Reveal Top 10 Best Vietnam Hair Factory In Nigeria

Update: 09/01/2024

Vietnamese hair factories have gained a strong reputation in the Nigerian market. Keep reading if you are seeking a reliable Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria.

The keyword Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria is always searched because Vietnam hair factory provides high-quality products at affordable prices. All secrets about these hair factories will be revealed in this article.

1. There is almost no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria

If you are searching for Vietnamese hair factories in Nigeria or a Vietnam hair factory in Lagos, it is hard to find a Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria. A common question we get is whether or not have a Vietnam hair factory in Lagos Nigeria. The answer is almost no. This is due to several factors, including the lack of skilled workers, the availability of hair material in Nigeria, and the lack of manufacturers in Nigeria.





Beautiful mirror bone straight hair is perfect for sleek look


However, importing hair from Vietnamese hair factories to Nigeria is becoming more and more popular. Currently, the international shipping system is very developed, Vietnamese hair factories often have their own delivery systems to Nigeria. They are also very familiar and have many business relations with Nigerians, so there isn’t too much difference between whether there is a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria or not. Vietnamese hair factories are potential and important partners of many hair wholesalers and distributors in Nigeria. If you want to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria, follow the steps in the next part.


Reveal What Few People Know About Vietnamese Hair Factories In Nigeria


There is no Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria

2. Import hair from Vietnam is an ideal alternative

Importing hair directly from Vietnam is an ideal alternative if you can not find any Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria or any Vietnam hair factory in Lagos because importing hair from Vietnam is very profitable for hair distributors and retailers in Nigeria regarding pricing and quality:

  • Vietnamese hair is of the highest quality, with a lustrous shine and a silky, lustrous feel. It’s because Vietnamese women have a healthy lifestyle and often use herbal shampoo to wash their hair. Vietnamese hair can be styled in many ways while retaining its high quality.
  • Compared to buying from Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria or buying from Wholesale Hair Vendors In Nigeria, buying hair from Vietnamese hair factories directly is cheaper. Because raw hair materials in Vietnam are plentiful, Vietnamese hair factories do not have to import hair from other material areas. So, the economic efficiency of wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria purchasing hair from Vietnamese vendors is very good.
  • Vietnamese hair factories in Nigeria is the keyword that receives the most attention today. Hair manufacturers in Vietnam attract more wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria than hair manufacturers in other countries because of the close relations between the two countries, shipping procedures between Vietnam and Nigeria are becoming much easier.
  • Furthermore, the Vietnamese government has taken some measures to facilitate the export of goods, especially hair products, making international transit relatively easy. From then on, the business model for hair will become more steady. Although there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos Nigeria, importing hair from Vietnam to Nigeria is easy.





Vin Hair human is always available in hot trending colors

Because it is hard to find Vietnam hair factory in Lagos and Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria while importing Vietnamese hair from Vietnamese hair suppliers is much easier. We bet hair factories in Vietnam will be your long-term business partner. Move to the next part for the steps to import hair from Vietnam.


Import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria is a smart choice when there is no Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria

3. Importing hair from Vietnam to Nigeria when there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria

If you are living in Nigeria and want to import Vietnamese hair extensions but there is no Vietnamese hair factory in Lagos, we will give you some secrets about them and then follow the steps in this section below to ensure that you get the best quality hair possible.



Different textures are made form 100% raw human hair


3.1. Looking for a reliable hair factory in Vietnam

Finding a hair distributor is easy, but finding a potential Vietnamese hair factory when there is no Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria is quite tough. You should search for Vietnamese hair factories on the Internet, make a video call with them, check their policy:

  • Search for information about Vietnamese hair factories on Google, Facebook, and their websites. Read customer reviews about the quality of their goods and services posted on social media platforms.
  • When learning How To Import Hair From Vietnam, you should request a video call with sales to see whether it’s a manufacturing facility or a commercial business. If you can see the factory, it’s a hair-manufacturing distributor. Generally, reliable hair vendor aren’t going to provide you with a discount that’s too much. Because the lower the price, the worse the hair quality will be. So, be careful!
  • Pay attention to the terms of the payment, return, and warranty policies. It’s safer if you choose a business that’ll accept exchanges or refunds.

Follow the above steps and you will find a reputable Vietnamese hair factory when there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria.


The first step is looking for the most reliable Vietnam hair factory when there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos Nigeria


Bone straight hair in weft

3.2. Place an order

After negotiating the price, quantity, and type of hair with the Vietnamese hair manufacturer, proceed to order.




Bone straight hair have various colors

  • Send the Vietnam hair factory the full description of your final choice by Whatsapp or email.
  • They will send you an order confirmation and an invoice including the product price, shipping fee, and relevant terms.
  • After you have confirmed the invoice, Vietnamese hair vendors will require a deposit or advance payment for a portion of the product’s price, often between 50-70% of the value of the goods, then begin production. Dollars are a bit difficult to deposit in Nigeria, you have to go to the bank to deposit them, and not everyone can do this. And this will incur an international fee. A faster and more convenient way is that Vietnamese factories use agents to help you transfer money in Naira, but the rate will be higher than the bank rate.  It is a small disadvantage of buying from hair factory in Vietnam directly compared to buying from Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria.
  • Waiting for production (about 5-10 days for products not available in stock)
  • Request a video call to check the quality and amount of hair products in your order before shipping. If you are satisfied with it, make the remaining payment.
  • Delivery time can take 5-10 days. The hair factory in Vietnam always have their own shipping systems for customers in Nigeria. Because of the quick shipping time, it makes no difference whether it has a Vietnam hair factory in Lagos Nigeria or not.
  • Receiving order: As soon as you get your order from the shipper, make a video recording of the unpacking procedure as proof in the event that a complaint arises later.

Above are the steps to order from Vietnamese hair factories you need to know to make the buying process go smoothly.


Place an order

4. Top best Vietnamese hair factories

When there is no Vietnamese hair factory in Lagos, to save you time and prevent unnecessary danger, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Vietnamese hair factories. These are the most reliable wholesalers of Vietnamese hair.

4.1. Vin Hair Vendor

When there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos or no Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria, We want to recommend Vin hair vendor, the top Vietnamese hair factory that can fulfil all your needs and outperform any other hair company.

  • Hair quality: Vin Hair sources high-quality raw hair directly from donors, assuring that the product is created entirely of human hair in Vietnam. Vin Hair has a quality inspection section and a production department to ensure the highest level of quality is always maintained. Their hair is prized for its natural look, softness, and impressive durability.
  • Products: hair bulk, hair weft, hair extensions (clip-ins, tape-ins, tip-ins), wigs, closures, and frontal in straight, wavy, curly are all available at Vin Hair Vendor. The colors they offer are very diverse from natural colors (black, dark brown, brown,..) to outstanding colors (like 613, yellow, white, red blue,..) or personality colors like ombre, balayage, highlights, piano,.. All the most trendy designs and colors are constantly updated by Vin Hair.
  • Price: Vin Hair offers an extremely reasonable price because they are a direct factory, without any intermediaries, starting from $88/kg for a bundle of natural straight raw virgin hair. They also have many incentives for wholesale customers or on major holidays and anniversaries.
  • Customer service: Vin Hair has an extremely professional sales team that can communicate in many languages, 24/7 support time ensures the fastest and most dedicated customer service. They have a large number of customers around the world with the main markets being Europe, Africa, and Latin America.
  • Policies: Vin Hair has a clear warranty policy and quick complaint processing time, making customers feel completely secure and satisfied when shopping here.

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • WhatsApp: (+84)356665661
  • Instagram: vinhair.official

Vin Hair Vendor is an important partner of many Nigerian hair distributors


Vin Hair Vendor is a reliable source of high-quality products and services


Weft hair from Vin hair vendor


Here are best selling hair products from Vin hair vendor.


Best selling hair products from Vin hair vendor

Loose wavy hair from Vin hair vendor is made from 100% Vietnamese human hair.natural-weft-hair-4

Bone straight hair of Vin hair vendor is smooth, silky and shiny.


Bone straight hair from Vin hair vendor


Vin Hair Factory has customers from all over the world.

Customers of Vin Hair Vendor are from all over the world

4.2. Layla Hair

Layla Hair was founded by women with the goal of not only making a profit but also giving back to the community.

  • Products: Layla Hair offers both ready-made and custom products. There are many products you can choose from, such as hair wigs, clip-ins, tape-ins, women’s and men’s toppers, etc. Layla Hair offers top-notch quality with clear hair sources.
  • Price: As one of the biggest hair suppliers in Vietnam, they offer the price is very competitive. 108USD for 18 inch 13×4 Lace Frontal Human Hair, Middle Part, Invisible HD Lace
  • Policy: Policy for two day exchanges and returns
  • Feedback: lots of positive feedback from customers

If you want to import hair from a Vietnamese hair factory when there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria as well as Vietnam hair factory in Lagos, Layla Hair is a good choice for you.


Layla Hair – Top best Vietnamese hair factories for anyone looking for Vietnamese hair factories in Nigeria

4.3. Jen hair

Jen hair has been a Vietnamese hair vendor since 1995, and it was one of the first in the country. After beginning as a small hair-buying store, Jen Hair has now grown into the country’s largest hair distributor.

  • Products: different types of hair in various colors and styles, such as wefts, wigs, extensions, closures, and frontals. Jen hair is most famous for its curly hair products
  • Price: Jen hair offers very affordable pricing for high-quality goods.
  • Policy: Within 10 days of receiving your order, you can return or exchange any Jenhair Vietnam-shipped products.
  • Feedback: a lot of positive feedback

When there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, Jen Hair in Vietnam is one of the greatest hair distributors where you can purchase premium hair with confidence.


Jen hair – Alternatives to Vietnamese hair factories in Nigeria

4.4. Mic Hair

Mic Hair is a hair factory in Vietnam, and also a familiar supplier to Nigeria that specializes in the international trade of natural raw hair extensions and virgin hair extensions.

  • Products: weft hair, closure, frontal,.. with many colors and thicknesses
  • Price: The prices are quite competitive. $120 USD for 10 inch Frontal 13*4 straight natural black.
  • Policy: All sets that haven’t been installed, used, or tampered with in any way can be returned and exchanged within 30 days of purchase.
  • Feedback: As the best hair factory in Vietnam they get a lot of compliments about their hair quality and services

If you want to start a hair business in Nigeria, Mic Hair is a great choice for you.


Mic Hair – Alternatives to Vietnamese hair factories in Nigeria

4.5. K-Hair

K-Hair – a commercial hair distributor and is one of the most famous Vietnamese hair suppliers in Nigeria.

  • Products: clip ins, tape ins, weft curly wavy, lace frontal closure… K-Hair is also well-known for its natural color and straight hair products.
  • Price: The price is more expensive than others. from 11.4$ for 100gr 6 inch natural straight hair
  • Policy: When your production is complete, they will get in touch with you to verify the quality and quantity of the hair. They will ship your order only if you’re fully satisfied.

K-Hair has been and is one of the most famous hair suppliers in Nigeria, but now some customers are not satisfied with K-Hair due to some bad experiences in quality and service.


K-Hair – The best human hair factory in Vietnam

5.6. AZ Hair

AZ Hair is regarded as one of the greatest hair suppliers in Vietnam, with over 15 years of expertise in the global hair industry.

  • Bulk, weft hair, closures, and frontals are their major offerings. They are well-known for the high quality of their hair weft.
  • Price: about 11.8$/100gr natural straight hair bundle 8-inch length.
  • Returns and exchanges are accepted within 3 days for specific terms.

Customers commend Az Hair, one of the greatest Vietnamese hair sellers, for its superior service and high quality.

5.7. 5S Hair

If you’re seeking high-quality hair extensions, 5S Hair is one of the best Vietnamese hair suppliers to meet your needs.

  • Most varieties of hair extensions, except wigs, are available. Their best selling product is hair weft.
  • Price: affordable, in the low-price range. Natural straight bundle 8-inch starting at $8.8/100gr
  • They accept returns and exchanges under specific conditions provided claims are made within two days after receiving the merchandise.

5S Hair constantly receives great feedback about their quality and services. The long shipping time is one of their disadvantages.


MCSARA, which was founded in the 1990s, is one of the best Vietnam hair factories in Nigeria, offering high quality hair extensions at reasonable prices.

  • This Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria has main products are hair weft, clip and tape, tip in, and wigs.
  • Prices: quite reasonable, starting at $9.8 USD for 100gr raw hair bundle 8-inch length.

MCSARA provides hair extensions to customers all over the world. However, their international shipping is inefficient, resulting in lengthy delivery times.

5.9. HVM Hair Company

When one is looking for a provider of high-quality hair products in Vietnam, HVM Hair Company emerges as the preeminent Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria.

  • Principal products consist of hairstyles, tape-ins, tip-ins, and clip-ins. Furthermore, the establishment offers customization choices, enabling patrons to conceptualize their perfect hair extensions or prostheses.
  • Their cost ranges between $20 and $165.
  • HVM Hair Company demonstrates its commitment to the customer by offering adaptable return policies and dependable customer support.

HVM Hair Company is distinguished by its extensive variety of textures, punctual commitment to customer satisfaction, and scrupulous quality control.

5.10. Cyhair

Vietnam-based hair wholesaler CyHair is an expert manufacturer of human hair products, specializing in manufacturing, design, research and development, and customer service.

  • This Vietnam hair wholesaler carries an extensive variety of colors and designs, including tip hair, tape hair, closure, frontal, micro ring, and ponytail…
  • The cost of the item is quite reasonable. $100g of single-drawn 8-inch remy hair costs $9.3.
  • Refunds and exchanges are permitted within fifteen days of item receipt.

Cyhair provides affordable Vietnamese hair of superior quality, which makes it an excellent option for those seeking to purchase in volume.

Cyhair provides affordable Vietnamese hair of superior quality

Cyhair provides affordable Vietnamese hair of superior quality

6. FAQs about Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria

Below are frequently asked questions about Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria and detailed answers.

6.1. What is the origin of Vietnamese hair?

Vietnamese hair originates from women in the highlands of Vietnam. Vietnamese hair is highly sought after for its natural beauty and durability. The origin of Vietnamese hair can be traced back to the country’s rich history and cultural traditions.

  • Genetics: The majority of Vietnamese people have naturally straight or slightly wavy hair. This is due to their genetic makeup, which is a combination of Han Chinese and Austronesian ancestry.
  • Lifestyle factors: Vietnamese people typically have a healthy lifestyle, which includes a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. This contributes to healthy hair growth and shine.
  • Cultural practices: In Vietnamese culture, long hair is considered to be a symbol of beauty and femininity. Women traditionally grow their hair long and take great care of it.

As a result of these factors, Vietnamese hair is known for its softness, strength, and versatility. It is also relatively easy to care for and style.

6.2. Do Viet people have curly hair?

While most Vietnamese people have straight or slightly wavy hair, there is a small percentage of the population with curly hair. This is due to the country’s diverse genetic makeup, which includes influences from various ethnic groups, including Cham, Khmer, and Indian people.

Curly hair is not as common in Vietnam as it is in some other parts of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia and Malaysia. However, it is still a part of the country’s cultural diversity.

Vietnamese people with curly hair often embrace their unique hair texture and style it in a variety of ways. They may choose to wear their hair naturally curly, or they may use straightening or curling irons to achieve a different look.

6.3. Why is Vietnamese hair so expensive?

Vietnamese hair is considered to be among the highest quality hair in the world, and this is reflected in its price. There are several factors that contribute to the high cost of Vietnamese hair:

  • Quality: Vietnamese hair is known for its natural beauty and durability. It is soft, silky, and tangle-free, and it can be easily styled and colored. This high quality makes it a desirable choice for consumers who are willing to pay a higher price.
  • Ethical sourcing: Vietnamese hair is often sourced ethically, meaning that the donors are fairly compensated for their hair. This ethical sourcing adds to the overall cost of the hair.
  • Processing: Vietnamese hair undergoes a rigorous processing process to ensure its quality. This process includes washing, drying, and treating the hair to remove any impurities and make it ready for use. The cost of this processing adds to the overall price of the hair.
  • In addition to these factors, the high cost of Vietnamese hair can also be attributed to the country’s economic growth. As Vietnam’s economy has grown, the cost of living has increased, which has also driven up the price of hair.

Overall, the high cost of Vietnamese hair is due to a combination of factors, including supply and demand, quality, ethical sourcing, processing, and economic growth. While Vietnamese hair is expensive, it is also a high-quality product that is worth the investment for many consumers.

Vietnamese hair is famous for its excellent quality

Vietnamese hair is famous for its excellent quality


Vietnamese hair is gradually asserting its important position in both the Nigerian hair market and the world hair market thanks to its excellent quality and reasonable prices. If you are looking for a top reputable Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, do not miss the top list we have provided in the article to find the most suitable and satisfactory choice.

Source: V Hair Factory – The Best Hair Vendor In The World

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