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The Amazing Beauty Of Vietnamese Hair That Every Girl Dreams


Why is Vietnamese hair so popular, and what makes it so special? The article will provide all information about the beauty of Vietnamese human hair.

It is not surprising that Vietnamese hair has received so much attention and search on the internet. When it comes to Vietnamese human hair, people often think of long, black, shiny and beautiful hair. Let’s discover the beauty of Vietnam human hair in this article.

1. The amazing beauty of Vietnamese hair

The Vietnamese have always considered long black hair a cultural symbol of beauty, with the belief that it would highlight the attractiveness of Vietnamese women. The stereotypical picture of a Vietnamese lady has traditionally been that of a young woman with long, straight, smooth black hair and a discreet “ao dai”. In addition, due to cultural and spiritual beliefs, the Vietnamese consider their hair an important part of their body and appearance and take great care of it.

Vietnamese lady with long, straight, smooth black hair and a discreet “ao dai”
Vietnamese lady with long, straight, smooth black hair and a discreet “ao dai”

Is Vietnamese hair good? Vietnamese human hair is recognized as the greatest hair type in Asia thanks to the following unique characteristics:

  • Vietnamese human hair is naturally black and thick due to the natural characteristics of Vietnamese people, the country’s mild climate and their hair care habits.
  • Vietnam human hair is strong and durable: Vietnamese hair stands out for its strength and durability when compared to other hair types throughout the world. It has amazing elasticity and strength, it is healthy, not tangled and does not fall out. Even with chemical or heat treatment with proper care, this hair retains its strength and elasticity. Hair extensions made from Vietnam human hair are very durable and popular in the international hair market. If hair extensions are made of China human hair, Indian hair, or other hair, they only have a lifespan of about 1-2 years… Vietnamese hair extensions have a lifespan of up to 10 years with proper hair care.
  • Many people dream of Vietnamese human hair because of its length. Vietnamese people still keep the tradition of growing long hair in many regions of Vietnam, typically in the northern mountainous region of the country. Some women have never even cut their hair. It is not difficult to see a Vietnamese girl with hair longer than one meter. Hair extensions made of Vietnam human hair, only available in Vietnam and hard to find in other countries, are up to 40 inches in length.

In short, it is clear that Vietnam human hair is the best hair in Asia and possibly globally, with all the above-mentioned outstanding characteristics.

The amazing beauty of Vietnam human hair
The amazing beauty of Vietnam human hair
Vietnam human hair may be easily dyed and styled into the highest brightest blonde shades like color 613
Vietnam human hair may be easily dyed and styled into the highest brightest blonde shades like color 613
People still keep the tradition of growing long hair in many regions of Vietnam
People still keep the tradition of growing long hair in many regions of Vietnam

2. Classification of Vietnamese hair

Vietnam human hair is of high quality but it also has many varieties. Each type has different characteristics and quality. Virgin hair, Remy hair, and non-Remy hair are the three types in the hair market divided by the number of donors.

2.1. Virgin Vietnamese hair

Virgin hair is the greatest type of Vietnam human hair, sourced from a single donor in such a manner that the cuticles are still intact and going in the same direction.

  • Virgin hair is all of the strands of hair that point in the same direction and has not been chemically processed.
  • Vietnamese virgin hair has the characteristics of black, long, straight and smooth because it is taken from one donor and carefully selected.
  • Because Vietnamese virgin hair is real human hair, has the highest quality and has a longer shelf life than other Vietnamese hair types, it will be the most expensive. It is suitable for dyeing the highest tones and sophisticated hairstyles.

Virgin human hair Vietnam is used to produce high-end products and is suitable for high-end, large-budget customer segments.

Virgin hair from Vietnam
Virgin hair from Vietnam

2.2. Remy Vietnamese hair

Remy hair is collected from two or more donors who have the same hair qualities with intact cuticles and strands that all follow in the same direction.

  • The textural uniformity of hair components is not as good as that of virgin hair. However, owing to contemporary procedures and skilled workers, the quality of remy Vietnamese hair is still assured.
  • Remy hair is hair from 2-3 people with high similarity in quality, so it is durable, keeps its softness, also has a good lifespan, but has a very reasonable price, so it can be used to make a variety of products. It is often used in high-end treatments, highlights, and real hair with a scalp.

Vietnamese Remy hair is used to make good quality hair extensions and is a popular choice among consumers all over the world because of its high quality at reasonable prices.

Remy hair Vietnam
Remy hair Vietnam

2.3. Non-Remy Vietnamese hair

Non-Remy hair is gathered from many donors, in which the cuticles are damaged. Non-Remy hair has lower quality than the above 2 types of Vietnamese hair.

  • Non-Remy hair is sourced from a variety of hair donors and textures so the quality is not consistent and not good.
  • Non-Remy hair is prone to tangling and shedding so the lifespan is short and has a cheap price. But now with technology and high skill, non-Remy hair still meets the needs of many customers who only need a short use and want a low price.

Non-remy hair is used to make hair extensions for low-end customer segments who want to experience it in a short time and have a tight budget.

Non-Remy hair from Vietnam
Non-Remy hair from Vietnam

The Vietnamese hair market often offers carefully selected high-quality Remy hair, the quantity of virgin hair is less because it is very rare and the price is high. However, with the quality of workers and hair factories in Vietnam, the quality of Remy hair in Vietnam is not inferior to virgin hair.

3. Vietnamese hair products bring huge profits

Every girl wishes to have long, soft, shiny hair like Vietnamese human hair, but not everyone is easy to take care of and has such hair. That’s why hair extensions made from human hair Vietnam were born to help girls’ dreams come true.

3.1. The hair market where Vietnamese hair is occupying a large market share

Women’s beauty needs are increasing, so hair extension products are increasingly in demand, especially high-quality ones made from human hair Vietnam. Hair extensions made of Vietnam human hair are famous for their outstanding quality, and affordable price and occupy a large market share in African and European countries.

  • Vietnamese hair products are in high demand in African countries, especially Nigeria because people here have short, thin and a bit curly hair, so they wish to have long, smooth black hair like Vietnam human hair.
  • High-end customers in European and Latin American regions also love Vietnam human hair products because of the thickness, length and shine of human hair Vietnam. They have hair that is not too thin but not as full and strong as Vietnamese human hair, so they buy hair extensions made of Vietnamese to achieve their desired hair.
  • Vietnamese hair has a competitive price for high quality. Same price, buy it you will get much better quality than buying hair from other countries.

With outstanding features, and competitive prices for high quality, Vietnam human hair is increasingly popular and in high demand.

High demand for Vietnam human hair extensions in the market
High demand for Vietnam human hair extensions in the market

3.2. Vietnamese hair products bring great profit to hair traders

Thanks to its high quality and reasonable price, Vietnam human hair has quickly become a product, generating significant profits for many distributors of wholesale hair.

  • Hair vendors and distributors in African countries can make a lot of profit from Vietnam hair. Because the demand for hair extensions here is very high, people often change their hairstyles 8-10 times a year and they prioritize high-quality and affordable products like Vietnamese hair. Vendors and distributors often buy Vietnamese human hair bundles to make wigs and then sell them to domestic customers at a price 3-4 times higher than the input price, so the profit is huge.
  • In the regions of Europe or Latin America, hair traders can make huge profits because the customer segment in these regions is mainly a high-end customer segment. They are willing to pay thousands of dollars for hair products. They don’t care too much about price, but hair quality is a top priority, so products made from human hair Vietnam always sell very well in these markets.

Vietnam human hair is becoming more and more popular and dominating the hair market, bringing great profits to hair traders.

Hair products from Vietnam bring great profit to hair traders
Hair products from Vietnam bring great profit to hair traders

4. Factors affecting the price of Vietnamese hair on the market

Many factors affect the price of Vietnam human hair. The most critical factors are grade, length, type and style.

4.1. Hair grade

The uniformity of the hair’s length plays a significant role in determining the price of human hair from Vietnam. Vietnam human hair has 3 main grades:

  • Single drawn: This hair kind is the lowest grade and most affordable, with just 50–55 percent of the hair being the length you ordered and the remainder being shorter. Those looking to purchase hair for curly or wavy hairstyles should choose this grade.
  • Double drawn: The most often used and sold grade is this one. The percentage of Vietnamese hair in this grade that is the requested length is 70–75%; the remainder is shorter. It is good for all style of hair and has an average price.
  • Super double drawn: This grade is the thickest and most costly, with 90–95% of the hairs the length you need. However, clients with high incomes who are prepared to spend money on beauty items are the only ones who often buy this kind.

For instance, 8-inch Vietnam bone straight weft hair that is single drawn is around $14, double drawn is $18, and super double drawn is $21.

See more about Vietnamese hair single, double and super double drawn:

Vietnam human hair has 3 main grades
Vietnam human hair has 3 main grades

4.2. Hair length

Of course, longer hair is more expensive. Hair suppliers in Vietnam usually have hair lengths from 8-36 inches. Some suppliers have hair lengths up to 40 inches.

Hair suppliers in Vietnam usually have hair lengths from 8-36 inches.
Hair suppliers in Vietnam usually have hair lengths from 8-36 inches

4.3. Hair type

The type of hair supplied by hair suppliers in Vietnam also affects the pricing. Prices for hair wefts will be lower than those for clip-in, tape-in, and tip-in extensions. Prices for natural Vietnamese weft hair start about $10, whereas natural clip-ins begin at $12.

4.4. Hairstyle

When discussing what factors affect the price of human hair from Vietnam, style is yet another crucial element that should not be overlooked. Compared to straight hair, having curly or wavy hair will cost more. On average, wavy or curly hair is more expensive than natural hair by more than $5/ bundle. Below is the average price of some Vietnamese hair products:

  • Raw hair: from 7$ for a 100g 8-inch bundle
  • Colored hair: from 10$ for a 100g 8-inch bundle
  • Hair weft: from 9$ for 100g 8-inch bundle natural straight – black color

In general, the average price of Vietnam human hair is really reasonable compared to the whole market and the quality is worth the price.

5. Tips to check the quality of Vietnamese hair

Quality should always be your first priority when placing an order. You can check by hand, by eyes and sink test to check the quality of human hair Vietnam. It is best to visit a hair factory in Vietnam directly or ask a friend or relative near the factory to check the quality of the hair. Otherwise, you can check the hair quality by video and ask the sales representative:

  • Check by eyes: Check the ends of the hair for curls or frizz; if so, the cuticle may have been broken. This hair is not high-quality hair and will fall out quickly.
  • Test hair shedding: Check for hair shedding by combing it with a comb or running the fingers through it a few times to see if any hair falls out.
  • Check hair color: You can tell whether a hair color will fade rapidly by stroking the hair with hands and seeing if the color transfers to the hands. You shouldn’t choose Vietnamese hair extension items that have already undergone dyeing since they are likely to have been blended with other hair kinds of lower quality, and it will be difficult to assess the quality after dyeing.
  • Sink test: Put a few strands of human hair Vietnam in a glass of water. If the hair floats on the water it is good quality hair, if the hair sinks it is poor quality hair because poor quality hair can absorb water.

With the above tips, you can check the quality of your hair and find the best supplier that sells high quality Vietnam human hair.

Check for hair shedding by combing it or running the fingers through it a few times to see if any hair falls out
Check for hair shedding by combing it or running the fingers through it a few times to see if any hair falls out

6. Vin hair vendor – where bring beautiful Vietnamese hair to every girl

We would like to introduce to you Vin Hair Vendor – the place to bring the best hair for girls at the most competitive prices.

6.1. About Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is one of the biggest wholesale raw hair vendors in Vietnam, has been in the hair business for more than 10 years, so he has a lot of knowledge and a sharp mind about both the domestic and international hair markets. One of the top wholesale raw hair vendors you may choose for your company is Vin Hair Vendor. While the company’s hair factory is in Bac Ninh, the company’s headquarters are in Hanoi.

The company was founded not only to make a profit but to help people feel more confident by offering the best, high-quality and most beautiful Vietnamese hair. Go to Vin Hair Vendor if you want premium hair at a reasonable price.

About Vin Hair Vendor
About Vin Hair Vendor

6.2. Vin Hair Vendor offers high-quality Vietnamese hair at reasonable prices

In the international retail and wholesale hair industry, Vin Hair Vendor is the most reliable and promising business partner.

  • Vin Hair provides several different goods, including raw hair bundles, tape-in, tip hair, weft hair, and clip-in… Because of the exceptional quality and competitive price that it provides, the business has established a reputation in the industry for weft hair products among many other Vietnamese hair suppliers. They concentrate on the African market and offer a lot of weft hair goods to African countries every year.
  • The hair’s origin reflects its quality. In order to provide its customers with the greatest possible quality, Vin Hair only derives its hair from women who live in Vietnam’s highlands, where the environment is temperate and sunny all year round.
  • Quality above quantity is a priority for the Vin hair vendor, thus each Vietnamese hair is hand-selected by professionals. In its natural form, hair is often straight, glossy, and black. Hair can be styled and dyed well without damage.
  • Vin Hair guarantees to provide the most affordable rates for top-quality hair extensions. You may be certain that choosing to deal with Vin Hair since they are one of the biggest and most well-known wholesale hair manufacturers in Vietnam, having received several awards from the Vietnamese government and other illustrious organizations both at home and abroad.

Coming to Vin Hair, you will get the highest quality, most outstanding Vietnam human hair at an affordable price.

Vin hair provides several different goods, including raw hair bundles, tape-in, tip hair, weft hair, and clip-in...
Vin hair provides several different goods, including raw hair bundles, tape-in, tip hair, weft hair, and clip-in…

7. See more reasons why Vietnamese hair is beautiful and outstanding

Human hair Vietnam is beautiful because Vietnamese women have a habit of taking care of their hair with natural herbs, avoiding chemicals, and a healthy diet:

  • Vietnamese people have thick, shiny, and strong hair because of a healthy diet. They limit fast food, and greasy food and mainly eat a lot of green vegetables, and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Vietnamese women often use shampoos with natural formulas such as locust, grapefruit peel, lemongrass, basil, … to keep their hair shiny and healthy. They also give their hair a weekly intensive treatment with keratin or a homemade mask of avocado, banana, and egg for smoother, stronger hair.
  • In addition, Vietnamese women often let their hair dry naturally, limiting the use of hair dryers and heat tools to prevent hair from drying out.
  • Vietnamese hair is well protected from the sun and rarely exposed to chemicals. When Vietnamese women go out on a sunny day, you can see them covered in long sun-protective shirts.

Refer to the tips to care and protect the hair listed above of Vietnamese women, you will have more beautiful and healthy hair

Vietnamese women often use shampoos with natural formulas
Vietnamese women often use shampoos with natural formulas

Vietnamese hair, is desired by women around the world for its extraordinary length, gorgeous texture, and exceptional durability. That’s why Vietnamese hair extensions are the most sought-after products in the hair market. Contact Vin Hair now if you desire this type of hair extensions!

Source: Vin Hair Vendor, PLEASE CLICK HERE!

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