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The Most Honest Mayvenn Hair Reviews From Customers


This article will discover all the information about Mayvenn Hair reviews to help you decide whether this is a supplier worth working with or not.

Among several hair suppliers in the US, Mayvenn Hair stands out as a famous brand for top-notch hair products, which is a good option if you are struggling with finding a reliable hair supplier. But right now, read Mayvenn Hair reviews first before making a decision.

1. Mayvenn Hair reviews: Company overview

In the very first part of reviews on Mayvenn Hair, I will take you on a brief tour around Mayvenn Hair beauty lounge.

1.1. The story of Mayvenn Hair

Mayvenn Hair was founded by Diishan Imira. With a modest start, Mayvenn Hair grew from just a box of hair in the trunk of his Toyota Corolla to the global business today. With over 50,000 stylists, hundreds of thousands of clients, and millions of dollars poured back into salons in their communities, it has now become a national movement. So, is Mayvenn Hair good? Is Mayvenn Hair legit? We will find out in the next parts of honest Mayvenn Hair reviews.

Mayvenn Hair is famous for their unique platform.
Mayvenn Hair is famous for their unique platform.

1.2. Their mission

The mission of Mayvenn is to offer superior beauty goods along with an unmatched shopping experience. They enable beauty industry experts to expand their businesses with their cutting-edge technology while also giving them and their clientele top-notch customer care. This should be the first thing to pay attention to before reading Mayvenn Hair reviews.

1.3. Their goal

Their goal is to transform how customers buy hair extensions and interact with hair businesses while also empowering hairstylists and salon workers. They target to become among the best hair wholesalers in the USA.

They developed the Mayvenn platform to enable local salons and hairstylists to sell these goods, giving their clients a respectable shopping experience and the greatest goods and services for their hard-earned money. This is a notable part in Mayvenn Hair reviews as they not only sell their products but they also have excellent hair stylists to back up the customer service.

2. Mayvenn Hair’s products reviews

Moving on to the most awaited part of Mayvenn Hair reviews, we will get to know more about their products. They offer wigs, hair bundles, closures, frontal, and clip-ins that are made from 100% machine-weft, hand-selected virgin hair from Brazil, Malaysia, India, and Peru.

2.1. Mayvenn Hair’s wigs

One of the most loved products of Mayvenn Hair is their wig. They provide HD Lace wigs, standard lace wigs, headband wigs, closure wigs, 360 lace wigs, and ready-to-wear wigs. Among all of these, Mayvenn ready-to-wear wigs receive a lot of positive comments for their convenience and affordable prices.

  • Texture: from natural straight, kinky straight, and yaki straight to wavy (loose wave, body wave, deep wave)
  • Colors: mostly natural black, they also have platinum, blonde, and orange.
  • Lengths: 10 inches to 24 inches
  • Price: from 149.99$

Based on most Mayvenn hair wigs reviews, 5×5 closure wigs are slightly more expensive than other types of wigs while Mayvenn ready to wear wigs are the cheapest. The cap size is between 20 to 21 inches, so you need to pay attention to that detail to avoid the situation when your head can’t fit in.

Mayvenn's ready-to-wear wigs are loved by many customers.
Mayvenn’s ready-to-wear wigs are loved by many customers.

2.2. Mayvenn Hair’s weft bundles

According to many Mayvenn Hair reviews, hair bundles at Mayvenn hair are made from 100% virgin hair with premium quality.

  • Textures: Hair weft bundles of Mayvenn Hair are categorized into 3 big groups of textures: straight (yaki straight, kinky straight), wavy (body wave, loose wave, water wave, deep wave) and curly
  • Colors: mostly dark colors, natural black, jet black, chocolate brown, caramel brown and vibrant burgundy
  • Lengths: 10 inches to 28 inches
  • Price: from 55.99 $

Many testimonials about Mayvenn hair show that hair bundles from Mayvenn are suitable for someone with a low budget.

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2.3. Closures of Mayvenn Hair

A hair closure is a hairpiece created to finish off an installation. Hair closures from Mayvenn have pleased many difficult customers so much that they have left numerous positive Mayvenn Hair reviews in the comment part.

  • Type: standard lace closure, silk closure, HD lace Closures
  • Textures: straight (yaki straight, kinky straight), wavy (body wave, loose wave, water wave, deep wave) and curly
  • Lengths: 10 – 18 inches
  • Colors: Black, dark blonde, light blonde
  • Price: from 89.99$

While standard closure is the cheapest, silk closures are quite expensive, the price can be up to 179.99$ per item. Moreover, if you read Mayvenn kinky straight hair feedback, you will be well informed that the kinky straight texture is worth a try though it’s also more costly compared to other textures.

2.4. Mayvenn Hair’s Frontals

A frontal hairpiece is used to protect the hairline from harm and to provide the stylist the most style options possible while styling hair extensions. Mayvenn Hair frontal is another highlight even in the most honest Mayvenn Hair reviews.

And just like closures, with reference to feedback on Mayvenn kinky straight hair, the kinky straight texture of frontals is the most recommended.

  • Types: Standard Lace Frontals, 360 lace frontals and HD lace frontals
  • Textures: straight (yaki straight, kinky straight), wavy (body wave, loose wave, water wave, deep wave) and curly
  • Lengths: 14 inches to 18 inches
  • Price: 149.99$
  • Colors: black, blonde, dark blonde

The thickness and density of your hair depends on where the lace frontal was made. You may choose the ideal hair frontal from Mayvenn’s selection of Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Indian hair frontals, which range from thick and silky to light and bouncy.

2.5. Clip-ins of Mayvenn Hair

Clip-in is a great and easy way to add more volume to your own hair. There are a lot of discussions in Mayvenn Hair reviews about this product. Let’s find out detailed information about it.

  • Textures: straight (yaki straight, kinky straight), wavy (body wave, loose wave, water wave, deep wave) and curly
  • Colors: soft black, ash black, medium brown, dark brown light blonde warm blonde, natural red, medium brown/ blonde balayage, blond highlights,
  • Price: from 249,99$
  • Length: 20 inches

Clip-ins of Mayvenn Hair get a lot of good feedback. They are thick, lovely, soft and perfectly natural. Of course they seem to have the highest price, but for the good traits they have, they should be on your list.

3. Mayvenn Hair’s hair quality reviews

Mayvenn Hair offers a wide range of top-notch products from which you can choose the perfect hair item for your styles and preferences. But what about the quality? How long does Mayvenn hair last? Is it safe to use? This part of honest Mayvenn hair reviews will give you the answer.

  • Textures: Hair items from Mayvenn Hair have beautiful, luscious textures, which can blend seamlessly with your natural hair. The hair strands are strong and thick, giving out a vibrant and healthy look.
  • Good manufacturing process: The hair is hand-picked and then carefully put into an advanced manufacturing process. This retains the natural characteristics of the hair without damaging the cuticles or deriving the hair of its own moisture.
  • Chemical-free: One thing many customers love about hair items at Mayvenn is that they are totally chemical-free free and most are available in the “virgin form”, which means they don’t contain any hazardous substances or chemical excess.
  • Versatility and durability: Once you buy hair from Mayvenn, you can change them to match your style from dying, and curling to bleaching. And the hair can last for years with proper care and maintenance. However, they suggest you shouldn’t make changes to the natural colors to make it last the longest.

The most frequently asked question: “How long does Mayvenn hair last?” has got the answer to it, yes, “It can totally last for years!”, of course with good maintenance. Although Mayvenn Hair reviews show a lot of positive feedback on the quality of the hair, it doesn’t mean the products are perfectly good, sometimes they are claimed to have bad density and give off a balding look.

Mayvenn Hair's products have top-notch quality.
Mayvenn Hair’s products have top-notch quality.

4. Mayvenn Hair’s hair price reviews

The majority of Mayvenn Hair reviews show that the price Mayvenn Hair offers is considered high compared to other hair suppliers as their hair is carefully collected from Peru, Malaysia, India and Brazil with the highest quality.

  • Wigs: from 149.99$
  • Hair bundles: from 55.99$
  • Closures: from 89.99$
  • Frontals: from 149.99$
  • Clip-ins: from 249.99$

This can be considered an upfront investment, but given the quality of the hair and the professional customer service; it’s totally worth it. If you have financial problems but still want to buy hair from Mayvenn, don’t worry, you can opt for installment payment with no extra interest.


5. Service of Mayvenn Hair

Customer service is a must-have part of any Mayvenn Hair reviews. Here are the details:

5.1. Professional advice

At Mayvenn you can get very helpful and professional advice. Finding a suitable hair extension to match your style can be daunting, but with the help of Mayvenn Hair’s staff, it’s just a piece of cake. The beauticians and hair stylists will give you in-depth guides on which hairstyle you should have or which colors match your skin tone and help to make changes to the products if necessary. You can contact them through email, call the hotline, or come directly to Mayvenn Beauty lounges to meet the experts in person.

5.2. Customization

In order to create unlimited looks, Mayvenn Beauty Lounges provides a variety of services that help customize the products as requested by the clients. Many clients leave good Mayvenn hair-free install feedback on this aspect.

  • Your lace will be customized so that it has a natural hairline.
  • They can cut the hair the way you want: layers, bangs, precise cuts, etc.
  • Choose any hue, and they’ll make it happen for you: balayage, highlights, and other features.
  • If you want more volume, they’ll add extra hair to meet your expectations.
  • They will help you with the installation process so you don’t need to go to the salon to have the hair stuck to your scalp.

With these services, it isn’t surprising that there are many good Mayvenn hair-free install reviews. Choose Mayvenn Hair and everything will be done the way you want it to be.

Customers can get professional care at Mayvenn Hair.
Customers can get professional care at Mayvenn Hair.

6. Mayvenn Hair reviews on policy

Risk-free trials of the highest-quality virgin hair are available. With the exception of custom and bespoke goods, they provide 30-day returns and exchanges on all of their products. Only bespoke and customized items are exchangeable.

If you’re not satisfied with your item, you can exchange it for free within 30 days, whether you want to wear it, color it, or even cut it. Within 30 days, you can return any unused item for a full refund, no questions asked. Many customers show their satisfaction toward the returns, refunds and exchange policy in Mayvenn Hair reviews.

6.1. Shipment

Below is how the shipment works at Mayvenn Hair:

  • Free shipping: With no minimum order requirement, Mayvenn provides free standard shipping on all purchases within the US.
  • Shipping time: All orders from Mayvenn receive free shipping, and the company promises delivery in 4-6 business days. Orders placed before 10 a.m. PST will be shipped on the same day; otherwise, they will be delivered the next business day.
  • Shipping options: Priority, express, and overnight are the other three options available if this doesn’t meet your preferred time window.
  • Shipping fees: USPS offers priority shipping, which takes between two and four days, for $2.99. FedEx handles both express and overnight deliveries. Express shipping is $20 and takes 1-2 business days; overnight shipment costs $40. All of these services don’t deliver on weekends.

If you have read these shipping terms in Mayvenn Hair reviews, you won’t be worried about how the hair can be delivered to your house. Just add the items with the characteristics you want to the cart and click buy, everything will be delivered to your house with love and care.

6.2. Payment methods

One special thing about payment policy of Mayvenn Hair is that you can choose installment payment. Quadpay is compatible with Mayvenn. With this option, you can buy your items with four interest-free payments.

You can order a product right away and pay for it over a sixteen-week period. Many customers appreciate that in Mayvenn Hair reviews as this payment method allows them to shop without worrying much about their budget.

7. Pros and Cons

Opinions about Mayvenn Hair are mixed, with some people praising and others criticizing it. Remember that you need to conduct thorough research, and be informed about the exchange and return policies. To make it easier, here is the final assessment I have made about Mayvenn Hair.

7.1. Pros

There are many pros stated in Mayvenn Hair reviews:

  • Exchange guidelines: If reported within 30 days, an exchange is still possible even if the hair has been changed in any manner.
  • Choices: They provide 100% virgin hair in 8 distinct textures and 5 different colors.
  • Certified stylists: The business has selected top-tier stylists from the industry to guarantee that your hair is correctly installed.

These are the advantages of Mayvenn Hair. With all these benefits, don’t hesitate if you want to buy hair from them.

7.2. Cons

Besides the pros, there are some cons in Mayvenn Hair reviews:

  • The packaging: The products come in a thin, cheap box that doesn’t give a feeling of high quality. The box may not be good enough to protect the hair during the delivery.
  • Affordability: Claimed to be inexpensive, however their costs are comparatively higher than products from other hair suppliers on the market
  • Company ethics: Although the ratings on the official website are mostly good, more research reveals that customers aren’t as happy because the products may show signs of lack of hair density or simply not as good as they expected.

Above are the things that you need to take into consideration when deciding to buy hair from Mayvenn Hair. Testimonials about Mayvenn hair may be positive or negative; you need to carefully check them before purchasing hair from this hair vendor.

If you have read every part of honest Mayvenn Hair reviews, you have got the answers to the questions I had already mentioned above. Is Mayvenn Hair good? Is Mayvenn Hair legit? Absolutely yes! With the wide range of products available, the top-notch quality and the excellent customer service, Mayvenn Hair is always one of the best hair suppliers not only for customers in the US but also for buyers from all over the world.

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