Ula Hair Reviews You Must Read Before Buying From Them

Update: 01/12/2023

For those who are interested in Ula Hair, read this blog to learn more about this hair vendor through the most honest Ula Hair reviews from customers.

Ula Hair Reviews is one of the most commonly googled terms in relation to suppliers of hair products. Undoubtedly, many customers are keen on discovering more about this hair vendor before deciding to purchase. Continue reading for further details.

1. Ula Hair reviews: Company overview

Let’s begin with some background information about the company, including its origins, objectives, and growth.

  • Ula Hair is a well-known hair supplier among the biggest hair suppliers around the world. Their mission is to provide human hair of the highest quality and authenticity. Their objective is to provide customers with constant access to a vast selection of adaptable and durable hair products.
  • Where is Ula Hair located? When it comes to Ula hair reviews, a lot of people wonder where Ula Hair is located. Ula Hair was established several years ago in Guangzhou, China, and since then has gained a loyal customer base and a strong reputation among numerous hair suppliers around the world. It mainly serves the American and African hair markets.
  • Customers can find this company through numerous online presences like their website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. Unlike many other hair manufacturers in China, Ula Hair has not listed its products on online stores on e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, etc. They mainly sell their hair products through their official website.

Numerous online presences of Ula Hair

Is Ula Hair good? Let’s move to the next part of Ula Hair reviews from hair experts and customers to find the answer to this question.

2. Ula Hair reviews about their hair products and services

We have complied some reviews about their hair and services from both hair experts and international customers in order to provide you with a full insight of the company:

2.1. Ula Hair reviews about their product range

What items does Ula Hair provide, and which ones are the most popular?

  • Ula Hair is primarily engaged in the import and export of wigs and related products. Besides, they also sell HD lace, tape in human hair, closures & frontals hair weft bundles. In addition, they offer items that are tailored to customer specifications.
  • The products of Ula Hair come in a variety of lengths (from 8″ to 10″), textures (straight, body wave, deep wave, loose wave, kinky curly, water curly, Italian curly, loose curly, deep curly, etc.) and colors (black, blonde, highlight, red, chocolate, burgundy, etc.)
  • Like other China hair suppliers, Ula Hair’s products are mainly made of Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair and Malaysian Hair which are of the grades 12A, 13A and 14A.
  • Hair wigs supplied are mainly in 180% density.

Ula Hair product range

2.2. Ula Hair reviews about hair quality

Regarding Ula Hair reviews, the importance of hair quality cannot be overstated. Let’s examine what professionals and foreign clients have to say about the hair quality of Ula Hair

Ula Hair reviews by hair experts:

  • Initially, according to Ula hair reviews, the hair of Ula Hair is typically very soft, smooth, and lustrous, but over time it becomes dry, coarse, easily tangled and shed.
  • Regarding closures, and frontals, the lace is of high quality, and the hair is securely fastened, with clear line parts.
  • The hair extensions like tape-ins and clip-ins are of high quality but they have an awful odor.
  • Ula hair reviews about Ula Hair bundles: hair bundles of Ula Hair are made of high-quality Brazilian, Peruvian, and Malaysian hair. Despite the fact that the hair supplier says that you can style it with heat, you should not apply heat to this hair type.
  • Ula Hair wig reviews: This is the main product offered by Ula Hair, and it is paid great attention by Ula Hair in the production process, so the quality is better and more stable than the rest of the products.
  • HD Lace of Ula Hair is not highly appreciated by experienced hair experts.

Ula wigs quality is better and more stable than the rest of the products

Customers who have purchased from Ula Hair have also written various Ula Hair reviews regarding the company’s hair quality:

  • Customers are raving about the hair’s length and textures. They left compliments on the perfect length, softness, and smoothness of the hair. The hair was shipped to the customers in good condition, which made them satisfied. In addition,
  • Ula Hair also has received several praises for their colored hair, because they offer clients hair color that precisely matches their natural hair color.
  • Ula hair wig reviews: this type from Ula Hair is met with varied responses. There are many people praising the product, but there are also many people criticizing its quality.

The following is positive feedback about the quality of Ula Hair wigs:


Positive feedback about the quality of Ula Hair wigs

However, some other customers expressed disappointment about Ula Hair wigs. They believe that the quality of the hair is getting worse and worse, the quality is not commensurate with the price, and advise other customers not to buy from this supplier.


some other customers expressed disappointment about Ula Hair wigs

And another complained about the hair quick shed and tangling:


Another complained about the hair quick shed and tangling

Ula Hair reviews about Ula Hair bundles from customers: Most of the customer’s reviews I can find express satisfaction with the Ula Hair bundles:


Most of the customers love Ula Hair’s bundles

Ula Hair testimonials on their HD Lace: As mentioned above, Ula Hair’s HD Lace is not appreciated by hair experts, so it is not surprising that it received bad reviews from customers.

2.3. Ula Hair reviews about pricing

According to Ula Hair reviews, the price of Ula Hair is relatively competitive in the international market. However, when compared to other famous hair suppliers in China like UNice Hair or Ted Hair, the price of Ula hair bundles seems to be slightly higher and the price of wigs is about the same. We will make a comparison below for you to give you the most comprehensive view.


Ula hair wigs are from $53.4 for an 8” bob wig and from $93.5 per frontal wig 10” 180% density

Ula Hair reviews about their price:

  • Ula Hair bundles: from $86 for 3 bundles of Brazilian hair 8 inches
  • Ula hair wigs: from $53.4 for an 8” bob wig and from $93.5 per frontal wig 10” 180% density
  • 50g tape in human hair (20pcs) costs from $59 – $90 ( from 12” – 30” )

The price of UNice Hair:

  • Brazilian hair bundles cost from $69 for 3 bundles 8 inches
  • UNice Hair short wigs cost from $105 per wig.
  • Tip hair/tape hair costs from $31.5 for 100g

However, the prices of Ula Hair and UNice Hair are both higher than the prices of factories in other countries such as Vietnam, India, etc. If you want high-quality hair at a reasonable price, you can consider buying Vietnamese hair products.


UNice Hair short wigs cost from $105 per wig

2.4. Ula Hair reviews on customer services

In addition to hair quality and price, you should also read testimonials about their customer services to decide whether to buy hair from them.

As mentioned in Ula Hair reviews, Ula Hair’s support team is incredibly helpful. Their pre-sale service is extremely good. During the order fulfillment process, clients are constantly informed. When clients leave questions in the chat window, they instantly respond. They answer customers’ questions about products, prices, and services.

Customers expressed satisfaction with the customer service of Ula Hair:


Customers expressed satisfaction with the customer service of Ula Hair

However, their after-sale service by Ula Hair is pretty bad. Customers complained that they were not updated on order status such as when the order was dispatched and when it arrived.


However, their after-sale service by Ula Hair is pretty bad

Besides, Ula Hair does not well-educate customers on how to take care of their hair specifically. And when something went wrong, they blamed the customer. You can see through the Ula Hair reviews below:


Ula Hair does not well-educate customers on how to take care of their hair specifically

2.5. Ula Hair reviews about payment

The hair supplier seems to accept “money-back guarantee” payment methods like Alipay, Mastercard, Vise, and Paypal. This money-back guarantee is not totally secure, but in most circumstances it allows consumers to receive a refund if the goods is not delivered or prove to be counterfeit.

They detected an SSL certificate, which indicates that the data exchanged between the website and your browser is secured and cannot be read by unauthorized parties. SSL certificates are always employed by reputable and trustworthy websites. Unfortunately, a growing number of scammers also use SSL certificates, so there is no longer a guarantee that you’re visiting a trustworthy website.


The hair supplier seems to accept “money-back guarantee” payment methods

2.6. Ula Hair reviews about shipping

Ula Hair ships the goods through DHL, FedEx, and EMS.

Processing time:

  • Within 24 hours for stock products
  • Within 5-7 days for unavailable products

Ula Hair reviews on shipping time:

  • USA, Canada, Australia: 2-3 working days.
  • UK, France, Germany, Italy, etc. : 3-4 working days
  • Africa: 4-6 working days.

Shipping time to different regions of Ula Hair

However, there are many customers who claim that they did not receive the goods as expected, even 1 month later they did not receive any information about their order.

2.7. Ula Hair reviews about exchange and return policy

Ula Hair accepts merchandise returns.

  • Customers are permitted to request a refund within 15 days of receiving the product.
    The customers are required to return the items within 15 days of receiving it and maintain the item in their original state; used or damaged products cannot be returned. (Customized wig cap sizes are non-returnable.)
  • Return for exchange: the customers are responsible for the shipping costs and other costs.
  • Return for refund: $20 will be deducted from your refund when Ula Hair receives your returned package (it’s the shipping fee)
  • Customers can return the order if they accidentally placed the wrong order, however, they must first notify Ula Hair via email after receiving the shipment. Please realize that they will deduct $20 from your return as a loss of shipping and handling fee.
  • Customers can not return or exchange label products.

However, it is not easy to return, as one customer mentioned in her Ula Hair reviews:


Reviews on exchange and return

3. Ula Hair reviews: Should you buy hair from Ula Hair

Is Ula Hair legit or is Ula Hair good?

The website owner’s identity has been concealed. As spammers utilize this information to email website owners, this may be done for a genuine reason. Unfortunately, this also makes it harder to identify the owner. We prefer that his full identity be displayed on the website.

This website’s Tranco ranking is quite poor. This is relatively low compared to other websites for hair from the same country. Please invest additional time in analyzing the company if you believe this website is reliable.

Moreover, through the Ula Hair reviews compiled above, with the price not considered cheap but potentially risky like that, you should think carefully before buying from this hair company. Instead, you can consider some other reputable Chinese hair factories like Ted Hair, and UNice Hair, or some famous Vietnamese hair factories like Vin Hair Vendor, Mic Hair, etc.


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