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Where To Buy Quality European Hair Extensions


European hair extensions are famous for their elegant look. If you want to know more about these hairs, this blog will provide all the information you need.

European hair extensions have become increasingly popular in the world of hair styling and beauty. Scroll to the end of this article if you want to know more about the characteristics of this alluring hair product.

1. Introduction to European hair extensions

Europe hair extensions are the hair products that are available in the European market. The hair labeled as “European” may not be purely sourced from Europe. Some companies or brands may use the term “European” to refer to a specific texture or look of hair, rather than the hair’s actual place of origin. European hair extensions are made from hair sourced from other countries as European women usually have thin hair that can’t be collected to make into hair extensions.

On the other hand, In many countries like Vietnam, India,..the raw hair supply is endless. The highest quality hair is meticulously sourced then it is sophisticatedly dyed or styled into the European style. The hair must meet all the strict quality standards to be available in Europe. Nowadays, with the availability of raw hair, good manufacturing processes, and skilled labor, many foreign hair vendors are able to market and sell their products to consumers in this big market.

Vin Hair Vendor is one of the most famous Vietnamese hair suppliers for the European market. Having ten years of expertise and a good customer base, Vin Hair is the most reliable supplier when it comes to buying European hair. They offer hair products with exceptional quality and excellent customer service that will give you the most enjoyable shopping experience.

Some of the main products from Vin Hair vendor
Some of the main products from Vin Hair vendor

2. Detailed information about European hair extensions

As mentioned above, the so-called European hair extension products  are actually imported from other countries with a huge supply of hair. These countries mainly include Vietnam, China, and India.

2.1. Origins of European hair extensions

Hair extensions in Europe are made from Vietnamese hair, Indian hair, Chinese hair or Slavic hair. Each will have different characteristics.

  • Hair items made of Vietnamese hair: Vietnamese hair refers to the hair that is collected from Vietnamese women. This hair has long been known for its exquisite beauty with a sleek texture that resembles European hair the most, however, it’s thick, straight, and strong, which makes it incredibly versatile and can be styled and dyed into European style. This hair is the most sought-after for its beauty, top-notch quality, durability, and low maintenance.
  • Hair extensions made of Indian hair: Indian hair has a slightly coarser and thicker texture than Vietnamese, which will require more styling and can be used to add more volume to the wearer’s hair. Indian hair is available in two forms: temple hair and hairball. Temple hair is of good quality while hairball is weak and fragile. The quality of hair will depend on the raw materials that are used to make it. However, in general, Indian hair isn’t as versatile and durable as Vietnamese hair
  • Hair extensions made of Chinese hair: European hair extensions that are made from Chinese hair are supplied in a wide variety with a very eye-catching look. However, there are many controversies around its quality as Chinese suppliers usually source hair from other countries, typically India in the form of a hairball. The quality may vary, yet some Chinese hair suppliers provide good-quality hair to meet the demand for superior quality.
  • Slavic hair extensions: Slavic hair extensions refer to hair extensions made from the hair of individuals with Slavic or Eastern European ancestry. Slavic hair has a sleek and elegant look with natural colors usually ranging from dark brown to blonde. Though this hair has a very unique beauty and is sought after, it’s very rare and hard to find.

All in all, Europe hair extensions are mostly made from Vietnamese, Chinese, and Indian hair. The most preferable is Vietnamese hair for its alluring beauty and top-notch quality.

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European hair extension products are made from Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair and Indian hair
European hair extension products are made from Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair and Indian hair

2.2. Most popular European hair extensions

This part will tell you about the most popular European hair extension products that are highly sought-after by European customers

2.2.1. Types of European hair extensions

Below are the most well-liked Europe hair extensions types:

  • Bulk hair: Bulk hair extensions come in loose bundles of hair. They can be attached to your natural hair using different methods, such as braiding, sewing, or bonding. Bulk hair offers versatility in terms of customization and installation, as it can be cut, styled, or attached in various ways to achieve the desired look. This is the most affordable hair item that is suitable for someone who is tightening their belts.
  • Tape-in hair: Tape-in hair extensions involve attaching hair wefts with a thin strip of adhesive tape. The extensions are applied by putting a thin section of your hair in line between two wefts. Tape-in extensions are popular because they provide a natural look, lay flat on the head, and are relatively quick to install. Temporary options such as tape-ins are popular for their simplicity and convenience.
  • Tip-in hair (also known as Fusion or Pre-bonded hair): Tip-in European hair extensions involve attaching small parts of hair (usually with a keratin or protein bond) to your natural hair using heat or other binding methods. These extensions can last several weeks to months before needing maintenance. Tip-in hair extensions allow for a seamless and natural appearance, as the bonds are discreet and blend with your natural hair. Permanent extensions are favored by those seeking a consistent and hassle-free hairstyle that lasts for an extended period.
  • Clip-in hair: Clip-in hair extensions are temporary extensions that can be easily attached and removed at home. They consist of wefts of hair with small clips attached to them. Clip-in extensions are versatile, as they allow you to add instant length, volume, or highlights to your hair without any permanent commitment. They provide users with the ability to easily transform their look for special occasions or to simply add a touch of glamor to their everyday lives.

The suitability of each type of extension depends on factors such as your desired look, lifestyle, and hair type. You can get help from professionals to decide which type of hair extension is the most suitable for yourself.

These are the best-selling European hair extension products
These are the best-selling European hair extension products

2.2.2. Favorite European hair extensions colors

What European customers love about the colors of their Europe hair extensions is that they resemble their natural hair color the most. The best-selling products mostly have neutral decent hues such as ash black, dark brown, light brown, reddish brown, and honey brown; some neutral tones like blonde; sophisticatedly dyed smoky colors like fruit-inspired berry, blush, smoky gray, and silvery purple,..

Though vibrant hues are always on trend, European customers tend to choose natural, muted tones that complement their skin tone the most.

2.2.3. Best-selling European hair extensions textures

European customers are all about a natural and elegant look. This is still the case when it comes to choosing European hair extensions textures. The natural straight and natural wavy patterns are the most desired textures as they add a simple yet chic and decent look to their appearance. They tend to closely match the natural hair texture of many Europeans. Natural straight and wavy hair extensions offer a versatile and natural look that can easily be styled to blend seamlessly with existing hair.

Additionally, they are generally easier to maintain and require less styling compared to other hair textures.

2.3. Price of European hair extensions

The price of hair extensions in Europe can vary depending on a number of factors, including the length, thickness, color, and type of extensions. However, they are generally more expensive than other types of hair extensions. Here is a general price range for European hair extensions:

  • Clip-in extensions: $100 – $500
  • Tape-in extensions: $150 – $750
  • Micro ring extensions: $200 – $1,000
  • Keratin bonded extensions: $250 – $1,200

On average, European hair items can range from 100 to 500 or more for a full set, depending on the length and quality. It’s important to note that longer extensions typically cost more than shorter ones. Additionally, the pricing can vary based on the attachment method. For example, tape-in or clip-in hair extensions might be more affordable compared to fusion (pre-bonded) or micro-bead extensions because they are easier to install and require less time.

Hair extensions in Europe are more expensive than other hair types.
Hair extensions in Europe are more expensive than other hair types.

3. Tips to choose the perfect European hair extensions

Choosing the perfect hair extensions involves considering a few important factors. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Determine your desired outcome: Before purchasing, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Decide on the length, color, texture, and style of the extensions that will suit your needs and complement your natural hair.
  • Look for reputable suppliers: Research and choose a reputable supplier or brand that specializes in European hair extensions. Read reviews, check testimonials, and ensure that they offer high-quality, authentic hair
  • Consider the quality of the hair: Authentic hair extensions are known for their superior quality. Look for extensions made from 100% human hair, as they tend to be more durable, have a natural look, and can be styled and treated like your own hair.
  • Match the color and texture: It’s important to find hair extensions that closely match your natural hair color and texture. Consider bringing a swatch of your hair or consult with a professional stylist to ensure a seamless blend between your natural hair and the extensions.
  • Choose the right attachment method: Consider the attachment method that suits your lifestyle, hair type, and desired level of maintenance. Different attachment methods, such as tape-in, clip-in, fusion (pre-bonded), or micro-bead, have their own pros and cons, so it’s important to choose the one that works best for you.
  • Consult with a professional stylist: Seeking advice from a professional hair extension stylist can be invaluable. They can assess your hair, guide you in choosing the perfect hair extensions, and ensure the proper installation for a natural and comfortable result.
  • Consider your budget: European hair extensions can vary in price, so set a budget in advance and choose extensions within your price range. Keep in mind that higher-quality extensions may come with a higher price tag, but they tend to be more durable and provide a more natural look.

By considering these tips, you can select the perfect hair extensions that will enhance your natural beauty and provide the desired look you’re seeking.

These tips will help you choose the perfect Europe hair extensions
These tips will help you choose the perfect Europe hair extensions

4. Top suppliers for European hair extensions

If you want to buy hair extensions and feel confused by the numerous choices around you, this part will help you out. Below are the top suppliers for Europe hair extensions

4.1. Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is one of the best hair suppliers in Vietnam that supplies the best European hair that is made from ethically sourced Vietnamese hair.

  • This Vietnamese hair supplier offers a wide range of European-style hair that’s available in a vast choice of textures from natural straight, bone straight, wavy, and curly..in every decent color you could think of from yet black, ash black, honey brown, chestnut brown to blonde
  • They offer competitive prices starting from $8
  • They offer excellent customer service, and top-notch customization options to meet the needs of customers around the world

Vin Hair is the best European hair extensions suppliers that will impress the most demanding customers and make them fall in love with them at first sight.

Some of the main products from Vin Hair vendor
Some of the main products from Vin Hair vendor

4.2. Euro Collection Hair

Euro Collection Hair offers a wide range of European hair extensions in various attachment methods.

  • They provide tape-in extensions, fusion (pre-bonded) extensions, clip-in extensions, and bulk hair.
  • Their extensions are made from 100% human hair, which is known for its superior quality and natural look.
  • Euro Collection Hair is known for its excellent customer service. They have a team of knowledgeable professionals who can assist customers in choosing the right extensions and answer any questions or concerns.

To get more detailed information about Euro Collection Hair, including pricing and availability, it is recommended to visit their official website or contact them directly.

4.3. Virgin Hair And Beauty

Virgin Hair and Beauty is a reputable supplier of European hair extensions based in the United Kingdom.

  • The extensions are made from natural human hair, known for its durability, softness, and ability to blend seamlessly with natural hair.
  • Virgin Hair and Beauty offers customization options to meet individual preferences. They provide a range of colors and lengths, allowing customers to find the perfect match for their natural hair.
  • Additionally, they offer customization services, such as color blending and cutting, to achieve a personalized and natural-looking result.

Virgin Hair and Beauty provides a user-friendly online platform where customers can browse their products, place orders, and access helpful information. They ensure a secure and convenient shopping experience for customers worldwide.

4.4. Tatiana Karelina

Tatiana Karelina is a renowned UK-based brand specializing in luxury European hair extensions.

  • They provide a range of attachment methods, including nano rings, micro rings, and keratin bonds.
  • Their extensions are made from ethically sourced hair and are known for their natural look, long-lasting quality, and seamless integration with natural hair.
  • Tatiana Karelina offers customization options to cater to individual preferences. They provide personalized consultations where their experienced stylists assist customers in choosing the perfect extensions, taking into consideration factors like hair type, texture, and desired style.

If you are looking for beautiful European-style hair extensions, Tatiana Karelina is a great option.

Tatiana Karelina
Tatiana Karelina is one of the best European hair extensions suppliers.

4.5. Hair Extensions Europe

Hair Extensions Europe is a leading supplier of European hair extensions, catering to both professional stylists and individual customers.

  • Hair Extensions Europe provides a wide range of hair extensions from tip-ins, tape-ins, bulk hair to wigs in various colors and styles.
  • They provide various lengths, colors, and textures, allowing customers to select extensions that closely match their natural hair. Additionally, they offer professional advice and guidance to help customers choose the most suitable extensions for their desired look.
  • Hair Extensions Europe has a dedicated customer support team that is available to assist customers with inquiries, product information, and guidance. They strive to provide excellent customer service and ensure customer satisfaction.

Hair Extensions Europe is one of the best suppliers of European hair extensions that will meet all your needs.

4.6. House of European hair

House of European hair is a well-known supplier of premium European hair extensions.

  • They provide premium hair that is ethically sourced and hand-picked
  • They offer various attachment methods, including tape-ins, clip-ins, and keratin bonds.
  • Their extensions are sourced from Europe and are renowned for their excellent quality, texture, and ability to be styled and treated like natural hair.

House of European Hair is a prestigious and renowned brand that specializes in sourcing and manufacturing high-quality European hair extensions and wigs. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you want to know more about their business.

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