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The Stunning Attractiveness Of Bone Straight Hair For Girls


This article will reveal all the information about bone straight hair, which is the dream hair of many girls because of its elegant beauty and charm.

Bone straight hair is a popular hairstyle that never goes out of style. Almost every girl wears this hairstyle at least once. However, there are still many questions related to this hairstyle that remain unanswered. So this article will clear everything up for you.

The Stunning Attractiveness Of Bone Straight Hair For Girls

1. What is bone straight hair

Let’s start with the question: What is bone straight hair? This is hair that has been chemically treated or used heat to seem perfectly straight, and feels extremely flat and smooth. This hairstyle is processed by hair factories from natural hair that texture is naturally straight or slightly curly by chemicals or heat.

Hair that has been processed to be bone cannot be curled into a body wave or a kinky curly. It will almost immediately lose its curl after being curled. If you want to style bone straight, you can do so using specific hair styling tools. Your hair will regain its straight texture after washing.

Bone-straight hair is hair that has been chemically treated or used heat to seem perfectly straight

2. Trendy bone straight hairstyles that are loved by every girl

In the past 10 years, bone-straight hair product has become more and more popular and loved by girls. Without a doubt, straight hair is the #1 hairstyle that can go with everything in your closet. Smooth straight hair is sure to make you stand out, whether you’re relaxing with friends or attending a chic event. Also, this hairstyle is a perfect choice for a special occasion like Christmas. And here are the trendy hairstyles that you should not miss.

In the past 10 years, this hairstyle has become more and more popular and loved by girls

2.1. Ponytail bone straight hair

Without a doubt, Ariana Grande is the first person who springs to mind when you think of the iconic ponytail bone hairstyle. This is a great option if you want a new hairstyle that will make you seem energetic and vibrant. This hairstyle is most suitable for people with small or oval faces and active personalities. It will enhance the elegance of the face and help you become more personal. Moreover, this hairstyle also helps to deceive the eyes of others by feeling that you are taller. It is mostly suitable for performances, parties, prom or a romantic date.

Ponytail bone hairstyle

2.2. Piano color bone straight hair

It’s a fact that black bone straight hair is so popular now with hair lovers but if you’re on the hunt for something special, piano color this hairstyle is the way to go. Changing something new will make you less boring, make your surroundings more vibrant, and offer you optimistic thinking.

This hairstyle is most suitable for girls with fair skin because it will enhance their beauty. If you have a lively personality and want to stand out from the crowd, this hairstyle is perfect for you. It will be suitable for dates, gatherings with friends, or lively parties.

Piano color bone-straight hair

2.3. Bone straight hair with bangs

Bangs is something that many girls hesitate to hear because not all face shapes are suitable for bangs. However, that thinking is completely wrong, there are many bone-straight hairstyles with bangs that each face shape will match the right hairstyle. Meanwhile, you should know which makeup styles go well with bangs. In general, this hairstyle is quite selective, but if you understand how to make it your own, it is also a nice recommendation. For girls with long faces, bone straight hair with flat bangs is the ideal choice, while for girls with oval faces or slightly chubby faces, cross bangs will be a perfect choice. This hairstyle is suitable for any occasion, whether you go to work or go out, or even go to a party. It makes you feel light, elegant and noble.

Bone hair with bangs hairstyle

2.4. Highlight short bob bone straight hair

It is no strange when it comes to the bob bone straight hairstyle, a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. The hairstyle with the ends of the hair slightly curled inwards makes the hair look completely natural. Surely this hairstyle will win the hearts of the ladies and become the queen of all styles. Highlight short bob hairstyle not only makes you look taller and thinner than usual, but it can also equip you to turn into a classy lady. This hairstyle also suits almost any face shape, be it long or round, oval or diamond. Highlight color will enhance the beauty of the hair. It is most suitable for parties, performances, gatherings with friends, or dating.

Highlight short bob bone-straight hair

3. How to make bone straight hairstyle

So how do you have beautiful, original bone-straight hair like the above? Let’s find out in this section.

3.1. Styling bone straight hair from your natural hair

You can create bone-straight hair on your real hair if your hair has a naturally straight texture, or is just slightly curly and soft, not too dry. People with naturally straight hair that can have a bone straight style are usually Southeast Asian women because of the natural human characteristics here, and they often take care of their hair with natural herbs. You can also style hair at home or go to a hairdresser.

  • DIY at home: If you need temporary this hairstyle, you can use a straightener. With this tool, you do not need to be fussy or take a lot of time, but it will only help you have temporary hairstyle in a few hours in case you want to go to a luxurious party or meeting that day.
  • Go to a hairdresser: If you want long-lasting and durable this hairstyle, you can go to a hair salon. However, you can also do it yourself at home, but the process of creating uniform bone hair requires quite high skill and professionalism, so we recommend that you do not do it yourself at home.
  • Your hair will be applied about 2-3 times with chemicals (depending on hair thickness) and straightened many times to have bone hairstyle. However, you should also choose reputable hair salons because their hairdressing chemicals will be OK and will not make your hair dry later. This process usually takes 4-8 hours depending on the thickness and length of the hair.
  • If you want to dye your hair, then after creating hairstyle, they will apply the dye about 2 times for you and leave it for about 2-3 hours to let the dye penetrate the hair. Then they will wash and rinse your hair and you have the hairstyle you want.
If you need temporary bone straight hair, you can use a straightener
If you want long-lasting and durable bone-straight hair, you can go to a hair salon

3.2. Buy bone straight hair extensions

If you do not want to style bone-straight hair on your real hair because you are afraid that your hair will be damaged or your hair texture makes styling difficult, you can buy hair extensions.

3.2.1. How to choose bone straight hair extensions

Some common and popular hair extensions that you can refer to.

  • Hair weft is the most popular and easy to find in every hair shop:
    • Bone-straight hair weft is a bundle of processed hairstyle that has been sewn onto a thin fabric strip at the top and can be sewn directly into your hair.
    • This is the cheapest type of hair extension, applied to your real hair with the help of hairdressers. It is suitable for people with little hair or thin, short hair who want to add thickness and length to their hair. It is popular and is sold in many markets, especially in Nigeria, because people here often have thin, sparse, slightly curly hair, so they wish to have this beautiful bone hairstyle.
  • Clip bone straight extensions is a convenient hair type that can be applied and removed whenever you want:
    • Clip hair extensions are attached to your natural hair with clips at the top. These clips are very small and light, making them comfortable for the user.
    • Clip hair extensions are almost suitable for those who want to add thickness and length to their hair and want this hairstyle. For people with short and thin hair, it will be more difficult to use because the hair needs a suitable thickness and length to clip.
  • Tape bone-straight hair extensions is the type of hair that gives you a comfortable feeling and a natural look:
    • This is hairstyle attached to natural hair by sticky tabs or tape. The tapes are very light and comfortable, making you feel comfortable and forget that you are wearing hair extensions.
    • Tape hair extensions are suitable for most people who want to add volume and length to their hair instantly without affecting their natural hair. Tape in hair is especially popular in Europe because of its convenience and reasonable prices.
  • Bone hair wigs is suitable for everyone and easy to use:
    • Hair wigs are suitable for people with little hair, or short hair that is difficult to apply for the above hair extensions.
    • Bone-straight hair wigs are often favored and used by Nigerians because their hair is short, thin and slightly curly. However, the cost of buying wigs is also much more expensive than the above hair extensions, often twice as much as 3 times.

In addition, when choosing hair extensions, you must also keep the following in mind:

  • Choose human hair or synthetic hair: Bone-straight hair can be made from human hair, synthetic hair or a mix of human hair vs synthetic hair. Hair made from real human hair extensions is more durable, less prone to ruffles and can be restyled because human hair is elastic. As for made from synthetic hair, the hair will look a bit stiff and unnatural like human hair, and it cannot be restyled or recolored. It becomes important to understand how to know fake bone-straight hair. Bone straight hair made of human hair will cost 3-5 times more than synthetic hair but you will find the quality is totally worth it as it is more durable, looks more natural, and can be re-colored.
  • Choose the suitable length: You also need to choose the right hair length for you, it is best to choose hair extensions longer than your real hair so that the hair blends in the most natural look. However, if you are short in height, you should not choose too long hair extensions because they will make you look shorter.
  • Choose color of hair: If you don’t want to stand out too much or want your hair to look natural, you should choose the hair color that is the most similar to your natural hair color…Otherwise, you can choose your favorite color, and maybe add a little highlight to make it stand out more.
Bone-straight hair weft is the most popular and easy to find in every hair shop
Clip bone-straight hair extensions is a convenient hair type that can be applied and removed whenever you want
Tape hair extensions is the type of hair that gives you a comfortable feeling and a natural look
Bone straight wigs is suitable for everyone and easy to use
Choose human hair or synthetic hair

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3.2.2. Where you can buy bone straight hair extensions

Many hair suppliers sell fake bone-straight hair. How to know fake bone hair? So where can you buy real hair bone straight? You can buy it at the store near you where you live or directly at the hair factory Buy bone straight hair extensions at the nearest hair store

You may get bone-straight hair at a hair store in your neighborhood or in your country.

  • Pros of buying hair at the nearest hair store
    • You won’t have to spend much time looking for information on these shops.
    • You can directly evaluate the quality and compare hair extensions based on price and quality.
    • It won’t take long for you to get these products.
  • Cons of buying bone straight extensions at the nearest hair store:
    • There are fewer choices for hair extension products, and they may not have the type of hair product you want.
    • Moreover, if you are not an experienced person in the hair industry, it is difficult for you to distinguish between synthetic hair and human hair or maybe it’s fake bone hair. And the stores near you may also be distributors so they are not sure about the origin of the hair.

So people who want hair extensions pretty quickly and don’t want to spend too much time searching can choose the best hair product at the nearest hair store.

Buy hair extensions at the nearest hair store Buy bone straight hair extensions from a hair factory in other countries

You don’t need to worry about buying this hair type from a hair factory in another country because all wholesale hair factory have shipping procedures available; just check the price, time, and quality.

  • Pros of buying the original bone straight extensions at a hair factory:
    • You can know the origin and quality of hair materials and can ask the sales representative to check the quality of the hair by video call. You don’t have to worry about fake bone straight extensions.
    • You have a wider choice of styles and colors and can also ask them to do hairstyle according to your specific needs.
  • Since they have a hair factory, there are no middlemen, so their prices will be cheaper than other distributors or retailers.

If you are a hair retailer or distributor who wants to buy bone hair in bulk, you should buy it from reputable hair factories for better quality and price.

Buy bone straight extensions from a hair factory in other countries

3.2.3. Tips to buy high quality hair extensions

So how do you buy high-quality bone hair extensions avoid fake? Let’s find out below:

  • The origin reflects the quality of the hair, so first of all, you need to find out where to buy this hairstyle:
    • If you want to buy made from human hair with clear hair origin, and high-quality materials, you should look to Southeast Asian countries with Vietnamese bone straight hairs is the best choice because of its high quality at a reasonable price. Hair from these countries comes from mountain women who are famous for their thick, long, silky and strong hair. Moreover, even though they have high-quality hair sources, their hair prices are completely reasonable, because they have an abundant source of raw materials and cheap labor.
  • If you want to buy made from synthetic hair or mix synthetic with human hair, you should choose China because this is a country famous for high technology, their hair products are very beautiful and eye-catching, and they have many colors for you to choose from.

Tips to check the quality of bone straight extensions:

If you can go to the factory or have relatives near the hair store, you can ask them to visit the hair store or hair supplier directly to check the quality of the hair. If not, you can ask the sales representative to take a video and ask them to:

  • Check by hand: To see whether the hair is likely to be quickly shed: Check to see if any hairs fall out by gently to firmly pulling and combing the hair from top to bottom.
  • Check if the hair is smooth: Bone hair is very smooth and soft so when brushing it will feel smooth from the top,
  • For colored hair: If they stroke the bundle of hair with their hands and the color transfers to their hands, the hair color will certainly fade quickly.
Bones straight hair and bone straight synthetic hair
Check to see if any hairs fall out by gently to firmly pulling and combing the hair from top to bottom
Check the grade of bone hair extensions

4. Vin Hair Vendor provides high quality bone straight hair extensions

If you are confused when looking for high quality bone straight hair extensions at a reasonable price, consider Vin Hair Vendor – the leading reputable hair supplier from Vietnam.

  • Their hair is acquired from young donors and is processed little to retain its natural texture and gloss. 100% human hair is raw human hair with high durability, natural shine and impressive softness.
  • Vin Hair Vendor’s strong quality control techniques set them different from other vendors. Each bundle of hair is rigorously tested to ensure that it is free of tangles, shedding, and split ends. Their bone straight hair extensions are available in many colors and lengths. They also have customized products to meet customer needs.
  • The price they offer is quite reasonable, starting from only $14.3 for 1 bundle of bone straight hair extensions 8 inches.
  • Thanks to a modern factory with a large area, they have a very fast production speed. Customer service also received many compliments for the friendliness of the staff

Vin Hair is a raw Vietnamese hair merchant specializing in high-quality raw hair extensions. Vin Hair Vendor is considered as one of the greatest bone straight Vietnam hair merchants due to the exceptional quality of their hair.

Vin Hair Vendor
Vin Hair Vendor is recognized as one of the leading hair vendors

5. Some questions people are often concerned about bone straight hair

Here are some frequently asked questions about bone hair extensions. Let’s explore more to understand more about this hairstyle.

5.1. Is bone straight hair easy to care for

This depends on whether your hair is human hair or synthetic hair. With synthetic hair, the care is very easy, but with human hair, the care is not easy but it is not difficult. You need to have suitable and regular care for your hair, wash and moisturize your hair enough for it to last as long as possible.

Is bone hair extensions easy to care for

5.2. How long can bone straight hair last

Bone straight synthetic hair can last 4-6 months, and high-quality bone human hair straight can last 3-5 years if you take good care of it.

5.3. Is it possible to restyle bone straight hair

You can restyle bone straight extensions made of human hair but it will take more time. However, we recommend that you not restyle your hair because the hair will be weaker and drier, and the new hairstyle is also difficult to hold for a long time.

Is it possible to restyle bone hair extensions

5.4. Is it possible to bleach black dyed bone straight hair

You can bleach black dyed bone hair extensions, but you should make sure that your hair is made of 100% high-quality human hair; otherwise, the dyed color will be difficult to get evenly or will not be the right color.

5.5. Is it possible to change the color with dyed bone straight hair

Yes you can re-color the dyed bone human hair. However, your hair must be from a high-quality source so that the subsequent dye color is uniform and does not damage the hair. If you want to dye to light colors, the hair will have to be bleached, so it will also become weaker and frizzy faster. Therefore, we do not recommend change the color with dyed bone straight hair.

Is it possible to change the color with dyed bone hair extensions

In conclusion, we have explored various ways to care for bone straight hair extensions to ensure they remain in top condition. From proper washing techniques to styling tips, it’s important to maintain the health and longevity of your extensions. Additionally, we have highlighted some of the top places to purchase bone straight hair, with Vin Hair standing out as a reputable and quality option. By choosing the right products and following our care recommendations, you can enjoy beautiful and sleek bone straight hair extensions for a long time. Thank you for reading our blog, and we hope you found the information helpful in your hair care journey. Remember to prioritize the health of your hair extensions and invest in trusted brands like Vin Hair for the best results.

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