large scale of production and the support of advanced machinery and equipment in production which can optimize costs. Besides, many factories import cheap hair materials from India at very low prices, so the prices of China hair extensions are relatively cheap compared to the prices of other hair types in the world.
  • Importing China hair products is fast and convenient: Many Chinese hair factories here have their own shipping lines and agencies in many major hair extensions consuming markets such as South Africa, Nigeria, and The US-UK, so shipping to these areas is so easy and fast. However, due to some political instability, importing China hair to some countries will sometimes not be as easy as expected.
Importing Chinese hair is easy and convenient
Importing Chinese hair is easy and convenient

2.2. Disadvantages of Chinese hair extensions

Hair extensions from China receive mixed reviews from customers around the world. There are many customers who think that China hair extensions are worth buying, but there are also some who complain that Chinese human hair is not worth their investment due to the controversial hair quality.

China hair extensions quality is uneven because Chinese hair factories have to import hair materials from various sources due to the limited local supply. If Chinese factories use good quality raw materials from Southeast Asian countries, the products will have good quality, but if they use cheap sources, the quality will be poor.

Chinese hair factories can produce beautiful hair thanks to advanced technique and the help of chemicals. This explains why China hair extensions newly purchased look very nice and shiny, but they have a strong odor of chemicals and after a period of use, the hair becomes very easy to fall, dry and frizzy (hair is weak due to the loss of cuticles).  

Raw materials from Southeast Asia are of good quality
Raw materials from Southeast Asia are of good quality
Chinese hair is sparkling but degrade after a short time
Chinese hair is sparkling but degrade after a short time

So, is Chinese hair extensions good and worth buying? To be honest, in general, China hair extensions are still worth buying if your concern is not durability but affordable prices and large production capacity. However, you should choose China hair vendors carefully to avoid being scammed by an unreliable hair extensions factory in China.

If you want to buy luxury hair extensions from China of high quality, the price you have to pay is not cheap. Because these products are made from high quality raw hair imported from Southeast Asian countries. In this case, with the same quality, if you import directly from the source countries, you will get a better price.

Vin Hair Vendor, a famous hair brand in Vietnam with over 13 years of experience in the hair market, supply luxury hair extensions at affordable price to the world hair market.

Vin Hair supplies Vietnam raw virgin human hair in numerous choices of products, including bulk hair, weft hair, hair extensions, wigs, frontal and closures, and even customization options. The price starts at $8.8 for a 100g bundle of straight hair weft.

Vin Hair Vendor 2
Vin Hair Vendor has drawn clients from all over the world

3. How to buy Chinese hair extensions of high quality

Below are some tips you need to know to buy high quality hair extensions from China:

3.1. How to choose reliable Chinese hair extensions factories

Unlike buying Vietnamese Hair Extensions, when you want to buy high quality China hair extensions, you should choose the China hair extensions factory carefully. You should choose the hair vendors who have all of the below features who can be trustworthy hair vendors supplying you with high quality China hair extensions:

  • Having actual images of the company, staff and products. Be careful with hair vendors that have too virtual or too excellent images.
  • Having a brand name: a trustworthy hair vendor of China hair extensions should have its brand name registered and appear on search results of search engines like google
  • Receiving positive customers’ feedback: It may not be 100% good feedback but the plural should be positive ones. You can search the name of hair vendor on search engines for customers’ reviews or look for what buyers say about them on ecommerce platform on Alibaba
  • Having other contact information: besides the website, you should a Chinese hair factory wholesale of Chinese hair extensions with whom you can connect through other methods such as: Facebook, Instagram,…
    Chinese hair vendors that have too little public information about them and has no alternative contact methods can be scammers. They may block you as soon as you complete the payment step.
  • The prices are reasonable, not too expensive or too cheap. Be wary of hair vendors offering you hair extensions from China at incredibly cheap prices. There is no reason for them to sell you high quality products at such a cheap price.
  • Having returns and exchanges policies: Even large, reputable factories are not immune to the risk of errors. So you should choose China hair extension factories that accept returns or refunds if their products are detective
  • For the first time you buy China hair extensions you should make a purchase on Alibaba or AliExpress. Because when buying through these e-commerce platforms, the interests of consumers will be protected.
Choose a company having actual images
Choose a company having actual images
Choose factories with numerous online presences
Choose factories with numerous online presences
For the first time you buy China hair extensions you should make a purchase on Alibaba or AliExpress
For the first time you buy China hair extensions you should make a purchase on Alibaba or AliExpress

3.2. How to check the quality of Chinese hair extensions

If possible you can go directly to China hair factories to check the quality of their hair extensions from China. Otherwise, you should ask them to send sample products first. You can check the quality of sample products in the following ways:

  • Drop a few strands of hair into the water. High quality China human hair will not absorb water and float on water and vice versa
  • By stroking the hair from top to down, you can determine if it is prone to falling out
  • By smelling Chinese hair extensions, you can determine if it is treated through toxic chemicals. An unpleasant odor that does not go away after many washings indicates that the hair is most likely processed with toxic chemicals
  • With dyed hair, if the hair dye stitch to your hands after you stroking it, it is of poor quality and can easily fade quickly
Stroking dyed hair to check the quality of China hair extensions
Stroking dyed hair to check the quality of China hair extensions

4. Where to buy the best quality Chinese hair extensions

Below are some recommendations for you to save your time searching for the best places to buy China hair extensions.

4.1. Ted Hair

Ted Hair – the best Chinese hair factory, offering a wide range of China hair extensions products to the global hair market at reasonable prices.

  • Main products: closures & frontals, tape in, tip in, hair wigs…in different lengths, colors and styles. Wigs and lace closures are Ted hair’s best sellers.
  • Price range: $23.5-33$ for a bundle 100g (10-14 inch) black color and $175-$220 for lace front wigs (16’’-24’’). This range is also the average prices of Chinese hair extensions on the hair market.
  • Policy: Ted hair accepts returns and exchanges

Every year, Ted Hair supplies a large selection of hair extensions from China for the world market. It is the best Chinese hair products vendor to go to if you need a large order quickly, and they can satisfy all of your needs.

Ted Hair
Ted Hair – the most reliable vendors supplying high quality China hair extensions

4.2. Qingdao Haiyi

Qingdao Haiyi – top 5 best China hair suppliers on Alibaba, offers numerous choices in hair extensions from China with 20-year experience and an excellent reputation worldwide.

  • Main products: pre-bonded, clip in, tape in hair extensions, full wigs with raw materials from Brazil, Peru, India, Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Price: $22 – 30$ for 1 bundle 100g (10 – 14inch) and $160 – $210 per lace front wigs (16-24 inch). Their prices are comparable to Ted Hair’s.
  • Policy: exchanges & returns are accepted

If you’re looking for the most dependable Chinese hair vendor on Alibaba that can provide you with stunning Chinese hair extensions, Qingdao is the best option.

Qingdao Haiyi
Qingdao Haiyi – A place where you can buy high quality China hair extensions

4.3. Guangzhou Leshine

Guangzhou Kabeilu, with more than 11 years in the hair industry, attracts much attention from hair resellers all over the world thanks to its high-quality hair extensions from China.

  • Products: Raw Hair, Lace Closure, tape, tip, hair wig with raw hair & lace closure are their best sellers.
  • Price: $20 – $208, relatively cheap compared these hair vendors mentioned above
  • Policy: exchanges & returns are accepted

Kabeilu is considered as the best Chinese hair vendor by customers due to its attractive China hair extensions and affordable prices.

Guangzhou Leshine
Guangzhou Leshine – A trustworthy hair vendor supplying good quality China hair extensions

4.4. Juancheng Leshine 

Because of its low price and superior quality, LeShine is considered as one of the best hair vendors to buy Chinese hair extensions.

  • Main products: clip, tape, pre-bonded hair extensions, hair weft.
  • Price range: $3 – $190. Price per hair bundle from this factory can be the cheapest on the hair market
  • Policy: returns and exchanges are accepted within 7 days

LeShine is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reputable, top-tier Chinese hair vendor that provides a wide range of Chinese hair products, particularly tape and clip in products.

Juancheng Leshine
Juancheng Leshine – one of the most dependable China wholesale hair vendor

4.5. UNice

UNice Hair has been regarded as the most reliable hair vendors supplying China hair extensions since its foundation thanks to its superior quality products.

  • Main products: Weft, closure and frontal. UNice hair wigs receive many compliments from international customers. UNice Hair is famous with high-quality real hair extensions and enhance the appereance for clients instantly.
  • Prices are relatively expensive in comparison with other Chinese hair vendors: range from 70 to 320USD.
  • Policy: Free returns are accepted within 30 days and refunds are accepted within one week.

UNice Hair is really one of the best places to buy a wide range of Chinese hair extensions with superior quality.

UNice – one of the best places to buy hair extensions from China

4.6. Rosabeauty Hair

Rosabeauty Hair is a China Hair Factory In Guangzhou with the intention of becoming the industry leader in delivering China human wigs and other types of hair extensions.

  • Main products: human hair extensions, Chinese hair wigs, hair bundles with closures
  • Price: compared to other suppliers it is a bit expensive but the quality is excellent
  • Policy: freeship and returns within 14 days

Many consumers have recognized Rosabeauty Hai the greatest China hair manufacturer because to the company’s superior quality, attractive goods, and affordable prices.

Products of Rosabeauty Hair
Products of Rosabeauty Hair – Top best Chinese hair factory

4.7. Xuchang Longqi Hair Vendor

Xuchang Longqi Hair has extensive experience in the processing of China hair, making it a leading producer and distributor of hair products in China.

  • Main products: hair wigs, lace frontals, lace closures, pre-bonded hair…
  • Price: 58,46 USD for 8 inch Natural Hair Weave Bundles Malaysian Hair
  • Policy: accept exchange and return of goods
  • Location: Xuchang City, Henan Province, China

Xuchang Longqi Hair Vendor is the ideal option if you’re looking for the top Chinese hair manufacturer that provides high-quality Chinese hair extensions at affordable pricing.

Xuchang Longqi Hair Vendor
Products of Xuchang Longqi Hair Vendor – Top best China hair factory

4.8. SVT Hair

Visit SVT Hair if you’re in search of 100% human hair in China. They’ve been in the hair business for over a decade and have their own production plant, helping them to provide the lowest possible wholesale prices for their hair.

  • Products: hair weave, Chinese hair wigs, HD lace wigs, hair bundles…
  • Price: 118.76 USD – 148.85 USD for Straight Long Weave 1 Piece 28-36 Inch Hair Bundles
  • Policy: free gifts with every order. Returns within 30 days

If you are seeking the best China human hair factory, SVT Hair is your best choice because of the diverse variety of hair products it offers.

SVT Hair
Products of SVT Hair – Top best Chinese hair factory

4.9. Baco Hair

Baco Hair has been manufacturing China hair for big and medium-sized hair merchants in China and abroad for the last 10 years.

  • Products: lace frontals, lace closures, lace wigs, Chinese hair extensions… Their hair is made from many hair sources including Brazil hair, Indian hair, and Peruvian hair…
  • Service: Because of their extensive stock, they can complete every request within a day (except for customized orders). You may get a refund if you send it back within 30 days.
  • They also offer samples
  • Location: Juan Cheng City, Shandong Province, China

The top China human hair manufacturer is Baco Hair, so if you’re just starting out in the hair industry and want to work with the best, look no further.

Baco Hair
Products of Baco Hair

5. Frequently asked questions about Chinese hair extensions?

Below are some frequently asked question about Chinese hair products:

5.1. What are 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A,…?

6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A,… are Chinese hair grades. Hair of higher grade is of higher quality and more expensive.

5.2. Why Chinese hair wigs are so sought after in the hair market?

Chinese hair wigs are so popular with hair enthusiasts from all over the world thanks to its various beautiful designs and afforable price. Thanks to modern equipment and advanced technique, hair factories in China can supply hair wigs in numerous choices of beautiful designs and at the best prices.

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5.3. Is it diffcult when importing Chinese hair?

As mentioned above, importing hair extensions from China is so easy, fast and convenient. China logistics is develope and they have their owning shipping lines to many countries in the world, promoting exports to many countries around the world.

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In conclusions, Chinese hair extensions can be the best choices if you need large quantiy of hair in a short time and don’t have too many expectations about product quality. But if you need luxury hair, Vietnamese hair extensions are the best alternatives. Contact Vin Hair (+84)362123222 for more consultancy.

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