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Top 15 Most Trendy Chinese Hairstyles For A Stunning Look


For those who are looking for a new hairstyle to change their appearance, in this article you can find a list of the most beautiful Chinese hairstyles.

China is a nation of fine arts and craftsmanship; as a result, Chinese hairstyles feature the blissful art of origami. They innovate and reconstruct everything they believe they can improvise. Here are some hairstyles that were given a modern twist by Chinese hairstylists.

1. Top 15 flattering Chinese hairstyles from recent times until now

Below are top 15 Chinese hairstyles that are so popular in the past and in current days.

1.1. Long sleek hair

Chinese hairstyles cannot be imagined without sleek, straight hair. In stark contrast to traditional Chinese hairstyles, straight, untied hair is the most popular option for a tidy appearance in China. Everyone from middle school pupils to working adults will feel most at ease with this Chinese hairstyle.

Long sleek hair - Top 15 flattering Chinese hairstyles
Long sleek hair

1.2. Long straight layers

The beauty of this Chinese hairstyle can be enhanced by adding smooth layers. Consider this on days when you’re not feeling especially creative. This design is straightforward but not dated and remains one of top fashion trends in current days.

1.3. Short bob

Short bobs are elegant in general, however, coupled with Chinese clothing, makeup, and sharp facial features, they appear even more refined. Due to the Chinese hair and hair care practices, their hair does not require much grooming. And short bobs are the most straightforward way to have an active but still beautiful look.

Short bob
Short bob

1.4. Pixie Boyish

Boyish Pixie is one of the China hairstyles offering Asian faces with delicate features and a new combination of edginess and innocence. All Chinese hairstyles, from short bob to long pixies, work extremely well to elongate the face and accentuate the pointed angles. Those with thin hair can also carry off windblown, slightly messy styles.

1.5. Blunt Bangs

In numerous Chinese hairstyles, blunt fringe date back centuries. These fringe reduce the dimensions of the face and give it a rounded appearance. In their culture, a round face has traditionally been considered the epitome of attractiveness, making it a popular choice that remains so today.

Blunt bangs
Blunt bangs

1.6. Wavy hair with face-framing bangs

Although blunt fringe conforms to traditional beauty standards of Chinese people, this Chinese hairstyle is not optimal for square-shaped or round faces. One solution would be giving the fringe long sides so that they conceal some of the width of the face, and then curling the remainder of the hair.

Wavy hair with face-framing bangs
Wavy hair with face-framing bangs

1.7. Half Top Knot

This style has evolved gorgeously since its days as a warrior fashion! With smooth hair, a half topknot delivers a strong power punch. Due to the popularity of period dramas, this style is prevalent in China street fashion among men and women of both sexes. It is more popular among college students, however.

Half Top Knot - Top 15 flattering Chinese hairstyles
Half Top Knot

1.8. Sleek Ponytail

This is yet another Chinese hairstyle that women effortlessly carry off. This low ponytail with a distinct center part cascades like a tranquil black river. This is an optimal hairstyle for the workplace. However, in today’s society, many brides choose to combine this effortless hairstyle with white wedding dresses.

Sleek Ponytail
Sleek Ponytail

1.9. Messy Glam Hair

China’s nightlife is incredibly vibrant and active. There are numerous nightclubs in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing. The disheveled appearance of Messy glam is a popular choice among partygoers. This hairstyle has a natural allure that pairs well with sparkling clothing and cosmetics.

Messy Glam Hair - Top 15 flattering Chinese hairstyles
Messy Glam Hair

1.10. Wavy Ponytails

The fashion industry in China is heavily influenced by the attire of school students. Wavy Ponytail is one of the Chinese hairstyles that derive in part from traditional styles or from the global popularity of Manga characters on the cosplay scene. Regardless, wavy ponytails can significantly elongate the face and impart a sense of juvenile innocence.

Wavy Ponytails
Wavy Ponytails

1.11. Half-up Dreamy Ponytail

This dreamlike hairstyle consists of a half-updo styled with large curls or waves. The half-up ponytail with its own waves that resembles a beautiful waterfall in the rear. Untamed front tresses frame the faces to create an animated appearance.

Half-up Dreamy Ponytail
Half-up Dreamy Ponytail

1.12. Loose Braid One Side

This is an elegant style that exudes sophistication despite bringing a casual feel. This one side loose braid may be a mermaid braid or a traditional three-strand braid. However, it is knotted loosely so as to appear casual and juvenile. This is one of the most widely admired Chinese hairstyles, frequently donned by idols and actresses.

Loose Braid One Side - Top 15 flattering Chinese hairstyles
Loose Braid One Side

1.13. Braided Pigtails

Here is yet one of the school traditional Chinese hairstyles adopted by the Chinese fashion scene! These braided bunches can be worn at any height on the head and are frequently accompanied by the desired style of fringe.

1.14. Basic Updo

A low bun or an untidy top knot are popular hairstyles among women worldwide. Chinese women are not exceptional. The only distinction is that their exceptionally fine hair makes their updos appear gentler. A few limp, wispy strands frame their faces quite attractively, adding to its allure.

1.15. Chinese Bob

Chinese bob is a style that is not exclusive to Asia. The Chinese bob, with its numerous variations, is one of the most ideal Chinese hairstyles for women with round faces. It gives the illusion of slimmer cheekbones, giving the wearer a sleeker, more refined appearance. As a result of the hair being trimmed above the neck, the neckline is emphasized. This serves the purpose of imparting a youthful appearance. Therefore, shave your head and you will appear younger!

2. How to get such beautiful Chinese hairstyles

There are two ways to get such beautiful China hairstyles mentioned above, which are: going to hair salons or using hair extensions.

  • Going to hair salons to get such beautiful China hairstyles: You can go to hair salons to style your hair. You can create any hairstyle you like as long as your hair meets the requirements for length or thickness to create that hairstyle. However, if your hair is too short or too thin to create a favorite hairstyle, you can buy hair extensions as the best solution.
  • Buying hair extensions: Vin Hair Vendor is one of the best suppliers of wholesale hair extensions for you to buy hair extensions. Their hair is 100% Vietnamese human hair with chemicals-free so it’s comfortable and safe when using their extensions. Moreover, Vin Hair Vendor supplies numerous choices of designs, textures and lengths so that you can have any Chinese hairstyles you want. And with hair extensions, You can style it anyway without worrying about damaging your natural hair.

To get China hairstyles you want, you can consider going to hair salons or buying hair extensions depending on the condition of your hair.

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3. Some tips to care for Chinese hairstyles

Each Chinese hairstyle requires a distinct maintenance regimen. Below are some general guidelines that apply to the aforementioned female China hairstyles for shampooing, combing, styling and conditioning the hair.

  • Shampooing the hair: Cold water is recommended for hair washing. Only cleanse hair when it is visibly dirty, and avoid excessive daily washing. With these above Chinese hairstyles, two to three washes per week are sufficient. Conditioning your hair with conditioner prior to shampooing will make it silky but still glossy and prevent it from rapidly becoming greasy.
  • Combing: Brush your hair with a high-quality electric comb or a wide-toothed comb. Separate your hair into tiny sections to facilitate brushing.
  • Conditioning: Use a hair cream or gel after every shampoo to keep hair glossy. Additionally, apply a hair masque once or twice per week. Masks made by hand from natural components such as bananas, eggs, and avocados are extremely beneficial for hair, making Chinese hairstyles more attractive and stronger.
  • Styling: Utilize high-quality instruments for styling. With heat styling tools, the temperature should be kept low to prevent excessive hair injury. It is recommended to use rollers to prevent hair injury. Apply a thermal protectant to your hair prior to applying heat to it.

If you strictly adhere to the aforementioned hair care techniques, your hair will retain its style for a long time and be strong, silky and tangle-free.

In conclusion, we has provided a comprehensive guide to some of the most fashionable hairstyles in Chinese culture. From traditional to modern styles, there is a wide range of options to choose from to achieve a stunning and trendy look. Whether you prefer a classic look or a more contemporary vibe, there is a hairstyle for everyone to try and rock with confidence.

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