Things About Hair Vendors Wholesale Prices Must Read Before Buying

Update: 10/05/2023

The hair industry is booming with the participation of many potential vendors. Those who are new to the hair industry are curious about hair vendors wholesale prices and how to find the best hair vendors. All will be revealed in this article.


Things About Hair Vendors Wholesale Prices Must Read Before Buying

1. Hair vendors wholesale prices in some regions

The hair industry is growing all over the world. And now we’ll look at the hair vendors wholesale prices in some of the most developed hair markets.

1.1. Hair vendors wholesale prices in Asian countries

Asian countries are famous for their affordable and high-quality hair products. This place is home to large hair factories and is a source of raw materials for hair distributors and retailers around the world.


Asian countries are famous for their affordable and high-quality hair products

  • In these countries, raw material areas are often concentrated in countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Burma,… These are countries with abundant high-quality raw materials, cheap labor, so the hair vendors wholesale prices are also very reasonable. Especially if you buy hair in bulk, they will have many special offers for you.
  • The cheapest wholesalers in this region are concentrated in India. Because hair is collected cheaply, taken from many sources and because of the low-cost labor here, India can be considered as the country with the cheap wholesale hair vendors.
  • China is a country with many large factories with modern machinery, so it can take advantage of economies of scale and offer the most competitive hair vendors wholesale prices. Because Chinese hair is also mixed from many sources, the price of hair also has many segments from low to high, but most of them is cheap wholesale hair vendors.

It can be said that hair vendors wholesale prices in Asian countries have the most reasonable prices on the hair market, suitable for a wide range of customers. They are the main source for the hair market in the world today.

1.2. Hair vendors wholesale prices in Europe

Hair vendors in these countries are distributors and resellers. They import hair products from Asian countries and sell them to domestic customers. The hair vendors wholesale prices here are very high because:

  • When importing hair products, they have to pay taxes, customs costs, and related costs. Moreover, since they don’t have hair factories, they have to import finished products, and the tax cost of the finished product will be higher than the tax cost of raw materials. So hair vendors wholesale prices have to sell at a high price to cover input costs.

Hair vendors in Europe are distributors and resellers

  • The customer segment of European hair sellers is mainly the high-end customer segment, they care more about quality and design than price. So hair sellers must import high-quality hair products and the price of hair they import is inherently high and they sell it back to customers at a higher price.

1.3. Hair vendors wholesale prices in Ameria

Hair vendors in Ameria are actually resellers or distributors, they import hair from raw material regions to serve the domestic supply. There are also some Chinese hair factories that have warehouses here for convenient transportation.

  • America is a developed country, people’s income is very high and they are willing to spend thousands of dollars per month on beauty, so the demand for hair products here is huge.

Hair vendors in Ameria are actually resellers or distributors

  • Hair vendors in America also have to import hair products, pay taxes, labor costs, operating costs… These costs in the US are not cheap so the hair sellers here have to sell at a high price to cover the cost.

1.4. Hair vendors wholesale prices in Africa

Overall, Africa is the largest import market for hair products globally. African wholesale hair suppliers buy hair products from factories in other regions for resale.

  • These nations must import hair from other nations like Vietnam, China, and India as they are not situated in the raw material region. So hair is often blended from several origins.

Africa is the largest import market for hair products globally

  • When comparing prices with other countries, the African hair vendors wholesale prices are more expensive than Asian hair wholesalers but cheaper than European or US wholesale hair vendors. The customer segment here is mainly in the mid-range, they care a lot about price and always look for suppliers with great deals..
  • If you are in Africa, you may buy wholesale hair from African hair suppliers, but if you want to establish a hair company or sell hair, Asian hair manufacturers can be a better option.

2. Several factors affect hair vendors wholesale prices

Several factors affect the hair vendors wholesale prices. Here, we’ll go over a few of the most significant elements.

2.1. Hair vendors wholesale prices depend on the grade of hair

The consistency of the hair’s length is a major factor in deciding the wholesale pricing offered by hair vendors. There are three main grades:

  • Single drawn (is equal to grade 6A,7A in China): This is the lowest grade and cheapest hair type, with about 50-55% of the hair being the same length as you requested and the rest shorter. This grade is a good choice for those who want to buy hair to make wavy or curly hairstyles.

Hair vendors wholesale prices depend on the grade of hair

  • Double drawn (is equal to grade 8A,9A in China): This is the most popular and most sold grade. This grade has 70-75% hair of the same length as you requested, the rest is shorter. It has an average price and is suitable for all hair types.
  • Super double drawn (is equal to grade 10A,11A in China): With 90–95% hair to the length you require, this grade is the fullest and the most expensive. However, this type is usually only purchased by high-income customers who are willing to spend money on beauty products.

For example, single-drawn 8-inch long natural Vietnam bone straight weft hair costs around $14, double-drawn $18, and super double-drawn $21.

2.2. Hair vendors wholesale prices depend on the length of hair

If you want longer hair extensions, you will need to spend more money. Hair wholesalers typically offer hair in lengths of 8 to 30 inches. Some hair factories in the raw material region can supply hair up to 40 inches in length.

2.3. Hair vendors wholesale prices depend on the types of hair

The prices of hair wholesalers also depend on the type of product they supply. Hair weft will be cheaper than clip-ins, tape-ins or tip-ins. Generally, natural Vietnamese weft hair starts at about $10, while natural clip-ins start at $12.

2.4. Hair vendors wholesale prices depend on the styles of hair

Style is another important factor that can’t be left out when talking about what affects the wholesale prices of hair suppliers. Curly or wavy hair will cost more compared to straight hair. In general, the cost of wavy or curly hair is more than 5 USD per piece greater than the cost of natural hair.


Hair vendors wholesale prices depends on the styles of hair

2.5. Hair vendors wholesale prices depend on the material of hair

When talking about wholesale prices for hair sellers, the material is an important factor that cannot be ignored. The price of human hair wholesale will be higher than that of synthetic or mixed hair. To increase profits, some suppliers mix human hair with synthetic hair and sell it as 100% human hair. So if you want to get high-quality real human hair wholesale , you need to choose a reliable supplier.

3. How to get a good price when deal with hair vendors wholesale prices

When asking for hair vendors wholesale prices, you can negotiate with them to get a better price. And here are some of our suggestions:

  • Get as much information as you can about the products and the wholesale hair vendor offering them so you can make a good deal.
  • Offering a lower budget than you really have in order to acquire a cheaper price is a common way used in the industry.
  • Show your goodwill and say that you want a long-term cooperation with them and they will give you the best price possible.

Tips to get a good price when deal with hair vendors wholesale prices

  • Show that your company has a vision and can attract customers who are willing to pay high prices for high-quality goods. From there suppliers will consider you a potential partner and give you the best price.
  • Vendors sometimes offer customers who stayed faithful to them special deals and incentives, so stick with one or two hair suppliers.

4. Top reasonable hair vendors wholesale prices in the world

There are a number of things to take into account while looking for trustworthy wholesale hair providers. To optimize sales and profits, quality and pricing should come first. Here are a few recommended hair suppliers with wholesale pricing that are renowned for offering high-quality hair extensions at reasonable prices.

4.1. Vin hair vendor – Top best hair vendors wholesale prices in Vietnam

Because of its premium goods and top-notch customer support, Vin Hair is widely regarded as the best wholesale hair manufacturer in the world.

  • The range of Vin hair products is extensive: from hair bundles to tape hair, tip hair, weave hair, clip in… The company’s weft hair products are well-known for their superior quality and affordable pricing. The Nigerian market accounts for a significant portion of the company’s yearly shipments of weft hair products.

Vin hair vendor – Top best hair vendors wholesale prices in Vietnam

  • The quality of hair depends on its origin. Only sourcing its hair from Vietnam’s highlands, where the climate is moderate and mild, this wholesale hair factory ensures the greatest quality hair for its clients.
  • Each hair is meticulously chosen by skilled workers because Vin Hair Vendor always prioritizes the quality of their products. Usually, hair is straight, lustrous, and black in its natural form. Hair can be styled and dyed effectively without causing damage.
  • Vin hair is one of the most affordable hair vendors wholesale prices on premium Vietnamese wholesale human hair extensions. If you choose to work with Vin Hair, you can be confident that you are making a wise decision. Vin Hair is one of the largest and most renowned wholesale hair factories in Vietnam, and they have won numerous awards from the Vietnam government and other prestigious organizations both domestic and international.

With more than 300 enthusiastic and friendly staff members, Vin Hair Vendor is always ready to help you. If you want to make an order, kindly contact this WhatsApp number +84356665661. (Ms. Ella-Vin hair manager)

4.2. Unice Hair – One of the best hair vendors wholesale prices in China

Unice is a well-known Chinese hair factory and an important partner for many hair distributors and retailers.

  • Unice, one of the most reputable hair suppliers in China, is renowned for providing 100% human hair goods. To ensure that they can fulfil the demands of various consumers, they provide a huge range of lengths, colors, and patterns of handcrafted lace and hair.
  • Price: This hair vendors wholesale prices is a bit expensive, but the quality is great. 94.1$ for 10 inch Hair Bundles Human Weaves Virgin Straight Brazilian Hair 3 Bundles.

Unice Hair – One of the best hair vendors wholesale prices in China

  • The price of the hair from this Chinese supplier is a bit high, but the quality is excellent. 94.1 USD for 3 Bundles of Brazilian Virgin Straight Human Weaves.
  • Service: All in-store products are shipped for free (in all countries). Free 30-day returns are accepted (only for the US)

If you’re looking for an excellent Chinese hair vendor, you shouldn’t pass up Unice. They have great hair and great service.

4.3. Ted Hair – One of the best hair vendors wholesale prices in China

Ted Hair was founded in 2008, and since then, the company has expanded to become a global leader in the hair extension industry.

  • Hair origin: Raw materials are mostly imported from countries like Laos, Brazil, Malaysia, and India.
  • Main products: This hair supplier offers different lengths and textures in hair weft, hair wigs, lace closures, clip-in hair, and tape-ins

Ted Hair – One of the best hair vendors wholesale prices in China

  • Price: When compared with other Chinese hair manufacturers, Ted Hair’s prices are more than average.
  • Feedback: Ted Hair has a high reputation, however, some customers sometimes express dissatisfaction with the quality of their hair. Many buyers claim that their hair is prone to falling out. Some products are not as advertised

As a cutting-edge Chinese hair producer, Ted Hair is well-known for shipping a variety of hair extensions all over the world. If you need a lot of high-quality wholesale hair quickly, go no further than Ted Hair.

4.4. SGI Indian Human Hair – top the best well-known hair vendors wholesale prices in India

Since it opened in 2008, SGI Hair has become known as one of India’s best wholesale hair suppliers. This is one of the cheap wholesale hair vendors you can refer to.

  • This hair vendor has machine weft hair, bulk hair, clip-ins, tape-ins, tip-ins, lace wigs,… The hair is taken from Temple hair

SGI Indian Human Hair – top the best well-known hair vendors wholesale prices in India

  • Quality: Compared to hair from Vietnam and China, the quality of Indian hair is worse due to its natural characteristics and the lack of modern hair treatment technology.
  • Price: When compared to other wholesalers throughout the world, SGI offers some of the most competitive prices. They have weekly, monthly, and annual discounts.
  • Feedback: Some customers complain that the hair is a bit thin, weak and easy to fall out. Customer service is sometimes slow to respond.

SGI Hair is also a good option if you want cheap quality hair and don’t care too much about the quality.

4.5. Cambodian Hair Freak – Top reliable Cambodian hair vendors wholesale prices

Cambodian Hair Freak is a famous hair supplier in Cambodia with good quality and affordable price

  • Material: They only hair Remy Cambodian hair

Cambodian Hair Freak – Top reliable Cambodian hair vendors wholesale prices

  • Products: There are three primary types of hair bundles: straight, wavy, and curly. Lace wigs are a popular product.
  • Price: The price of natural straight hair is 105 USD per kilogram, with price differences based on length.
  • Policy: They don’t have a return or refund policy probably because they are confident about the quality of their products

Cambodian Hair Freak is a great choice among the many suppliers of raw Cambodian hair available to you.

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