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Update: 01/12/2023

This post will expose the top 10 wholesale hair vendors in India, as well as all things you should know about these vendors before making a purchase decision.

Indian hair is one of the most popular types of hair on the market today. Wholesale hair vendors in India make more and more profit from the hair business and become partners with many distributors around the world. Let’s learn all about them and find out the best suppliers in this article.

1. The truth about the products from wholesale hair vendors in India

We can recognize hair extensions are now the hottest trend in fashion. There is always a demand for human hair and related goods, whether for personal or commercial use. Indian hair is currently one of the most popular types of hair on the market. Hair wholesalers in India are in high demand and make a lot of money.

1.1. Origin of hair from wholesale hair vendors in India

So where do hair wholesalers in India get their hair from? When talking about the origin of Indian hair, there will be a lot of controversies. However, most believe that Indian hair comes from two main sources: Temple hair and Hairballs.

  • Temple hair is hair taken from Indian temples. It is customary for Indians to shave their heads in temples to pay respects to the gods. However, the ritual of shaving the head is also very controversial because of the scandals behind it. From these donated hairs, wholesale hair vendors in India will bleach them and turn them into blonde hair, which is the best-selling in hair salons in the UK, at sky-high prices.

Temple hair is hair taken from Indian temples

  • Hairballs are hair loss, hair is taken from floors, public toilets, and any place where hair falls out… In other words, it is low-quality hair, human waste hair.

Hairballs are hair loss, hair is taken from floors, public toilets, and any place where hair falls out

  • Many women collect their hair from combs – known as “comb trash” – to sell or trade with the local hair collectors who usually show up once a month. Depending on the weight, the amount of hair has different prices. The collectors then sell the hair to wholesale hair vendors in India. Messy “trash” hair usually costs only a few rupees. Meanwhile, clean-shaven hair on the head has a higher value because it falls down naturally and can be processed to make wigs.
  • For the easy market, hair is sometimes mixed with horsehair or goatskin shavings, sometimes even synthetic hair made from acrylic fibers but still advertised as “real hair”.
    In general, there is still a lot of debate about where Indian hair comes from, which makes customers worried about its quality.

1.2. The features and quality of hair from wholesale hair vendors in India

Here are some main features and qualities of Indian hair you must know before buying from hair wholesalers in India:

  • Temple hair is often appreciated because they are grown for a long time, thick and smooth, less affected by chemicals, so the high keratin content makes the hair stronger. These hairs are called “virgin hair”, and even dubbed “black gold” because of their expensive price and superior quality.
  • Hairballs are of inferior quality. Hairballs are usually bundled into hair bundles, processed and cleaned, wholesale hair vendors in India often exported it to Chinese hair factories for processing because cleaning technology in India is still outdated.

Hairballs are usually bundled into hair bundles, processed and cleaned

  • Indian hair can be colored and styled, but due to its slightly naturally curly texture, it needs to be straightened before styling. Indian hair will suit wavy or curly hair, with bone straight hair it will need a lot of chemicals to process. After coloring and styling the hair becomes weaker and drier.

2. The production of wholesale hair vendors in India

Hair suppliers wholesale in India are mainly trading companies, there are very few Indian hair factories because the technology and machinery in this country are still outdated.

  • Once collected, the hair will be sent to hair wholesalers in India for processing. First, people untangle the hair by hand carefully, slowly. This job is very easy to cause back pain and a person can only remove about 150 grams of hair per day.

There are very few Indian hair factories because the technology and machinery in this country are still outdated

  • After that, people use combs to comb continuously to make the hair smoother, than divide the hair into strands of different lengths and comb it again and then tie it into bundles.
  • High-quality hair is placed in a penetrating bath to slowly remove the dark pigment without damaging the cuticle. The inferior hair will be soaked in acid to remove germs.
  • For permed hair, people dry the hair, then wrap it around specialized sticks and put it in a large oven at 240 degrees Celsius.
    Machinery and equipment in wholesale hair vendors in India are still outdated, and workers in skilled hair factories are also not specialized, so the production efficiency is still slow and not optimal.

3. The price of hair from wholesale hair vendors in India

Indian hair prices also have many segments, but in general, wholesale Indian hair vendors have the lowest prices in the hair market compared to other countries. The price of a hair bundle 8” start at only 7 USD.

  • The price of hair is cheap because temple hair is donated to temples, not for commercial purposes, so wholesale hair vendors in India collect hair at a cheap price. Hairballs are collected from many sources and the hair is of poor quality so the cheap price is obvious.

The price of a hair bundle 8” start at only 7 USD

  • Most hair factories in India are small factories and have not invested much in machinery and technology, along with cheap labor, factories can cut production costs and provide cheap prices to customers.

Many British and American women are willing to pay nearly $1,500 to own hair extensions made from real hair of Indian girls. To become this high-priced item, those hairs are cut in the temple and go through a process of collection and elaborate processing before being beautifully displayed on the stalls.

4. An interesting fact about wholesale hair vendors in India exports their hair to China

In fact, India is one of the biggest exporters of hair in the world. Its speciality is providing raw materials for high-end hair extension products. In 2019, the country accounted for 32.5% of total global hair exports.


Wholesale hair vendors in India often send hair to Vietnam, and then send it to China

Most of the above hair is sent to China for finished product processing. Here, the hair extensions are shipped all over the world, especially to America, Europe, and Africa. However, exporting goods like hair from India to China is quite

So, hair wholesalers in India often send hair to Vietnam, and then send it to China. This is called “temporary import for re-export,” and it is a way to hide where the hair came from. If you only read the customs report, you may think that Vietnam is a country with the world’s leading hair import and production abilities.

5. Some ways to avoid getting scammed by wholesale hair vendors in India

You should first be aware of these red flags when dealing with wholesale Indian hair vendors in order to prevent being a victim of fraud:

  • The website of the hair suppliers in India has no clear contact or address information, shady company and product information, and is unprofessional.
  • When you call wholesale hair vendors in India, the person who answers the phone does not reveal their identity or the company they work for, which indicates that you may be talking to a private line, not with a business.

You may be talking to a private line, not with a business

  • Hair wholesalers in India with low prices or confusing promotions
  • No customer feedback or reviews for these vendors
  • These vendors are always pushing you to transfer money and avoiding other questions.

When looking for wholesale hair vendors in India , you need to pay attention to the above signs to avoid being scammed. And here are some ways to help you determine if it’s a reputable wholesale hair vendor for you business:

  • For each supplier you want to buy, you should have some questions ready. Ask open-ended questions that require more information than just a “yes” or “no” answer. You should choose hair wholesalers in India who are knowledgeable about hair quality, origin, delivery, shipping and packaging. If they refuse to answer your questions or know little or nothing about hair, they are scammers.
  • Check the address of hair suppliers wholesale in India on google to see if it is a real or fake address. Vendors with a google address also often have customer reviews. You can also refer to this to choose a reputable hair supplier for your business.

Check the address of hair wholesalers in India on google to see if it is a real or fake address

  • Check the policy carefully: Check the return and refund policy of hair suppliers wholesale in India . If their return policy is complicated and you have to go through many stages to get your money back, then this may not be the best provider you should buy from. Even with returns, the largest wholesale hair suppliers in India strive to make your buying experience as easy and smooth as possible.
  • Request a video call to wholesale hair vendors in India. Reputable suppliers will gladly show facilities, goods and employees. You can also check if their products are the same as on the photo.

6. Top list of the most reliable wholesale hair vendors in India

There are now a lot of wholesale Indian hair vendors, and each one wants to be your top choice. You need not seek any further for reliable hair wholesalers in India. The top-rated hair suppliers wholesale in India are listed below.


Top list of the most reliable hair wholesalers in India

6.1. Jaipur Hair 

Jaipur Hair is now one of the biggest hair wholesalers in India supplying raw Indian hair, with over 20 years of experience in the industry.


Jaipur Hair – Top best wholesale hair vendors in India

  • Products: raw weaves, raw bulk hair, clip ins, closure and frontal, I tips, U tips…
  • Price: quite expensive, raw bulk hair cost from 65USD
  • Service: The standard delivery time is three to five business days. You have 7 days from purchase to request a return and refund.
  • Feedback: They have both positive and negative reviews.

Because it has a great name in the business, Jaipur is the best place to buy Indian hair if you have a large budget and want the best hair products.

6.2. Adorable Hair Suppliers 

Adorable Hair Suppliers is one the biggest hair wholesalers in India and a leader in making hair extensions in large quantities.


Adorable Hair Suppliers – Top reliable wholesale hair vendors in India

  • Products: They concentrate in full-cuticle, 100% real human hair that is natural, raw, and virgin. Numerous natural-looking styles and hair colors are available in their goods.
  • Quality: This wholesale Indian hair vendor places a premium on quality of their Indian hair extensions above quantity. You can have confidence in the high standard of their products. Their Indian hair extensions are of high quality that are silky, shiny and soft.
  • Price: The price is quite high. The price of 3 bundles of Malaysian straight hair 10 inches is $125.
  • Policy: Customized products cannot be returned or refunded. If you got the wrong item and would want to return it, you must inform them within 2 days of receiving the product. The customer is responsible for paying the shipping charges for returned products. Everything has to be sent back in its original packing.

Adorable Hair is known for exporting high-quality real human hair wigs and extensions at reasonable prices. One of the best wholesale hair suppliers in India to take into account is Adorable Hair.

6.3. Dhwarak Indian Hair 

Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory is another well-known company in India that sells and makes human hair. Indian Temple hair may be purchased here for both wholesale and retail purposes.


Dhwarak Indian Hair – Top best wholesale hair vendors in India

  • They have a wide range of products with many lengths and colors: weft hair, clip in hair, closures and frontals… They also sell Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair
  • Price: Compared to other vendors, they are quite affordable
  • They have a lot of positive reviews but some customers complain that their hair dries quickly and falls out over time. Some people say that the shipping time is a bit long

Dhwarak Indian Hair is also a good place where you can buy Indian hair at resaonble price.

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6.4. SGI Hair 

SGI Hair is one of the best hair wholesalers in India and the company’s products are present all over the world.


SGI Hair – One of the most popular wholesale hair vendors in India

  • Products: lace wigs, U part wigs, closure and frontal, machine weft, bulk hair, tape in…
  • Quality: This wholesale Indian hair vendor is one of the best sources of premium hair for the past 12 years, confirming the company’s position as a household name throughout the world.
  • The price is quite expensive but the quality is really good
  • Service: Shipping usually takes 5-7 days. The shipping fee is based on the total quantity purchased

In India, SGI Hair is among the most trusted wholesale hair suppliers in India you can choose to work with.

6.5. Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions

Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions is one of the most well-known wholesale Indian hair vendors that hair salon owners and hair retailers locate online when doing business in the hair industry.


Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions – Top wholesale hair vendors in India

  • Products: This wholesale Indian hair vendor’s raw bulk hair and expert stitching skills are their most sought-after offerings. They also provide a variety of hair extensions, such as full lace, closure wigs, HD lace, and more.
  • Quality: Triple wefting is the secret to their high quality. Many people like the method’s ability to provide a thick, solid look. However, as time goes on, hair products are thinner and stiffer.
  • Price: The price of the products from this Indian wholesale hair vendor is quite expensive because of the unique skill.
  • Feedback: The majority of customers are happy with the quality of the goods they purchase. But several people also complained about the delivery’s delay.

If you want stability, naturalness, and meticulousness in your products, Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions are a wonderful wholesale Indian hair vendor. But their products are also rather pricey.

6.6. Indique 

One Indian hair company that cannot be overlooked in any discussion about hair wholesalers in India is Indique. After 14 years in the company, this Indian wholesale hair vendor has earned a strong reputation.


Indique – Top dependable wholesale hair vendors in India

  • Products: For Indique, hair transparency is a top priority. For their hair products, they only use hair from 3 temples in India that have a long-term partnership with them.
  • Quality:As this Indian hair supplier only offers premium products, you may shop with complete peace of mind. Their products are considered as the best Indian hair extensions for beautiful texture and durability.
  • Price: Although the price is high, Indique make sure that their customers get the best superior quality and customer experience for the investment. 12-inch Pure Straight Bundle costs $299.
  • Service: Returns are accepted within 30 days after the purchase date. Any requests for returns or exchanges must be made within 7 days of the purchase date.

Indique is a fantastic wholesale Indian hair vendor to deal with if you have a significant budget, a clear business strategy, and clientele ready to pay a premium.

6.7. Silk Strands

Silk Strands, one of India’s most notable wholesale hair vendors in India, was founded in 2008 with a wealth of experience in the Indian hair manufacturing industry.

  • The main product of Silk Strands is high quality hair extensions, which are known for their softness and natural appearance.
  • Price: While the items of Silk Strands are lovely, they are reasonably priced for the quality. A bundle of their natural hair starts at $35.
  • Customer service: Their customer service representatives are attentive and provide excellent product recommendations. Because of their flexible return policy, customers can swap or return things within 15 days of purchase.

Silk Strands is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking wholesale hair vendors in India, as it provides high-quality items, knowledgeable customer service, a reasonable price, and a reasonable return policy.

6.8. Beauty She India

This supplier of Indian hair has an impeccable reputation due to its many years of experience in the hair extensions industry.

  • Beauty She India’s primary offering consists of high-quality virgin hair extensions. By procuring their hair from reputable donors, they guarantee its quality and durability.
  • In addition to providing high-quality products, Beauty She India ensures that their prices are competitive, thereby expanding their consumer base. Their 10 inch hair weft starts at $40

Their premium products, outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and customer-centric policies of this hair vendor are what make them one of the leading wholesale hair vendors in India.

6.9. 1 Hair Stop

Among the most recent virgin hair wholesale manufacturers in India, 1 Hair Stop, which commenced operations in 2019, stands out as the preeminent provider.

  • This Indian virgin hair dealer mainly sells natural Indian hair, along with various other varieties of hair. Furthermore, 1 Hair Stop offers an extensive variety of raw human hairstyles, including clip-in, tape-in, and more…Hair Stop offers unprocessed Indian hair of the utmost quality, in addition to tape-in and clip-in.
  • This hair vendor offers their clients expert guidance for the purchase of their hair. To ensure that customers purchasing hair from 1 Hair Stop have a satisfactory experience, establishment of policies governing returns, exchanges, and refunds have been implemented.

Notwithstanding its relative youth in comparison to other wholesalers of hair extensions in India, 1 Hair Stop has successfully cultivated a robust international standing within the hair industry.

Some best selling products of 1 Hair Stop

Some best selling products of 1 Hair Stop

6.10. Big Love Indian

This Indian hair supplier has more than two decades of experience in the hair industry. Big Love Indian Hair provides an extensive selection of affordable hair extensions.

  • Big Love Indian Hair’s primary offering comprises high-quality human hair extensions procured exclusively from Indian donors, mainly frontal, closure and hair wigs.
  • They have a reputation for providing individualized consultations and outstanding customer service.
  • Despite the premium quality of their products, Big Love Indian Hair maintains competitive pricing. A 12-inch bundle of raw hair costs from $30

Customers from all over the world patronize Big Love Indian Hair due to the credibility of its products and prices that are commensurate with the quality they receive.

7. FAQs about wholesale hair vendors in India

Wholesale hair vendors in India always receive a lot of interest from customers and partners. Below are frequently asked questions about these suppliers and detailed answers.

7.1. Pros and cons of buying from wholesale hair vendors in India?

Here are some advantages of buying hair from wholesale hair vendors in India:

  • Low cost: Hair extensions from India are frequently less expensive than other sources. This is because India has lower production and labor costs, as well as an availability of raw supplies. If you’re on a tight budget, the cost-effectiveness can be a huge benefit.
  • Raw material availability: India is one of the world’s greatest manufacturers of human hair. Raw material availability ensures a consistent supply of hair products, reducing the likelihood of shortages.

Besides, wholesale hair vendors in India still has some disadvantages you need to consider:

  • Hair quality: While India is well-known for its hair industry, not all suppliers adhere to the same high standards of quality. Hair products from Indian sellers are often of poor quality, easily destroyed after a short period of usage, and have a short lifespan. There’s a chance you’ll get hair that’s not as good as you expected, which could lead to a frustrating experience.
  • Limited product diversity: Due to manufacturing procedures that mostly involve selecting and cleaning hairballs for sale crude to China, there is limited variety in the choice of hair extensions.

Return procedures are limited or unclear in some Indian hair retailers, which can be troublesome if you receive hair that does not meet your expectations or is of poor quality.

7.2. Tips for choosing a reliable wholesale hair vendor in India?

Choosing a trusted Indian hair source is the cornerstone of a successful purchase. Here are some guidelines for selecting a reputable wholesale hair vendor in India:

  • Conduct considerable research on several wholesale hair vendors in India before making any commitments. Online, look for consumer reviews, comments, testimonials, and ratings. Consider getting suggestions from friends or specialists in the hair industry as well.
  • Verify authenticity: When working with Indian hair manufacturers, it is critical to confirm the legitimacy of their Indian hair extensions. Check to see if the dealer acquires hair ethically and if the hair is indeed of Indian origin. To validate this, request evidence and certificates.
  • While pricing is an important consideration, prioritize the quality of the hair over its price. High-quality Indian hair may be slightly more expensive, but it will last longer and look better in the long term.
  • Effective contact with the Indian hair merchant is critical to a successful transaction. Check if the vendor responds to your requests and gives you clear and honest information about their items.
  • Consider acquiring a sample of the hair before making a large purchase. This enables you to evaluate the hair’s quality, texture, and color correctness, ensuring that it fulfills your exact requirements.

By following these guidelines, you may confidently choose a trustworthy wholesale hair vendor in India that will supply you with high-quality hair extensions.

Tips for choosing a reliable wholesale hair vendor in India

Tips for choosing a reliable wholesale hair vendor in India

7.3. How to get the best deal with wholesale hair vendors in India?

When purchasing Indian wholesale hair, it is not sufficient to simply locate the item at the most affordable price; the overall value of the purchase must also be optimized. Here are some guidelines to assist you in negotiating the best price with wholesale hair vendors in India:

  • If you intend to purchase larger quantities of raw hair, inquire about discounts for mass purchases. Numerous Indian suppliers provide bulk orders with discounted rates, which can significantly decrease the cost per unit.
  • Comment by conducting a comparative analysis of prices offered by various manufacturers of wholesale hair extensions in India. Note however that products that are notably inexpensive might indicate substandard quality or counterfeit goods; Therefore, strive to find a middle ground between affordability and quality.
  • Intelligently negotiate: Without hesitation, negotiate with the vendor. Consult with them regarding the possibility of receiving additional benefits or discounts, such as complimentary products or free shipping, while remaining tactful but firm in your negotiations.
  • Shipping expenses can accumulate quickly, especially when importing from India. Ensure that the shipping costs, as well as any applicable taxes or duties, are transparent in order to prevent any surprises when the payment is due.
  • Thoroughly examine the vendor’s return and exchange policies prior to completing your purchase. You can have peace of mind knowing that you have alternatives if the product fails to meet your expectations if you have a flexible policy.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can guarantee not only a favorable price but also unprocessed Indian hair of the highest quality from a reputable vendor.


Choosing a suitable wholesale hair vendor in India is difficult due to the rapid development of the hair extensions market and the increase in the number of raw Indian hair vendors. Please carefully analyze the information we have supplied, as well as the top ten most reputable wholesale hair vendors in India today, to select a dependable and ideal supplier for your needs.

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