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Top 10 Best Cambodian Hair Vendors New Updated 2024


If you want to know the most up-to-date information about the top 10 best Cambodian hair vendors who specialize in high-quality hair products, click here.

If you are about to start your own hair business and are stuck in choosing hair suppliers, especially Cambodian hair vendors, this blog is born for you. This blog will provide you with all must-know information including the hidden corners of these hair vendors, from which you will have a comprehensive view to pick out the most suitable supplier.

1. Overview of Cambodian hair vendors

In India, China, and Vietnam the human hair market has long become a billion-dollar industry. With this great demand, other Asian countries began to exploit this fertile market. Cambodia, a country with 4.5 million people living below the poverty line (according to World Bank statistics), is also among them.

1.1. Scale of hair vendors in Cambodia

Cambodian hair factories, though recently entering the human hair industry, have their own outstanding places in this multi-dollar market. Despite not being in large scale, hair vendors in Cambodia are the formidable competitors of the large-scale one in the global hair market.

  • Instead of being large-scale, most Cambodia hair vendors operate on a domestic size. The hair supply for these hair vendors is not abundant due to Cambodia’s sparse population and the rarity of long hair maintenance among Cambodians.
  • The manufacturing process in hair vendors in Cambodia does not take place in a chain of factories like in China or India; instead, wholesale factories and manufacturers frequently take the form collector stores and warehouses.
  • The products from the Cambodian hair vendors are processed according to traditional methods. As a result, these hair vendors are mainly able to produce with the household scale. Employees here work as skillful craftsmen, carefully gathering hair strands to manually assemble a bundle.
  • Despite the shortage of contemporary equipment, the quality of manual goods can be ensured thanks to the qualified workers. Cambodia hair vendors, therefore, are not able to have their hair extensions available in stock all the time.
Scale of hair vendors in Cambodia
Scale of hair vendors in Cambodia

1.2. Origin of hair supplied by Cambodian hair vendors

The source of hair for hair vendors in Cambodia is usually from remote areas where living conditions are below the standards.

Hair collectors often travel to rural villages in search of women with long black hair and offer the equivalent price of 20 to 30 euros for their hair. For those people whose daily living expenses are also a burden, this can be considered as an income to help them pay the necessary expenses in the immediate future.

However, the booming trend in hair extensions has also been the source of several scandals. Some have been caught selling dead people’s hair or taking it by force. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to look for reputable Cambodian hair vendors. This scandal makes clearly-sourced human hair more expensive and rural women’s hair can be supplied by hair vendors in Cambodia with a higher price than it took a few years ago.

1.3. Features of hair from hair vendors in Cambodia

Depending on many factors such as: the natural characteristics, climate and eating habits,…people in different countries have different hair features. Besides many similarities, the hair supplied by hair vendors in Cambodia also have obvious differences compared other types of hair from people around the world:

  • Natural features of the hair supplied by Cambodia hair vendors are slightly curly, medium softness and light ruffled, which is a mix of Vietnamese and Indian hair features.
  • Moreover, the main hair source for Cambodian hair vendors is the hair from underprivileged villages, where people here use herbs and cold water to wash their hair, and keep their hair away from chemicals. As a result, Cambodian hair is extremely thick, smooth, strong and durable.

The smoothness and three textures of hair from a Cambodian hair vendor make it unique. Because of how well its texture matches practically all hair types, Cambodian hair is a common choice for many ladies who love hair extensions. Additionally, it is matte and tangle free, allowing you to spend more time living your life without having to deal with the hassle of worrying about hair loss and tangling.

Features of hair from hair vendors in Cambodia
Features of hair from hair vendors in Cambodia

2. Choosing Cambodian hair vendors to be partners: should or not

If you are wondering whether to choose a Cambodian hair vendor as a supplier for your own business, this article will analyze the pros and cons so you can make the best decision.

2.1. Advantages of buying from Cambodian hair suppliers

Among numerous options of hair vendors like China, Vietnam, and India … Hair vendors in Cambodia can still be the hair dealer’s priority due to the main pros about Quality, price, and service.

  • These hair vendors produce the hair of the top high quality in the global market
    • The main raw material for these hair vendors is Cambodian hair, which is high-quality natural hair. That the hair is carefully cared for with herbs, kept away from shampoos and harmful chemicals gives the hair its intrinsic health.
    • If you purchase hair products made entirely of Cambodian human hair extensions from a reputable wholesale hair vendor in Cambodia, they will last a very long time (up to 8 months – 1 year). You can maintain the appearance of the hair without causing damage simply by properly caring for it with good quality shampoo and other hair care products.
  • Cambodian hair vendors offer reasonable prices for their hair extensions
    • The next factor that affects hair resellers in considering a Cambodian hair vendor as their ideal partner is the affordable cost. Besides quality, the balance of revenue and costs is also an important issue for a hair business.
    • Hair vendors in Cambodia might lower the associated fee as a result of their location in the material-supplied area. Rather than purchasing hair from other foreign hair wholesalers and incurring importing tax, shipping fees, etc.,
    • Hair vendors in Cambodia find it more efficient to collect hair from their area. By obtaining hair from local women, Cambodian hair vendors can be able to significantly reduce costs. As a result, hair products from Cambodian hair vendors will become more reasonably priced.
Cambodian hair is of the top high quality in the global market
Cambodian hair is of the top high quality in the global market

2.2. Disadvantages of buying from Cambodian hair suppliers

When selecting the best hair vendors in Cambodia as your business’s main hair supplier, you should consider the following drawbacks:

  • Hair vendors in Cambodia only offer a limited selection of items. The household scale of these hair vendors with the small number of workers limit their production in large quantities in a short time.
  • Moreover, the sparse population leads to an insufficient supply of hair. Therefore, when you order in bulk, they may not have the products available in stock and you will have to wait for a long time.
  • The next thing that you should take into account when choosing the best Cambodian hair vendors is Cambodia’s unstable political situation. This can cause trouble for you to import hair extensions from Cambodia hair vendors. Your products may be withheld due to some customs issues and shipping time may be prolonged, that will have a negative effect on your business.
  • The high demand for hair extensions leads to an increase in the number of scammers in countries participating in the hair industry, and Cambodia is no exception. There are many different forms of scam such as: receiving prepayment without sending goods, selling products of poor quality and even, in Cambodia, there is an alarming problem of selling dead people’s hair.

If you are looking for good quality hair wholesalers with a competitive price without being in a hurry, then Cambodia hair vendors will be the suitable choices. However, for bulk orders, which need to be as soon as possible, you should have other alternatives.

Disadvantages of having hair vendors in Cambodia as suppliers
Disadvantages of having hair vendors in Cambodia as suppliers

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3. How to purchase good quality hair at a reasonable price from Cambodian hair vendors

The first thing you should do to ensure the quality of hair is checking whether a Cambodian hair vendor is a scammer or not. And then, follow our suggested tips to deal with them at affordable prices.

3.1. Tips to avoid being scammed by undependable Cambodian hair vendors

There is no way to absolutely avoid being scammed. The following tips will help you somewhat reduce the risk of being in this situation:

  • Search the address of the Cambodian hair vendor on Google Maps to check whether it’s a virtual address or a real company
  • These hair vendors in Cambodia’ websites should be professional with specific information, including products information and company information.
  • You can search the hair vendors name on the internet or social networks to see if there are bad customer reviews
  • Require sales to make a video call to show their factories with goods and employees to prove that they are real Cambodian hair vendors.
  • Be wary of hair vendors in Cambodia who always dodge your pay in advance without answering your questions.
  • Make a list of the questions to ask the salesperson from the Cambodia hair vendors such as: hair origin, payment method, warranty & return policy,… If any Cambodian hair vendor’s support staff tends to ignore your difficult questions, you should be wary of that supplier.
  • To make sure these Cambodian hair vendors don’t bait and switch, you could check the hair quality by asking them to:
    • Pull off the hair bundle to see if it falls out
    • With curly hair: comb a hair product with a dressing comb to ensure its smoothness
    • Swipe a dyed hair bundle to see if there is any hair color on your hand. If so, it means that the hair color will fade very quickly and the dye can be of good quality
    • Prove that the hair weighs enough before shipping. Maybe they quoted 25$/100g hair but when you receive it only weighs 75g.
Tips to avoid being scammed by undependable hair vendors in Cambodia
Tips to avoid being scammed by undependable hair vendors in Cambodia

3.2. How to deal a good price with Cambodian hair vendors

In addition to quality, price is also an important factor contributing to the success of your business. So, how to get hair vendors in Cambodia to give you the best price possible, follow some suggested small tips:

  • You will get a better price if the Cambodian hair vendor is a manufacturer, not a commercial intermediary. If sales can show their factory at that time you request an immediate video call, it’s the manufacturing factory.
  • Sales in the same Cambodian hair vendor may offer you different prices. So you can contact some salesperson in the same company to get the best price.
  • Show goodwill to work with Cambodian hair vendors on future bulk orders and suggest they offer you a trial discount for the first order.
  • Most hair vendors have preferential policies for loyal customers. So, if possible, be loyal to one supplier.

In short, choosing a reputable Cambodian hair vendor and negotiating affordable prices are the top priorities for hair business. The information given in the article gives you the basic knowledge to make the best decision.

Hair manufacturers and commercial factories should be distinguished
Hair manufacturers and commercial factories should be distinguished

To save you time searching, here are some recommended hair vendors in Cambodia that are trusted by many people all over the world. Each vendor’s characteristics will be analyzed, and after that, the decision is up to you.

4.1. Vin Hair Vendor

When seeking reasonably priced hair of superior quality, Vin Hair Vendor is a prestigious address that you cannot miss.

  • Wigs, bulk hair, weft hair, and hair extensions are the main products of this supplier. They also have products in a variety of colors, lengths and styles.
  • Price: In comparison to other Cambodian hair vendors, their prices are exceptionally competitive, beginning at just $8 for a bundle of raw hair 100g.
  • Customer feedback indicates that SGI Hair’s customer service was considered favorably by many, including prompt responses and well-informed personnel.
  • Vin Hair effectively fulfills the technical and quantity demands of its global clientele thanks to its modern factory and skilled workforce.

Vin Hair ensures an exceptional purchasing experience through the provision of high-quality hair and exceptional customer service.

Vin Hair Vendor
Vin Hair Vendor

4.2. Virgin Hair Cambodia

Virgin Hair Cambodia supplies good quality products by 100% Virgin Remy Cambodian hair without chemically treating.

  • There are three original textures: Straight, Wavy, and Curly and there colors: Black, grey and brown
  • Price: In expensive segment, from 625$ for 1kg Natural straight virgin remy hair, vary to hair length
  • Return policy: Returns are accepted in new condition within 2 weeks of receipt and are not accepted due to discrepancies in colors. There will be a restocking fee

4.3. Apsara Cambodian Hair

Apsaras specializes in authentic and premium Cambodian hair without premium price

  • Main hair products: straight, natural way, big wave, deep wavy curly and Cambodian closures with multiple hair colors
  • Price: Cheaper than Virgin Hair Cambodia, in the same price segment with Angkor hair cambodia, form 450$ for 1kg Cambodian straight hair
Apsara Cambodian Hair
Apsara Cambodian Hair – The third one of the top hair vendors in Cambodia

4.4. Cambodian Hair extensions

Cambodian Hair Extensions is one of the biggest hair suppliers in Cambodia which collects hair directly from hair donors

  • Products: Closure, blend hair, frontal, weft and wig with 2 main colors: black and brown
  • Price: in the low price segment, from 102$ for 1kg wavy-A and from 138$ for 1kg straight 22’ hair
  • Return policy: No return is accepted (all sales are final)
Cambodian Hair Extensions
Cambodian Hair Extensions – the 4th one of the top hair vendors in Cambodia

4.5. Cambodian Hair Freak

The recommended hair vendors in Cambodia mentioned in this blog provide hair of nearly the same quality. But there are some featured points to be noted about Cambodian Hair Freak:

  • The materials of Cambodian Hair Freak are collected from multiple donors (called remy hair), which may lead to uneven hair quality
  • Price: 105$ for 1kg for natural straight hair, vary to the length
  • Minus point: This Cambodian hair vendor accepts no returns and exchanges. This is likely because they are confident in the quality of their products, but it can also be detrimental to customers.

Thus, depending on your budget and quality requirements, there will be different suitable suppliers. If none of the Cambodian Hair Vendors meets your requirements and you are concerned about some of the disadvantages mentioned in this blog, you should search for alternatives from other countries.

4.6. Hair by Sisi

Hair by Sisi is a high-end online retailer that specializes in luxury Cambodian hair extension products.

  • Raw human hair weaves, hair bundles, hair wigs, tape-in hair extensions, and hair care items are their specialties.
  • This raw Cambodian hair vendor stands out with its competitive pricing, which begins at $40 for 100g of raw bulk hair. Because of its low price, it is a more economical option than many other Cambodian hair vendors.
  • They actively engage with customers, respond immediately to inquiries, and deliver a faultless purchase and delivery experience, all while being supported by a proactive and committed team.

Because of its acknowledged product quality and inexpensive pricing, Hair By Sisi has a global consumer base.

4.7. The Elect Cambodian Hair

Elect Cambodian Hair is widely considered as one of the most prominent and well-known Cambodian hair vendors.

  • Their products are famous for their amazing softness, durability, and flawless merging with natural hair, and they specialize in quality 100% raw Cambodian hair extensions acquired sustainably.
  • Despite the fact that their Cambodian raw hair products are more expensive, the quality transcends the cost.
  • The Elect Cambodian Hair is well-known for its personalized customer service, which includes quick response times and attentive assistance.

With years of industry experience, this raw Cambodian hair vendor has built a reputation for distinction and quality, consistently ranking among the most famous Cambodian hair vendors.

4.8. Jorani Raw Hair

Jorani Raw Hair is one of the Cambodian hair vendors considered the most reputable today.

  • This supplier has a variety of products and textures, curly, wavy, and straight hair is available to meet a variety of tastes.
  • Jorani Raw Hair’s products are not cheap because they are of the greatest quality. A simple hair product starts at $50.
  • Customers praise this raw Cambodian hair supplier for delivering outstanding customer service. They were fast to react to questions and handled any concerns professionally.

Jorani Raw Hair is an excellent option for those looking for variety, as it offers a wide choice of items at reasonable prices.

4.9. Esee Wigs

Esee Wigs is a Cambodia-based manufacturer of Cambodian hair with more than ten years of experience in the hair industry.

  • A prominent attribute of this product is its economic viability wholesale pricing, rendering it an outstanding option for those seeking to acquire hair in large quantities for the purpose of resale.
  • Price: From $20 for a bundle of raw hair
  • They accept exchanges or returns within 10 days.

This Cambodian vendor has appealed to customers worldwide on account of the reputable quality of its products and their affordable pricing.

4.10. Yummy Hair

Yummy Hair cannot be missed if you are looking for Cambodian hair vendors that always have excellent reviews on the market.

  • Yummy Hair is committed to providing hair products that exclusively feature Cambodian raw hair, devoid of any synthetic fibers or animal hair.
  • This hair vendor charges a premium price for premium hair, but the investment is more than justified. Weft hair begins at $85.
  • Furthermore, their expeditious delivery is notable; all confirmed orders are dispatched in a maximum of three business days.

Yummy Hair is the optimal option for individuals in search of premium product lines that exhibit pinnacle quality.

4.11. Angkor Cambodian Hair

Angkor Hair is one of the best Cambodian hair vendors who supply the best quality hair at wholesale factory-direct prices.

  • Products: Straight, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, and slight curly are the five patterns Angkor Cambodian Hair provides. They also provide clip-ins, closures, grey and white hair. On demand wigs and frontals are offered.
  • Scale: Mainly produce on small and medium-sized wholesale orders (1–20 kg for 1 order).
  • Prices: formed on double drawn straight weft. For natural/loose wave, add $10/kg; for mid-wavy add $20/kg; and costs $30/kg for deep curly/wavy
Angkor Cambodian Hair
Angkor Cambodian Hair

5. Some suggested alternatives to Cambodian hair vendors

If you want to refer to other wholesale hair vendors with the same quality and price as hair vendors in Cambodia, then Vietnamese hair and Burmese hair are suggestions for you.

5.1. Vietnamese hair vendors

Vietnamese hair vendors have long had an outstanding place in the hair extensions market with the best quality hair at affordable prices. Vietnamese hair impresses customers by its smoothness, softness, strength, and durability. Some recommended Vietnamese hair suppliers: 5S Hair, Mic Hair, Cyhair,…

Vietnamese hair vendors5S HairMic HairCyhair
Main productsNatural straight, big curly/wavy, closure & frontal, small curly, bone straightBulk hair, weft hair, closure & frontalBulk hair, remy hair, raw hair, closure, frontal, tape in, tip hair
PricingOnly from 88$ for 1kg 8-inch single drawn natural straight hair, vary in length and size (for closure & frontal)From 149$ for 1kg 8-inch single drawn natural straight hair, vary in length and size (for closure & frontal)From 93$ for 1kg single drawn hair
Vietnamese hair vendors - The best quality suppliers
Vietnamese hair vendors – The best quality suppliers

5.2. Burmese hair vendors

The Burmese hair vendors offer varying categories of quality due to the polarisation in the origin. The best quality materials for Burmese hair extensions are donated from pilgrims. Due to its smooth and silky texture, which is similar to Vietnamese hair, Burmese hair is also of the best quality available on the market. Some suggested Burmese hair vendors: Efficient Hair Myanmar, Naing Myanmar Hair, Ruby Hair,…

Burmese Hair VendorsEfficient Hair MyanmarNaing Myanmar HairRuby Hair
Main productsweft hair, natural straight, wavy, curlynatural straight, wavy, curly, closure & frontalRaw hair, bulk hair, weft hair, closure & frontal
PricingFrom 108$ for 1kg natural straight hair, vary in lengthFrom 96$ for 1kg natural straight hair, vary in lengthFrom 98$ for 1kg natural straight hair, vary in length
Burmese hair vendors - good quality suppliers with competitive prices
Burmese hair vendors – good quality suppliers with competitive prices

Thus, the article has given you a lot of useful information and suggestions about Cambodian, Vietnamese, Burmese hair vendors. Depending on your demand for quality and price, there will be a vendor that best meets your expectations.

6. FAQs about Cambodian hair vendors

Below are frequently asked questions related to Cambodian hair vendors and the most detailed answers.

6.1. Can Cambodian hair be colored or styled?

Yes, Cambodian hair can be colored or styled. It is a versatile type of hair that can be used to create a variety of different looks. Here are some tips for coloring and styling Cambodian hair:

  • Coloring: Cambodian hair can be colored using a variety of different methods, including permanent and semi-permanent colors. It is important to use a color that is specifically designed for human hair, as other types of color can damage the hair.
  • Styling: Cambodian hair can be styled using a variety of different heat styling tools, including flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers. It is important to use a heat protectant spray before using any heat styling tools, as this will help to prevent damage to the hair.

In addition to coloring and styling, Cambodian hair can also be cut and layered to create a variety of different looks. It is important to find a stylist who is experienced in working with Cambodian hair, as this type of hair can be more challenging to style than other types. Here are some additional tips for caring for colored or styled Cambodian hair:

  • Wash your hair regularly: Use a mild shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed for colored or treated hair.
  • Avoid using heat styling tools too often: Let your hair air dry whenever possible.
  • Use a deep conditioner regularly: This will help to keep your hair hydrated and prevent breakage.
  • Get regular trims: This will help to prevent split ends and keep your hair looking healthy.

With proper care, colored or styled Cambodian hair can look beautiful and last for many years.

6.2. Do hair vendors in Cambodia provide samples?

Yes, many Cambodian hair vendors provide samples of their hair. This is a great way to see if the hair is right for you before you buy a large amount. Samples are usually sent in small packages containing a few strands of hair. They are usually free, or you may have to pay a small shipping fee. Here are a few tips for requesting and using hair samples:

  • Request samples from multiple vendors: This will give you a good comparison of the quality of the hair from different sources.
  • Provide the vendor with your desired hair length, texture, and color: This will help them to send you samples that are a good match for your needs.
  • Be specific about the type of sample you want: Some vendors may offer swatches of hair, while others may offer small bundles.
  • Use the samples to test the hair’s quality: Wash, style, and color the samples to see how they hold up.

If you are considering buying Cambodian hair, I recommend getting samples from a few different vendors before making a decision. This will help you to find the best hair for your needs.

Many Cambodian hair vendors provide samples of their hair
Many Cambodian hair vendors provide samples of their hair

6.3. Do Cambodian hair vendors offer wholesale options?

Yes, many Cambodian hair vendors do offer wholesale options. Wholesale purchasing is a common practice for individuals or businesses looking to buy larger quantities of hair products at a discounted rate. This option is often available for those who own salons, work as stylists, or intend to start their own hair extension business.

If you are interested in wholesale options, it’s advisable to contact the Cambodian hair vendors directly to inquire about their wholesale pricing, minimum order quantities, and any other specific terms or conditions associated with bulk purchases. Additionally, reputable vendors may provide information on their website about wholesale programs or have dedicated customer service representatives who can assist with wholesale inquiries.

6.4. Is Vietnam hair more profitable than Cambodian hair?

Both Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair are considered high-quality hair extensions, but they have different characteristics that make them more suitable for different purposes.

  • Vietnamese hair is known for its softness, smoothness, and versatility. It is available in a wide range of textures, from straight to curly, and it can be easily styled and dyed. Vietnamese hair is also very durable and can last for many years with proper care.
  • Cambodian hair is slightly thicker and coarser than Vietnamese hair, but it is also very strong and durable. It is a good choice for people who want hair that can withstand heat styling and coloring. Cambodian hair is also known for its natural shine and luster.

Ultimately, the best type of hair for you will depend on your individual preferences and needs. If you are looking for the softest, smoothest hair possible, then Vietnamese hair is a good choice. If you are looking for strong, durable hair that can withstand heat styling and coloring, then Cambodian hair is a good choice.

Raw Cambodian hair is a highly desirable option for individuals in search of natural, high-quality hair extensions. Whether you are an individual engaged in the hair industry or simply seeking to enhance your aesthetic appeal, this hair provides an exceptional and unparalleled alternative. We have compiled a list of the ten most reputable Cambodian hair vendors to ensure that your purchasing experience with this high-quality hair is satisfactory.

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