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Update: 01/12/2023

If you’re looking for the most honest UNice Hair reviews, don’t miss this blog because it will reveal the whole truth about this Chinese hair factory.

UNice Hair is one of the most popular hair factories not only in Chinese but also all over the world attracting a lot of attention from international customers. Through all Unice Hair reviews below, you will find out whether or not you should buy from this hair vendor.

1. UNice Hair reviews: Company overview

To begin the journey of Unice Hair review, let’s begin with an overview of UNice Hair! This section will teach you more about UNice hair’s brand, products, and prices.


UNice Hair review: Company overview

UNice Hair was founded in Xuchang, China in 2007 and from that time it has got a strong position in the world hair market, and become one of the best wholesale hair vendors in China. UNice Hair currently sells both locally and globally, you can buy their products through their website, AliExpress or Amazon. Their newest designs are usually updated first on their websites, and then on their e-commerce platforms.
The company is best known for its lace front wigs, but they offer numerous choices of products. Some of the top-rated products include closures, frontal, and bundle sets.

  • UNice Hair provides a wide range of hair colors and textures for numerous products. You can also choose the density of products which are 150%, 180%, 200%, and 250%.
  • According to reviews on UNice Hair, UNice Hair also provides an outstanding option that is shopping by moments or looks. This enables you to shop under a suggested style for specific activities or events. Whether you’re getting ready for a wedding, for work, or a special occasion, UNice has you covered.

UNice China Hair reviews about products and quality

2. The most honest UNice Hair reviews about their quality, prices and services

Below are the most objective and honest reviews on UNice Hair from both experts and customers:

2.1. UNice Hair reviews about products and quality

Is UNice Hair legit? In terms of quality, I would say that this hair vendor is a real company, and not a scam company. However, there are mixed opinions about the quality.

There is some inaccurate information UNice hair provides that we would like to inform you. The products that are listed on UNice Hair’s website as virgin hair are actually NOT Chinese virgin hair, but hair from multiple donors because virgin hair is very rare and not enough to make one product. One more thing, Brazilian, Peruvian hair products are just a marketing gimmick. Brazilians do not sell their hair for any purpose such as profit or respect.


UNice hair has strengths in wigs and dyed hair products with a variety of colors and designs. UNice’s color hair lines are very beautiful in appearance, but due to raw materials from different sources, the quality may be uneven and the hair is weak and prone to breakage.

UNice Hair weaves are sewn quite tightly and meticulously, however, there is a strong smell and there is also hair loss after a period of use.

Customers’ UNice Hair reviews vary, but the vast majority are pleased with this hair vendor’s products.
UNice hair wigs have received a lot of praise on Trustpilot forums and reviews on Amazon and AliExpress. UNice hair wigs, according to these UNice Hair Factory reviews, are of a beautiful look and long durability.


Customers’ UNice Hair are pleased with this hair vendor’s products.

Nevertheless, some UNice reviews claim that they sent the wrong product or the products are likely to be exposed to toxic chemicals with unpleasant smells.


Some UNice reviews claim that they sent the wrong product or the products are likely to be exposed to toxic chemicals with unpleasant smells

I bought a wig here one month ago. In general, the appearance of the products UNice hair provides are very beautiful. However, with the first time washing, the hair falls out quite a lot and after 1 time of use, it becomes frizzy. When buying, I chose the density 180% but it’s not as thick as I expected. Everything else is fine so far.

2.2. UNice Hair reviews about prices

Compared to other Chinese hair vendors, UNice Hair prices according to some UNice hair review seem to be a little high.

  • UNice Hair Factory reviews about retail prices: In our Unice Hair Factory reviews about pricing, we’ll go over the prices of their wigs, hair weaves and lace closures.
    • UNice wigs seem to be quite expensive, varying between $100 – $350 per wig, with almost all wigs costing around $190/wig.
    • Lace closures will cost from $70 to $140, with the common price being $70.
    • Pursuant to Unice hair review, hair weaves range in price between $50 and $170 with the average price for 3 hair bundles is around $130.
  • UNice Hair review about wholesale prices
    • A hair bundle natural black 8 inches costs from $20.24 while a kinky curly one costs from $23.46 inch, a wave one with 10-inch length costs from $29.72 bundle.
    • Lace front wigs 13×4 and 14-inch length cost around 160$, and HD lace wigs cost between $165 and $180.
    • The price of a half wig or a headband wig is from $100 to $253 (10-24 inches).

Thereby, it can be seen that the prices of UNice hair are more expensive than the general market, while hair bundles of other factories have an average price of only $12/bundle and the average price of hair wigs ranges from $70-$200.


UNice wigs seem to be quite expensive, varying between $100 – $350 per wig, with almost all wigs costing around $190/wig


It can be seen that the prices of UNice hair are more expensive than the general market

2.3. UNice Hair reviews about their customer services

UNice’s customer service department to my Unice Hair reviews was very helpful. I received constant communication throughout the order fulfillment process.
When I asked a question in their chat box, I received an immediate response. This can be useful for anyone who can’t find an answer to a question on the site.
The company also has a customer service email address and two Whatsapp numbers. The company claims to have a 24/7 support team.
Great services and quick delivery are what many customers mention in UNice Hair China reviews:


Great services and quick delivery are what many customers mention in UNice Hair review

However, there are some negative UNice hair review claim that UNice Hair didn’t send them their orders, while others complain about they not solving their payment claims when they are charged multiple times for the same order.


Some negative UNice hair review of customer services

Besides, some customers are not satisfied with UNice hair constantly sending messages as spam to their phone numbers.

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2.4. UNice Hair reviews about payment

Visa, Zip payment, Mastercard, Sezzle, American Express, PayPal and Discover are all accepted payment methods.


UNice Hair Factory reviews about payment

Paypal is the payment method of choice for the majority of international customers. In our UNice Hair reviews, we also recommend you to choose Paypal because it has the policy to protect your benefits. However, keep in mind that international transfers are subject to a fee from PayPal.
In addition, if you want the fastest and most convenient transaction, paying by Visa/ Mastercard are suitable choices.


Some customers expressed doubts about UNice Hair’s payment process

However, some customers expressed doubts about UNice Hair’s payment process when they were charged multiple times for the same order. This can happen due to the fault of the bank or the payment service.

2.5. UNice Hair reviews about shipping

UNice Hair gives the customers numerous choices of shipping methods including DHL, FedEX, USPS, UPS, TNT, DPEX.


UNice Hair review about shipping

As UNice hair reviews, depending on your address, the shipping methods and shipping time are different. If you are in the US, your order will be sent from US warehouses in California, elsewhere it will be sent from China warehouses. Preparing time is about 5-7 days depending on the quantity.


UNice Hair Factory reviews about shipping

UNice free shipping with orders of regular shipping methods. The shipping time if you are in the US is shorter with 3-5 working days while shipping time internationally from China is 5-7 working days.

With the Express shipping method in 1-3 working days within the US, you will have to pay a shipping fee of about $20.

2.6. UNice Hair reviews about warranty & return

The warranty and return policy is highly appreciated in UNice Hair reviews because they have clear return and refund policy:

  • Online purchases (excluding gifts) made through are eligible for exchange and return within 30 days of receipt (s).
  • Once your returned package has been received and inspected, your refund will be processed within 24 hours.
  • Within a few days, your refund will be credited to your original payment account

There is also a section on their website specifically designed for returns and refunds, so any complaints will be made very convenient and easy.

3. Should you buy hair from UNice Hair through UNice Hair reviews

UNice hair reviews are summarized as follows:

Positive reviews on UNice Hair Negative reviews on UNice Hair
UNice hair wigs are of good quality
Diversified payment methods and support installment payment.
Great customer service and free 30-day return policy.
They have physical retail stores and overseas warehouses in the United States.
Free Shipping unless you choose Express shipping
Hair quality is uneven
Prices are little high

Besides some unsatisfactory UNice Hair Factory reviews, UNice received a large number of positive UNice hair review from international customers.

The risk of buying at UNice Hair is minimized because they have a clear return policy and free returns. So if you are new to the hair industry, it would be a good option due to their well-known. Do your proper research and surely you will be pleased with the result.

However, as mentioned in UNice Hair Factory reviews about prices above, the prices of UNice hair products are relatively expensive. At that price, if you want really excellent quality, you can refer to buying at Southeast Asian hair factories, in which Vietnamese hair factory should be the priority.

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